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  1. I try to mix it up most of the time mate, but if I'm playing a team that's much better than me I tend to go with this:
  2. Cheers mate! Haha, the keeper had a blinder!
  3. Season 9 New Rankings For the first time, we didn't experience a rise in the rankings. That's not a massive shock, but it's a bit of a shame: Pre-Season I've been keeping an eye out for the Welsh job ever since I started this career. I know that when you start a national job there's an increase in the number of players from that country, so if I can snag that job it could be a massive boost for the league as a whole. It's been a long wait, but finally Chris Coleman got sacked: I was amongst the favourites and duly applied, but in the end they went for some bloke called Ryan Giggs. Who? On a brighter note, we did manage to bring in a couple of key players that could help us reach the next level. No money spent, but Andres Tello and Victor Osimhen are both high quality. Europe I'll start with the other Welsh clubs: Much better this season. All three went out at the 2nd qualifying round, but last year they all went out at the 1st so that'll do. Suffice to say, we did a little bit better than them. Three more teams put to the sword and we're on to group stages once again. Europe - Group Stage I've not quite been getting the luck of the draw recently, and this season was no different. Real Madrid and Man City! BMG are hard enough. A win away in Germany was a great start… But we couldn't build on that… A second win over Borussia Monchengladbach meant that we were guaranteed at least third place. However, we would need a big win against City to clinch second spot. Unfortunately gung-ho doesn't really suit us and we were well beaten. So, we weren't able to build on last seasons success, but we do at least have a run in the Euro Cup to look forward to. Europe - Knockout Rounds First up Olympiakos: A dominant win in the second leg sees us progress. Then, Leverkusen: Another strong second leg showing, and Victor Osimhen is really proving his worth. That takes us in to the quarter finals, the furthest we've ever been. Could we beat Spurs to keep our run alive? Hello Semi Finals! All that stood between us and our first ever European final was Athletic Bilbao. We went down in the first leg, but an away goal scored meant that we still had a decent chance We were easily the best team in the second leg, and we peppered their goal with shots. But, in the end, we just couldn't beat them. Gutted At Home It was another treble for Bala this year, and we went undefeated in the league once again. Summary Stage: Season 9 Aim: Make the Champions League knockout rounds We didn't quite live up to the aim of making the Champions League knockout rounds this season, but in many ways we did better. Reaching the semi finals of the Euro Cup was a great achievement, and we were the better team against Bilbao. We would have faced Manchester United in the final, so I doubt we'd have actually won it, but we're getting close. My aim for season 10 onwards is to win some European silverware. ECC - Bala Town (GS) EURO - Bala Town (SF) EURO - Bangor City (Q2) EURO - Connah's Quay (Q2) EURO - Port Talbot (Q2) Thanks for reading guys!
  4. 3 seasons - roger that. I will not let you down.
  5. This is brilliant mate. Might be my favourite challenge out of the five, and i really like how you've shown us the thought process for selecting your formation. Good luck mate. I think you'll get close, but i'm not 100% convinced you'll hit your target - you said about 50 games for the season, so you need them both to average a goal a game...
  6. Haha, that's a proper wobble! Wow. Great story! Where do you live BG? I had thought you were Dutch but you were flying to Europe via Kazakhstan...
  7. Thanks mate! It's slow and steady, but we're getting there. Honestly, I think i'll do it in the next 3 seasons, but that might be a bit optimistic!
