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  1. Great read, very insightful, been playing this game for a while and I even learnt a thing or two reading this!
  2. Help Change club name

    I believe the FMM 2017 License Fixes Download should work on FMM 2018? Haven't tried it as I don't actually mind the non-licensed names.
  3. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    Gold Cup Knockout Stages History awaits us! The only thing standing between us and the trophy is Canada!.... and 2 other teams. Anyway let's get stuck into this, can we overcome the Canadians? Up the Baha Boys!
  4. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    Thanks mate
  5. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    The 2021 Gold Cup Well here we are at last, our first major tournament. I couldn't be more proud of the boys, they've come a long way since the start of this save. They've developed correctly, now it's time for them to prove themselves. We were drawn in a group with Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala. Very tough group but one we can finish at least 2nd in. We started off our journey against Guatemala, we had high expectations and wouldn't accept anything less than all 3 points. Thanks for reading, next update will be soon as per usual.
  6. Poll The Weekly Poll: Was MLS worth the wait?

    I think the reason the MLS appealed to so many people originally was because of the bizarre rules, etc. Without all the mad rules it's really just another average league. For new leagues next year, I really don't see the need for more leagues. Maybe if SI made more leagues available as optional DLCs? I'd definitely pay an extra €1 for the Chinese Super League or the Gibraltar First Division
  7. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    Thanks so much mate! Glad to see people like this idea. May do it with other nations (If I ever complete this one )
  8. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    Sent you a PM with it mate
  9. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    Thanks mate, and yes Hufnagel's doing brilliantly!
  10. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    2021 - Part 2 Our two games today see us take on Costa Rica at home and our good friends Jamaica at home. After the amazing 3-0 win over the USA, I was expecting us to win at least one of these games. Let's see if we were able to do that and keep our World Cup Dreams alive. Our next update will actually be of the North American Gold Cup, as that takes place before the next bunch of qualifiers. Hopefully we'll go far in it, potential winners? Who knows!
  11. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    2021 - Part 1 After an amazing 2020 for the Bahamas which saw heroic performances against Panama, Curacao and Honduras, a few hammerings from the Jamaicans and the birth of the Bahamian Fellaini, pressure is on for the Baha Boys to perform and pick up points. This is a make-or-break year for the Bahamas, one which could end in World Cup Qualification or the disappointment of a missed opportunity. We started things off against Mexico, but first let me tell you about Eroll Hufnagel. This lad's been brought in to add pace to the striking position. He's done well during the friendlies so I decided to give him a run out for the two crucial qualifiers against Mexico and USA. Thanks for reading, I would also like to mention that the draw for the Gold Cup has taken place and we've gotten a rather favourable group. Up the Baha Boys!
  12. Guides/Tips National Team Watch - Jamaica

    Amazing read! I know the Jamaicans far too well because of my Bahamas save But well done mate, looking forward to the next nation.
  13. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    The Final Part of 2020 2020 has seemed like a momentous year for the Bahamas, there's been 3 parts for it! I'm sure 2021 will get the same treatment, anyway let's get into the update. Before I get into the games against Jamaica and Honduras, I would like to mention that I've got the best regen ever, I'm sure you'll see why. His name is Roberto Fellaini... 16 leadership aye? I just had to. Anyway the matches, two important games as these are the two teams we will be fighting with for that 4th place playoff spot. How did we do? Short update to cap off 2020, next game is against Mexico so I expect the Baha Boys (or as Fox called them 'Baha Men) to put in another heroic performance when it matters most.
  14. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    Not quite there yet mate But thanks mate
  15. Career Dare to Dream - The Bahamas

    Thanks mate, going to have a tough time against Mexico, USA and Costa Rica though