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  1. It's uncanny how similar the tactic i use is to yours, albeit mine does not produce the level of goals you do. I have the same shape and the same roles except i play with two Libero's at the back, and then use Overload, Narrow, Slow & Disciplined. I use no final third instructions and passing and focus are set to mixed. The Libero's and overload approach is because i play in Portugal with a crazy strong Benfica team so feel i can take a few liberties. Anyway, congratulations on your career, I've read it with interest and you smashed it.
  2. @RPA123456 I'm going to start over with Hamburg again, will get screenshots of the stats for you and update later.
  3. @RPA123456 I've overwritten the save, which i'm really pissed about! Grrrrrrrrrr! Fiete Arp as the AF was a beast with a goal per game ratio, he left for 148 million as his release clause was activated and we are Hamburg so couldnt do much with his wages to get him to stay. He was the reason for me chooising Hamburg in the first instance actually, after my 1k with him last year. Interestingly, the left sided forward also performed brilliantly, had David Selke there in the third season, got him for a decent price and a swap involving a fringe player and he contributed many goals. Had Almiron for the two Bundesliga Seasons as the AP, provided goals and assists. Tonali was virtually ever present during all three seasons as the Defensive Midfielder and was World Class in the thrid season. Arne Maier as a box to box midfielder was a monster, provided so many assists and a fair share of goals. Converted Vagnoman from a full back to a ball playing defender with great sucess and used Gideon Jung as the sweeper. Rick Van Drongelen in the Second tier and Felix Uduokhai & Dan-Axel Zagadou both on loan and then signed permanently for bargain fees were the defenders who all perfomed well.
  4. Used this tactic with Hamburg, won the German Second Division at a stroll with only loan signings. Seasons Two & Three with a few signings and mainly loans, won the Bundesliga both seasons toppling Bayern. Great tactic.
  5. Amazing! Congrats. What tactic did you use?
  6. I shall leave this post with Arp's stats at his very peak, a true FMM18 Legend.
  7. I never paid a grrat deal of attention to the league table, i knew i was winning most of my games and wasn't going to get caught. All of the focus is simply on how many goals i can get Arp to score. There was one perfect season in amongst the 19 seasons i played which i had no idea was on until i saw the table at te end of that season:
  8. Three players from the game stayed until the end with Arp.
  9. I won't clog up the timeline with screenshots of hattricks, but the most I got from him in a single game was 7:
  10. I gave up with the save, with Arp aged 36, and beginning to struggle, he got sent off in the final game of the season which seemed like a sign to stop. So after 19 straight League title wins, 8 Champions League victories and 58 further Cup Trohies, I could go no further. Teh team were beginning to struggle in the last season i played, winning the league but starting to lose more and more, draw games that should have been won, and it was starting to feel like the team were carrying the legendary Arp as the goals still arrived but not nearly as many or as often.
  11. As you are all probably deep into the new edition of the game, I won't bore you with a long post. I originally completed a 1k with Fiete Arp, just scraping over the line: So having completed that, and messed around with the game some more, i thought i would try again, feeling confident i could improve on the totals. I started this save a while back, and even with the new version out, I felt i needed to push on and finish this, and finally i have. The player needs little intrdouction, a 17 year old German Striker from Hamburg, who a glance at some of the threads on here reveals himself to be something of a FMM2018 Legend. Transfer wise, first season i signed Arp, Goretzka, Upamecano and a few younger players from Portugal, including Dalot & Marques. These complimented the large squad i inherited. Moving forwards, each summer i tried to add 1/2 really top tier players whilst moving on the lesser lights of the squad. Season two brings the return of several decent loaness in Horta, Talisca and Cristante, and i added Tah & Bernardo Silva to them. The following three summers were used to recruit Henrichs, Hernandez, De Ligt, Savic, & Havertz. The Benfica squald already contained some real gems in Zivkovic, Felix, Horta, Carvalho, Dias, Pinto & Fernandes. After that intial 5 yeras of summer recruitment, I didnt buy too many players, the odd youth promotion and a few cheap regens, I luckily, had the Ronaldo regen come through the Academy and he was retrained to be a right winger and attacking midfielder. Anyway, too much waffle, here's the numbers...........
  12. @kts365 Loving this career mate, tactics wise are you using the classic kts of the flat three midfield with two wingers?
  13. Shameless plug from me, Arp is a beast, here's my completed 1k with him: https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/41830-fiete-arp-1k-at-benfica-complete/