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  1. Challenges Everton rookie team

    It's a good idea, you can play all teams
  2. Challenges Everton rookie team

    Sorry I can't speak a good English, but I try to translate
  3. ¡Me gusta esto! Pero no entiendo muy bien las reglas 😪 Nombre del equipo: Santa Mariña Equipo para el hogar: rojo y azul Kit de salida: azul oscuro y blanco Nombre del gerente: novo09 added 0 minutes later And if don't be late, I like Spain to nation
  4. This is my first post and i want familiarizity with theme. I am playing the game and like share with you one thing. I love wonderkids, and propose you play with players under 21 years old. When player have 22 years can't play with him. The New players can't be more to 2M of value. Sorry for the bad english and share your results!
  5. Very good work, but fans of clubs like Celta Vigo can't have a wallpaper of our team never, we need one of Celta please 🙏