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  1. I would like to know where to find this file and instructions for using it on iOS. Im not really interested in pictures and logos, just the correct names of clubs. Thanks!
  2. Warm Onger

    FMM 18 - Wish List

    Custom Leagues. Barcelona in the National League South? Why not??? well, maybe not that extreme. But still, custom leagues would be cool.
  3. To the guy who did so well with Tottenham, can you give me some advice? I can't for the life of me to get Kane to score goals. I have the roles set as PriZe has them and I'm using: Kane Son - Eriksen - Lamela Dier - Alli Rose - Vert - Aldo - Walker i almost always win 1-0 or draw 0-0 or 1-1. How owe do I get Kane to score? He's clearly talented enough, so it must be tactics?
  4. Warm Onger


    As far as I can tell, winning things is the best way to get the board to do things.
  5. Okay, that's what I thought. Thanks!
  6. How do I adjust each player to their own training schedule?
  7. Is this even possible on FMM for individual players?
  8. I created this challenge specifically to break out of the rut of always managing the same club over and over again. (I can't help it: COYS!) The object is to become a one-season miracle worker for each and every club in the Premier League. Attached below you'll see a chart for what constitutes a miracle 2016-17 season (in my opinion) and then an additional bonus you can also earn beyond the miracle season. The rules of this challenge are as follows: 1 - It's not a career challenge - each time you finish a season, you start over entirely. 2 - Set your preferences to no transfer window at start - you play the hand you are dealt. (You can make winter transfers if you want.) I repeat, this one is crucial. No transfer window at start. 3 - You must name yourself Miracle Max. 4 - (Optional) For Southampton and West Ham, winning the Europa League can be substituted for the FA Cup, but you can earn only one bonus point in total for each. After playing each Premier League club one time each (you choose the order), tally up your points. Completing the miracle season is worth 3 points, achieving the bonus is worth 1 additional point. Good luck! (I'll update this post with my own journey through the challenge. Feel free to do so yourself if this challenge interests you.)
  9. Warm Onger

    Move Clubs

    Dang! On an iPad
  10. Warm Onger

    Move Clubs

    What is the pre-game editor?!?
  11. I think even the toughest Gooner agrees that Kane is pretty good. But I have trouble getting him to score a lot of goals. Does anyone have either striker tips that might help, or more specifically, a good set up for Spurs that gets Kane going? thanks!
  12. Warm Onger

    Ashley Young

    I've gotten rid of people by offering out for loan with an option to buy and setting the buy price low.
  13. Warm Onger

    What I would like in FMM 18

    I'd like to see the manager you are taking the place of not just disappear. Just because I'm rolling with Spurs shouldn't erase Mauricio Pochettino from existence.