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  1. Article Dutch legend signs in Nice

    Wowwwww, that's a big mistake. I remember Thanks for the correction.
  2. Well written mate ! I love the DLP role too, there's always room for one of them in my squad!
  3. News FMM18 Release Date Information

    I'll gladly pay a ten for the game. Even 15€ tho. If I look at how many time I spend enjoying the game, I'll gladly pay the price. It gives me more play time than more other games.
  4. You know a way to do this in iOS?
  5. Article Dutch legend signs in Nice

    Perhaps I could've. I'll look into it tonight for possible expansion on some parts of the game. Point is, I managed Nice, resigned and then simulated until the end of the season. I haven't watched his performance that close Sneijder will go down in history as the man who played the most international matches for Holland and the one who took us past Brasil in 2010 to reach the final of the World Cup against Spain. The guy has won every competition he played in ( Eredivisie, Serie A, Süperlig ), he's won the Champions League and the Club World Cup. When is the last time an English club won that
  6. Oh it's true.... Recently, Dutch legend Wesley Sneijder had his contract ripped in Istanbul. He from then on became a free agent. A lot of clubs wanted him, Inter, Sampdoria, OGC Nice and FC Utrecht were interested. Wesley decided to move to the beautiful French region of Aquitaine, where the sun shines, the beaches are large and warm and the beer's always cold. Sneijder and his wife Yolanthe, are currently looking for a house in the region of Nice. But for now, let's focus on what Wesley Sneijder will bring to Nice. And more importantly, what FMM thinks of his move to France The 'Big' man is used to playing as an attackting midfielder. This position has really grown on him. He played there at Ajax, at Inter and he played most of his international games in the '10' position. Sneijder plays as an advanced playmaker, who always looks for an attacking move and sometimes tries a shot at goal. He is extremely good at shooting, passing and he has phenomenal creativity. Sneijder will fit in with Nice and is probably going to be important. If they make the Champions League, which I hope they do, he will provide some extra experience and he could probably be a decisive player in the big games. In FMM, I had to unlock Sugar Daddy to be able to pay his wages, I have no idea how Nice are going to pay him in real life, they might have a 'suggar dady' of their own, who knows The Season To be honest, I didn't expect that the season was going to be really good. Nice have an average squad at best. I hoped Sneijder would bring some extra quality to the squad, like he will do in real life. Nice qualified for the Euro Cup, and had a decent run in there. Sneijder played an extremely good season. Scoring 14 times and providing 12 assists in 36 matches. He also represented Holland in 3 matches, scoring 1 and providing 1 assist. This proves that even at an old age, Wesley can still hang with the best of them. FMM proved that Sneijder could be a great asset for Nice, who are on the rise the past few seasons. In the Ligue 1, Nice finished 6th, behind Monaco, LOSC, OM, Lyon and PSG, so it's definitely nothing to be ashamed of for them, as they still have a young squad that need to gain some experience for the future. Nice managed to win some silverware. They are the winners of the Euro Cup 2017, in a final against Manchester United. They won 4-1. Player Statistics Among other Ligue 1 players, Sneijder came in 6th in assists. Which is pretty decent considering his age and his lack of high level football since he left Inter. He had some horrible years at Galatasaray, but he made up for it in France. To be honest, I have no idea how this scenario is going to play out in the real world. I think OGC Nice is going to have a great season. But I do not know if Sneijder is going to be the star player that FMM suggests. What do you guys think about this transfer?
  7. Vibe Site Upgrade

    Level 19, that's a long way to go still
  8. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Yeah laugh mate. Colleague is on vacation so I got to do double time...
  9. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    I'm not gonna make it. Another huge working week up ahead.
  10. Chat Ios transfer update

    How is jailbreaking against the law? It’s against Apple policies, not the law
  11. Career REVIVAL ~ An A.C Milan Career

    Curious to see how you'll rebuild this team.