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  1. In every save i played i always use WB with IF and BBW as they are so good and lethal i dont change them at all ! ... as for the CF i used all the roles for this position i love a TM but and DLF so CF the only role who can play both togather
  2. I am looking to try a save on small team in england but i want a team i can stick with and i cant find one! i always play with liverpool or Nottm forest only small team with some history or some idea about it that can make me attached to it ! any ideas ?
  3. Hello I want to share this Perfect Tactic with you guys. it is 4-1-2-2-1 \ 2-2-3-2-1 on EME i hope you enjoy it and have alote of fun regards
  4. Dear All i loved last year klopp Liverpool football play so this is very much like it :
  5. I thing in this position in this Tactic you need a goal scorer not a playmaker regards
  6. Give it a go and if you have anything to make it better tell me
  7. Hello everyone after watching liverpool 4-3 man city yesterday ???? I tried to make a similar tactic to what klopp used in the match and it worked great ? here you go : note fast players is a must for sure
  8. Did you keep it Attacking mentality against bristol ??
  9. Wrexham ???? I once in fmm17 made wrexham win the EPL and CL ?? it was fun there was a player called rooney i think he was awesome
  10. For Real Madrid to score only 70 goals on a season is not very good !
  11. I am sad ? i helped Man Utd win like that ???? best of luck for you ??
  12. I think complete forward is the best role in the game ????
  13. I don’t change a thing ?. Home or away winning or not I don’t change a thing from the start to the finish ??