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  1. Btw, it’s really tedious to do this with players if you’re trying to focus on getting players with a 2nd nationality, eg basque. You can’t scout just for Basque players, and you can’t sort by 2nd nationality. So, you’re just left with a load of Spanish (or other nationality, eg French) players in the scout that you have to individually check to see if they’re basque. At least in player search you can filter by those that are Basque, but not in the scout report list :/. Or maybe you just shortlist all (again have to do individually...) and then filter in the shortlist itself. Wished the scout report list had a few more options
  2. Can we sort this out ahead of the FMM 2021 updated? Thx!! 😊
  3. This is amazing. I started a new game with another team, didn’t get sacked on first season, and at the start of the second Hannover 96 approached me to become their manager. 🤣
  4. Just got sacked trying to do this with Hannover 96... LOL. Having another
  5. I've started a new game with Hannover. following the rules here. I'm also aiming to do it only with German players and staff.
  6. Makes sense, I'll try this approach in my next challenge
  7. @Foxy aside from free players, do you also use search to find players whose contracts are expiring?
  8. One problem I have with asymetric tactic support, is instructions like look for overlap. Sometimes I'd like overlap to only happen on one of the sides. Maybe I just need to attack on that side for it to work?
  9. First of all, thanks everyone for commenting, very interesting comments To add more details, when I play a game, I play with extended highlights and pitch view. So, might try key highlights and just commentary and see if that works better for the 2nd leg games and still gets through them fast enough (thx @samhardy). @Scratch thx for the details! Yeah, when I play I do like to control exactly who plays, depending who I'm playing against...etc. I'll try to add some selections at the start and see if I can rotate between them.
  10. What tips do people have to speed up seasons? Lately I've been applying the following strategy: for a given (italian serie C/B/A) season, I play: Each of the first leg league games Each cup game Each game in second leg before a cup game. So that you have the players you want fit for the cup game. The rest of second legs I go on holiday for a day and let my assistant (or AI?) deal with it. I've been able to successfully go from serie C to serie A, but not yet managed to make it to Europe yet. In particular, do people have tips on how to improve scores when you go on holiday? Set the team with your assistants preferred tactic maybe? Or would you adjust per each game?
  11. Thanks for fixing it!
  12. Great idea for an article!! I've picked up Padova in serie C this year. Not a promoted team but I feel the lower league squeeze
  13. Hmmm, the page says the images are unavailable 😕