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  1. My 3rd and 4th choice corner takers not taking corners in matches. Anyone else has this problem?
  2. Noticed some players got adjustments to their PA. For example Lindelof and callum wilson now have 4.5 stars up from 4.
  3. hi I've played the game since SI was making CM 2007 mobile. tbh i enjoyed the game then more than now even though i couldnt even see the players move as the game only had flashing text. at that time only Real Football Manager was the competitor of CM (RFM was really good for that time as you could actually see the players kicking the ball etc during match) but i still preferred CM. 10 years later, i await FMM 2017. i dont ask for much, even optimization to make the game smoother would be nice. im at a stage where i honestly wouldnt mind if there was no FMM 2017 but you updated the 2016 game fixing all the bugs etc if you cant make any new additions to the game series yet. i grew up with this game so please dont let it die out. i really like the game a lot and i have many good memories over the years, from buying mister dummy in CM 2008, gary neville scoring the winner for me in CM 2007 champions league final, to the OP 4-3-3 formation in CM 2008 and the early FMH editions. Please whoever in SI sees this thread please make some improvements to the game, dont have to do everything just some would be nice alr. PS. i like how realistic the game is btw, my entire Arsenal first team in CM2008 got injured just like irl Arsenal that year.
  4. hi thanks for trying it out. i only played it for a few games so i dont have much data to show, plus the players i used were not suited to the tactic at all. for tougher away games i sometimes switched to balanced instead of attacking. thanks again for taking the time to try this out :-) btw, i realised that for some odd reason when you use cautious tackling in the instructions, the opponent fouls you a lot, like way more than usual. also, playing from both flanks seems more effective against teams with 5 midfielders (e.g. 4-5-1, 4-2-3-1). i dont really know why its like this i just observed it.
  5. hi guys, im new to this thing so please bear with me. recently i tried out a tactic and it seems quite decent for me. it's basically based on a 4-1-2-3 tactic for original engine, posted in the older forums for the past years version of fmh, but i cant rmb who posted it already. (sorry!) i have attached the details in the pic cause i dont really know how to use this post. if anyone is interested, could you do some further testing on the tactic? at the moment, i dont have the players that are supposed to play those tactical roles but i just forced them so im not sure if it could be better or worse. thanks for reading my post and have a nice day! :-)