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  1. Great read mate, good to see someone else’s perspective on the game. I do struggle with players being unhappy with training so might try putting them all on general like you’ve mentioned. A question on holidaying, do you use the holiday to next match feature? I’ve always been scared incase I miss out on important stuff but with the speeds some people go through seasons I’d assume this is how they do it.
  2. PROMOTION TO THE PREMIERSHIP As I took over halfway through the season I wanted to keep this update short and sweet. We were far from amazing and I won the league with a points tally of 69. I don't think I've ever been a champion with a points tally that low but I'll take it. We have 4 players in the team of the week including Ali Crawford who ended the campaign with player of the year. I won both manager of the year award, interestingly the two previous winners were managers of Celtic in the premiership, Brendan Rodgers and Gus Hiddink. Hamilton must not have been expected to bounce straight back to the top flight. Performance of the Season Can't fault an 8-0 win against a team I considered our bogey team before this match. OTHER LEAGUE WINNERS I left Clyde in a strong position and they done me proud by gaining promotion to the Championship. Liverpool finally winning a premier league title and also a champions league trophy! Manager Profile My profile is very poor at the moment, suggesting I'm good with my transfers but an unloyal money blower. Liking the 73.12 win percentage as well as 3.09 goals per match. I'm looking forward to the Premiership, televised matches and an opportunity to showcase my abilities.
  3. NEW JOB - HALF SEASON TAKEOVER I decided this opportunity was too good to turn down. If I get Hamilton promoted this season, I can go from a Scottish League Two manager to Scottish Premiership in the space of two seasons. TACTICS I'm going to be playing the same 4-2-3-1 which gave me so much success at Clyde, although I was keen to try out the defensive forward role in place of the target man we previusly used. KEY PLAYERS I signed Goncalves on a free transfer as soon as I joined, he has experience of playing in the scottish premiership. He will be used in the inside forward role but can also be used as a striker, his preferred postion. Ali Crawford is a great player at this level and ideal for my AP role. Was surprised he remained with the club after there relegation the previous season. Rojano has been doing well in the defensive forward role. Accidentally stumbled across this although he may not have the relevant stats its working wonders.
  4. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    Good luck mate! Loving the concept of this one
  5. JOB INTERVIEW - Hamilton Academical Chairman Ronnie McDonald has invited me along for an interview to take over his Scottish Championship side Hamilton. They currently sit in 5th place having been relegated from the Scottish Premiership last season. Hamilton are well known for there successful youth academy with players such as James McCarthy, James Mcarthur and Greg Docherty coming through their ranks. It’s changed days for them and they now possess an ageing squad with many players having a retirement date set. The opportunity to rejuvenate the side and bring in some quality young players could spell the end of my Clyde love affair. What will I do? You’re soon to find out.
  6. PICKED UP WHERE WE LEFT OFF As you'll see the mass squad rotation has worked it's magic and we sit top of League One against the odds! 12 games in so still a long way to go. We experienced some big wins a long the way as we continue to score a barrowload of goals. Heffernan on 25 already with new 16 year old signing Richie Young helping himself to 15 goals so far. My success as a rookie manager isn't going unnoticed however..... stay tuned.....
  7. Thanks for the support mate!
  8. SEASON TWO - NEW LOOK CLYDE As you'll know we are now playing our football in the Scottish League One, our squad was not good enough for the jump in division therefore I've made wholesale changes. The majority of the players I sold were backups last season, we now have a much younger group of players with a squad average age of 24. David Goodwillie is the only player sold worth mentioning, he was after a move to a bigger club and I couldn't stand in his way of a move to Hearts in the Scottish Premiership. The fee was put straight into our wage budget as we raided the free transfer market. TRANSFERS OUT TRANSFERS IN KEY SIGNINGS He looks like an excellent player at this level and is still only 17. He could be a player that moves with me when I decide to change clubs. Loving the 20 teamwork stat! He will be understudy to Heffernan this season and at 16 years old has a lot of potential. Similarly to Strachan I'm expecting big things from him. He has been signed to play the IF role in my side, replacing Goodwillie. Excellent pace and strength, hoping his finishing stats improve with the right training. He will be deployed as a winger on the right hand side of my tactic, looking to get the best out of his crossing and dribbling stats. I'm fairly happy with my transfer business and hope we can pick up where we left of last season.
  9. This was a brilliant read, well done mate! Kept us all entertained
  10. Can’t wait for this, not a Man Utd fan but they’ve had some outstanding number 7’s over the years time for you to add some more
  11. TACTICS TO SUCCESS As you will see at Clyde we play a 4-2-3-1 formation, probably the most popular formation in world football at the moment. We play an attacking mentality, nothing crazy here, everything kept pretty basic. The idea is that we have a solid back four who are solely there to defend. This allows the "top 4" the TM, AP, IF, W to focus on the attack. The two BBM give the time a balance and they will be able to support the attack as well as get back for defensive play. The run at the defence command has been deployed to as I like our team to really test the opposition and force them into mistakes.
  12. Ofcourse mate, I'll share my tactic in the next update. Second round of all the cups, priority for me was promotion so wasn't too fussed, will be hoping for a cup run next season!
  13. SEASON ONE REVIEW As this job was my first step into management it was important I started well and improved my reputation. You will see below that I done exactly that, only one loss all season and ending the league campaign with 99 points and a goal difference of +76 UNEXPECTED HERO Dan Heffernan was signed as a backup striker to Badwillie and ended up making the role his own playing as a target man. 75 goals & 20 assists in 38 games is incredible for a 30 year old who hasn't achieved anything in his career till now! HOW DID OUR PREDICTED KEY PLAYERS DO? They all played a key role in our success as you will see below. Badwillie is after a move to a bigger club so expect to see him depart shortly. BEST RESULTS We scored 7 goals in 3 different fixtures and twice against Peterhead, they'll be glad to see the back of us after our promotion.