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  1. So my juventus career mode is in a bit of a problem with dybala leaving for juventus and ronaldo retiring next season, I don't have any designated Pen and fk taker in the team. I have mario as my backup of my backup striker who scores penalties easily but am still struggling with finding a proper midfield player who can whip in a good ball for set pieces. I love that I can now see the stars indicating how good someone is at fk or pens but the inability to even see this in scout reports is becoming an issue. I am now completely depended on waiting for a regen to do the job for me as I don't see any pattern of finding a set piece taker. This could be solved with training where even if it took years(like Messi) I would happily do it but that option is not there in the game still.
  2. anyone found any set piece taker(wonderkid) with 4 star ability? I am having a hard time with Spanish league where I promoted my espanol and lost my best free kick takers(stupid release clauses) . now am struggling to score from open play.
  3. Can we make a thread for best goals? where people post the goals for goals of the month and goal of the season?
  4. Nothing new again. I hoped atleast they let us train the hidden stats like set-piece taking or composure. I can't understand why we still don't have set piece tactics, that is a basic requirement of fm. Also somebody said 3d is too much for smartphones, I am sorry but have you been living under a rock? Smartphones are handling games of insane quality easily for the last 2-3 years and obviously they can start with the 3d engine of fm09 at first. If some phones can't handle it then they can switch over to 2d display just like how people use enchaced match engine instead of the old engine. Also, I am pretty sure people who buy this game legally don't have potato phones so pls stop making these excuses. Covid f**d up the development for sure but I hope we get some real changes soon instead of just database updates.
  5. What I never understand is how championship manager is better than fmm 20. I know they said mobile hardwares couldn't handle so many processes together but they are wrong. I played fm touch on my asus m2 pro and faced no issue whatsoever. Mobile games have so many giants nowadays like pubgm, codm and cod warzone is also coming soon to mobile including apex legends and yet every year we get the same game with some additional changes. I wish fmm21 would be worth the price but that's not going to happen, I will buy it again just to be dissappointed.
  6. So I just bought Gregoritsch and see that his training has LON which can only mean long shots. So the game was training him on this stat and we don't even get the option to do so. Do you think this is fair?
  7. Managing juventus and I noticed that its reserves team is not a part of reserves league. This is disappointing as improving young players is not easy unless somebody takes them on loan, which doesn't happen often. I have ige and can look into editing game files of needed but how do I add them on reserves league?
  8. How to activate juventus reserves in reserves league??
  9. this was working well for me until I started new season. So I tweaked it a little and its working well now.
  10. my bwm casemiro si struggling a lot, every match he has 6 in rating.
  11. I didn't think about about the leader board. This is actually pretty good.