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  1. Can anyone clarify if the position you train your player, has to be the same as the position you're playing them in. e.g training as a complete forward, but playing as a poacher (in your tactics). Thanks,
  2. Yeah, this is what I'm asking. I have my formation that I like, and the positions. Although currently I am playing with IF's, I am going to try a different save with Wingers instead. I suppose my main question was regarding instructions (any and all). Looking at the previous messages, it's best to try them one at a time over the course of 5 matches and see which ones (or combination of) grant me the desired results. Thanks,
  3. I'm definitely talking about one thing at a time, but changing a single setting and waiting 21+ games is going to take a long time. It's not a big deal, but if people can say they've noticed the changes in 5, it's much quicker. So effectively, you're saying that you'll notice the change over 3 games? My striker scored 2 out of the 4, currently he's at 16 goals in 16 games which I guess is okay. Do you record the changes, or are you just looking back at what your striker does only? Cause I'm looking at shoring up the defence at the same time. What sort of change are you talking about though? Positional or Final Third/etc? 20+ games is a long time to test "early crosses" or similar...
  4. How long do those of you who experiment with building tactics generally test it for? 5 Games? Half a season? All season? I've actually read through this thread a couple times now and have begun the 'rough' process of building a tactic for myself. If I felt, for example, that shoot on sight was worth adding to my tactics, how long should I leave it to know if it's helping/hindering..? Knowing that no game is ever going to be the same... Case in point - Winning 3-0 against Liverpool, but barely grinding out a 1-0 against a newly promoted Sheffield Wednesday.
  5. My Premier League table is definitely not a good reflection of the irl English top flight... it’s a poor showing from Liverpool\Manchester City...
  6. @Foxy when I’ve used BBMs before they seem to take a lot of shots? So I wonder if using attacking and BBMs is going to subtract from the goals that my striker scores... I agree that CMs have stunted the midfield a bit as they always get like 100+ passing. It seems my failings are mainly in the final third. ill have some matches with BBMs instead of CMs though... it’s pretty fun to see the changes
  7. @Scratch It’s not gone well for me... decided to put some of the ideas both you and @Ian gave me, whilst also tweaking if it wasn’t working, but, although I ended up 4th in the league, my goals were also the lowest. I think less than 20 in as many games, cups and Europe was marginally better... I think I had 50% draws of which most were 0-0? Perhaps I just need to keep tweaking the settings and trying different players, I was thinking of moving AP forward as well... by the way, I was sacked before February ^_^ I’ll keep trying different combinations of what you guys have said previously and I’m sure it’ll work out eventually... or maybe the premier league isn’t the best place to try these things heh.
  8. I see what you mean, and after testing a few of your ideas myself I have seen that too (what you just posted). I changed my guys to the CM/AP/CM and wow... both CMs are getting 70+ passes a game, with 100+ not being uncommon. Most of my assists are coming from the AP as well, I would never have thought that such a small change would make this much of a difference I continue to try different variations on the final third commands so goal amount is varying and the Striker is currently hitting a goal a game on average.
  9. @Ian Moving the AP up the pitch has increased the number of shots my Striker has had, but also the amount of shots that the AP had... It's hard to say whether the IWBs have had much of an effect, contributions on the pitch seem similar to FBs, but I'll persevere. As for BPD, for me, I don't really like the risk ^_^ Early crossing just seemed like it would help, but as Scratch said below... perhaps it doesn't help? Again, Scratch has made the same point about the coaches, so maybe I'll stock up on the fitness guys! I did try two BBMs behind the AP for 10 matches and they seem to be having a few cheeky shots. Passing has gone up alot, but overall possession seems to be down? Maybe thats just because of the players I have. @Scratch 3 fitness seems to be the way to go, based on yourself and Ian, so I'll implement that. Currently I'm messing around with Juventus/Ronaldo, so i'm thinking I'm okay stat wise for my striker. But yes, having early cross/etc had me assuming more delivery for the AF, but you've just highlighted the fact that this isn't always the case so perhaps I'll have a run without the focus. I ask you the same question as Ian... is having WB and Wingers not overkill? Aren't they doing the same job? Playing defensive does make sense, as everyone should be shooting less except the striker. Atleast my tactical formation is the same as yours... perhaps I will bring my AP back in line again and swap the DLP to a CM, because like you've mentioned, they get really low ratings (even my Anchorman in another game does better). Like you, I'm not a fan of Ball Playing Defenders and will likely stick with CDs... Cheers,
  10. @Ian - Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed reply. First off it's good to know that I'm potentially not too far off the mark from having a good tactic for my lone striker. Currently my defensive form is best in the league by far but it was my understanding that having both wingers and wing-backs is overkill? I've never attempted to use inverted wing-backs as they didn't seem to fit into my previous tactics, but looking at them now, that could be a fair shout. I just worry when my 'fullbacks' aren't inline with my defenders, like i am going to start leaking goals or something... You don't think early crossing is worthwhile? Seemed like a no brainer if supplying a striker, but then maybe that's why i'm not scoring loads of goals. ha. When you say move the AP forward to the AM position, do you still mean to leave him as an AP, or change to the AM role? With three fitness coaches do you not suffer elsewhere on the pitch? Also, player interaction is something i try to do a lot for low morale players, glad it's not just me. Again, thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to try them all for a few games and see if anything improves. Cheers,
  11. I’ve attempted to build a tactic to focus on my striker scoring lots of goals (I see the 1k challenges and think it’s so cool), but it’s just not working out. Sometimes he’ll score every game for x amount of games, or nab 3 or 4 in a great game, then go 2-3 without anyone in my whole team doing anything... any help with my tactic would be great... (sorry for pictures being in the wrong order)
  12. Interested to know if anyone has a player or players that they always buy no matter what club they manage. I'm talking players you always manage to fold into your first team... For me: Cardiff's Callum Paterson is always my favoured wing-back, he never lets me down. I have taken him all over the world and his assists are very consistent. Watford's Ryan Cassidy as a Poacher. Slow starter at 17 but plenty of opportunities on the pitch make him a clinical finisher in his early 20's. West Ham's Jack Wilshere. The man they thought the England team would be built around has never really fulfilled his potential irl. But for me, I'd make room for him to slot into any position in midfield.
  13. @MikeF Are you still using Early Crosses on your tactics though?
  14. @Kanegan can we apply/take a managerial job that isn’t Korea until Korea becomes available?
  15. *Reserved for season breakdown* Current thoughts: Was using Kangin too ambitious? Have a underestimated how easy it would be to get a job in England? If/when I get a job in the Premier League will i be able to afford Kangin, or even get a chance to buy him before someone else does? Season 4: