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  1. That's a wasted potential there. He is really good in this game! I saw him once in one of my save where he is one of the best strikers.
  2. SEASON 6 This season stressed me a lot. My game was bugged vs Marseilles during a cup game. Everytime the game ends, it's just stuck on loading other games. I tried 10 times but still stuck in there so I made a holiday on that match. My boy wasn't playing anyway because he got 60+ fitness that he got in his past match. Transfers Got some wing improvements on winter transfer. I know the culprit now, it's Mbappe! He's been shooting too much that's why Coman is now my new Winger. Attributes and Injuries His last improvement in in his decisions. He is at his peak now. Luckily no minor injury this season, just some in game injuries that affected his fitness after the game.  Season Performance, Awards and Teammates stats 2 goals shy away from 80. He could have achieved it but he was in drought in his last 4 games! Ofc the selfish Neymar isn't selfish here. He bows down to my boy. League Performance and Manager Performance Unbeatable in league. He got 41 on League goals. Lost only on Trophee des Champions during penalty. Notable Performances Didn't SS some hattricks because it is repetitive. International Competition European Championship Qualifiers Chipped 15 goal on France's 18. He is ice cold in the international scene. GOALS: LEAGUE: 145 + 41 = 186 Other Competitions: 97+ 37 = 134 INTERNATIONAL: 40 + 17 = 57 This Season: 95 TOTAL: 377/1000 He did deliver after the Winter Transfer of this season. Can't wait what will happen next. Bye bye Mbappe. Thanks for reading!
  3. Thanks! I think he's at his peak now. I'm trying to join the 100 club but it's kinda hard for me, my past tactic worked but not this time.
  4. SEASON 5  Transfers I got Kimpembe back and signed lots of wonderkids. Attributes and Injuries Good bump in his stamina! Finally. He is developing into a real quality player now. Got a 3 week injury which extended for a week because I let him play during recovery period lol.  Season Performance, Awards and Teammates stats He was banging goals after the injury. 63 is semi fine for me, need to get 80+ next season. Also Neymar is consistent in orchestrating attack. League Performance and Manager Performance Notable Performances He is dominating every final matches. International Competition UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE They can't do anything to stop my boy! FIFA WORLD CUP Forgot to SS the group stage. He is born to dominate the International scene! GOALS: LEAGUE: 105 + 40 = 145 Other Competitions: 74 + 23 = 97 INTERNATIONAL: 22 + 18 = 40 This Season: 81 TOTAL: 282/1000
  5. SEASON 4 Transfers Got Cancelo for wingback boosting. Attributes and Injuries 20 aerials at last. Forgot to screeshot his progress report but he got some couple minor injuries. Season Performance, Awards and Teammates stats 54 club goals. I neee to change my tactics since it won't work on him. Maybe he needed to be stronger? I'll figure it out. Neymar always got the too assists. I want to sell him but decided to let him retire in my club. League Performance and Manager Performance Reclaimed the UCL title. I lost in Coupr de France because of international duties. My 3rd 11 sucks lol Notable Performances International Competition FIFA CONFEDERATIONS CUP Grouped with very weak nations. Trashed them in every way. Won the Cup vs Portugal. It was really a boring match though lol. GOALS: LEAGUE: 70 + 35 = 105 Other Competitions: 55 + 19 = 74 INTERNATIONAL: 10 + 12 = 22 This Season: 66 TOTAL: 201/1000 Kinda frustrated with this season's result. My old tactics that gives lots of goals won't work in this save. Need to change it asap.
  6. I actually have 4 including myself. Lately he is trained by me and one coach, he's okay now..
  7. Thanks! I was hoping they lost so that I can apply. I had to overplay Mbappe before their game for bad fitness and they didn't let him play. Hehe. Thanks! He's still struggling with his stamina.
  8. SEASON 3 Transfers Got Alaba because Mendy is still the real life Mendy. Lol. Attributes and Injuries Minor bump on his stats. It is weird that if I don't play him for 3 games, he will train harder. If he is playing, he'll just rely on match progress. Gonna experiment next season. Season Performance, Awards and Teammates stats 44 goals this season, his stamina is still low for longer matches though. Gonna focus training it next season. He is bagging awards now, I think I won't post national awards next season. League Performance and Manager Performance Got knocked out on on UCL first round.  Notable Performances I'll post just hattricks next season and some big final performances. International Competition France's manager was sacked after having poor performance. UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE It's my first serious international stint. My man chipped 2 goals in the finals. Talk about composure. He got 10 goals on international competitions this season. GOALS: LEAGUE: 43 + 27 = 70 Other Competitions: 38 + 17 = 55 INTERNATIONAL: 10 This Season: 54 TOTAL: 135/1000
  9. SEASON 2 An injury bugged season preventing him to get my aim of 45+ goals this season. Transfers Made some moves on GK, De Gea is very expensive. Attributes and Injuries He is not training well hopefully due to his injuries. He slightly improved some of his skills and the coach still reports his good potential. Also he refuses to train with one of my coach, maybe that's the reason. He was injured for almost 3 months this season. Season Performance, Awards and Teammates stats 38 goals this season. Mbappe covered his abscence with 29. Pogba keeps shooting and chipping 25 goals. Neymar with 26 assists.. League Performance and Manager Performance Won every trophies this season. Notable Performances GOALS: LEAGUE: 25 + 18 = 43 Other Competitions: 18 + 20 = 38 INTERNATIONAL: 0 TOTAL: 81/1000
  10. Thank you guys! Hopefully he won't get injured or if Mbappe will get back his form, maybe his goal output will lessen.
  11. SEASON 1 My goal during his first season is to pump up his aerials and pace for mixture of speed and strength for easy goals since we all know Ligue 1 clubs is easy. My aim is also getting 30+ goals Transfers This is PSG, where we can get two money from the board during the first season. Improved my midfield and centre backs with quality players. Retained Mbappe and Neymar since no one wants them. Attributes and Injuries That boost on aerials really helped him add goals in his record especially during the late season. He had a 10 day injury and some random minor injury during matches. Season Performance, Awards and Teammates stats 43 goals during his first season also with 10 assists. Neymar topped the team with 26 assist. Mbappe sucked this season due to injuries and bad form. No awards, just some 2nd places. League Performance and Manager Performance 2nd place on Coupe de Ligue and Champions League. Neymar was on international trip and Lemar's injury during the Chmapions League. Notable Performances 3 hattricks this season. GOALS: LEAGUE: 25 Other Competitions: 18 INTERNATIONAL: 0 TOTAL: 43/1000 Great start for him. My aim for next season is 45+. Thank you for reading.
  12. Hi there. Yes it is me again. This would be my only save as of now to prevent rewriting. I'm gonna try to get the most popular 1k goal challenge. My guy. Decent stats but good potential. I never used him in any of my saves. My team. I'm managing PSG for easy club with tons of cash and reputation obviously. So here it is now, will update as much as I can. Cheers!
  13. IKR! I was doing another save but I was used in saving on the #1 slot. 😢 So far he did a 60+ goals in March and that supposed to be a turnaround in his career!
  14. Overwrote my save! He was having a great season 4!😢
  15. cezzz16

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Well the conditioning seems improved. Players like Pogba ane Milinkovic Savic needs rest for at least 3x in a season maybe. New feature is there's a comparison button now on searched players.