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Alexander Park

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  1. Alexander Park

    Poor run of results

    Thanks mate! I read somthing about other teams eventually get used to your tactics so thats how they get harder to beat, hence why i kept changing them up lol. But what you said makes sense, i might just grind it out with the same tactics i used before january and hopefully pull through
  2. Alexander Park

    Poor run of results

    Yes i took in a few loanees to improve my team and sold a few who i didnt play
  3. Alexander Park

    Help Poor run of results

    Can anyone help me out? Ive had 2 careers now, and both have went fine up untill january.... then boom i cant scrape a win together, ive tried changing tactics etc but nothing seems to be doing it. Any help would be appreciated. Heres a couple pics from my bradford career. This was my results before january Results after january
  4. Alexander Park

    Chat Low league gems

    Ive started a save with bradford city and im looking for some low league gems i could get on the cheap. If you know any let us know