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  1. Modestep

    The Transfer Thread

    It's all kind of crazy, this transfer window. Liverpool, Wolves and West Ham all does excellent business, seemingly aiming for the title and Europa spot, respectively. That's the good crazy, the kind that getting us fans excited. Tottenham going for an average English talent rated at £40M? Ruben getting washed-up star who doesn't have many years left in him for €100M? That's literally crazy.
  2. Creativity, like Leadership and Aggresion, is a mentality stats and as such it can't be changed through IT, at least I know I can't. Winning matches and maintaining a good form could see these mentality stats increase/decrease sporadically. Ultimately it's random.
  3. Modestep

    VCD: Striker Poll

    Pellegri/Messi. Please, Mbappe is overrated.
  4. Modestep

    Yannick Carrasco...

    There's a hotfix. Some people might prefer them remain unattached, though.
  5. There are some good wonderkids, brand new in the February database. Manor Solomon (Maccabi Petah-Tikva) - Attacking midfielder. IRL eyed by Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp, sign him fast, a noticeable regular pattern in most of my save, he usually go to Dutch in the first transfer window. Valued at £600k. Gonzalo Maroni (Boca) - Attacking midfielder. Valued at £1.8M. Abdülkadir Ömür (Trabzonspor) - Attacking midfielder. Valued at £4m. Wuilker Fariñez (Millonarios) - Goalkeeper. 4.5-5 star PA. Valued at £1.4m. Richard Alexandre Rodrigues (Internacional) - Attacking midfielder. Valued at £1m. If you want to search more non-regen wonderkids in the new database, search in America; Europe are mostly moving clubs with no new players added.
  6. Modestep

    Advice for my Fulham save

    Cut Kuki off and let dos Santos be first choice striker, unhappiness is a pain to deal with. Bonus, he's an awesome Brazilian regen without long-ass names. It's something of a rarity, a luxury.
  7. Tammy Abraham lil' bro still at the club? His stats don't show it, but he's a nasty performer.
  8. Modestep

    Lack of determination and ambition

    New contract and motivational coach should help you mitigate the issue.
  9. Modestep

    Transfer window update

    It's up now on Google Play.
  10. Damn referee tried to prevent total beatdown by my club on his favored club. On the flip side, did I set a record of any kind?
  11. Modestep

    Your favourite player in FMM18?

    Jarrod Bowen and Keinan Davis. Almirón and Gustavo Scarpa are my other personal preferences. You can never go wrong with Latin Americans!
  12. Modestep

    FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    Merely fictitious. My DM/BWM deliver strings of terrific performances, still rated below 7.
  13. Modestep

    FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    Youth coaches now actually exists. For ne that's about it.
  14. Modestep

    Domestic Bias

    Players that eligible to England NT only. And primary nationality only counts.
  15. A marvel of tactical engineering. Tried it With the Throstles in the Prem for an extraordinary string of results. Gives our DM less hard time too.