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  1. Great work Bati, you should have come up with a better tie breaker, like a coin toss. I'm sure we'd all have trusted you!
  2. Says the man who tried to do a 1k with a midfielder... ! Good work Bati, looking like you might fall short I'm confident you'll be able to run it close.
  3. Just catching up, awesome work with Luuk Bati, having spent many many seasons trying to get individual goalscorers I am in awe of what you did there in one season. Although I tested your formation with Chumps'r'us and old Peter 'Peg-Leg' Pettigrew only scored 50 goals so you clearly cheated! The new challenge sounds fun, it'll be interesting to see how you approach it.
  4. Awesome work so far Bati and excellent updating style, really piling on the tension. What I'm really looking forward to is how you're going to make challenge 3 even more impressive!
  5. Looking like an awesome start Bati. Good luck with the grand finale.
  6. Great competition guys, shame about the last event, I was sat at 8.6 after 10 games which was ruined by injury Thanks @mcandrew003 and @arobbo92 for running an enjoyable competition, the 16 game runtime was a great idea, made it just bitesize enough to squeeze into a couple of hours. Did I miss entering a round? Except for the one where I got fired ~8 games in without having had a red card, which I did at least tell you about. Anyway, it matters not. Well dope @Taff, now you can tell your grandkids you're an olympic gold medallist!
  7. Just wondering what to do with injuries on this challenge? Is it still just the first 16 league games no matter how many Rom plays or is it his first 16 league games? @mcandrew003 Apologies for being so close to the deadline, I'd assumed it was a Saturday one again.
  8. Good luck Bati, to get 87 goals in just league games and cup games would be incredibly impressive. I can imagine you knocking off 2 of the 3 fairly easily but clearing that mark would be utterly stupendous in my opinion! He'll have to average something like 1.9gpg I'd guess? I tihink you may have to change your name to BatiGod if you succeed at this.
  9. Help What's wrong ?

    Have you tried force closing and opening the game up again? Or Reinstalling the app if that doesn't work?
  10. Nice first season. This made me chuckle. 126 million euros and the main reason you say you bought him was to save cost
  11. Congrats Taff! I take it you don't fancy keeping going through the whole alphabet and see how high you can get?
  12. Awesome start Bati, It's just a shame Juan Roman retired a few years ago or you could have used a decent player!
  13. Wow, some awesome results from that last round! I thought 9 was pretty good at the time and I'm nearly bottom of the pile! I was of course totally robbed in all the 7 games I conceded in... Honest! Awesome work RR, Next one looks like a classic challenge, good to be back to goalscoring! (other means of scoring high average ratings are available) Regarding points, I would recommend doing something like benchmarking the average score of all the competitors as 1000 points, then divide the score each person got by the average for a score, this will give you something like the heptathlete method, but obviously we don't have all the data they have to set a middle mark so you'd have to do it challenge by challenge. This would give a fair amount of score to each challenge. If you just took the number of whatever the challenge was aimed at as the score you'd make some challenges nearly pointless. The only problems would appear when you had a challenge like the red cards one which engenders low scores, which would throw up some really big and zero scores.
  14. Is the goalkeeper used actually vital? I'm one game into a run with Koln and Timo is out for 3 weeks with an injury and looking jaded in training o.o This may effect his clean sheet record!
  15. Awesome work kts, I thought it would take quite a few years to go from the bottom league to winning the top but once you got going you didn't look back! It would be interesting to see how the club has grown. Training Facilities / Stadium Size etc.