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  1. MohitMax Roy

    Dilemma of fake players

    Firstly didn't ask anyone to make one for me, it's just that last year there were many people who did upload updated databases. Next I would happily buy the fmm 2020 when it comes but they are taking too long to release it (one year should be more than enough) and playing with a new save after completing 15 years on my previous save(which got deleted in phone reset) is tedious as seeing players like hazard playing for chelsea and many others is not at all fun, at least for me it isn't. Thank you for reminding me not ask anything in this forum๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  2. Um..... anyone see anything different??
  3. MohitMax Roy

    Dilemma of fake players

    Here's my purchase history too.... plus I have posted many threads this year, so accusing me of stealing the app is uncalled for
  4. MohitMax Roy

    Dilemma of fake players

    I have bought the game..... I just can't find anyone uploading updated database like last year and the immersion breaks by playing outdated database.
  5. So I have the original game, but playing with outdated database is a big turn off for me. But if do play with fake players, people don't take your tactics seriously or report for pirated game. What do I?? I want to some of the community challenges.
  6. I would like to play with leagues which aren't that big like I-league so that I can stay there and try to win the asian champions league, which will be a challenge because not many good players would want to join the club. From there maybe try to win the world cup with India which will again be a very hard challenge.
  7. MohitMax Roy

    Most number of clear cut chances

    4-4-2 diamond...... worked insane against man city and Liverpool but then lost 4-0 to Newcastle...... so currently rage quit the game.
  8. MohitMax Roy

    Most number of clear cut chances

    damm that must have been a hell of a tactic, 22 clear cut chances.... damm
  9. Working on a new tactic and first match against one the hardest team in the game went better than expected.
  10. MohitMax Roy

    Strikerless attempt

    I haven't got any good results since the update....... I have made like 3 tactics that worked like a charm before update
  11. MohitMax Roy

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Okay so a guy recently posted my tactic which I posted on another forum of fmm and claims it to be his own...... can you guys do anything about it???
  12. Won everything with this tactic using Frankfurt so you can give this a try. Discovered this using Chelsea but you guys wouldn't take that seriously because of hazard being insane ss this season. There are two versions of this tactic,one is suitable for big teams and one for average teams. 1)Risky One 2) Safer one Both are good and have the same pros and cons.Here are the results of Chelsea in second season (forgot to take sc of first season) Reason for loss is me playing my second team but united didn't Manager profile: Now my Frankfurt save:- So obviously the quality of players affect your performance. What look into transfer markets:- 1)free kick takers 2)Long shot takers in ss position (seen only through position page) 3)Also take a good look at this I got a german Lewandowski using it. Currently he is only three stars. Next try to train your midfielders as cm,ss as treq, defenders as ncb if they have high passing stat already or bpd until they do. You can also push the inside forward up as df or convert the front three as Dlf,Af,Dlf.........All of these work,Also if you're a goal behind or two just use overload with second tactic. Pls do try and if you have any doubts or queries just ask.
  13. what kind of goals are you conceding??is it counter attack or players getting many clear-cut chances or set pieces??
  14. looks great....will give this a try after I am done with my tactic
  15. Just like the title says..........so go find the best tactic you want from fm 15 forums and enjoy.๐Ÿ™ƒ