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  1. Twister045

    FMM19: Who to Manage

    Knew I'd seen his name somewhere in this forum! I somehow ended up with him in my current Fortuna Koln save, started unemployed and I think they'd already picked him up before I took over. Didn't really use him in the first couple of seasons (both in 3rd division) as I had better forwards. Sent him out on loan to a 3rd division team during my first season in Bundesliga 2 and he managed 15 in 32 and came back a 4 star player. In my second Bundesliga 2 season now and he's got 12 in 12 so far and still only 19, I'm 2nd at the minute and would definitely be struggling without his goals! Bad news however.... Aston Villa matched his ยฃ2m release clause so he will be off in January ๐Ÿ˜ญ Outside candidate for a 1K/1.5K I reckon
  2. Twister045

    Stamina Confusion

    TM and DF are typically more physically demanding than other roles I've found in my experience I suspect there are hidden attributes for work rate and/or natural fitness too which would have an impact..
  3. Twister045

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Is there a reason why you start the game at 47 years old? Not that it effects the mechanics of the game but it seems odd that you can start unknown with no coaching badges at 47 and still land jobs.... yet once you have proven yourself you're almost always overlooked for sideways jobs!
  4. Excellent work mate, amazing how you manage to get so many goals out of a different type of forward each season, never mind the ages of them. As for the next season, I'm going to take a guess at Harry Wilson??
  5. Twister045

    FMM19 Bug List

    It wouldn't be so bad if it was the same for the AI, but when you see how much they struggle with fitness it just feels so unbalanced
  6. Madness that he hasn't been capped yet!! Hopefully that job won't be too far away...
  7. Twister045

    FMM19 Bug List

    EME engine seems really stuttery since the last update for me, it's never been completely smooth but it's definitely gotten worse. Using a Samsung Galaxy S9
  8. Twister045

    Leaking defence

    Definitely enjoying a more challenging game this year and seeing more variation in the AI's approach. I found once you had a strong enough team in 18, the opposition would more often than not stick to contain and narrow for 90 minutes even if they were only a goal behind with 20 minutes to go; realistically you'd expect them to push for an equaliser at some point or at least adjust their tactics during the game if they identified a weakness in yours. Can't say I'm seeing a massive amount of screamers or late comebacks personally, but that could be because I'm in the lower leagues and rarely find myself more than 1 goal up ๐Ÿ˜‚ seeing a few corner goals but not to the point where I'd say it's unbalanced. Free kicks are maybe a little over powered, I feel I could put anyone on them and they'd be more than capable of scoring... the shooting attribute doesn't seem to matter too much when it comes to free kicks
  9. Great write up for the first season, real sense of drama and achievement! Another squad overhaul in the summer maybe...?
  10. Twister045

    Does Fm Not Want Me To Win

    I think the AI are a bit smarter this year in terms of counteracting your tactics during a game The amount of shots can be misleading, as it tends to include blocked and long shots. The clear cut chances stat as @Dar J mentioned is a better indicator of how many your team should have scored
  11. I'm hoping it's a sign that it's a little easier to move clubs this year.. took far too long to build up reputation in 18 unless you were winning trophies every year. Would be nice to sample a few different clubs on the way up
  12. Yeah Macclesfield offered me too, didn't even apply ๐Ÿ˜‚ reputation is unknown as well! Turned it down though, had my eye on Germany so I've ended up at Fortuna Koln in the German 3rd division.... the journey starts here
  13. I tend to begin every FM by starting at the bottom like this, can be difficult getting to grips with a brand new game using a team and a league you're not familiar with but it's good fun and rewarding once you get into it! Good luck, interested to see how you get on ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  14. Twister045

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Not had a chance to play properly yet but talk of the game being more challenging this year is what I'm excited by most at the minute... I've had a quick 5 minutes playing through as unemployed however and noticed there still seems to be a high number of injuries/red cards when you tap into AI games - guessing the AI are still struggling to keep players fit? Also are player ratings better balanced?
  15. I'm hoping we get control over squad status, would bring a different dynamic to squad management if it actually meant something..