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  1. Season 9   Matches 9 goals! 4 in the month of May! That's after he now signed a new contract. I though he is leaving. Stats and Injuries Couple of injuries that made him miss some games. Also team morale sucks on mid season. After losing the finals, the new German coach is fired. Then I'm back again lol. Goals: Season 1: 4 Season 2: 5 Season 3: 6 Season 4: 7 Season 5: 5 Season 6: 8 Season 7: 9 Season 8: 6 Season 9: 9 Total = 61/129 Almost halfway now!
  2. Season 8  Matches 6 goals this season. My team is too good that they can't get some fouls. Stats and Injuries Just another minor injuries and nothing new on his Attributes. I GOT SACKED BY GERMANY AFTER LOSING TO ENGLAND ON UEFA NATIONS CUP! But ofc, I was hired by England. hehe.. WAIT WHAT IS THIS???? Next season would be interesting since it would be his last season for me. Should I chase for him or wish he would resign again? Goals: Season 1: 4 Season 2: 5 Season 3: 6 Season 4: 7 Season 5: 5 Season 6: 8 Season 7: 9 Season 8: 6 Total = 52/129
  3. Season 7 Matches 6 goals in all competitions except international matches. International Matches Solid year for him, he matched to chip 3 goals, including the game sealer vs Portugal on UEFA Nations League Finals. Total of 9 goals this season! Stats and Injuries Just some short term injuries, he still played 57 games. Attribute Progress In addition, my striker scored 82 goals this season in 50 games. Goals: Season 1: 4 Season 2: 5 Season 3: 6 Season 4: 7 Season 5: 5 Season 6: 8 Season 7: 9 Total = 46/129 Still a long way to go!
  4. cezzz16

    Fabio Silva Shooting for 1000

    Solid goals for an 18 yo! Keep it up.
  5. Thanks! Nothing fancy. Just the typical 4-1-2-2-1. With bwm, bbm, dlp, 2 if and AF.. Only work in the box, slow pace attacking with expressive and balanced width..
  6. Season 6 Matches 8 goals this season. His highest so far! Stats and Injuries Played the maximum possible game. No injuries. Attribute Progress Perfected his reflexes. Haven't score on international level. Hopefully next season! Goals: Season 1: 4 Season 2: 5 Season 3: 6 Season 4: 7 Season 5: 5 Season 6: 8 Total = 37/129
  7. Thanks! I'll do my best to fight the fmm burnout hehe.
  8. Catched up on your career. Congratulations! I badly want to attempt the 1k goal challenge after I finish my GK one.
  9. Season 5 Matches 5 goals this season. Stats and Injuries Only a 10 day injury. Won everything this season, I decided to use my winning tactic and stop experimenting for the 1k gc.. Attribute Progress Offered by Germany as their coach, hopefully he can chip some goals there. Goals: Season 1: 4 Season 2: 5 Season 3: 6 Season 4: 7 Season 5: 5 Total = 29/129
  10. Congratulations mate! Well done. Too early to cement your legacy this year, outstanding..
  11. Season 4 Matches 7 goals this season. Stats and Injuries No injuries again this year. But managed to play for only 49 games due to early elimination on UCL. Tough group we had. Attribute Progress Improved his physicals this year. He is already at his peak I think. Goals: Season 1: 4 Season 2: 5 Season 3: 6 Season 3: 7 Total = 22/129
  12. Season 3 Matches 6 goals including 2 goals vs AS Monaco. Stats and Injuries Finally, he managed to play all of the games this season. Attribute Progress Managed to improve his Reflexes, Throwing and Positioning by a point. I think he reached his potential in this one, I hope he can still improve his physicals. Goals: Season 1: 4 Season 2: 5 Season 3: 6 Total = 15/129 On to the next season! Lewandowski refused to sign after signing Origi and forced Origi to be the starting Forward. But Origi fails to meet my expectations so I put him back and still won't sign. Also Paulinho asks too much money. So I'm shopping for new fresh striker to fit my tactics.
  13. Season 2 Matches 5 goals for my man. Changed to counter-attack this season resulted to less fouls committed. Stats and Injuries 44 games played. He had some injuries too and it took him a very long time to recover. I had to adjust his training intensity. Attribute Progress +1 on Aerial, Decisions, Throwing and Strength. +2 on Handling, Kicking, Reflexes. +10 on All attributes. Goals: Season 1: 4 Season 2: 5 Total = 9/129
  14. Haha thanks mate. It's a mix of this challenge and testing some tactics for 1k gc. Is there still a bad boy challenge? The yellow and red card counts.
  15. Season 1 Matches Dismal first season after getting only 4 goals. Stats and Injuries He managed to play just 38 games due to recurring injuries. Attribute Progress +2 Aerial, +2 Handling, +2 Kicking, +5 Reflexes +2 in Decisions, Throwing and Positioning. Also gained +1 on all of his Physicals. Total of +20 in all of his attributes. Goals: Season 1: 4 Total = 4/129 Copied some career formats here. It means I'm very eager to end this challenge lol. Thank you.