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  1. Off Topic Basic infographic support help needed?

    Use piktochart, makes it easier to do these thins.
  2. Well if you don't use wingers and you keep a compact playing field, the main thing is to adjust your passing settings. In a small field you're going to use short passing through the center. In your settings the passing was direct, perhaps that might've been the thing. However I play Dortmund, so I need to use the wingers, I have plenty ( Reus, Dembele, Schürrle, Mor, Brandt )
  3. Seems like a solid tactic, I'm going to give this a go in my Dortmund career.
  4. Career Danovic hits the European Tour...

    Jörgensen is a quality striker. Was the top scorer of last Eredivisie season when Feyenoord were crowned champions. I hope his stats will be improved in FMM 18, the guy is really phenomenal for Eredivisie level.
  5. Well written mate ! I love the DLP role too, there's always room for one of them in my squad!
  6. News FMM18 Release Date Information

    I'll gladly pay a ten for the game. Even 15€ tho. If I look at how many time I spend enjoying the game, I'll gladly pay the price. It gives me more play time than more other games.
  7. You know a way to do this in iOS?
  8. Vibe Site Upgrade

    Level 19, that's a long way to go still
  9. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Yeah laugh mate. Colleague is on vacation so I got to do double time...
  10. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    I'm not gonna make it. Another huge working week up ahead.
  11. Chat Ios transfer update

    How is jailbreaking against the law? It’s against Apple policies, not the law