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  1. iScout Bargains this year?

    Perhaps I was playing in the Championship and lower leagues too much, since I wouldn't call £5M for a player a bargain. Anything lower than £2m will do, and this is a gem, right here.
  2. Help National Team Calls up problem

    AI managers often makes half-assed decisions. Just show off your tactical nous and take control of England managerial job yourself should the job opening become available.
  3. Off Topic Who are your favourite footballers

    Mane Garrincha, Le Tiss, Bergkamp, Double Jay, Sir Matthews, Dinho. All of them are magician, alright. And as such I dislike a brutish, big lug of a target man. They get the job done, but not the reason why I watch football.
  4. Help Transfer budget rollover

    It's the latter. Before starting new season, convert your transfer budget into wage budget, else you lost all your money.
  5. Guides/Tips Starting Budgets

    I've yet to play in the Prem but it looks like every team there has enough budget to make miracles happen.
  6. iScout Shoya Nakajima

    This is how he flourish, under AI training, I have to add. I'll get him over to London by January, but it's time to hit the sack where I'm living.
  7. Name : Shoya Nakajima Club : Portimonense (Loan from FC Tokyo IRL) Value : £4.5M (Somewhat cheaper with other leagues loaded) Position(s) : AM RLC Available for Championship price, where he, according to Fulham scouts, should be quite the beast. Basically Shunsuke Nakamura 2.0, credits due to his set piece and technical prowess. Physically frail, and unlikely to improve even with IT. The latter point's invalid, anyway, since with Nakajima, you are paying for a technically gifted attacking midfielder, not a brutish centre back. Particularly when managing GB clubs, getting work permit will be problematic due to him not getting any NT caps unless you're managing Japan simultaneously, giving him the international appearance he needs.
  8. I've done 110 yards last year with Feghouli, in the Prem against the big boys, no less. Nothing spectacular this year, yet.
  9. Career You choose my final 1k

    As a Latin American players aficionado, You want to try Julio Villalba. An out and out poacher, 4-4.5 PA by top dog scouts. Start -and end- the career in France. As the player progressively became more renowned, Ligue 1, unlike Scotland and Eredivisie, should be big and competitive enough for an ambitious players, and the league has a lot of minnow clubs to farm tons of goal on.
  10. Turning Dons or Millwall into a lovable, supportable club is in the yearly agenda If I wanted to manage one of the big boys, it'll be AC Milan (entirely new XI) or Liv'pool (best player statistic to transfer value ratio IMO)
  11. As much as I hate United, they're up for the title this year. Dudes came up joint top scorers.
  12. Off Topic Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

  13. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    And then there's CR7. Legendary manager. Which EPL club you are planning to take over?
  14. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Sir Alex... Hell of a manager. As a football fans who detest United so much, I can't help but keeping an immense amount of respect for the dude. He has a knack for spotting talents, a quality one at that. A friend of mine, a United fan, claimed once that SAF eyed James Rodriguez and Juan Quintero of Envigado back at 2008, but the club let it slip. Both of them were tagged 1 million of pounds. Fingers crossed
  15. Chat Future League's

    Any of Brazil, Argentina, Liga MX (I'd pass MLS) or perhaps one of Scandinavian nations, in Poland's stead