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  1. I'm looking for a new challenge. Actually doesn't have to be a lower division team, just not a top team/not a team you can take to the Champions League title in 2 years
  2. Balanced-short-mixed-mixed-committed with pressing
  3. I'm playing as Liverpool and my team is dire of offense. 1.5 goals a game for what is one of the premier leagues most potent offenses irl. My players can't seem to score, especially Mane who seems to miss at least one 1v1 a game. Any ideas? my team is a standard 4-3-3 (Migs, Clyne, Matip, Lovren, Milner, Henderson, Lallana, Can, Mane, Firmino) two BPDs, two wing backs, Henderson as a DLP, Can and Lallana as APs, Mane and Coutinho as IFs, and Firmino as an AF my training regimen is the same as the one in the "gegenpressing guide" (sort by most viewed and it'll be near the middle of the first page
  4. Sabitzer, Selke, Klostermann, Poulsen, Burke with interest in Forsberg i promised midtable i won the league and lost in the semis of the Pokal
  5. I enjoy playing as them by I swear every time I do everyone wants to leave...
  6. I'm in my second season with Nice and cannot resign Balotelli because the max wage is lower than he wants. No matter how I adjust the budgets I can't get it high enough. Is there any way to fix this or am I stuck without him?
  7. A work around I've found is to move the players you want to loan onto your reserve or second team before the start of a new season, and to have your assistant manager loan them out. Not everyone will get loaned but a decent amount will
  8. I started a career after the update yesterday but can't loan out any players. I'm in my second season at Liverpool.