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  1. I hve maximized my facilities wid the same method.
  2. I hvnt thought it will work with other fm series. Do u want me to post much more detailed video to show it?
  3. has any1 made money with the method?
  4. But there r some tips to find the right time to go to board room. - series of wins - before transfer period - and good relations wid them ))
  5. U have to try board req sometimes, once they accept exploit it with this strategy ))
  6. I m playing wid 8.03 and dont want to update the game. I ll play some decades with my team. Then i ll think about updating.
  7. how can i share my save file? So u could check it easily.
  8. I think it will work wid a lower division club. Bcuz mine was lower.
  9. It s really difficult with my limited English though. So it will be better to show u wid a video. Dec, i think it must be fixed with a new update, i presume.
  10. That s why i need to show u other details to u. It is definitely working. Plz somebody help me with recording ipad screen. I think i need to be more explainatory
  11. Here u are. Enjoy it. If u hve to ask plz dont hesitate.
  12. Help More Money

    Check my strategy
  13. Hi again. I recorded an amateur video. I m uploading it to youtube. I hope u enjoy it
  14. I d say after i ve found the glitch i lost my eagerness to play wid the game. So it may effect like a spoiler. That s why i need some ideas whether publish it here or not. But if any1 tells me how to record ipad screen i ll definitely post it to youtube
  15. guys, please help me to record my ipad to show u how i did it.. btw i bought neither unlockable nor used third party but just discovered a weak point of the game.. Also u can check the "Keciorengucu" which is i m playing wid is a lowest division club in Turkey. So it s impossible to sell a player in 3rd season with that huge price.. So what i ve done is a new discovery. İn a conclusion, i didnt make that money wid an unlockable or selling players. I did with a weak point of the game. Also i believe it must be fixed with a new update