  8. Season 8 New Rankings A really nice jump this season to 21st in the rankings, ahead of all the Scandinavian countries. Pre-Season I just thought I'd give you a little insight into what we're working with here… We're in our 8th year of competing in Europe and battling against some of the biggest teams in the world. The board want us to challenge for the league title. That's fair enough. They want us to challenge for the title in a (nearly) top 20 league. So, how much do you think the Board of these grisled Champions League veterans give the manager to achieve their ambitions? £30k! £30k! How are we supposed to acheive anything with this?! Europe Ok, let's get those useless other Welsh teams out of the way… Nothing. Nada. If anything, they're getting worse. So it's up to Bala Town once again to fly the flag for Welsh football. We racked up the goals against Kalju and Maribor: But we did have a bit of a wobble against Aktobe. Phew, that was a close one! Europe - Group Stage So here we go again. Atletico, PSG and Ajax. Perfect. Looks like I'll be aiming for third place again. The group stages started with an away trip to Paris and we weren't expecting much… Yes! Get in! We couldn't repeat the feat against Atletico: But 4 points from the next two games against Ajax put is in the driving seat. All we need now is to avoid defeat against PSG and we're through to the knockout rounds… Woah! A late, late goal from Tom Lawrence sees us through! Beautiful. Atletico beat us again, but we don't care, we've finally made the knockout rounds. Europe - Knockout Rounds Our first sojourn into the Champions League knockout rounds saw us up against Chelsea. Luck is not on our side with the draws this seasons! We did really well in the first leg: But that away goal was to be our downfall: A pretty good effort against a massive club. We made it through to the knockout rounds for the first time - now we just need to figure out how to stay there. At Home A fair season back in Wales saw us pick up another two trophies. I also discovered a bit of an attendance bug in my game away at Barry. Attendance: -284. Ha! I haven't noticed that in any other games, but I haven't really been looking. I'll keep a sharper eye out for and see if it happens again. Summary Stage: Season 8 Aim: Make the Champions League knockout rounds Target reached! Progress continues to be made. We didn't last much longer than that, but we're still moving in the right direction. I'm not going to aim to win the thing just yet, but fingers cross we're not too far away. ECC - Bala Town (R1) EURO - TNS (Q1) EURO - Connah's Quay (Q1) EURO - Aberystwyth (Q1) Thanks for reading guys!
  9. Season 7 New Rankings Up to 26th now in the league rankings. We started at 50th, so we're at the halfway point. Of course, we're going to have to start winning things and seeing the other Welsh clubs do well if we're to continue to climb, so let's crack on. Europe Qualifying started with a bang, as we tore apart Lincoln of Gibraltar: Brondby and Rapid were better but not good enough, as we put three past both and booked our place in the group stages yet again. It looks like I forgot to take a screenshot of how the other Welsh clubs did. Rest assured, they were rubbish. Europe - Group Stage I commented the other day how lucky we've been to avoid Bayern, Real or Barca so far. Well, my luck run out this season… That's a strong group, it's going to be very difficult to get through this. We sprung no surprises away at Anfield But we managed to get our campaign up and running with a tense win over Lyon. Let's just ignore those games against Barcelona… And we round off the group with consecutive wins against Lyon and Liverpool. That's 9 points, but would it be enough? Finished third yet again. The last three times I've finished third, I've had 10 points once and 9 points twice. I genuinely think we've been really unlucky. Ah well. Europe - Knockout Rounds We can still boost our ranking if we go for a decent run in the Euro Cup though. Our opponents in the first knockout round were Sporting. And they destroyed us. I don't really know what went wrong. We just couldn't live with them. So, a disappointing end to a fairly average season. At Home It might not surprise you to hear that we won another treble. That trophy cabinet is bulging! Summary Stage: Season 7 Aim: Make the Champions League knockout rounds We've failed to reach our target again and there's been no real discernible progress this year. We really need to push on next season to prevent this career from stagnating. ECC - Bala Town (GS) EURO - Bala Town (R1) EURO - TNS (Q1) EURO - Camarthen (Q1) EURO - Rhyl (Q1) Once again, thanks for joining me in North Wales. Any comments/tips/advice/support/straight up insults are welcome!
  10. They're doing alright aren't they? We're ahead of schedule, but I want them to step up and reach at least a semi in the next couple of seasons, otherwise it's going to get a bit boring...
  11. Welbeck! I guessed it, only about 7 seasons too early...!
  12. Stellar work as ever Taff
  13. Ah man, unlucky with the injury. It's still a good season. Hopefully he can regain his form from before the injury next year. Don't worry yet, it's still doable.
  14. We were close! That's it man, just keep building. Easier said than done though, we haven't got a lot of money and North Wales isn't exactly a glamour location (no offence @Taff) added 0 minutes later Haha yeah! Limited to 4 loan signings a season, i have to choose them very carefully...