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  1. Elliott

    Super 4-2-3-1

    Just bought fmm19 after sticking with fmm18 and have been really struggling to make anything work so far. Turned to this tactic and it seems to be hitting the spot, thank you!
  2. Thanks for your input. Yes I am playing fmm18 rather than 19. I guess maybe i should try a career where I avoid changing the training just to see what happens. I don't see improvement from a lot of young players but clearly I need to use them more!
  3. Apologies if making a new topic isn't the right thing to do, but i couldn't see anything relevant except something from 5 years ago. I've always found no success in developing young players. Aside from the intensive training I mean. So a young player is promoted and perhaps has 3 stars by coach for potential - could make a squad player. But I never see an attribute increase, whether they sit in the reserves on intensive training, or they go out on loan and play. To be honest I haven't really played young players who are clearly worse than the alternatives because I figure the attributes show the level of ability demonstrated in training and I generally want to pick my strongest team - but maybe this approach needs to be changed. I saw on an old article linked in the beginner's guide thread and example of how Julian Draxler developed in different scenarios. In both reserves and loan scenarios, the stats increased, but in one the underlying ca increased and the other didn't. So I'm finding that rather confusing. How can we look at a player without an editor to work out if they are improving? Are their attributes always going to stay broadly the same? As that seems to be my experience outside of intensive training.
  4. Elliott

    Midfielder role advice

    Just to feed back on this. Experimented with different combinations and found varied success. Think its as much down to the players I had as anything. I pretty much settled on two bbms and a bwm, with ap in front as that suited the players with the best attributes, but also had success playing one of the bbms as a dlp at times. Its been a successful season. After a shaky start which saw us (UCD) dumped out of the leinster cup in the 1st round and too many drawn league games, we rallied and form improved. Summer transfer window rolled along and i was able to make a huge number of significant signings to improve the quality of the squad, particularly in midfield, although did lose my goal a game striker to Blackburn. Just in time for the gruelling champions league qualifying rounds in which i saw off the champions of Romania (cfr cluj), Bosnia (zrinjski), Croatia (Dinamo Zagreb) and finally Czech Republic (slavia Prague) to qualify for the group stage. Included a 5-1 win in Prague. Also went on a long winning streak in the league. First game in champs league was a trip to Camp Nou in which we lost 4-2, then grabbed our first ever group stage win at home to Napoli. We managed to secure home draws to PSV and Barcelona, but being unbeaten at home wasn't enough to avoid finishing bottom of the group as we lost all of our away games. All in all, a european campaign far exceeding expectations and a domestic treble means that whatever I did in midfield worked well enough! Now to decide whether I persist in Ireland having won everything there is to win domestically, or to move on to a new challenge. Setting my eyes on taking another small team from obscurity to domination, perhaps north of the border. But seeing if I could improve on this season's European adventure and seeing if I can improve on Ireland's coefficient enough to eventually get an extra berth also sounds interesting. Anyone want to help me decide? Thanks Nucleus for your help. I also find your beginner's guide very helpful!
  5. Elliott

    Midfielder role advice

    Thanks. I'll give that a try. I've signed a number of new midfielders so will have a greater ability to experiment. One friendly so far I played ap - bwm - cm and dominated the game but didn't get good particularly ratings and the chances didn't come from the middle.
  6. Elliott

    Midfielder role advice

    Thanks for the suggestion. Would that be better than playing an AP in the central 3 as well?
  7. I am playing a career where I've decided to focus on playing a 4-3-1-2 formation, that is, with no wide midfielders or attackers. I settled on it as the club I started career at had better central midfielders than wingers and a few seasons in I am committed to this as I have sold/moved on all my wingers! Tactics: Team Mentality: attacking Width: narrow Tempo: fast Creative freedom: expressive Defensive line: balanced Closing down: all over Tackling: normal No offside trap or time wasting Final third: work into box Passing: short and central Gk distribution: mixed My question is what roles to ask my midfielders to do. My attacking midfielder is set to advanced playmaker, but what about the central 3? Any suggestions? I've not had an unsuccessful career so far. I am managing UCD in Ireland by the way and just ran away with the league in first season in top flight. But I feel my midfield is the one area that doesn't work as well. Any suggestions appreciated, thank you.
  8. Elliott

    Welsh League

    Managed Cardiff Met on fmm17. Won the league in the 2nd year after I was able to clear the dross in the team at end of season 1. I then managed to get into the champions league group stage in the next season and started being able to sign some decent regens and dominated the leagues. Eventually got bored and was offered job at Middlesbrough which i jumped at - brought the regens along with me! Its fun for a while but only so far you can take it. One thing I found is that I signed exactly 0 welsh players the entire time and most of my team was English. Not sure if this has improved in fmm18 but it seemed rather unrealistic to me. Think it was the lack of players in divisions below LoW.