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  1. Have tried it all, performance set to Max Performance. Both FMM 17 and 18 working the same way. Its not that smooth as it was on the 6S Plus
  2. Im back people! With a problem, ofc... back when I had a 6S Plus, I noticed it was so smooth playing FMM. With my S7Edge its not that smooth. Is it optimized? Anything i can do?
  3. Previously, I tried this challenge and in the same time I started a new "public" career. I've been training Porto in another save for 11 years now with some major titles (which I wouldn't mind sending the save if someone told me how to - I'm on iPhone) I think it's time to give this another shot and break some records. I'll be taking a different approach on this one, trying to change a few mistakes I've committed and hopefully reach the end. Stage One: Team Chosen: Napoli "Why Napoli?" you might ask... Although Juventus has been a top team, and since I'm a classic Football Manager player (not the handheld), I play a lot of Football Manager 2012 still. Florentina and Napoli are one of my favorite teams in Italy as well. I've started to enjoy Napoli more because in 2012, there was Cavani and Hamsik (and remember, if you're sick, go to the doctor) Player Chosen: Lorenzo Insigne The reason I chose him is pretty simple. He's 25, and his attributes are astonishing. I could take Milik, but I might choose him in another team since he's young. Since I play with a Poacher, he goes great in that position. With such a low budget, I had no chance in buying a top scorer so let's see what the future holds Wish me luck. Again!
  4. Alright, so I failed this first challenge, but I'll be taking a new one really soon. Reasons: - Forgot to turn off IGE - Gigliotti retired, making me impossible to finish
  5. Although I never used the Editor, you are right. Anyways, I lost the challenge, Gigliotti is about to retire and only scored 20 goals. Finished in 4th place though
  6. Challenge update!! Finally became Serie A champion, but got off Champions Cup too soon and lost the Italian cup to Inter, unfortunately. In order to become champion, I had to change my tactic to a more consistent one, so had to play with two attackers. Since Dybala didn't broke his record, and I got the Serie A championship, I decided it was time to move on. He still won player of the year once again, and I got Manager of the Year award. Do keep in mind I'm not using a badge Stage 2 / Season 3: Racing Club de Lens!! I had a few jobs over the job seccion, Ajaccio and Dijon to be more precise (along with Lens of course) with a few grey players. Since Lens had less grey players, I went over to Lens. They only have 1 scout, so I need some staff ASAP. Only with 14M€ to spend, instead of buying players, I went for loans instead. For this stage I was going to use Miquel Meniq which I got from loan from Ajax. But then I remembered. If I wasn't able to break the record in the first season I might not be able to finish this challenge, because Ajax probably couldn't loan him again to me and I had to start all over again. I chose Emmanuel Gigliotti, he was already on the team. Let's keep breaking some records!
  7. Since no French club came into my attention, I decided to continue in Juventus to improve my previous record. Season 2: Signings A nice warm welcome to Marco Reus. Since Cuadrado went back to Chelsea, I needed another Winger. No one better than Reus!
  8. Still, 3rd place in Serie A for Juventus is a no-no Must... Become... Champion
  9. Might go through Stage 1 again. I'm not that happy with the results
  10. First season into Juventus, first stage complete. Waiting for Stage 2. Not my best performance, I know, but Dybala has been scoring and that's what matters. Too many draws, but went to Champions Cup Finals where I lost by penalties Dybala got Serie A Player of the Year award!
  11. Hi everyone! It's my first time doing a challenge and starting a career at the same time, so let's see if I have what it takes to enter the leaderboard! So shall we begin? Let us start then! Stage 1: ITALY As a long time Juventus fan, it's was only expected to be choosing Juventus for a start. Player chosen: Paulo Dybala. The new Messi has arrived. This kid has been improving a lot the past few years, so who to choose besides him? Let's see if my choice will do what he's supposed to. (Will add pictures once possible, on my phone gets kind of hard) Wish me luck!
  12. Since he posted Pulisic, I chose him. I'll take Laporte then if possible
  13. Why don't you open two more spots? pair number haha