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  1. Jeroenvk94

    Restoring former glory - Ajax

    And I got fired, last game before Christmas! Glory was not restored and this very short but yet frustrating career is over
  2. Jeroenvk94

    Restoring former glory - Ajax

    I helped Feyenoord get their first away win in Amsterdam in 14 years though. I'm a nice guy😂
  3. Jeroenvk94

    Restoring former glory - Ajax

    November 2018 I'm sorry guys, my sister just bought a house, so we're working very hard. Didn't have much time for FMM. Anyway, it's November first 2018 and unfortunately, the season hasn't been going too well for this Ajax. We started off great, beating Sturm Graz and Dynamo Kyiv in the Champions League qualification. In the playoffs, we lost on aggregate against Benfica. This resulted in Ajax being in the Europa League group stage, along with Krasnodar, FCSB and Bordeaux. Normally, this group should be a walk in the park. Form Unfortunately, we haven't been quite on point when it comes to finishing matches. The season started out really promising, with a lot of wins on our hand, but later on, we started wasting games. This has to do with a lot of careless finishing and bad defending. Our main striker, Kasper Dolberg got injured for 3 months, making it harder for the group to score goals. Great start to the season Aaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone The Eredivisie isn't going too well, coming in 9th.... At least we're topping our European group... Goals At the start of this career, I set some first season goals for myself. Let's see how they're going so far! Win the Eredivisie Not very likely to happen. Get through the European group stage Debut 2 new players from Jong Ajax - Brian Brobbey - debut against FC Volendam in a Dutch Cup game. - Nicolas Kühn - debut against Heracles Almelo in an Eredivisie game Expand scouting in Southern America. Nothing special found yet. The supporters at Ajax are already singing songs to me! Their most favorite one is : "You're getting sacked in the morning".
  4. Jeroenvk94

    Restoring former glory - Ajax

    Why would you use wing backs with a false 9? No one is gonna head that ball in goal. The main thing you want is your wingers to cut inside and your attacking midfielder ( shadow striker ) to have a free role, allowing him to make runs anywhere on the front line. So far, it's been working out quite well for me except for Champions League games. I bought this guy on my first save with Feyenoord. He really did well. The downside is that I don't play an actual attacking midfielder. My attacking midfielder is a shadow striker ( in this case I retrained Dolberg to play as CAM ) and not a playmaker. Although when I see this guys' stats, he's gonna be banging goas in.
  5. Jeroenvk94

    Restoring former glory - Ajax

    Thanks! The colour of the kit doesn't matter here, luckily.
  6. Ajax Amsterdam. The biggest and richest club in the Dutch Eredivisie. They have a superb youth academy which has produced some all-time greats like Johan Cruyff, Patrick Kluivert, Wesley Sneijder, Rafael van der Vaart, In the modern age, they still have some of the world's biggest talents, with the likes of Matthijs de Ligt, Frenkie de Jong and Ryan Gravenbergh. Even though the club has the best squad, the most money and the best youth facilities, they haven't won a single trophy in the past 5 years and the role they've played in Europe has been limited, aside from their wonderfull 2017 campaign in which they reached the Europa League final. Time to restore the club to it's former glory! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goals Of course, the Ajax Board of Directors have set some goals for the 2018/2019 season. I will also add some myself : Win the Eredivisie Get through the European group stage Debut 2 new players from Jong Ajax Expand scouting in Southern America. Tactics For the tactics, I chose an ancient approach, made famous by Johan Cruyff. The diamond formation. I will play 4 at the back, with 2 full-backs and 2 ball-playing defenders. 4 in midfield, in a diamond with a Deep-Lying Playmaker at CDM, 2 Advanced Playmakers in Central Midfield and a Shadow Striker at CAM ( false 9 ). Up front, I will have 2 Inside Forwards . Players to watch There's a lot of young talent at the club and some have potential to become truly world-class. There's several players I expect to carry the team throughout the campaign in both European and national competitions : Hakim Ziyech. With his creativity and great passing ability, he has everything it takes to be a key player throughout the season, providing both goals and assists. Matthijs de Ligt This young central defender is tipped to become the best defender of the new generation. I expect him to be an important part in build-up and transition play, as well as keeping the defense on lock. Frenkie de Jong He has everything he needs to succeed. He can direct the play, make intelligent runs and score goals. I expect him to be a true creative force in the team. Kasper Dolberg He's been called everything so far. The new Dennis Bergkamp should be key in scoring goals throughout the season. After a bad 2017/2018 campaign with lots of injuries, he should retaliate this season.
  7. Wow, that looks very good! Thanks for the tip, this should help me. Signing South-American talents is a straight up pain in the butt this game. The Dutch league never had work permits, but now they all of a sudden have them.
  8. Jeroenvk94

    FMM19 General Discussion

    I concede so much, one way or another I can´t seem to get my defense right.
  9. Indeed, Ajax has a whooping 200 million euros sitting in their bank, they´re one of the richest clubs since it´s all their own money, no debts lol,
  10. Jeroenvk94

    FMM19 Bug List

    There seems to be an issue with VAR. VAR in real football can only be used in three situations ": Goals Red cards Penalties It seems VAR is being used to hand out yellow cards and is being used for free-kicks, which won't happen in real football.
  11. How does Feyenoord have a bigger budget than PSV and Ajax, that's ridiculous.
  12. Jeroenvk94

    Tactic Search???

    I've tried blackpearl and it works like a charm.
  13. Jeroenvk94

    The Libero

    I think the new training feature allows us that push players into a certain direction much more. This can certainly help into building players for a special position, in this case, Libero. I normally don't play high defense. I always keep my defense back so I won't get outcountered
  14. Great read mate! I personally love the new training possibilities. Focussing on certain attributes and actually getting feedback on progression is perhaps the best addition to the game in the past few years.
  15. Jeroenvk94

    FMM19: Release Clause Bargains

    Some great steals here!