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  1. Chinese is not officially support in FMM2019. The Chinese language patch is prepared by HH01 Group in China. For iOS device, the patch is not prefect, Korean and Chinese will be mixed in game.
  2. The issue is that board do not allow you to spent too much on someone he has not enough reputation. In your first example, try to change squad status to key player.
  3. Sorry, this DB only works for android users.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hi mates Here is the DB for free agent for FMM2019. All Players are free. Managers, coaches, scouts, ... all staffs are all kept in clubs. Please enjoy the fighting of transfer! Note: 1. This DB is for android users only, because you need replace the original database. 2. During my test, lot of clubs (low level clubs) will not sign player in first season. But don't worry, they will sign players in second season. 3. Please backup the original "database" in advance.
  5. I am happy you like it.Thanks. It is not in my current plan to sort the players by leagues.
  6. CA = Current Ability PA = Potential Ability
  7. You can only see the stats of INT for current season in player history page.(at bottom)
  8. The player attributes are all from fmm database.
  9. Is it helpful to move player to free first? I did not test much by myself. Could you give me some sample for test or give me more description? Thank you in advance.
  10. changes.txt works for FMM2019. 1. Please confirm you put right position. The path should be below for android device. /android/data/football.manager.games.fm19.mobile/files 2. Please confirm your codes in changes.txt is correct. My suggestion is to test with simple one, for example, one or two sentence. 3. Changes.txt do not help the "fake name issue" caused by pirate version of FMM.
  11. I have not seen the super league in this site. I know one of my Chinese mate made one for fmm2019. But he did not upload it here.
  12. It looks Free Agent DB is more popular. I am preparing the Free Agent DB now. Some screen shots for preview.
  13. Comparing two saves are not the worked way for previous versions. There are lots difference in two saves.