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  1. Help inside forward

    May be worth checking the players' positions screen to see if 'cuts inside' shows up in their traits with the IF role selected. Some players will naturally play that way whilst others will stay out wide. Tactics will only do so much, ideally you need the right players in the roles
  2. Help inside forward

    Not tested this but perhaps IFs may be more inclined to stay out wide if creative freedom is set to disciplined and drift around more if set to expressive? Depends on the player's personality and traits too I guess...
  3. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Still so so many red cards and injuries in AI v AI games..
  4. Off Topic The poster below me

    Saturday's result at United felt like relegation TPBM will be on the Guinness this weekend
  5. Chat Transfer window update

    I've not seen any noticeable changes to my players' fitness since the update but then I tend to avoid using any intensive training as a way of making the game more challenging... maybe intensive training schedules tire your players a bit more now? It's always been a bit too easy getting your players to 100% while the AI struggles, especially when there are midweek games. If player conditioning has been altered then you'd imagine it's been done to level the playing field with the AI
  6. Article How the AI thinks

    Yeah the use of overload seemed excessive but you'd assume with that fixed it would reduce the amount of goals and make matchdays a little more challenging too which is always welcome
  7. Article How the AI thinks

    Great write up mate, it’s articles like this that whet your FMM appetite! I think to an extent there has to be a random element to matches as real life managers can only do so much. Ultimately it’s how the manager reacts to the flow of the game and then up to the players to carry out instructions – they shouldn’t be able to carry these out perfectly every time as there should always be a chance of individual mistakes or pieces of brilliance depending on their ability and traits I suppose the only thing that would worry me slightly is a supposedly ‘weaker’ Bournemouth side managed to win more often without making any tactical changes..
  8. Chat Transfer window update

    I'm not too bothered about transfers as it's out of date after a season of gameplay anyway! All about the gameplay tweaks for me
  9. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Just the option to add a nickname for players would do!
  10. I understand how this may be frustrating but suppose you can look at it as a challenge? You've already won the treble, why not get rid of the trouble makers, re-build and try and repeat the feat with a new look team? Although you're very successful, players sometimes just want a change and to experience different things in their relatively short careers. You only have to look back at the likes of Shevchenko, Kaka, Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva who have all opted to leave fairly successful AC sides for other leagues in recent times
  11. Help Reputation problem

    Had the same idea for a career but hit with the same problem. Started in Italian Serie C as with reputation unknown and although I've not quite had the same success as you, I've taken Reggiana to Europe within 6 seasons which surely you'd think wouldn't go unnoticed nationally in real life?? Despite applying for jobs at similarly or worse positioned clubs on the way up, I'm still yet to receive a job offer from anyone in my whole save which just doesn't seem right. The most frustrating thing is AI managers seem to have an unbreakable reputation and will get jobs whether they've been successful or not, so you will often see the same manager go into a job, do poorly, get sacked but then still manage to get a job at the same level and the cycle begins again. Surely clubs would prefer to appoint someone who has had more recent success?? Thought it would have been a really good challenge moving from club to club but it's just not possible in this game as it stands. My loyalty rating is also a 2 which I worry may be affecting my chances at getting other jobs, but I've been with the same club for 7 seasons now which is way more than can be said for the majority of managers in the game.
  12. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Surely the transfer bug is big enough to justify a hotfix before the winter transfers update?
  13. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    In addition to the 'bidding war' bug, there's something very wrong with buyout clauses in loans (think this has been mentioned) Already missed out on a big player due to this as buying out the loan seems to spark a bidding war if there are interested clubs and I ended up being gazumped. Got another one on loan at the min with an agreed price of £3.5m, just tried to buy but the parent club have now decided they want £13m??? Also got offers stuck on 2 other players who I can't offer contracts to.... struggling to buy anyone here!!
  14. Chat Corners - EME

    I think the answer to this is no... but is there any way to mix up the way your team lines up for corners? Getting a little fed up of my striker ALWAYS being on the near post and the cross very rarely getting beyond him. Seems a bit of a waste having centre halves who are stronger in the air going forward yet they hardly ever get a chance. It's strange because the opposition seem to line up differently when attacking corners and there's a lot more variation in how they play out as a result
  15. it can be a a right scrap in the lower leagues... suppose you'd never notice IFs being overpowered down there!!