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  1. Sir I don’t know how you do it. with almost the same tactic I will get goals from AP and W all day every day. But it could be because of “look for overlap” I use
  2. Please. As far as training: on attacking schedule you have your fitness on medium... my main problem is an Always tired stiker. Whoever it is he can do 2-3 games and need some rest. But again it might be because of my tactic. I’ve tried so many of them. So now I’m just curious what is your main tactic.
  3. GJ mate. Can you reveal at least trainig sessions? I doubt you will ever reveal tactic
  4. Varf

    Vinicius Jr 1k (COMPLETED)

    I’ve been doing 60-70 in Eng Prem. But it’s still not enough for 1KC
  5. Varf

    Vinicius Jr 1k (COMPLETED)

    I definitely need some help with tactics... whatever i do i could never get any of strikers to score over 💯 goals
  6. Might be a stupid question but what tactic do you use?
  7. Gosh man great job! May I ask you what tactic are you using?
  8. SEASON 17 I had no updates for a while. I just needed a break from this game. However I finished another season with Kean been “THE ONE” We have dominated every competition we were in. And as a result Moise gets 54 goals in 56 games at !33! yo. His stats are going down... 101 goals to reach the magic number
  9. Varf

    The Premier Honour Challenge

    Same here mate. Never went beyond 10 seasons until 1KC
  10. Well it sure looks crazy but we only conceded 50 goals in all competitions with 107 scored in Dutch league plus other cups...
  11. I did sell a few with ftshots. And I've changed tactic to a crazy 3-4-3. You can see it in previous season update
  12. Varf

    The Premier Honour Challenge

    Will give it a go as well as soon as I finish my 1KC. Too bad my start in stage 1 would be close to what another American already did- Liverpool
  13. Only if I took that Italy job... he had 97 goals so far
  14. The only two things I worry about right now- injuries and sudden decrease in stats
  15. SEASON 16 I think I "broke" the game... After a phenomenal end of last season Kean did not stop Magnificent season. Took me 15 years to get my guy to work. But here is bad news his stats dropped significantly towards the end of this season. He scored in all finals again And we won the league All stats 155 goals to go after this year don't look that scary but his stats are... To be continued...