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  1. Career You choose my final 1k

    As a Latin American players aficionado, You want to try Julio Villalba. An out and out poacher, 4-4.5 PA by top dog scouts. Start -and end- the career in France. As the player progressively became more renowned, Ligue 1, unlike Scotland and Eredivisie, should be big and competitive enough for an ambitious players, and the league has a lot of minnow clubs to farm tons of goal on.
  2. Turning Dons or Millwall into a lovable, supportable club is in the yearly agenda If I wanted to manage one of the big boys, it'll be AC Milan (entirely new XI) or Liv'pool (best player statistic to transfer value ratio IMO)
  3. As much as I hate United, they're up for the title this year. Dudes came up joint top scorers.
  4. Off Topic Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

  5. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    And then there's CR7. Legendary manager. Which EPL club you are planning to take over?
  6. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Sir Alex... Hell of a manager. As a football fans who detest United so much, I can't help but keeping an immense amount of respect for the dude. He has a knack for spotting talents, a quality one at that. A friend of mine, a United fan, claimed once that SAF eyed James Rodriguez and Juan Quintero of Envigado back at 2008, but the club let it slip. Both of them were tagged 1 million of pounds. Fingers crossed
  7. Chat Future League's

    Any of Brazil, Argentina, Liga MX (I'd pass MLS) or perhaps one of Scandinavian nations, in Poland's stead
  8. Hammer dude definitely pushing for Europa spot. And Chicarito's being a striker with given stats, dudes only downside is apparent on his curriculum vitae, being a former United frontmen. (Jokes!)
  9. Help In game editor

    It's very useful. If you don't feel like using it for 'cheating', you can utilize IGE to check player's PA and completely forgo scouts.
  10. Chat FMM Transfer Straregies

    I spent the budget for some particular players over a variety of saves. Be it managing some random wee little club or football giants. Two favorites of mine is Juan Cazares and Khune
  11. Short-lived tactics

    I assume there's a hidden attribute called Tactic Familiarity (It's a thing on PC FM). The more you applied single same untweaked tactic over hundreds course of games, the AI will adapt and ploy a counter to break your tactic.
  12. Walter Kannemann is an Argentine footballer, playing for Grêmio in Brazilian Série A. 4-star CA should see him playing as starter for a mid-table or even Top 6 subs in PL. He should be willing to sign for any sides in Championship and promotion-seeking League 1 sides (Bolton, Charlton) provided you're able to raise 2 millions of pounds, and as evidenced in the IGE tab above (already signed to QPR), he won't ask for wages higher than 20k of pounds. The final nail is his second nationality. Work Permit shouldn't be an issue. Here's hoping every Vibers has yet to discover him, especially @BatiGoal.
  13. Off Topic Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    'm game! ...That is if I'm not to late registering a week late!
  14. Chat Which one is Berbatov's regen?

    The first one, no doubt. More technically adept even though his natural position being TM.
  15. Not the best of signings. If I were Farhad, I'd tell the director to pursue Butland instead.