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  1. The question is are your players capable of following these instructions. What roles are your 2 central midfielders? These 2 are your engine room and linked to defence as well as attack. Could you upload your team in their roles to give us more information.A key factor for me is decisions. Low decisions will inevitably lead to errors causing your team to fail regardless of whatever instructions you have given them.
  2. Chat Player Contracts Expiring

    Why would you want to keep Chamberlain when he is only a fringe player. How many games does he play a season and at what cost?
  3. I have had 2 European player of the year award but no club has ever come in with a bid of any kind. I find that sort of bizarre as the amount of goals and assists they score is really good for the premiership as well as scoring in Europe for fun. Whilst I am not interested in selling them I did expect a few offers in my inbox. Has anyone experienced similar circumstances?
  4. Who is your creative player? Attacking is going to leave you open to counter attacks( it's a bit gung-ho to do it all the time). Defence wise I would employ the offside trap if your defenders have good decision making. Members might have more input if you upload your team onto this page. Hope this helps a little
  5. My shape is normally balanced unless I am playing a top team away then I go defensive. If I am winning by the odd goal against a top team I will go defensive and time waste from about the 83rd minute. If a team is playing with just Wb,s on the flanks I will change my passing focus to Both flanks. If I am losing and my opponent goes down to 10 men I switch to attacking. They are the only changes I have used in 3 seasons. Defence is also set to play the offside trap so make sure that your defenders have good decision making.
  6. Here is the intensive training schedule. CD,s on defending. FB,s and other midfield on general and IF,s and Poacher on attacking. If you're assistant says a player is struggling with the regime put him on fitness. Some players do complain but it doesn't seem to affect their performance. I,m not entirely sure which training schedule suits certain types ( DMC general or defending?)
  7. Finished my 3rd season and I am amazed at the end result.
  8. Defence is balanced. If it's a tough game I will switch to defensive. Also if I am leading by an odd ghoal I will often switch to defensive and time wasting to see the game out. Shape is also balanced. I will update tomorrow with the IT training schedule
  9. A simple tactic which has given me reasonable success in less than 3 seasons with Sunderland winning the Championship, then runner-up in the premiership the following season plus winning the FA cup. Currently leading the premiership in my 3rd season just past the halfway mark. I do use intensive training on the fitness side, I also tend to use centre-backs who can also play at full-back for their height and strength. I normally play a balanced team but switch to defensive when playing a top team (chelsea,man utd, man city etc). The simplicity of the tactic is for my attacking players to simply run at defence so the IF,s and poacher need good attributes for pace, dribbling, crossing, shooting and decisions.. I am still using a few of the current Sunderland squad and they are doing really well fo me.
  10. I have enjoyed considerable success with a BWM next to a CM( though role says he is a DLP) with a AP in the AMC position on the EME engine.
  11. If you keep going to player search when an international match is due there is usually a few more players to select from (I manage Colombia at the moment). At first my squad choice was poor but after a while I have got a considerable pool to choose from.
  12. Vibe I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    Best wishes for the future Dec. I am sure your advice and guidance have helped a great deal of us achieve a modicum of success which keeps us coming back for more.?
  13. Thomas Lemar who I got on a bosman as a Amc, he scored loads of goals, assists, free kicks and penalties
  14. Help How to resign Balotelli?

    Sometimes you can offer lower wages but offer him a bigger signing on fee to compensate for the lesser wage. If that fails you are out of luck