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  1. Hello I'm Taff

  2. Hello I'm Fuddled Fox

    Yeah that makes sense man. My great-grandfather was the head gardener for a private estate i think but i don't seem to have inherited his green fingers...
  3. Hello I'm Fuddled Fox

    These getting to know you posts are brilliant! Head gardener at a large country house? That's amazing man. Is it one that's open to the public? Is your youtube channel still up?
  4. Hello I'm Taff

    @Taff Thanks for sharing, what a great read! I've only really been on Vibe this year but you've been a huge character with all the challenges/careers and always making an effort to comment. Great work. Also, love the detail that you've gone into about your job - nice one for giving such an in-depth answer. I hope you didn't get that Kanchelskis shirt at the beginning of the 1995/96 season...
  5. Howdy, I'm Mcandrew003

    @mcandrew003 Everything ok mate?
  6. Hello i'm PriZe

    Haha! Sounds like you were always destined to be a manager rather than a player. Frank De Boer helped decorate your mum's store - crazy! Great to have a little insight into your life over in Holland dude. I always enjoy your sarcastic comments and the rivalry you've fostered with @Taff. Top stuff
  7. Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2

    All looks good to me. We don't have to elect any player to be our main man then? It's just whoever has the highest rating (so long as they've played 10 games minimum)?
  8. Chat Generous board

    Ahhh we didn’t need the money anyway!
  9. Chat Generous board

    Don't even joke about that!!
  10. Chat Generous board

    Ah i see! No worries. So it's stadium size and reputation that's holding us back then. That makes sense. The stadium is going to be an issue, the board simply aren't entertaining any increase (like i say, they won't even improve the facilities!). I guess i just need to win things/get in Europe and have the club's reputation see us through. Like you said though, i have plenty of leeway in the wages so it's not really going to cause me a problem.
  11. Chat Generous board

    @FuddledFox Ha fortunately i had a good amount of headroom in the wage bill so I've just adjusted the budgets and built a half decent squad! @Fozz_Quaker Net spend over the five seasons before this one: -£16m (£3m in, £19m out)... I learnt from my Welsh league save that you can get some really good players without spending any money by loaning from the African leagues. They don't usually start very good but they sometimes grow to be beasts in the lower leagues. Also pick up a lot of 16 y/o free agents at the start of each season. @Paul186 @veerus stadium capacity is 4,238. That may well have something to do with it... @Fish18ish Haha! Na, I like the challenge! @DIRECTFX Tell me about it! @scratch99 That's interesting. When you say base wage level, do you mean what the wage bill currently is? At the start of the season, wages were £88k per week, so obviously very low. It's definitely true that there was barely any difference in the transfer budget between all of the different season targets.
  12. Chat Generous board

    Haha I know! The club is now classed as rich. The board have been tight throughout to be honest - despite me making requests every season we still have below average training facilities and basic youth facilities. No stadium expansions since we were in the Vanarama North... To avoid relegation it was a cool £10k (which is the option I went for).
  13. Chat Generous board

    FC United in the 2021/22 season...
  14. Chat Generous board

    Just a quick post to show how generous my premier league board have been with their budgets this season... £12k to win the premier league! Has anyone had lower at a top flight English club??
  15. Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2

    Top of the group, I'll take that! Again, some really huge scores there though. Fascinating draw in the quarter finals. @PriZe v @Real_Random is a proper heavy weight battle and the reigning champ @Taff against one of the biggest scorers so far@auronjashanica I'm just hoping to get revenge on @AzmiG26for beating me in the first group stage! Thanks for the great update @mcandrew003!