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  1. 3k overall is fine. I'm doing my best to get at least 150 in the next season. I wonder why my past tactic won't work consistently though.
  2. SEASON 3 Transfers: With Messi declining, bought Woodburn for my new star backup. I need to unload these players as they are demanding playing time Matches This is Moriba's year as I had some tweaks in my tactics. Effective all around goal distribution. Progress and Injuries He looked healthy here but he suffered some ingame injuries. I need to pump his stamina though. Defo a quality player now. Still struggling to upgrade his aerials. But he is still young. The star of the season. His physicals are well polished now. Manager, Team and Player Performances That Supercopa was intense. Forgot to screenshot Silva's goals went down due to some changes. 26 is unforgivable. Fati also but by just 4 goals. Watch since he is still improving. From 15 to 39. A big big jump for the youngest guys. He was the focus of the attack with 2 being the support TM's. We are experiencing total football now. 6 players got double digits on assists. But don't ignore those yellows lol Fati = 64 + 35 = 99 Moriba = 33 + 39 = 72 Silva = 68 + 26 = 94 This Season = 100 TOTAL = 265
  3. SEASON 2 Transfers: Squad is too crowded. I had to replace them for quality performance coz why not? Matches Flashes of greatness by Silva. They are ready in taking over big matches. Progress and Injuries Perfectly healthy this season. Also got some big boosts in his attributes. Starting to be World Class now. Month long injury and some weeks. He got good potential, too bad he is injured most of the time. Didn't progressed that much this season. Also he got some ingame injuries twice that cost him games. But still need to pump that stamina Manager, Team and Player Performances 103 goals isn't amazing eventhough I won it all. 39 goals. GPG ratio still sucks. 15 goals, 3 lower than season 1. 39 goals. Again, Pulisic with the assists. Fati = 25 + 39 = 64 Moriba = 18 + 15 = 33 Silva = 29 + 39 = 68 TOTAL = 165
  4. I'm baaaack! Yes, after a looong hiatus due to personal reasons, I'm continuing my challenge. SEASON 1 Transfers Got rid of lots of stars. Yes Messi wasn't happy. It's okay since I'm making him as sub anyway. Bought World Class defenders, upgrade on Mid with SMS, GK with De Gea and also proven legit wingers and wingbacks. Feels good to sell Griezmann for 182m lol. Suarez is just an exchange of VVD. He's back in Liverpool and winning every individual awards there. Matches Slow start as expected. But they roared at the end of the season. Silva and Fati scored hat tricks! Almost on Moriba though. Tactic is 2-2-1-2-3 and it is surprisingly good! Progress and Injuries Progress is slow with this guy. Expected in his age. Also that 1 month long injury sucks. 16 aerials is dope though Kinda weird on Fati. His aerials didn't improved that much. Those week long injuries maybe limited his progress but still I like that movement and pace. Incredibly happy with Silva's attributes. But that stamina need some improvement. Manager, Team and Player Performances Won every competition as expected. 114 league goals is kinda great since they just young. Can't wait til they reach their peak. 25 goals from Fati! 18 goals with this guy but look at that 13 assists. As I predicted. Silva will get the most goals with 29! Messi the super sub with 25 goals. He really is World class esp. when some of my players got injured. Also 29 assist from Pulisic. Fati = 25 Moriba = 18 Silva = 29 TOTAL = 72
  5. I don't have any evidence here but I agree with this. Managed Burton and promoted then to EPL in just 2 season. Transfer budget is just 6m until I upgraded my stadium and also receive an increase on my transfer.
  6. Hi guys. Here it is now. My players for this soon-to-fail 3k goals but not the 1500. Hehe. My team: My first choice was Real Madrid but since Fati won't sign anywhere else, I'm choosing Barcelona. My players: Ansu Fatu. This guy is choosy, won't sign anywhere else. Bad stamina here. He has a world class potential. Hopefully he'll get lots of 20's soon! Fabio Silva. The hero on FMM19. Decided to pick him due to young age and also world class potential. I expect him to bang most goals of them 3 due to great starting attributes. Ilaix Moriba. A midfielder with good potential. Hopefully he'll go green ASAP on FC position. We'll see how he will develop. My first 3 Spanish prospects are Fati, Rober and Pedri. But Pedri is on loan. Also Fati won't sign on Real Madrid so I had no choice but to choose different nationalities. Thanks guys!
  7. Change of plan. Not going for 3 Spanish. Kinda hard since no international goals will count. Only club goals!
  8. Thanks Rob! That's 600 goals per season. It's doable! 😂
  9. Hey guys! This is it. I'm not crazy like @Scratch. I'm doing a triple threat challenge with all Spaniards! Can you guess them?
  10. My Arezo 1k. Stopped at exactly 1k hehe.
  11. SEASON 12 (unfinished) SEASON PERFORMANCE So I decided not to end this season. His final attributes. Shame that his Aerials didn't maxed out. Bad goals/game ratio in his final game in this save. His final goal. GOALS: LEAGUE: 583 + 18 = 601 Other Competitions: 337 + 5 = 342 INTERNATIONAL: 54 + 3 = 57 TOTAL: 1000/1000 Moving to Spain or France now for triple threat. Thanks!
  12. SEASON 11 Transfers: Top transfers occured during the end of the season. Can't find any decent world class players in this save. Also my players won't work with my coaches since season 6 I think, even Arezo didn't work in any one of them. Attributes Just the usual. A bump in leadership is okay I guess. Notable Matches World cup season. We reached up to Quarter Finals but lost to England. The game vs Portugal really made my team tired. No tank left vs England. SEASON PERFORMANCE 93 club goals this season. Expected less because he got only 45 in his first 30 games but eventually made the 90 mark after being always praised by the press. This guy loves attention lol. Also only 10 international goals. Unbeaten but my goals dropped. He still got 60 league goals. GOALS: LEAGUE: 523 + 60 = 583 Other Competitions: 304 + 33 = 337 INTERNATIONAL: 44 + 10 = 54 TOTAL: 974/1000 One more season!
  13. Haha he will be but I think I'll move to spain to aim 2k because my coaches in this save are bugged. No one trains with my coaches anymore, even the wonderkids.
  14. Thanks! Can't wait to see that since he's been perfectly healthy lol. But in my save, he will refuse to re-sign with me. 2 more years left!