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  1. Challenges The Parking the Bus Challenge

    That' how football is played. Name me a team that use 1 single tactic, team and individual instruction in a match.
  2. Challenges The Parking the Bus Challenge

    Looks like the game is very realistic. 😁 How did you play it? Hit kick off and do nothing till full time? The way i play it is constantly changing in game tactics depending on the opposition tactics. Like use contain, narrow, slow, drop deep, stand back, easy on tackles when leading. Or go overload when it's still 0-0 after 80mins.
  3. Tactics Defensive tactics?

    Check out my tactics here https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/41168-the-parking-the-bus-challenge/?page=2 53 clean sheets in a season. Conceded only 7 goals the whole season. Scored 102 goals.
  4. Chat Transfer window update

    It's not actually. There are lots of fixes and improvements. Such as : * Made wide wingers a bit more effective * Slightly improved defensive midfielders
  5. Chat Transfer window update

    It's there. Version 9.2.0 Just updated few hours ago. Foden is in the City squad now!
  6. Challenges The Parking the Bus Challenge

    The tactics: Based on RL Conte's Chelsea. 3-4-3. Hazard, Willian and Morata are superb. Kante and Bakayoko are strong and solid. Surprisingly, my CBs are getting below 7avr. This is our shape when starting the so called winnable games. This is the shape when i go for a draw or when leading the game and just need to shut the door. Or i use it at home against smaller teams and see my CM plays over 100+ passes each. This is how the team perform The transfer
  7. Challenges The Parking the Bus Challenge

    This is fun! Getting a break from my regular save to play this challenge with Chelsea. Won Community Shield, League and Carabao Cup. Clean Sheets : 53 Goals conceded : 7
  8. Help Understanding How Training Works

    I don' think you can improve aerial. It's like the player's height. For strength, Fitness training.
  9. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    It has been a week and still no 9.1 update here. Rolling update is buggy surely.
  10. Fun/Games Your favourite player in FMM18?

    Vincent Kompany. Look at his stats as 34 years old!
  11. iScout Lautaro Martinez

    Name : Lautaro Martinez Age : 19 Club : Racing Club Country : Argentina Price : 3M Stats at the beginning After 3 seasons Used him as backup to Aguero and looks like he'll take the no 9 spot for the next season. His stamina and teamwork are a bit worrying for a 1kc candidate tho.
  12. Chat News when a player gets injured?

    Manage Man City and i guarantee you'll see lots of injuries from Kompany
  13. That isn't 442 diamond. A diamond midfield are 1 dm, 2 cms and 1 am. It's442 attacking. Basically you are lacking of wide men ( 2 vs 4 ). Thats probably why you lost heavily.
  14. Just updated. I'll speed through a season and see how it goes. No crash on startup or when selecting leagues.
  15. 9.0.2? Update isn't on playstore yet. At least for me.