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  1. I would accept that explanation if only just happened in one club, or in somes seasons, but when this just happened in different clubs and all seasons, with gold scouts, I think isn't nomal.
  2. But for example, in the first seasons of my game, with Dender FCV, in belgium third league, never seem them, and when arrive to fist division, begin with this experiences, and in latest seasons in Dender and now, in AC Milan, all players, good, youngs, from top or non top teams, when sign, automatically, their skills upper than 15 drop one point, for example, Ramzi Bronn hace 8 skills upper than 15, 5 from this skills drop 1 point, or Javi Rudi, have 6 skill over 15, two of them down 1 point, and some skills lower than 15 drop 1 point, but less times, and in AC Milan I have the best installations and employees with gold and natural apptitude. I can understand if I sign a player from a best team with best installations, this happens, but in the other opposite I don't understand why. And another thing I saw is, when I left from Dender, all player upper their skills, in few weeks, why? I love this game, but in the latest versions (2016, 2017 or 018) never saw.
  3. xusmen69

    evolution of goalkeepers

    Ok, I try this, and I'm sorprising beacause if I loan the young goalkeepers, imrpove a lot, more than with my employees, with gold level and natural aptittude, I detected a few improvement with your information, thanks! but I think is more efficient loan the goalkeepers! in my games.
  4. Every player signed in my games (in older and post versions of the game), or almost all the players signed, when I confirm the transfer and it is incorporated to the team, at the same time I confirm the transfer, some of the main skills go down one point, ¿why? ¿someone have information about this? it's frustrating to sign first-rate players who are worse when they are recruited, and I have the best training installations possible, and employees with gold level and natural aptitude.
  5. Hi, I had been begin more than one games, and played 3 seasons, and I don't find or know a system to train the goalkeepers and improve their skills, with young goalkeeprs and with a good quantity o stars in the potential quality, I have some goalkeepers that in 3 or 4 matches upgrade their level, but didn't improve their skills, ¿have you a system or methodology to improve the skills of goalkeeprs? Regards.
  6. But isn't exist a official information about this, no? because I think is a bad notice, now I need decide if I begin with new game without the bugs and losing the time played in the actual game (a lot of time), or continue the played game with the errors.
  7. Hi, I installed the last update (10.0.5), this solve the error in the coach influence in players, but after the installation, in my active game, I don't see changes, the coaches haven't players influenced, ¿is needed to create a new game to apply the changes in the update? Regards.