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  1. Thanks @SK15Kev, good suggestion.
  2. I've created my first ever tactic from scratch which I was actually happy with the results of, and wanted to share it. It was borne of some of the advice and guidance found here. I started an unemployed career with all the leagues in the Americas. After a few months I got a job managing Alebrijes de Oaxaca in the Mexican Expansion League. The squad was unbalanced: there were no right backs at all, only two players capable of playing AM wide, but an abundance of strikers (although not necessarily good ones...). It led me to think 3-4-3 was the best shape to accommodate the best players in the squad. I had a search of the forums here for a 3-4-3 tactic and couldn't find anything! So I went about making my own. For the back three I went with one BPD and two CDs. This was mainly a reflection of the poor quality players I had. Although I had a number of centre backs, only one was any good, and he was my BPD. Signed two more as the season progressed which definitely helped. At higher levels more BPDs, or a Libero, might work better still - not sure. For the midfield, I went with two WMs either side of a BWM and an AP. My BWM is on the left side of the two central only on reflection of my first choice players preferred foot. Up front I was fluid with roles, mainly just going with what the game said suited the players best. However, I think I got the most out of it when I had what I have uploaded screenshots of here, Giménez, the AF, scored 21 in 19 games, although it isn't surprising looking at his attributes compared to the rest of the league - 15 for shooting, technique and pace When I took over Alebrijes they had had a very bad opening stage, having won only one game in 13 before sacking their manager. They won the next with their 'caretaker' before I stepped in. Immediately this tactic secured a 4-2 win. We started well in the Closing stage, before having a bit of a wobble struggling to score goals, but then went on a storming run to top the table at the end of the Closing stage. We went on to win the closing stage knockout stage and the Expansion League champions trophy. We scored 55 goals in 22 games, conceding 31. I don't think this is the best tactic ever, not least because the 3-4-3 isn't the best shape. Every game the tactical report was 'poor use of width'. But its a contribution and gives someone to work with if they do want to use a 3-4-3 shape. Also be happy to receive any feedback on whether I might see further improvements with some tactical tweaking.
  3. Lower league recommendations from my career so far: I second Jordan Adebayo-Smith Also the 40yo Scot Darren Smith in central midfield, he's very good for his age and is an important player in my Braintree Town chase for promotion.
  4. This tactic was not in the stickied tactics index and I was looking for anything that worked with the 4-3-1-2. I ended up adapting my own for lower league (Dagenham and Redbridge, specifically). Started midway through season with a bad squad and struggled, but did slightly better than my predecessor. After a summer transfer window and significantly wheeling and dealing, I made good success of a 4-3-1-2 and won the conference with comparative ease. What I did was set up control or sometimes counter, balanced width, fast passing and disciplined. For most of the season I set up with a balanced line and closing down in own half, however I found that against certain formations it was better to sit deep and sit back (4-3-3 is the bane of my life). Balanced tackling, no offside or time wasting. Attacking instructions were to shoot on sight and through balls, direct passing, focused on centre and mixed goalie distribution In terms of player roles I had normal goalie, wing backs, centre backs, the same middle three with a centre mid flanked by two bbms, advanced playmaker instead of attacking midfielder (the idea of not playing a playmaker in the formation seems odd to me, but then I guess in ops tactics the bpds give that). Strikers were defensive forward and target man, as that suited the forwards I had. I did try the settings mentioned above (not including the differing player roles) in league 2 and then went on a run of losses. I think ultimately I just don't have the quality of players required - my centre backs are too slow so pushing up the wing backs is too risky.
  5. I'm now at the point where I've won KL1 4 times in a row and the last two Asian Champions Leagues. And I am finding I am now getting success appealing refused work permits. Including frustratingly a player i signed for £4.5m which I had originally bid for something in the £50k range... But anyway, the point is, I believe the club's reputation makes a difference.
  6. I have to report that I have finally managed to get a work permit agreed for an uncapped foreigner, on appeal. He was available on a bosman so i don't know whether that had something to do with it. He is a player I previously tried to buy and failed with the work permit.
