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  1. slambo

    slambo,s lower league tactic

    Finally got this tactic to win the league. I did change the anchor man to a defensive midfielder but kept everyone else in their original position
  2. In your attacking training put the fitness up to intensive, he might moan but it will increase his attacking attributes as well as keeping him super fit
  3. Only play with one but my other players have good creativity attributes which seem to work ok
  4. slambo

    slambo,s lower league tactic

    I am still using it in the premiership with decent results finishing 4th .I lost my best player as he had a release clause in his contract but the tactic is doing okay. Intensive training will help you as there are so many games to play but I used to field lesser players in the cups and concentrate on the league
  5. slambo

    FMM18 New Role: Anchorman

    I have been using an anchor man in one of the challenges with Scunthorpe and found them to be very effective.They don't seem to get booked as many times as a BWM even though they have a high aggression attribute.
  6. slambo

    slambo,s lower league tactic

    I have used various players and obviously I have improved the squad whenever the chance arises so you should be looking at players with high attributes in strength,tackling and decisions as primary and positioning,passing and stamina as secondary. They rarely get high ratings during the game but so long as they are winning tackles and a decent amount of interceptions I am happy. I have being doing okay in the premiership but obviously a team like Scunthorpe are not awash with cash so I feel it could take a while before the tactic has a chance to succeed amongst the big boys
  7. I started a challenge to escape relegation with Scunthorpe( random choice by the game). Ultimately I chose to use the new anchor man in my new formation with great results combined with intensive training( see slambo,s simple tactic for the intensive training programme).I don't alter my instructions unless I play a team who play's central with only wing backs/full backs out wide then I switch to both flanks to exploit the space.My tip is to exploit the bosman market as you will see from my expenditure in the transfer market.
  8. No holidays or editing . Must be just good tactics then lol
  9. I am doing a challenge with Scunthorpe(random choice) and the IFs are still some of my best performers(both free ). When was the latest update?
  10. I guess it is mirroring real life. Just ask Arsene Wenger. I tend to offer contracts before they enter the final year and if they don't accept it gives you time to sell them before you lose them for nothing.
  11. I have always used the decision attribute as a guide for my success. I tend to pick mediocre sides to give myself a challenge and always seem to succeed with little known players but with a high decision attribute. Dunno if its built into the game programming as your test seems to suggest but its a must have attribute for me.
  12. Another great season with this tactic whilst also bringing some youngsters into the first team squad.Had the premiership won with 5 games to play.
  13. Another blistering season for Sunderland with this simple tactic and also winning European player of the year for the 3rd year in a row
  14. The question is are your players capable of following these instructions. What roles are your 2 central midfielders? These 2 are your engine room and linked to defence as well as attack. Could you upload your team in their roles to give us more information.A key factor for me is decisions. Low decisions will inevitably lead to errors causing your team to fail regardless of whatever instructions you have given them.