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  1. Interested to know if anyone has a player or players that they always buy no matter what club they manage. I'm talking players you always manage to fold into your first team... For me: Cardiff's Callum Paterson is always my favoured wing-back, he never lets me down. I have taken him all over the world and his assists are very consistent. Watford's Ryan Cassidy as a Poacher. Slow starter at 17 but plenty of opportunities on the pitch make him a clinical finisher in his early 20's. West Ham's Jack Wilshere. The man they thought the England team would be built around has never really fulfilled his potential irl. But for me, I'd make room for him to slot into any position in midfield.
  2. Manjus

    Pellegri 1K

    @MikeF Are you still using Early Crosses on your tactics though?
  3. Manjus

    The Park Ji- Sung Challenge

    @Kanegan can we apply/take a managerial job that isn’t Korea until Korea becomes available?
  4. *Reserved for season breakdown* Current thoughts: Was using Kangin too ambitious? Have a underestimated how easy it would be to get a job in England? If/when I get a job in the Premier League will i be able to afford Kangin, or even get a chance to buy him before someone else does? Season 4:
  5. Dominating Holland, failing in Europe. English teams don't want me, and Kangin is ready to fly the nest... The stress is mounting as Kangins price tag goes up and up, only the big teams can afford him and I can't even get a sniff at a newly promoted Championship team... I suppose 3 more trophies won't do my CV any harm... Season 3:
  6. Manjus

    The Park Ji- Sung Challenge

    @Kanegan Do we need to stay with the Premier League team we join, or can we switch after a year or two? Say if Wolves became free and I take the job and bring my chosen Korean with me, then two years later Man United job is available, can we move? Do our trophies stack with different teams?
  7. Can't complain about the 2nd season. We won it all and Kangin played his part, next year I'll be looking for a job in England. Season 2:
  8. Then best of luck to you as well.
  9. Well I suppose I'll end up earning Gold at somepoint anyway... Indeed, very expensive, but hell, he's young and has plenty of potential, my formation means he's only a CM at the moment. Depending on how well the team and Kangin Lee have both faired by the end of the season, I may look at making him a winger... Keeping the goals down should stunt his value and I doubt being at PSV will add much to his price tag... Definitely going to be pushing for the Red Devils though... Thanks for the well wishes.
  10. By the way... How is your challenge thread posted after Kyle's career thread? Did you have to repost it? Just curious... Also, is my career currently within the guidelines? And, would you of penalised someone for starting with a Gold Coaching badge?
  11. Welcome, Not sure how or why I came across this particular challenge a few days ago but, it has been going around in my head and I thought "why not?", especially as no-one is on the 2019 leaderboard yet... Apparently the only other to try it is Kyle attempts The Park Ji Sung Challenge, not even it's designer @Kanegan is on the leaderboard yet... Quick links: Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, etc If you're not aware of this challenge yet, the details are as follows: Challenge Set-Up: Load up Netherlands and England and any other two leagues of your choice and start your career with PSV. You must sign a Korean midfielder who will be your new "Ji-Sung" At PSV you must win atleast 2x Eredivise, 1x KNVB Cup and 1x Dutch Super Cup. Move onto England and take charge of any Premier League club (Man U if you want to make it authentic) and bring the Korean with you. In England, you must win at least 4x Premier League, 3x Carabao Cup, 4x Community Shield, 1x Champions League and 1x World Club Championship Bonus: Take charge of the S.Korean National team and score more than 13 international goals by your new "Ji-Sung" Try to win the "Ballon d'Or" Better Korean's best finish of 4th at the world cup. Rules: Own Formations only Only SI databases. No unlockables unless earned on the save No use of any editor Evidence is required via screenshot, I’d suggest posting a career for all of Vibe to follow No Cheating - Reloading to avoid injuries counts as cheating Who knows why this appeals to me, but I'm going to give it a go! I'm fully expecting to struggle through this. But hopefully it'll be a fun career... Season 1: I'd like to think that a bit of pressure is off for the 2nd season with my Super & Dutch Cup wins and my comfortable Eredivisie season, but this'll be the difficult 2nd album and Kangin Lee needs as much silverware as possible if he's gonna be "Park Ji-Sung" career legend... PSV trophy cabinet: Super Cup x1 Eredivisie x1 Dutch Cup x1 Premier League Club (Man United) trophy cabinet: Community Shield World Club Championship League Cup Premier League Champions League
  12. Manjus

    Choice of Physios

    Is there evidence to say that two rehabs means your players recover faster then..?
  13. Interested to know...
  14. Has anyone figured out whether you can speed the progress of an attribute by using Focus Role on say Central Defender, and then Focus Attribute on tackling as well?
  15. So are all stats useful in all positions to some degree then? Just that some are more of a priority.. Like Positioning being a primary Defensive attribute as you stated previously? Your descriptions have certainly influenced my attribute training today, and for the future no doubt.