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  1. Isn't there a challenge for 500 goals & 500 assists? You could reach that with this guy!
  2. Massive congratulations to @PriZe , what a season you've had! Unlucky @Taff, that was a superb effort and you came so close to retaining your crown. A brilliant showing from@chewkaiwen too. I'm not surprised my numbers weren't good enough for a podium but still really pleased to have made it to the final. Cheers @FuddledFox and @mcandrew003for bringing back this great tournament. Top stuff all round.
  3. Chat FMM 17 Awards

    Are we voting for our favourites rather than the "best"? Like @scratch99 and Armstrong rather than someone like Suarez? Not sure i have a vote for every category but I'll put in the ones I do!
  4. Vibe FMM Vibe community awards 2016/2017

    That's lucky...
  5. Fantastic season for you there mate. I'm predicting some big numbers over the next few seasons. Colidio looks brilliant now by the way. Wonder what he'll look like in FMM18...
  6. Article A Fond Farewell to FMM 17

    Excellent post @Taff. It's great to remind yourself of some of the classic moments from the year. I've only been here since January or so but I've loved being part of the community and looking forward to FMM18 bringing the best out of us all again.
  7. Brilliant challenge @FuddledFox. You've gone above and beyond to resurrect this and think up a final challenge in no time. Let's do this!
  8. Ooof just scraped through! Well fought @AzmiG26, such a close battle! Haha, good job I don't need your support in the final though Bring it on @Taff @PriZe @chewkaiwen
  9. I don't think @mcandrew003 has got round to reading my results yet so i guess there might be a little wait...!
  10. Hello I'm Taff

  11. Hello I'm Fuddled Fox

    Yeah that makes sense man. My great-grandfather was the head gardener for a private estate i think but i don't seem to have inherited his green fingers...
  12. Hello I'm Fuddled Fox

    These getting to know you posts are brilliant! Head gardener at a large country house? That's amazing man. Is it one that's open to the public? Is your youtube channel still up?
  13. Hello I'm Taff

    @Taff Thanks for sharing, what a great read! I've only really been on Vibe this year but you've been a huge character with all the challenges/careers and always making an effort to comment. Great work. Also, love the detail that you've gone into about your job - nice one for giving such an in-depth answer. I hope you didn't get that Kanchelskis shirt at the beginning of the 1995/96 season...
  14. Howdy, I'm Mcandrew003

    @mcandrew003 Everything ok mate?