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  1. Hello looks very good can you tell me the players you buy in the first and 2nd years ?! thanks
  2. Hello everyone if anybody can explain what the first option means and what it does??!
  3. Hello everyone i accepted a job to manage Cameron while i am at my club Doncaster but now i want to resign from Cameron but there is no option to resign!!! Help please
  4. Hello everyone my main league is EPL so i tried it alone then i tried to add one more league then two then three to find these two players in the save but I couldn't!! first player is dominic solanke ( chelsea ) 2nd play is kai havertz ( leverkuzen ) any ideas ??!!
  5. Well done what is your Tactic?
  6. I changed the name Of the topic satisfied ?!
  7. My 4-4-2 #2

    One must be DLF ( creater ) the other P Or AF ( finisher )
  8. Hello everyone we are here because we play the same game so why cant we help each other what is the most consistent Tactic you enjoined a long successful career??!! just say the formation, player roles, team mentality and EME or OME hope we can have alote of options to play a career with different successful tactics regards
  9. Hello everyone i will tell the exact way to find regens or the next Ronaldinho or Totti or any huge super star. the regen will appear in the game only after the super star retires there is two ways to know: first if the superstar is originally from a playable league then the regen for that superstar will appear in any team of that league and you should know that the playable league have a fixed date for youth intake or regen intake for example English league on 25\june on the start of new year . german and italian leagues a few days . later spanish league on 1/jul . so in that day search for the same nationality of the superstar you want . you will find a player with the same positions of play with the same preferred foot Remember THE EXACT POSITION AND THE SAME PREFERRED FOOT and i will show you a picture of a superstar and his regen And please note that the age of the regen can vary between 15 to 25 just focus on the same nationality and the same position and preferred foot as for superstars that comes originally Not from a playable league you must follow the superstar to know exactly when he retires and disappears from the player search after he disappears you can after about two to four months later search for a player with the same nationality and position and preferred foot will appear hope you fully anderstand regards
  10. The only thing I always think of changing is the role of the striker
  11. Hello everyone i searched alote on Tactics and tried every Tactic possible and now i am convinced this is the most stable Tactic that will make you score in every game and in the same time not conceding goals if you play barca or real or any strong team this Tactic will make you happy Regards
  12. Paying big money for naby for sure he will be a starter so you must remove one player for him emre, gini and naby ? eme, adam and naby ? gini, adam and naby ? And there is Hendo !!!!
  13. I am looking it to starting a career because of the possibility of naby keita going to liverpool but emre can is for sure in klopp plans and gini, coutinho, mane, adam and firmino. So i was thinking how can you play emre, gini, naby, adam, mane, coutjinho and firmino in the same team ??!!
  14. Hello everyone What is the best roles for the players Firmino ( Striker or Inside Forward on the left ) Coutinho ( inside forward on the left or Advanced playmaker on the center ) mane ( inside forward on the right or in the left ) emre can ( Deep lying playmaker or ball winning midfielder or center midfielder or advanced playmaker) and if we sign Napy keita what is the best role for him and if any Liverpool fan know what is the most likely Tacktic klopp will use next year to play the above players together? thanks