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  1. Foxy

    Comeback from anything

    It takes 30 seconds to find who originally posted something on here and all I asked was for him to give the original maker some credit. It isn’t the end of the world and quite why the OP got his knickers in a twist when I asked what he meant about pinning the comment I don’t know. What I do know is it’s polite to tag someone as I thank you to the person who created a tactic that the OP felt was good enough to post on here.
  2. Really fun concept this and it’s cool I had a small hand in making it a reality 😁
  3. That sacking is disgusting and I hope you make Lincoln regret the day they ever got rid of you. Good luck at Watford 👍 Btw you mind find this interesting.
  4. Brilliant update and brilliant season bring on the big time 😁
  5. This is completely untested on FMM so I don’t know how it will play in terms of results but to me it would be a similar style to Simeone plays.
  6. I posted a split second after you 😂 I will give season 3 a read when I have more time later and update the leaderboard.
  7. Two promotions and you still have an obscure reputation is a joke. You can tell you are a Newcastle fan with that goals for and against columns as you are truly bringing back “Keegan ball”. You might be interested in this btw.
  8. If you post a screenshot of your manager history from that season and then your manager profile and the attributes of your current top scorer then you can get it on the leaderboard.
  9. Foxy

    Comeback from anything

    Not sure what you mean by pin my comment
  10. Foxy

    Comeback from anything

    If you are going to post a tactic someone else has created it would be nice if you actually gave more credit to that person then just Credit for this adaptation goes to @smoggy90 who posted it here.
  11. Foxy


    Yes although there are a number of different outcomes for example in the save I am doing at the moment EU players don’t need a work permit to play in the UK which is a nice bonus.
  12. The Neil Warnock Promotion Challenge This is a simple challenge and is in a similar vain to The New Stadium Challenge in that you can play the game in almost anyway you want and with almost any team you want and still get onto the leaderboard. In case you don’t know who Neil Warnock is he is currently in charge of Cardiff City and is the arguably the most successful lower league manager in the history of English football based on the number of promotions he has won in his 35 year. He has won 8 promotions with 7 different clubs. Scarborough: The Football Conference winner 1986/87 Notts County: Football League Division 3 Playoff winner 1989/90 Notts County: Football League Division 2 Playoff winner 1990/91 Huddersfield: Football League Division 2 Playoff winner 1994/95 Plymouth Argyle: Football League Division 3 Playoff winner 1995/96 Sheffield Utd: Championship runner up 2005/06 QPR: Championship winners 2010/11 Cardiff: Championship runners up 2017/18 He is also an interesting character who has a tendency to fall out with people so his Wiki is well worth a read. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Warnock The Challenge Every time you win promotion with a club in any save you can have it added to the leaderboard. This can be with any club in any lower league in the game and the promotion can be via league position or winning a playoff and the promotions don’t all have to be from the same save. Simply post the required screenshots in this thread or start a career thread so we can follow your progress. Screenshot required League table and or playoff result. Manager profile Transfer history Attributes of your top scorer Rules No editing of any sort including hex or IGE. No unlockables unless earned in the save. No reloading. Have fun. Leaderboard @Scratch: 3 promotions - Career @Cockers2505: 3 promotions - Career @Yung.Gabe: 1 Promotion
  13. Foxy

    Tática 4-4-2-0

    @ManagerYu I have deleted the external link to download this tactic. If you want people to be able to download it then please post it in the downloads section of our site. https://fmmvibe.com/files/
  14. All the events run slightly differently but basically you get set a challenge to do over 1 in game season. The first event starts in 2 weeks so there will be more information then.
  15. Foxy

    Can I save on SD card?

    As far as I can tell for the game to be able to access a save it needs to be saved on your device. You could store back up saves on an SD card if you want but you would need to put them back into the correct folder on your device to play them.