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  1. This. Fair play Dec, we didn't see eye to eye all the time but also very much enjoyed long portions of my time here. I remember slogging out those changes.txt Notepad documents all summer, my god we put in a shift. All the best pal.
  2. Would I be right in saying Valencia did not participate in this years Champions League?
  3. William


    How are you my friend? Still causing carnage on FMH as I remember you were a few years back?
  4. Ah the memories, might try and tackle this one final time.
  5. William


    Oh hi chaps, hope all is well.
  6. Had to close the channel as I am not going to have time to do this anymore due to recent family problems. Apologies.
  7. He wasn't playing first team football either, and hit out at me when he left, claiming we had a spat. Just wasn't to be, must have been due to giving the brick shit-house that is Mamadou Sakho the captaincy.
  8. It's a weird preference of mine but I often try to avoid resigning the same player in all my saves, kind of allows them to be unique.
  9. Episode 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWbmAG58N1o
  10. Personally I would play a 4-3-3, with Pressing On, Short Passing and Attacking as your philosophy. Utilise Messi as the Complete Forward (some may disagree as he does not have the aerial presence but I like letting a forward as talented as Messi to just run the show upfront and do what he wants). I would utilise Neymar on the left wing as the Inside Forward, allowing him to drive at goal whilst keeping width out wide with something like Sanchez on the other flank. Xavi would be my DLM with Iniesta the more attacking of the two as the AP. Then I'd have Mascherano/Song as the BWM to protect the back four, especially with the WBs such as Alves bombing forward, extra protection is vital to block any potential counter attacks. I have never played with Barcelona on this version of the game, so all of this is simply off the top of my head and I cannot assure you this will work perfectly, this is just a foundation to work with. Hope I was of some help GK WB-CB-CB-WB BWM DLM AP Left Wing = IF Right Wing = Winger CF
  11. As Ashez said above. Also maybe look into your attacking players positioning stat (how well they are positioning themselves in their assigned forward role) as-well as their movement stat (timing their attacking runs), if these are low, that could explain the disallowed goals due to being caught offside.
  12. If you are unsure how many episodes have been posted just check the opening post (I post all episodes in there). I apologise, he seemed weirdly happy to take the pay cut to Zaragoza though, maybe secretly that's the club he loves. Barkley is a great shout, but Everton will demand a disgusting fee.
  13. For me it all depends on what reputation club I am. If you are one of the giants of your league I would rarely change my instructions, unless I am facing a team of a similar caliber to me. If I'm a mid table team I would go more attacking against the lesser teams and press them, but against the top of the table teams I would sometimes choose to counter attack instead. If I'm fighting relegation I would have a general tactic for mid-table/lower half teams, but against the big teams I'd park the bus, Men Behind Ball switched on, Defensive etc. Each to their own I guess. If you have a tactic that wins 80% of all your games then you can more than likely ignore switching it up and accept losing the occasional game knowing you will still more than likely gain your objectives, however it's my personal preference to try and win every game
  14. Yeah selling Gerrard was no doubt controversial. However not being a Liverpool fan and having only had his services for one season I had not grown emotionally attached to him unlike if he was a player I had managed for 10+ seasons. He was eating at the wage bill and logically it made sense. Yeah I'm also not sure about Ravel Morrison, considering selling him next season and replacing him with Will Hughes, but undecided as of yet. I'll see how he performs. M'Vila and Lucas provides great depth in the BWM position and opens up space for Henderson to try and cement some first team football, an FMH player I rate very highly.
  15. Episode 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAh6lk0y30k