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  1. This look very nice, thank you for sharing! Which attributes are the most important for the defensive wingers?
  2. I’m glad you like it, I first tested with work into box but I didn’t get many shots. I noticed that having the advanced playmaker and the two WMs with good shooting stat helps a lot with getting goals. Also I find very important having a set pieces specialist for free kicks and corners. I’m sure the tactic can be improved, it’s my first successful attempt at creating something decent 😅
  3. I know, even if it’s Torino it is like I used a top team. I used Alex Telles on the left and it was my top performer with an average rating of 8.00, he earned a spot on the world top XI. On the right I used Dani Olmo, who doesn’t have good tackling or positioning but he had a great season too. From my experience I would say you need a good passer of the ball, but then you can choose if to go more defensive retraining a wing back, or more offensive with kind of a playmaker player. Didn’t test any pure wingers so I’m not sure how they would perform.
  4. Hi guys, first time posting, just wanted to share a very effective 4-4-2 I’ve used with great success with Torino. I’ve started with superstar reputation and sugar daddy on, done a lot of transfers so had many good players(Alex Telles,Fernandes,Belotti,Ajer,Halaand to name a few), not sure if it works with weaker teams. Hope you will enjoy it!