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  1. Foxy

    Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

    Click the link in the opening post where it says Join Here and then once you have signed up and created your team you go to the leagues section and click join private league and put the code in that’s also in the OP.
  2. Excellent season. Funnily enough Origi had 38 goals at the halfway stage and then just like you didn’t build on it as well as I thought he would in the 2nd part of the season.
  3. Foxy

    English football

    Now this is a football shirt.
  4. No he said a stonk on not a stonker 🍆
  5. Season 4 - The South I am back with my 2nd season in this save and I was hoping for a good season so that I could keep those pesky Northerners @Woody and @Ian at bay. @Rob has left me with some more excellent players such as Upamecano and Dilrosun but there was still work to be done so let’s get into what was a busy couple of transfer windows. Transfers Out I inherited a big squad but that was in part by design from Rob as it meant I had some players I could use to raise much needed funds for the club. I did just that as I sold over £160m worth of players and that money added to the £100m in wage and transfer budget I already had. Little bug in the list but Rebic actually went to St Etienne. Transfers In My intention was to splash the cash on a striker but I actually didn’t need to spend all that much as Divock Origi was sitting on the transfer list and what I hope will be a bargain price of £27m as well. That means my main man wasn’t my biggest spend as I splashed more on improving the CM positions with Haidara and Ndidi and then a LB in Telles and a RW in Oztunali also joined for more than the Div. So over £100m invested into the squad but could that money translate into results on the pitch? Well certainly not to start with as Bayern put me back in my place in the opening game of the season and lifted the Super Cup. That really was one of the few blogs on what was an excellent season though. We got revenge on Bayern by beating them in the German Cup final with Div getting two. In the league we swept all before us as we never lost a game and only dropped 8 points in total. I would have liked to see us score more than 80 goals though and it was a stubborn defence that made us unbeatable. The one I really wanted was the Champions League though and after beating Juve and Spurs in the group stage I felt confident we could have a run in the competition. It took penalties to despatch Liverpool in the 1st KO round. Porto came next and real wasn’t any problem for us. This set up a tough semi final with Real Madrid but after the 1st leg we were looking good. A trip to the Bernabeu is never easy though and we suffered our 3rd defeat of the season. So that just leaves me to reveal how Origi got on. As you saw we weren’t prolific in the league but Divock actually accounted for more than half those goals so I think my tactic worked well in terms of not losing too many other goals to different players. In the end he had 67 goals which is a decent return but whether it is enough to keep myself and Rob in the lead I don’t know. Team Stats and Manger Stats @Ian will be updating tomorrow so we will find out then but in the mean time the save has been sent back to @Rob so that he can start season 5. North Season 1 - Woody: Oliver Burke - Scotland: 34 goals in 46 games. Season 2 - Ian: Mariano - Dominican Republic: 55 goals in 49 games. Season 3 - Woody: Alexander Mitrovic - Serbian: 60 goals in 51 games Total so far : 149 goals in 146 games South Season 1 - Rob: Moussa Marega - Mali: 53 goals in 49 games. Season 2 - Foxy: Davie Selke - Germany: 52 goals in 45 games Season 3 - Rob: John Guidetti - Sweden - 47 goals in 44 game Season 4 - Foxy: Divock Origi - Belgium - 67 goals in 52 games  Total so far: 219 goals in 190 games  The South lead by 70 goals Combined nationalities used ( A-Z): Belgium, Dominican Republic, Germany, Mali, Scotland, Serbia, Sweden Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  6. Foxy

    FMM is a joke - player roles

    So much depends on the players you use in a role as well I think. So you say a DFB performs in the same way as a WB but were you using the same player in those both roles? If you have a player who is well suited to being a WB so he is fast, can cross and is more attack minded in general I think he is going to play his natural game just as players will in real life. Take a player like TAA or Kyle Walker there natural instinct is to attack. I’m sure if there managers asked them to sit deep and defend for a time in a game then they would try there best but over a number of games there natural attacking instinct would kick in and they simply wouldn’t be able to perform the role of a DFB. As @Mr Tree says you are a top team with excellent players and that is going to make a more unusual tactic work better than it would for a small club.
  7. Another good season imo and looking at the lads I’m sure 100 goals won’t be long 😀
  8. Foxy

    FMM19 Bug List

    What club are you managing? I know in real life English clubs can’t offer contracts to Bosman players from another English club until the end of the season so maybe the game reflects that.
  9. Foxy

    English football

    Only so much you can do with blue and white stripes so I guess if it’s genuine it’s at least unique.
  10. Foxy

    FMM Mythbusters

    This one baffles me as SI themselves have said it’s a myth.
  11. Foxy

    FMM Mythbusters

    His grandfather was Nigerian.
  12. Not sure how ballsy moving from Barca to Man City is but it definitely paid off in this season 😀
  13. Foxy

    FMM Mythbusters

    Thanks for the comments so far guys. I think the traits is the most interesting of the list. I don’t tend to use inside forwards so I don’t buy players with the ability to play that role. So for example if I’m buying a wide player I am simply looking for crossing, dribbling and pace and then hopefully good attributes around that as well but those three aren’t main concern. This would never be a hard and fast rule of course but I would say generally if I player has good crossing he will stay wide and wouldn’t have that trait but if he is good at shooting he may cut inside. My problem with role traits is that many of them are very hard to prove if they happen or not when we watch the highlights and they have a habit of changing as well for no real reason which is why I tend to ignore them. My reasoning is that if a player has the ability to play a certain role it is likely he will do what I require him to so if he is an excellent passer with good creativity he is likely to play a lot of killer passes if you have him as a playmaker for example. Maybe I’m also lazy so I go simply off there attributes and then coach/scout report for hidden stuff like injury proneness.
  14. Is that correct @1759 have I completely missed a career of yours off and if so please link me so I can in some way make up for this shocking over sight on my part.
  15. Looks like it was a tough season but I’m glad you little tactical switch helped in the end and we still have the lead albeit just. Liking the look of some of your signings as well 😀