  7. To further confirm this, the Moroccan youngster got his first cap but this wasn't good enough when I tried to re-sign him. It does seem 10 is the cut off point. Tbh knowing this does make searching for players quicker - so many can just be disregarded. Lost my two great young midfielders to Europe though without being able to satisfactorily replace - should keep the challenge interesting.
  8. Update on this. The Rwandan defender passed 10 caps so I tried to re-sign him - work permit granted! So the caps are crucial to South Korea.
  9. So my analysis shows as follows: All uncapped foreign players in K-Leagues 1 and 2 have been in the league since the game started. The lowest caps any foreign bought foreigner has is 12, ie they are all capped. I therefore surmise caps are vitally important to meeting work permit rule. I also conclude these work permit rules do not work the same as in reality. But at least there is a level playing field. Data attached if anyone is interested k League.xlsx
  10. I also posted this query on the sports interactive forum and got this reply from a dev: "We do not have foreign player limits FM Mobile. The chances of having a work permit application approved is dependant on several things; the number of international caps, the value of the player, the squad role offered to the player and how good the players is compared to the rest of your squad. IF you have a specific example of a work permit application that you feel should have gone through but didn't please let us know." I'm now having a look at all the foreign players in K-League to see where they've come from, how much they were signed for, and what caps they have (albeit not necessarily an indicator of what caps they had when they were signed), to see if i can find the key to this.
  11. Interesting. I've always tended to train the players in the key attribute they are weakest at for the role I want them for. Reading the replies above, does this mean it would be better to pick an attribute outside of the key ones on the basis that those should be covered anyway? That is if any others would be useful but there would tend to be another useful one.
  12. Well, it didn't work. Guess its a bug.
  13. Have you updated your game to the latest version? In my current career each of my three coaches has some players they are influencing, and they are two silvers and one gold.
  14. Perhaps. It doesn't fit the rules I quoted properly - Only 2 of my 5 foreigners are AFC as I have one each from the Netherlands, Uzbekistan, Romania, Australia and Serbia. But it could just be doing 5 period. I'm trying to shift the Romanian now so the test will be to try to re-sign one of the players I had rejected and see what happens.
  15. That was my experience but South Korea appears different. For example I tried to buy a Moroccan youngster rated 5 star for potential by my scout. No dice. I tried to sign a Rwandan youngster with 9 caps to his name - another one found by my scout. Again no dice. Admittedly Rwanda is not a big footballing nation so maybe that's why? I do only have 5 foreigners in my team and have never had more. It just seems a strange coincidence. Edit to add: I also tried to sign a couple of uncapped Brazilians, for 7 figure sums. Theyre not capped so again maybe thats why, but on the other hand there are a number of uncapped Brazilians in the league so something's not right.
  16. Does anyone know how the work permits rules work in South Korea in game? I have been playing a career in South Korea and am yet to successfully sign any foreign player except from another club in South Korea. When playing UK based careers hiring an attorney to appeal the decision often works but every time it fails so far in Korea. In real life South Korea has a maximum foreignors in squad rule. 5 max, 3 have to be from an AFC country with of those from an ASEAN country, with two free hits from anywhere. So I wondered if this is the games way of implementing that rule on me. However, other clubs in the league have a far wider range of foreignors (and I've checked - no dual nationality). I wonder if its just a bug - but does anyone know how the rules are meant to work in game?
  17. Well it makes sense. Tbf I haven't yet noticed any difference in the role the game recommends for a player being affected by me nominating a different role for them in training. But makes sense to concentrate your players on the attributes those roles need. I'd say the actual position of the player is most important. E.g. I had a regen come through who is natural DMC and accomplished MC and MR. I don't utilise a DMC so I got him trained on being natural MC. Once that happened the game changed his recommended role from BWM to DLP without me even asking him to be a DLP. I guess my conclusion is I'm not sure. Its still relatively new this system so I'm not sure what we yet know.
