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  1. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    Phew! I needed that! Great write up @samhardy and amazing performance @PriZe. Unlucky @BatiGoal too, we all know you'll come back swinging! I went for possession play too, and i generally had it on contain rather than anything more defensive as I wanted to keep the ball as far away from our goal as possible...
  2. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    Haha more mind games...?
  3. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    Haha I think that's a fair shout! I'm in with a shout for the wooden spoon... About to send my results in. No idea what a good score is this week...
  4. Season 2 - Borussia Sprouts We made a decent start in season 1, but we're really going to have to pick up if we're going to match Müller and Mönchengladbach's 70's heyday. The Player 25 goals in just 29 games was a respectable effort for the teenage Ihoya last year. He's turned 20 now, and with stronger stats and better teammates, I'm hoping he can manage more games and surpass the goal per game mark… He started the season on fire: 9 goals in 3 games! Including 6 in 2 against our main rivals Bayern! This imperious form came with a new set of issues though: The vultures are circling. We batted them off without any problems this time around, but if they keep coming - or the big boys come a-knocking - there's a danger that his head may be turned… Anyway, he wasn't able to keep up his 3 goals per game form of the early weeks, but… Golden boot winner! Just edged it ahead of Lewandowski. He managed to play almost twice as many games as last season, and finished with a respectable end of season tally of 36 goals. Happy with that, although after such a scintillating start it is a little disappointing that he couldn't at least manage a goal a game. Still, the football world was impressed. He appeared in the Bundesliga team of the season again… ...And even more impressively was selected for the World XI for the first time! The lad is developing well and his stats are beginning to show it. I'm hoping for a massive season next time round. The Team As I already hinted at with Ihoya's amazing start to the season, we began the season on fire. Our first game was the German Supercup against Bayern. And we absolutely destroyed them… We also managed to hold them off in the league, going the whole season undefeated and finishing 10 points ahead of our big rivals We didn't have it all our way though, as Bayern bumped us out of the cup at the quarter final stage. Our most enjoyable run though came in the champions league, as we battled our way all the way to the final. We were eventually beaten by Manchester United but it was really encouraging to see us get that far. Aside from Ihoya, two of the reasons for Borussia's blossoming came from the wings. I'd signed Pavon in my first transfer window but he has developed really nicely since then. And I continued to exploit the loan system by picking up the excellent Zivkovic on loan from Atletico Madrid. Both players were successful at the end of season awards. No manager of the year for me though… I only went the season undefeated and reached the champions league final, that's all… Summary Club Record Gerd Müller S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 S10 Bundesliga 1/4 2 1 DFB-Pokal 1/4 W QF DFL-Supercup - W Champions League 0/3 - F Europa League - - European Super Cup - - FIFA World Club Cup 0/1 - - Player Record Season Goals 0/40 (league) 19 23 Total Goals 0/195 & 0/398 25 61 Top Goalscorer 1/7 - W Bonus MOTY - - POTY - W Points 45 95
  5. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    Bottom of the league! Start as I mean to go on!
  6. Thanks mate, good to see you! Glad you like it. I'm sure there's going to plenty of ups and downs over the next 10 seasons...
  7. Haha cheers mate... If I manage to make enough money i might have to steal Lewandowski off them to stop him from taking the top goalscorer crown!
  8. Thanks Taff. Yeah, they were insanely good this season. Managed to beat them in the German Cup though so hopefully that's a sign of things to come... added 0 minutes later No worries mate! You didn't miss much anyway... Ha thanks, if it goes well i might see if there are any other double challenges i can take down!
  9. Thanks mate! That's a good point about teamwork, i hadn't really considered that. I'm still really getting to grips with the game - only towards the end of the season did i realise that the shoot on sight tactic can really boost the number of goals he gets! added 0 minutes later Thanks mate. Yeah it's not a bad start but hopefully we can kick on from here. Being in Europe might help as we just didn't have that many games to compete in!
  10. Good season yet again dude. He may have regressed slightly but 76 is a still a massive number. Keep it up!
  11. Season 1 - Choosing a Gerd striker Being a decade-long challenge, I need to remember that this is a marathon not a sprint. How I do with my starting squad in season 1 is not that important right now. But if I choose the wrong striker to be my Muller 2.0, this challenge could fail before it's even started. The Player Per the rules we need a German striker from the lower leagues, so I can't be smashing it with top young marksmen like Werner or Volland. @Gav77has already nailed the Müller part of the challenge with Felix Platte so to keep it interesting he's out of the question too. With that being the case, I plumped for a teenager called Emmanuel Ihoya: At the minute he looks… ok… But he's got a decent mix of pace and power, aerial ability, dribbling, technique, finishing… And at 19, he should hopefully improve a fair deal. It was a mixed first season for the lad. He scored in fits and starts but also picked up a couple of injuries. Overall, he managed a pretty respectable tally in the league, but Lewandowski still scored nearly twice as many league goals as him! All in all, he plundered a decent 25 goals in 29 games. He was also honoured with a place in the Bundesliga team of the season. There's no young player of the year award for some reason but I imagine he would have had a good chance of picking that up too. The lad looked a lot better by the seasons end. His teamwork's a bit high though, we need him to be a bit more greedy than that! The Team The board were looking for Champions League qualification as a bare minimum Usually I'd automatically adjust that to finishing as champions straight away, but I was a bit wary about the strength of Bayern and the fact that it wouldn't really have got me much more money to work with… And it's a good job I used that caution, as Bayern absolutely destroyed the league! I'll take that second place though. The limited funds available meant that I had to be fairly creative with my transfers. The only incomer for more than £10m was Widmer - a right back I really rated in the last game. Otherwise, I had a scattering of cheaper players and a couple of really important loan signings in Lo Celso and Bentancur. I think it's amazing that you can get both of them for free at the beginning of the game, and I'm probably going to bring them in in every career I do this year! With a raft of players leaving the club I ended up with a net spend of just £6m. Not bad. Finally, we managed to go all the way in the German Cup, beating Bayern in the final. Woop! Summary Club Record Gerd Müller S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 S10 Bundesliga 0/4 2 DFB-Pokal 1/4 W DFL-Supercup - Champions League 0/3 - Europa League - European Super Cup - FIFA World Club Cup 0/1 - Player Record Season Goals 0/40 (league) 19 Total Goals 0/195 & 0/398 25 Top Goalscorer 0/7 - Bonus MOTY - POTY - Points 45
  12. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    Great challenge! @FuddledFox your ass is grass
  13. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    Oh I'm really looking forward to this
  14. Thanks @Taff, it's good to be back. Great to see all of the same faces (and some good new ones), and even a little bit of Taff-bashing... Haha. Cheers man
  15. Thanks mate! Hopefully i can live up to that and put in a good showing in the Vibe Premier League!