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  1. Foxy

    English football

    I don’t think you could handle the emotional rollercoaster that having KR in charge would involve.
  2. Foxy

    English football

    Keano will be in by your next match although there is no shame drawing with Bolton as it leads to a record win in the next game.
  3. Foxy

    English football

    All credit what he has done at Spurs the last 6 years but Poch is waiting for either Man Utd or Real to coming calling and the players know it and have stopped playing for him.
  4. PSG 🙄 Couple of good looking players that I’m sure will help you reach your points target.
  5. Luckily I’m far too young to get that reference 😉 but they didn’t do well without me that’s for sure. It’s fun but it can be hard to keep track of all the comings and goings.
  6. Crazy numbers of goals and assists!!! Well done so far.
  7. Going really really well and nice to see all three players are really contributing to the total.
  8. Building it up nicely matey.
  9. Foxy

    Can I watch whole match?

    Because I don’t think many people would want to watch a full game as it would get pretty boring pretty quick.
  10. Foxy

    Can I watch whole match?

    No, the most you can have is extended highlights of a match.
  11. Sad I know but I had to Google it and it’s about £80m so not too shabby tbf.
  12. Going well. Is that good or about £27.50?
  13. @Ian @Lord Danish @Kanegan @Woody Thanks guys. Well spotted, I only started using it mid way through the season but it worked a treat. I think I had a lot less to contend with than Sol. https://talksport.com/football/efl/603699/arsenal-sol-campbell-reveals-why-he-left-macclesfield-town/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  14. Foxy

    Choose players

    You asked the same fucking question last night and had two responses!!!
  15. Season 2 After leaving Morecambe I didn’t waste any time in looking for a new job so that I would have plenty of chance to build the squad. There wasn’t a great deal of jobs around and no League 1 clubs wanted me as manager so I had to take a step down a league or two leagues if you consider Morecambe were heading for League 1. I stayed in the North West although further south as I moved from Lancashire to Cheshire and was appointed manager of Macclesfield who had just been relegated from League 2 down to the Conference. Macclesfield Town Fact File Formed: 1874 Nickname: The Silkmen First promoted to the Football League: 1996/97 Stadium: Moss Rose - Capacity 5911 Macclesfield have been a real yo yo club since 1997 when they first got promoted to the Football League and have been relegated a couple of times and then bounced back and getting them to bounce back was my job this season. On paper this seemed a good job to get as they had just been relegated but would still have a few League 2 quality players. In reality I was greeted with a financial mess as the club was spending £8.25k over the wage budget. The only way I could bring players in was to sell as many of the current squad especially the high earner as possible which wasn’t always easy now it’s been made harder to sell players in recent updates. Transfers All the rebuilding would mean nothing if we couldn’t get the club back into the football league though. Notable Matches Top Performers Manager Profile and Trophy Cabinet On the 30th of May I was offered my next job and it is much closer to home for me. Thanks for reading.