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  1. Damn referee tried to prevent total beatdown by my club on his favored club. On the flip side, did I set a record of any kind?
  2. Jarrod Bowen and Keinan Davis. Almirón and Gustavo Scarpa are my other personal preferences. You can never go wrong with Latin Americans!
  3. Chat FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    Merely fictitious. My DM/BWM deliver strings of terrific performances, still rated below 7.
  4. Chat FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    Youth coaches now actually exists. For ne that's about it.
  5. Chat Domestic Bias

    Players that eligible to England NT only. And primary nationality only counts.
  6. A marvel of tactical engineering. Tried it With the Throstles in the Prem for an extraordinary string of results. Gives our DM less hard time too.
  7. Chat Best Set Piece Specialist?

    Calhanoglu and Messi. Payet is class in game too. The rest is average at best. Schöne, Quintero, Mata and Romulo Otero are another reliable specialist. Regens with ample stats and traits, also.
  8. Immaculate. Can confirm he's not a regen. Verratti has yet to retire, but here we have his successor. Nice find.
  9. iScout Bargains this year?

    Perhaps I was playing in the Championship and lower leagues too much, since I wouldn't call £5M for a player a bargain. Anything lower than £2m will do, and this is a gem, right here.
  10. Help National Team Calls up problem

    AI managers often makes half-assed decisions. Just show off your tactical nous and take control of England managerial job yourself should the job opening become available.
  11. Off Topic Who are your favourite footballers

    Mane Garrincha, Le Tiss, Bergkamp, Double Jay, Sir Matthews, Dinho. All of them are magician, alright. And as such I dislike a brutish, big lug of a target man. They get the job done, but not the reason why I watch football.
  12. Help Transfer budget rollover

    It's the latter. Before starting new season, convert your transfer budget into wage budget, else you lost all your money.
  13. Guides/Tips Starting Budgets

    I've yet to play in the Prem but it looks like every team there has enough budget to make miracles happen.
  14. iScout Shoya Nakajima

    This is how he flourish, under AI training, I have to add. I'll get him over to London by January, but it's time to hit the sack where I'm living.
  15. Name : Shoya Nakajima Club : Portimonense (Loan from FC Tokyo IRL) Value : £4.5M (Somewhat cheaper with other leagues loaded) Position(s) : AM RLC Available for Championship price, where he, according to Fulham scouts, should be quite the beast. Basically Shunsuke Nakamura 2.0, credits due to his set piece and technical prowess. Physically frail, and unlikely to improve even with IT. The latter point's invalid, anyway, since with Nakajima, you are paying for a technically gifted attacking midfielder, not a brutish centre back. Particularly when managing GB clubs, getting work permit will be problematic due to him not getting any NT caps unless you're managing Japan simultaneously, giving him the international appearance he needs.