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  1. Has anyone else had this problem when buying a player? I have an offer accepted then it skips the wages negotiation process and just asks me to confirm the deal, without knowing how much has been offered to the players in terms of wages. Has happend 3 or 4 times in my current season (3rd) but wasn't happening in previous season.
  2. Russia isnt part of the EU i dont think.
  3. Ah ha thanks Foxy that might be what it is then I guess, I do use a device cleaner every so often. Strange it didnt delete the other unlockables tho.
  4. Been reading the site for years, but this is my first post. Can anyone help me to understand what is going on. I have unlocked sugar daddy about 6 months ago and it was working, but now for some reason it is no longer showing up in my unlockables screen. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.