  18. Assistant will probably do what they think is best rather than match your tactics so you may want to get more involved. I tend to just check them every few game months.
  19. I am currently playing a career with a 4231. Gk, WB, CD, BPD, WB, DLP, DLP, W/IF, AP/SS, W/AF, P. I will typically line up attacking, narrow width, slow tempo and balanced creativity. Balanced defensive line, closing down own half, normal tackling, offside trap, no time wasting, attacking: overlap, shoot on sight, through balls, short passing, mixed passing focus, short gk passing. Teams increasingly line up a 433 against me even if its not their normal game and its super effective. I don't really have the players to pick a different formation, especially when the team lines out with the 433 unexpectedly. I've tried a more defensive mentality and changing WBs to DFBs, but its just not helping. Please can anyone suggest how to deal with the 433? Preferably without changing formation.
  20. Just bought fmm19 after sticking with fmm18 and have been really struggling to make anything work so far. Turned to this tactic and it seems to be hitting the spot, thank you!
  21. Thanks for your input. Yes I am playing fmm18 rather than 19. I guess maybe i should try a career where I avoid changing the training just to see what happens. I don't see improvement from a lot of young players but clearly I need to use them more!
  22. Apologies if making a new topic isn't the right thing to do, but i couldn't see anything relevant except something from 5 years ago. I've always found no success in developing young players. Aside from the intensive training I mean. So a young player is promoted and perhaps has 3 stars by coach for potential - could make a squad player. But I never see an attribute increase, whether they sit in the reserves on intensive training, or they go out on loan and play. To be honest I haven't really played young players who are clearly worse than the alternatives because I figure the attributes show the level of ability demonstrated in training and I generally want to pick my strongest team - but maybe this approach needs to be changed. I saw on an old article linked in the beginner's guide thread and example of how Julian Draxler developed in different scenarios. In both reserves and loan scenarios, the stats increased, but in one the underlying ca increased and the other didn't. So I'm finding that rather confusing. How can we look at a player without an editor to work out if they are improving? Are their attributes always going to stay broadly the same? As that seems to be my experience outside of intensive training.
  23. Just to feed back on this. Experimented with different combinations and found varied success. Think its as much down to the players I had as anything. I pretty much settled on two bbms and a bwm, with ap in front as that suited the players with the best attributes, but also had success playing one of the bbms as a dlp at times. Its been a successful season. After a shaky start which saw us (UCD) dumped out of the leinster cup in the 1st round and too many drawn league games, we rallied and form improved. Summer transfer window rolled along and i was able to make a huge number of significant signings to improve the quality of the squad, particularly in midfield, although did lose my goal a game striker to Blackburn. Just in time for the gruelling champions league qualifying rounds in which i saw off the champions of Romania (cfr cluj), Bosnia (zrinjski), Croatia (Dinamo Zagreb) and finally Czech Republic (slavia Prague) to qualify for the group stage. Included a 5-1 win in Prague. Also went on a long winning streak in the league. First game in champs league was a trip to Camp Nou in which we lost 4-2, then grabbed our first ever group stage win at home to Napoli. We managed to secure home draws to PSV and Barcelona, but being unbeaten at home wasn't enough to avoid finishing bottom of the group as we lost all of our away games. All in all, a european campaign far exceeding expectations and a domestic treble means that whatever I did in midfield worked well enough! Now to decide whether I persist in Ireland having won everything there is to win domestically, or to move on to a new challenge. Setting my eyes on taking another small team from obscurity to domination, perhaps north of the border. But seeing if I could improve on this season's European adventure and seeing if I can improve on Ireland's coefficient enough to eventually get an extra berth also sounds interesting. Anyone want to help me decide? Thanks Nucleus for your help. I also find your beginner's guide very helpful!
  24. Thanks. I'll give that a try. I've signed a number of new midfielders so will have a greater ability to experiment. One friendly so far I played ap - bwm - cm and dominated the game but didn't get good particularly ratings and the chances didn't come from the middle.