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  1. I wait this "improvement" for a long time.
  2. HI PriZe, Great result! I believ a lot goal from conner and crossing from flanks. A all-round strinker is required, I think.
  3. rseven

    Can Hex Editor Edit FMM18?

    I think you can search more times, to confirm how many Rodrygo is the save. And you need to verify the name is for the player you want to edit.
  4. rseven

    Can Hex Editor Edit FMM18?

    What is the file you open in hexeditor?
  5. rseven

    Piggs 3-4-3 EME

    Interesting tactics! Could you let me know more about your thinking behind your tactics? Why "WM"? Why "Early crosses"? ...
  6. rseven

    Can Hex Editor Edit FMM18?

    I don't how much you know the data in save. If you have detail question, you can PM me with screen shots.
  7. rseven

    FMM18 New Role: Libero

    This is the article I am waiting! So great! I also did some test on Libero role. Same conclusion. In current version, I think libero will move forward when we control the ball in our half. When the ball passed to opposite hald, libero will come back. I also expected libero should have more chance to move into oppsite half like a DLM, even go into box to finish in overload mentality.
  8. rseven

    The Difficulty Debate

    The challenge of this game is not AI. You will find many ways to beat AI The challenges come from yoursel. For me, I more focus on the tactics part. The difficulty is not to get a tactics to win the match. The difficulty for me is to know how the engine works. The fun of game is to design a tactics which followed my expectation.
  9. rseven

    Attributes Vs Role Traits

    Traits come from attributes. There is no data for traits in FMM. Why Jonny has "Marks opponent tightly" because he has high tackling in attributes. So, my answer is ATTRIBUTE is the key.
  10. By birthday / birthyear and nation code in hex editor
  11. This way does not work for previous version. Have not tested for FMM2018. But I don't think this is possible.
  12. rseven

    How can i large database

    I think there is no way to do that, TBO.
  13. rseven

    Licenses Fix

    Maybe you can try this first. https://fmmvibe.com/files/file/1117-real-names-graphics/
  14. No change in traning part, mate. In the overview page you can select training regime for each player.