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  1. No offence taking I've just went black pool
  2. I'm back took a little break from fmm 17 for a little while but I'm back with a new phone so let me know what team to go?
  3. Yeah am doing tottenham hotspur Carer with updates take a look at my tactic for this @BatiGoal @veerus
  4. Give me a message buddy and I'll try and help u Out? @Pogba
  5. Not the best star don't think itso woring very well changed midfield roles cause you were right too much space being left. Any tips on how to make it work @mcandrew003
  6. So instead of the YouTube. I'm going to be doing updates of my new Carer with Tottenham Hotspur with a new tactic. I'll keep use all posted sorry about this. Thanks guys
  7. Okay everyone so looks like it's going to be Torino FC. I'm looking forward to this basically use will be able to see what am doing on YouTube if use sub and watch my videos Sco Gaming. Let me know if use think I should use sugar daddy once or just get on with it. @mcandrew003 @Brenty92 @AndersJ @Whiskers92 @KennyMiller27 @BatiGoal @Eogtuc0910 @Mollers01 @arobbo92
  8. Yeah hopefully still we won and we should be celebrating it
  9. EME @Brenty92 added 0 minutes later Yeah I I will have too see what I can get to work for me
  10. I've found it difficult too get the balance right between midfield hardiest thing to get right what do use think? @mcandrew003 @KennyMiller27 @Brenty92
  11. Was watching the game we need to improve next year still though we played pretty well considering they hammerd Lyon
  12. Okay to start of I'm new to this website well newish massive fan of every football manager am actually adidcted probably like most of us thats why we are on this vibe community I want to be able to help this website grow and grow I would like to start by getting your opinion on DLP or BWM ????!!!
  13. I had a go with them when I was doing the measures challenge and they had a very good outfit and talented squad should be interesting cause they don't have he best of facilities!
  14. Okay so I will be closing the vote at 7 and I'll be getting the carer up and running for 8 thank you get all your votes in before 7 please