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  1. Thanks for fixing it!
  2. Great idea for an article!! I've picked up Padova in serie C this year. Not a promoted team but I feel the lower league squeeze
  3. Hmmm, the page says the images are unavailable 😕
  4. @BatiGoali really like it cos instead of focusing on specific tactics, it discusses roles/combos that work well together. Using those, you can play a great variety of formations/tactics, and they’ve worked really well for me.
  5. Nevermind, just drag/drop Pictures folder onto it
  6. Any clue how to add files to FM20 Mobile on MacOS Catalina? I see the iPhone on Finder and there's a "Files" tab where FM20 Mobile appears but don't see how to add a new folder...
  7. Love this article! Could we update it for FMM20, along with the attached screenshots?
  8. I keep coming back to this article for this topic: Fortunately I still have screenshots of this, so I have the pictures. It'd be nice to update this article once FMM20 is out, along with update to the screenshots?
  9. Oh the joys trademark/copyright... What a sad state of affairs Are names of clubs, competitions and players trademarked too? Maybe all is not lost. In the football journalism Scouted Football, Last Row View and Tifo Football have shown how football journalism can excel without paying unnecessary $$$ on trademarks. Maybe, with a bit of luck, a similar solution can be found here... thought it'd require monumental effort. All football games that oppose trademark/copyright should join together to come up with something...
  10. As preparation for FMM20, I'm looking for Italian teams in Serie B or C that would be fun to manage. I'm looking for teams with an identity in their tactics, and players that suit their style. A bit like Sheffield United with their 3-4-1-2, or Norwich City with their 4-2-3-1. Any ideas of such teams? Thanks
  11. Could you add Basque nationality and flag support to fmmvibe site? Thx
  12. Oh I see, this wasn't so obvious to me.
  13. fmmvibe is one of the reasons why I picked FMM in the first place. Seemed like a good community fully dedicated to FMM. I learnt a lot from it. I'm not asking for fmmvibe to add FMT support. I just wished there was something similar for FMT. The other fully fledged FM communities are pretty much solely dedicated to FM. Their mention of FMT is marginal which is a shame. The lack of a community for FMT puts some doubts on me enjoying FMT in the same way.
  14. Hmmmm, can't seem to find much touch specific on FMScout... Unless it means that a lot of the packs and downloads can be used as is on FMT?