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  1. True, I've been skydiving once with a friend. TPBM is a fan of the Ocean's Eleven franchise.
  2. Attacking third: W, TM, AF, AP Midfield third: WB, CM, AP, IWB Defensive third: CD, CD Normal Goalkeeper The IWB seems to be very effective for me this year, especially when one of the midfielders pushes high like the AP does. Edit: Guess who didn't read to the end of the topic, didn't realize the suggestions had already been chosen, WHOOPS!
  3. From my experience Barco becomes a beast and after your first season some killer regens tend to show up in South America, such as the regen of Forlan.
  4. Honestly a true defensive tactic is pretty hard to do, I find that just having better defenders, better goalkeepers and midfielders will contribute much more to clean sheets than an actual tactic. Obviously this is harder to achieve if you're not at the same standard as some of the clubs in your league, but simply stuff as setting the mentality to defensive and the width to narrow could contribute massively to the amount of goals your team concedes. The player roles also play a large role; a DLP will be more defensively minded than an AP, a Wide Midfielder more defensive than a Winger.
  5. You'd have to ask someone else for that, all I know is that the files I had installed before (club logos, etc.) work after the update without moving them.
  6. You have to download game data to apply the new transfers I believe, but after I downloaded the update all my save games and everything else were completely fine.
  7. Not a half bad start to the challenge! I remember reading through it and thinking how you would have to be clinically insane to try it. Keep up the good work BatiGoal!
  8. I've heard this too and from my experience more reputable clubs are more likely to hire you if you're French than if you're say... Albanian.
  9. I just have to hope for a 250 point season, seems reasonable.
  10. Wow finally someone with the audacity to try this challenge, I know I'll never be that crazy!
  11. Ouch that Dolberg injury really hurt, might have a bit of trouble catching up to the leaders now...
  12. Breel Embolo really needs to step his game up if I want to stay in this. Not complaining about Sane and Belotti's current performances though
  13. Hopefully no one racks up any huge amount of points before my youngsters have time to hit their prime and get signed by world class teams. Kinda scared by the Marco Asensio and Timo Werner combo from BatiGoal to be perfectly honest
  14. Oh gosh I found Calhanoglu to be incredible at free kicks. At least 25% of his goals must have come from a set piece.
  15. Yeah I was too, I have a special place in my heart for most Ajax players. Dolberg and Kluivert were constantly begging for a "new challenge" and they were "fed up with being a big fish in a small pond" so I really had no choice but to let them go.