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  1. @Lautaro Bianchi Loved it! I'm from Bilbao and as a Athletic supporter, Bielsa is a legend. To manage Newel's and get to win Libertadores is great satisfaction! Completing Bielsa's work there :). Newel's carajo!
  2. Just won the elusive Copa Libertadores with Newel's
  3. I've created 3 improvement requests in the sigames forums: * https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/553867-better-use-of-screen-space-bigger-fontsetc/ * https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/553866-scout-results-navigation-overhaul/ * https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/552949-light-theme-please/ What do people think? Could you comment to add support if you agree? Of all of those, scout result navigation is the one I feel badly needs improvement. I love to play following the methods in the How to Play Football Manager Mobile More Realistically post, but the scouting result navigation really needs improving to make it all more efficient! Also putting the stats and scout results in the same page would be extremely useful.
  4. Quick question: can this be applied to an already started manager career? Or does it only affect new careers started after the changes have been applied?
  5. Actually, ended up not starting with Atlético Rafaela. I've gone for Newel's instead, carajo!!
  6. Ended up choosing Atlético Rafaela. Unfortunately it's not featured in fmmvibe so cannot chose it, @Putzy?
  7. The march 2020 update is more recent than the one you can download from here.
  8. Not sure this is obvious, but there's a later update of these logos in FMScout, which can be installed on FM Mobile 21 following the same instructions on the first page on this fmmvibe topic. I've just did it: https://www.fmscout.com/a-footbe-logos-for-football-manager.html
  9. Finished the FMM 2020 game last night... 👆 next up!
  10. This raises some interesting points. I used to do a very basic version of this when I didn't know so well what skills suited a a given position/role. In fact, I used to keep a separate spreadsheet for this that I maintained in my desktop, but as noted in the above comment, it's cumbersome in a mobile env. Once FMM added highlights for skills for the given role, I didn't need this any more. So, the question begs, have you tried to use this with FMM? What does it add to the game given the constraints?
  11. According to this comment some packs were going to be made available... FMScout has updated versions for the logos, maybe the ones here are already updated to the latesty?
  12. As mentioned in the 2020 forums, I'm still playing FMM 2020, but when I move to 2021 I'm planning to start with an Argentinian team. Is anyone considering doing some guide to the nation leagues, interesting teams to manage...etc? Very excited about managing in Argentina! Newell's, carajo! 😉