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  1. MohitMax Roy

    Strikerless attempt

    I haven't got any good results since the update....... I have made like 3 tactics that worked like a charm before update
  2. MohitMax Roy

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Okay so a guy recently posted my tactic which I posted on another forum of fmm and claims it to be his own...... can you guys do anything about it???
  3. Won everything with this tactic using Frankfurt so you can give this a try. Discovered this using Chelsea but you guys wouldn't take that seriously because of hazard being insane ss this season. There are two versions of this tactic,one is suitable for big teams and one for average teams. 1)Risky One 2) Safer one Both are good and have the same pros and cons.Here are the results of Chelsea in second season (forgot to take sc of first season) Reason for loss is me playing my second team but united didn't Manager profile: Now my Frankfurt save:- So obviously the quality of players affect your performance. What look into transfer markets:- 1)free kick takers 2)Long shot takers in ss position (seen only through position page) 3)Also take a good look at this I got a german Lewandowski using it. Currently he is only three stars. Next try to train your midfielders as cm,ss as treq, defenders as ncb if they have high passing stat already or bpd until they do. You can also push the inside forward up as df or convert the front three as Dlf,Af,Dlf.........All of these work,Also if you're a goal behind or two just use overload with second tactic. Pls do try and if you have any doubts or queries just ask.
  4. what kind of goals are you conceding??is it counter attack or players getting many clear-cut chances or set pieces??
  5. looks great....will give this a try after I am done with my tactic
  6. MohitMax Roy

    FMM 20

    option to add and remove leagues like in pc
  7. Just like the title says..........so go find the best tactic you want from fm 15 forums and enjoy.🙃
  8. MohitMax Roy

    Chelsea player help !

    use fmdb
  9. MohitMax Roy

    4-2-3-1 squad suggestions for Chelsea

    gk:- gk role both cb:- cb role or ncb both rb/lb:-fb dm:- one anchor and the other a cm lw:- winger rw:- Ap Cam:- am St:- df or dlf Use defensive,normal width,diciplined,own half pressing,Fast mixed passing,long gk pass and through ball,work in box , early cross. May work,may not work
  10. MohitMax Roy

    Overpowered/underrated player in fmm 2019

    overrated:- origi and every arsenal and Manchester United youth player underrated:- ruben loftus cheek
  11. MohitMax Roy

    Decent Possession based dominating tactic

    Five more matches:-
  12. MohitMax Roy

    Decent Possession based dominating tactic

    Look at the stats Chelsea have bro........i returned kovacic to madrid and have got players like ampadu with 2 star potential, lotus cheek with 2.5, Christensen with 2.5......plus the team is aging so don't have many players who will grow any further. I know what you mean and I wanted to try this in Bournemouth but I just found this tactic and wanted to share with other so that they can see of it works for small teams as then I can do journey man save after that
  13. NON-IMPORTANT DETAILS So I have been playing this game for some time,having started since FMH15. The thing that pisses me off every season is making new tactics,for which I have run out of ideas for.I have been using this site for decent tactics but nothing seems to work for me as most tactics are based on elite teams which have over powered players and unrealistic stats. As a Chelsea fan I always see my team having decent players with disappointing stats like this year's RLC or Jorginho or Hudson Odoi or Ampadu. Moreover having a tactic working for Chelsea is hard in first season as the squad is filled with players who don't really gel together very well. So looked started looking for a decent tactic that works well and actually performs the way I want it to and eventually found a tactic that has shown promising results for 12 matches so far(rest Will be Updated) TACTIC:- No way is my squad even filling all the required roles for this tactic like Hazard is CF, Jorginho is BWM, Willian is CM,etc. But I looked over the tactic and its just felt good to give it a go at matches. Its just the first week of November ,So I gave it a try(its hard to try as I am doing a no save every match challenge with myself). First Match:- Everton Second Match:- Bournemouth Third Match:- Fenerbahce Fourth Match:- Brighton Fifth Match:- Newcastle Sixth Match:- Cardiff Seventh Match:- CFR Cluj Eighth Match:- Leicester Ninth Match:- Newcastle Tenth Match:- Liverpool Eleventh Match:- Manchester City Twelfth Match:- West Ham I will post the rest when I play them,will try 2 months at a time. I will try to keep the updates short,also do tell if you guys actually want an update or not and should I post both result and in-depth stats too like here or only results?? Miscellaneous Information :-
  14. So I am writing a post on tactics and wanted to use the spoilers but don't know how to delete one.....I ended up making a mess that I can't remove..... Can anyone help??
  15. MohitMax Roy

    Team formation

    screenshot of three phases of tactics. PLEASE