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  1. I'll test this out now, after 5 seasons or so my save starting to fizzle out, hopefully this will ignite glory again!.
  2. I'm glad it worked for you.
  3. I've seen a few people say that at the end of the season, the assistant manager says there's a current crop of youngsters, and sometimes there's some you'd like but then, after being promoted, pooof, they're not there. It's a simple fix. In the manager options, just make sure the assistant manager isn't chosen to take care of youth players. This way, you get a message and you get to promote them yourself. I know, most of you don't have this problem, but for the few who did, here's the fix.
  4. That's what I've been doing, however I got my ibra regen loaned out and he did fantastically, got greens rounded out and my Cristiano Ronaldo regen the same, he went out and he has far too many greens for a 19 year old!
  5. In my experience it is better to loan out youth players if you don't have the chance to play them every game, at least loaned out they can play every game.
  6. I'm sure they're aware of the problem, I just hope they manage to fix it in an update. I'm wondering though if it's anything to do with introducing brexit into the game.
  7. Help Ibra's regen? Help me

    And here he is a year later. Not sure if he's going to fit into my plans with the strikers I already have, but I'm planning on developing him all the same. He's got a few more greens a year later and a huge increase in price, I'll update another year in and see where he is.
  8. Help Ibra's regen? Help me

    I also think I got my hands on a zlatan regen. Problem is loaning him out as loans are non existent now,but I'm trying to give him as much game time as I can afford.
  9. I'm glad it's not just me having the problem, however evil that may sound of me. Yeah, to get anyone interested in a player you need to put the youth player in your team for a year, and I can't take out martial, coman or dembele for a year for a hot prospect 17 year old who hasn't developed at all yet.
  10. Seem to be having problems sending you a mail over, not sure why, I'll try again.
  11. Sent it over bud, hope it's the right thing.
  12. Endless injuries!!! Help

    Just ride through it and wait until he's back fit again.
  13. You could always offer him as a transfer rather than sticking him up for transfer as that won't affect his price.
  14. I've tried that, got a few promising youngsters in my main team that I promoted from the youths but still no joy.. I even have the year round loan unlockable to try and help but still no luck.. Loans worked great in the previous games and now they're ruined.
  15. This tactic worked great on my man utd save, won the league but sadly flopped in the euros. Smashing the champions league so far in the second season, top of the group and I haven't even tweaked the tactic, just brought in a couple new players. Normally they wise up after a season but it's still going strong season 2!