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  1. Not yet, I have started a save with Athletico Madrid and so far won 4 and drawn 1 in the league, being held 0-0 at Barca away. I don't know how good it will be for lower league teams though.
  2. Aha thanks, I remember in that second season Ozil finished on 20 assists in the league, 9 clear of anyone else. And he won world player of the year, if only he could do that in real life
  3. Hey all, I am really excited to show you all my own variation of the 343 diamond which I used and have gone two unbeaten seasons in with Arsenal. The tactic is really solid in defence, it scores a lot of goals and can dominate games. It is good in possession and good when playing on the counter. Strikers: DLF: I put Alexis in there as he is very good with his feet and a really good all round striker to connect midfield with attack. AF's: I prefer to use fast and strong strikers such as Welbeck and Lacazette. I have also put Giroud in before and he had also done really well and scored a lot Midfield: AP: I have used Ozil in their consistently, whoever plays here is the vocal point of this team. Two BWM's and DLP: Generally in these positions I use players with pace, power and good passing. I signed Danilo Pereira, Gianelli Imbula from Stoke, and i also like to use Elneny in these positions. Defense: Using players with good pace is really important, so I use Musti Koscielny and Bellerin all with very good pace at the back. As a result, at the end of the second season we had 4 attackers in the top 7 scorers (Alexis was out for 4 months). Normally I do not touch anything on here apart from Team Mentality, the Primary Outlet and Primary Attacker. I like to start games on balanced and change at the start of the game accordingly. 1st season: 2nd season: The two above results against Chelsea and Man City were he most significant games from the second season. In the Champions League, in the first season we went out in the Quarter Final narrowly losing to FCP who went on to win it. In the second season, we lost on away goals to Real Madrid after impressively beating the holders FCP 10-2 on aggregate in the Quarter finals. Unfortunately though I haven't had a chance to try it out with other teams, please check it out guys I think this is golden! Let me know how it goes for you!! Thanks, Alex.