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  1. Teaser: Interesting in his development.🤔
  2. Chilll haha.. Still haven't started yet! The new features gives me headache.
  3. Hi. This would be my first challenge this year. Stay tuned for updates.
  4. Ofc 1k gc but I can't play that much because of earthquakes here. I'm working at a utility company and safety is my job priority so..
  5. SEASON 6 Sorry for the delay 3 major quakes struck in our Island this past month. We are still assessing the damages and helping neighboring towns who had the most damage. He is pretty consistent this season especially when I got the top midfielders. That 20 movement is really helpful, he took more Shots on Target since it became 20 Yep! 100 club goals! Thanks for the 5 goals vs Excelsior that started his streak. Whopping 139 goals finished! I did some adjustments on his role and it is effective! My main assist man. Assists really jumped since I tweaked my tactic. ADDITIONAL 1 GAME. There was an international game right before the start of the new season. Club: 323 + 101 = 424 International: 37 + 14 = 51 Total 475/1000
  6. Dunno why that happened. I saw it on Silva's career, same bug maybe but I'll take it! I noticed in this save too that most players in all top clubs are well trained and their value is huge!
  7. SEASON 5 World Cup season is here! Couple of great performances esp that UCL finals. Need to pump his decision making Won everything. Won the World Cup also but lost in the International tourney vs Spain. Improved his goals! 85 club goals and 18 international goals Club: 268 + 85 = 323 International: 19 + 18 = 37 Total 360/1000 Aiming for 100 club goals next season!
  8. Lol these comments. 😂 I usually play 1-2 games on short breaks while at work lol. I'm rushing things before fmm20 comes out. I just play and work and hope for the best when I check my phone haha.
  9. SEASON 4 Pretty consistent this season but no major performances aka 5+ goals. Seems he's at his limit now. Won everything. Almost 0 GA but in the later part, they conceded 4 goals. Same as last season in club goals but chipped 14 international goals. Club: 191 + 77 = 268 International: 5 + 14 = 19 Total 287/1000
  10. SEASON 3 After losing on semifinals, I became now the manager of Holland. He started with 4 international goals, so that won't count. Performances He managed to get 13 goals in 3 games at one point but he slacked after that lol. Stats, Attributes, Manager Performance. Beefed up his shooting. I guess he is almost at his peak. 77 club goals and 5 international goals. Loss vs Bayern on UCL semis. We should have won but my man missed the last minute penalty on 96th minute. Almost sold him but I remember he is my man lol First time happened to me being offered by a billionaire almost at the end of the season. Club: 114 + 77 = 191 International: 5 Total 196/1000
  11. SEASON 2 Gonna be fast on this game since fmm20 is almost here. Performances Stats, Attributes and Manager Performance Won everything this season even the Champions Cup. Loving my new tactic! Club: 46 + 68 = 114 International: Total 114/1000
  12. Hi it's me again. I'm attempting again with Zirkzee. I'm managing Ajax now. Don't want to get fancy on my posts so can I make this brief? His starting attributes SEASON 1: Performances Manage to win Euro Cup wirh penalty thriller End of season attributes: His stats: Total Goals: Club: 46 International: Total 46/1000
  13. Should I post my remake here or create a new thread?
  14. SEASON 2! Yeah, another great season from him. Imagine managing a National Team on your 2nd season attempting this challenge? Surely I can even reach 2k with this one! After getting 4th in the last tourney, Brazil sacked their manager! What an opportunity! His goals and CA. Then this happened. After I woke up from deep slumber, I copied my downloaded faces and this happened. Oh I must have pasted on wrong folder. It's okay, my save won't be affected. I criii.. Lesson: Don't do any copypasta when you are half asleep.