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  1. Chat national team help

    use my database, usa is playable
  2. There's no replacing teams, i'm just adding or making some player till the Natoional Team can be playable
  3. Hahaha, i don't think to make them playable for now
  4. What? Unfortunately, the number of Egyptian players in all database is not sufficient to make it playable, Egypt only has about 30 players in all database, while we need 50 players. So it's a bit hard to make Egypt playable
  5. If Egypt have 50 players in all database, i can make it playable..
  6. I'm sorry, but Japan and Germany can't playable in the new carrer because of the license. But u can use hex editor, or changes.txt to manage them
  7. Haiti does not have many players in all databases, so it's a bit hard to make it playable,
  8. Version 1.0.1


    Here, I've created a database with some National Team can be played when you beginning a new career. There are : Australia Iran Ivory Coast Mexico New Zealand Slovenia U.S.A Ukraine Installation : 1. Download then extract the files 2. Replace the "German" Folder in android/data/com.sigames.fmm2017/files/installed/database/.. With The Files 3. Then Open The Games, 4. Start your new career with German League in Slot 1, and another League in Slot 2,3,4. *Note, 1. Please Activate The Large Database On 2. Don't forget to backup your file first Credit to @jaymarvels PreGameEditor
  9. Have you ever noticed the match rules of each league? I found there are several different rules in some leagues. In English, there are no player restriction, while in Germany and France there are the rules about the age of the player. This is what i want to ask, Can this rules be changed? If can, can someone tell me how to change the rules? Thanks Before..
  10. Hahaha, that's true, just a low end devices
  11. really? which parts are not look like '17?
  12. It happened in '15? Sorry i don't know about that, the latest edition i ever played is' 14 But now i'm surely played the '17 ?
  13. what's going on with the older game? some club from Asia, like Persepolis and Gamba Osaka (with the help from changes.txt)
  14. No, I just use the changes.txt