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  1. this was working well for me until I started new season. So I tweaked it a little and its working well now.
  2. my bwm casemiro si struggling a lot, every match he has 6 in rating.
  3. I didn't think about about the leader board. This is actually pretty good.
  4. I assume everyone knows about the insane rise to football, so this is what the challenge is about. 1)Buy a player from second division of france to premier league to a team that was didn't amass more than 40 points in the 2018-19 season. 2)Win the league the very same season while maintaining average rating of atleast 7.5 with atleast 30 appearance in league. 3)The cost of player cannot exceed €7 million with no player swap or buy back clause and future sale percent less than 10. 4)The player also cannot be attacking player and must be defensive mid player. 5)The teams overall transfer(incoming - outgoing) shouldn't exceed €25 million. I dunno if this challenge is interesting, first try. Will post my attempt later on.
  5. I agree with that but sometimes I watch how pep guardiola managed messi and its sad I can't emulate the same here.
  6. playing as poacher sees him getting having very less touches in the game. trequartista or advanced forward gets more creative work from him but he shoot very less. I don't want to train him as target man as its highly unrealistic.
  7. I recently got my hand on a messi regen with 5 aerial ability and 10 strength. I used him for some matches but he couldn't do well at all with my direct passing so I changed to short passing which made my target man become kinda useless but got 3 goals from 5 matches. My main gripe was that all the 3 goals were from outside the box with 1 a free kick goal. Now I know messi does score a lot from outside the box so I let the season continue but my goals per match reduced with most matches just going 1-0. I pushed him as a inside forward but that did nothing as stats showed him going for heading in crosses and he would basically never win them and his number of shots fell down to 1-3 per match. The season ended with 10 goals and 5 assists in 25 games,it looked good but the regen of suarez and cavani upfronts did far far better with both getting over 25 goals and suarez had 17 assists. The average rating of messi regen was also very low, just 7.13 whereas my sttikers had over 8. In general I am yet to form a tactic that works on short height technical players, which make my recruitment really hard as the messi regen cost me 171m whereas i got suarez and cavani at 80m each. I know people here don't like sharing tactics but I am asking for basic tips for me to improve my situation.
  8. as the defence line is high, most of the gks give the ball straight to opponent wingers or strikers. With long passing and the entire back line with good aireal stats, it works. You could try mixed also. Time wasting helps me to maintain possession. Helped me get some results as underdogs too.
  9. i conceded a lot of goals where defenders would chase the attackers, leaving space behind. So a ncb clears everything that comes its way, you can try sweeper for low level teams and cd for good ones.
  10. I have been using this for sometime but don't know if it will work for everyone or not. I have ige so my results may not be useful for others to see. So need someone to test it. I have used it on epl and seria a. Also in national teams. Works fine all the time.
  11. players are unhappy all the time, zouma wants a 600k contract, but board will allow only 375k, but I can offer 700k to jorginho. It doesn't make much sense.
  12. he's broken af, saves too many penalties
  13. So my club is financially sound, yet there are limitations to what I can offer to a player. So I can offer a youth player 100k contract because I want to but I can't offer a first team player a contract they want, why????? I have ige so I renewed rlc's contract last season using ige to 400k but in mid season he complained about less money even after he was earning the highest in team. And now I can't offer reece the contract he wants but I have more cash than required for the contract. Pls help out. mobizen_20200511_181608.mp4
  14. I want to manage india in my existing save. I have ige and created 50 Indian nationality players. I have looked some posts about changes.txt editing bit can't find it in data, obb or the documents folder. Pls suggest me the best way to achieve this.