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  1. Replacing ‘head coach’ Bruce the tactical radish, and imposing transfer policy for player with resale value only a la Mike Ashley on myself. Easier to do in FMM than it is in real life.
  2. I’ve been reading this thread; spoilt is one word for it. Maybe it’s just me interested only in playing casually (not doing challenges, 1k’s), but the fitness change, for me personally, is an welcome improvement. No more players playing 60 games a season, which is just weird, unless he’s suped up with all kinds of peds. FM series has always pushed reality into its gameplay. FMM, spite of being the watered down version, should be no different.
  3. Now, get Almiron and a right-back in, Mike.
  4. Alan Pardew’s free. And he loves his French people. He can get Pogba and Martial to stay put.
  5. Have you met any recognizable names? I got Craig Pawson a few times managing Sunderland in League 1.
  6. Out of topic, but do we have a proper release time already?
  7. Everything. That said, if you're talking about FMM18, you might want to hold out for FMM19 and it's IGE.
  8. I for one really love this series, never thought about playing other football sim series. Android gets so many games this time of the year though, with titles like Dead Cells and Stardew Valley coming. First time I had to contemplate whether FM'd be my priority buy. Got 17 and 18 at release.
  9. It's all kind of crazy, this transfer window. Liverpool, Wolves and West Ham all does excellent business, seemingly aiming for the title and Europa spot, respectively. That's the good crazy, the kind that getting us fans excited. Tottenham going for an average English talent rated at £40M? Ruben getting washed-up star who doesn't have many years left in him for €100M? That's literally crazy.
  10. Creativity, like Leadership and Aggresion, is a mentality stats and as such it can't be changed through IT, at least I know I can't. Winning matches and maintaining a good form could see these mentality stats increase/decrease sporadically. Ultimately it's random.
  11. Pellegri/Messi. Please, Mbappe is overrated.
  12. There's a hotfix. Some people might prefer them remain unattached, though.