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  1. Anyone seen the likes of this before? It’s a first for me. It’s a heck of a volley to be fair. FullSizeRender.mov
  2. Woo! Lockdown! 🤔 I'm one of the ones who get to work through it this time... I think a lot of people are cracking out the box-sets. You've made a good choice. That's what happened to me during my first attempt in 2019. This time I WILL do better. Season 2: Trophy Cabinet:
  3. I can post the odd game every now and then to show formations used etc if need be. The shadow striker seems to be working almost like a regular forward position anyway season 3/4 already? You’re absolutely storming through it.
  4. Thanks @Kanegan! I'd hate to restart after lucking my way to a domestic double in the first season. There's a picture of my intended formation now in the first post as evidence of his retraining Nice to know people are interested. Now i just need to make it entertaining. - Pictures added to first post for season one results. Will write an accompanying post in a bit.
  5. Thanks. Knowing people are watching will hopefully keep me driving on to the end of the career. Ex-Barca player so hopefully there's some talent in the boy. Let's see if Kanegan let's me use him first. 😂
  6. I've retrained him to play as an Attacking Midfielder (Shadow Striker)... and then not play in the forward position. Thought that'd be okay? I mean he's still technically able to play in midfield (dark green) and he's listed as AM LC/ST, just needs training to be proficient..?
  7. Welcome once again, I came across this challenge back in 2019 and regrettably never finished it. Its about time I give it another crack as I always enjoyed the premise. I haven't checked to see if @Kanegan, or anybody for that matter, is attempting this one yet, but hopefully I'll do the challenge proud and actually see it through to completion. Edit: Just noticed @kylieboi88 is also attempting this with a different player thankfully... a little competition I guess... Quick links: If you're not aware of this challenge, the details are as follows: Challenge Set-Up: Load up Netherlands and England and any other two leagues of your choice and start your career with PSV. You must sign a Korean midfielder who will be your new "Ji-Sung" At PSV you must win atleast 2x Eredivise, 1x KNVB Cup and 1x Dutch Super Cup. Move onto England and take charge of any Premier League club (Man U if you want to make it authentic) and bring the Korean with you. In England, you must win at least 4x Premier League, 3x Carabao Cup, 4x Community Shield, 1x Champions League and 1x World Club Championship Bonus: Take charge of the S.Korean National team and score more than 13 international goals by your new "Ji-Sung" Try to win the "Ballon d'Or" Better Korean's best finish of 4th at the world cup. Rules: Own Formations only Only SI databases. No unlockables unless earned on the save No use of any editor Evidence is required via screenshot, I’d suggest posting a career for all of Vibe to follow No Cheating - Reloading to avoid injuries counts as cheating I reckon it's gonna be quite different to the 2019 season but there's some good players in this PSV team and there's a bit of money in the kitty to bolster up... Season 1: Current PSV trophy cabinet: Super Cup x0 Eredivisie x1 Dutch Cup x1 Current Premier League Club trophy cabinet: Community Shield x0 World Club Championship x0 League Cup x0 Premier League x0 Champions League x0
  8. Can anyone clarify if the position you train your player, has to be the same as the position you're playing them in. e.g training as a complete forward, but playing as a poacher (in your tactics). Thanks,
  9. Yeah, this is what I'm asking. I have my formation that I like, and the positions. Although currently I am playing with IF's, I am going to try a different save with Wingers instead. I suppose my main question was regarding instructions (any and all). Looking at the previous messages, it's best to try them one at a time over the course of 5 matches and see which ones (or combination of) grant me the desired results. Thanks,
  10. I'm definitely talking about one thing at a time, but changing a single setting and waiting 21+ games is going to take a long time. It's not a big deal, but if people can say they've noticed the changes in 5, it's much quicker. So effectively, you're saying that you'll notice the change over 3 games? My striker scored 2 out of the 4, currently he's at 16 goals in 16 games which I guess is okay. Do you record the changes, or are you just looking back at what your striker does only? Cause I'm looking at shoring up the defence at the same time. What sort of change are you talking about though? Positional or Final Third/etc? 20+ games is a long time to test "early crosses" or similar...
  11. How long do those of you who experiment with building tactics generally test it for? 5 Games? Half a season? All season? I've actually read through this thread a couple times now and have begun the 'rough' process of building a tactic for myself. If I felt, for example, that shoot on sight was worth adding to my tactics, how long should I leave it to know if it's helping/hindering..? Knowing that no game is ever going to be the same... Case in point - Winning 3-0 against Liverpool, but barely grinding out a 1-0 against a newly promoted Sheffield Wednesday.
  12. My Premier League table is definitely not a good reflection of the irl English top flight... it’s a poor showing from Liverpool\Manchester City...
  13. @Foxy when I’ve used BBMs before they seem to take a lot of shots? So I wonder if using attacking and BBMs is going to subtract from the goals that my striker scores... I agree that CMs have stunted the midfield a bit as they always get like 100+ passing. It seems my failings are mainly in the final third. ill have some matches with BBMs instead of CMs though... it’s pretty fun to see the changes
  14. @Scratch It’s not gone well for me... decided to put some of the ideas both you and @Ian gave me, whilst also tweaking if it wasn’t working, but, although I ended up 4th in the league, my goals were also the lowest. I think less than 20 in as many games, cups and Europe was marginally better... I think I had 50% draws of which most were 0-0? Perhaps I just need to keep tweaking the settings and trying different players, I was thinking of moving AP forward as well... by the way, I was sacked before February ^_^ I’ll keep trying different combinations of what you guys have said previously and I’m sure it’ll work out eventually... or maybe the premier league isn’t the best place to try these things heh.
  15. I see what you mean, and after testing a few of your ideas myself I have seen that too (what you just posted). I changed my guys to the CM/AP/CM and wow... both CMs are getting 70+ passes a game, with 100+ not being uncommon. Most of my assists are coming from the AP as well, I would never have thought that such a small change would make this much of a difference I continue to try different variations on the final third commands so goal amount is varying and the Striker is currently hitting a goal a game on average.