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  1. Walter Kannemann is an Argentine footballer, playing for Grêmio in Brazilian Série A. 4-star CA should see him playing as starter for a mid-table or even Top 6 subs in PL. He should be willing to sign for any sides in Championship and promotion-seeking League 1 sides (Bolton, Charlton) provided you're able to raise 2 millions of pounds, and as evidenced in the IGE tab above (already signed to QPR), he won't ask for wages higher than 20k of pounds. The final nail is his second nationality. Work Permit shouldn't be an issue. Here's hoping every Vibers has yet to discover him, especially @BatiGoal.
  2. Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    'm game! ...That is if I'm not to late registering a week late!
  3. Which one is Berbatov's regen?

    The first one, no doubt. More technically adept even though his natural position being TM.
  4. Not the best of signings. If I were Farhad, I'd tell the director to pursue Butland instead.
  5. Whatever happened to database editing?

    Are players picked from the extended database based on their player reputation? I've wealth of targets in mind, that is missing from the default db (This year favourite of mine in PC FM, Harold Preciado, is in the game but has never appeared in any of my save.) If it's based on CA/PA, then it's weird for him not to appear since he has a quite high PA.
  6. Whatever happened to database editing?

    Bet your bottom dollar I'm the most 'can't wait' of them all Vibers. Can't wait for someone to utilise PGE to put the whole player in the game database into the Large Database. I take it that's why the PGE was made.
  7. Note on Joshua King: Save for CR7 and club-grown players, United always turn promising youngster into a flop; observe the gap between Martial and Rashford. Recount how Juventus turned Pogba to a world class midfielder, and not United. Nani and Depay was lauded as 'The Next Ronaldo'. The former's career is rather abysmal for as an heir to Ronaldo. The latter as of now are experiencing resurgence... at Parc Olympique Lyonnais. The list goes on.
  8. Overjoyed at the mention of Anderson (Talisca), Miranchuk, and Dendocker (him over Tielemans most of the time, Tielemans is... overused).
  9. Does the Reserves Generate Other Players?

    Swansea, Cardiff, and Wrexham generates both Wales and England players.
  10. What's up with the fake names?
  11. The best uses of IGE has to be clearing player unhappiness. Personally, my best uses of IGE is wiping United of The Prem with the Editor godly powers.
  12. Scouts

    Game considers Spain and France as Central Europe; a Youth scout of mine was sent there, and he compiles report for players @ Ligue and La Liga. South European covers only Italy, Portuguese, and Greece in game.
  13. Try loading Spain as secondary league only, then try again loading it with full 4 leagues. Doumbia always popped up in my game. Figured I ask here since it goes in line with the topic, is Eder Balanta really exist in the game? Strange that a player of his calibre didn't cut it to the Basel's squad, let alone the game!
  14. That's pretty meh. At least he could play like Sebastian Larsson with his set-piece expertise. Or slightly better, Mehmet Scholl.
  15. An interesting player just popped out as a youngster at my season 1 Sunderland save. In addition to his high PA, he plays as a R/CAM, and he comes pre-equipped with dead ball technique (Tries Long Range Free-kicks and Hits Free-kicks with Power traits). I think it would be great to emulate him to play like Del Piero; he met all the requirements to play like him in the foreseeable future, and have I told you he has 14 in dribbling, shooting, technique and creativity at the start? I believe, he'll deliver... ...So I started training him in Technical schedule I tailored special for him, with Intensive Technical and Attacking, Norm Fitness and none at Defending, Gk, and Motivational. Insofar, he's half a year into his training now, having obtained "Tries Killer Ball Often", gets "Moves Ball to Left foot before dribbling" trait removed (his footedness shows he's great with both feet), and 16 dribbling, 16 shooting, and 15 technique. It comes as a surprise that with 16 dribbling, he still don't have "Tries Tricks" trait, one of the projected traits I wanted him to have. First year perhaps is too much of an asking for him, but with his age of 18 and his superior dribbling skill, the game and I, I believe, should have come into consensus, that he is indeed special, and proceed to gifts him with "Tries Tricks". Does a trait comes naturally for a player, or is it possible to train him to get a certain traits? postscript; His name also strikes me as unique, Exodus Abraham. Abraham must've derived from Chelski's Tammy Abraham, but who's Exodus? Does his biblical name affects his ability?