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  1. Foxy

    English football

    A great day for all the John’s and Jimmy’s.
  2. Nice attempt and a great basis to work from if you fancy another attempt at it.
  3. I’m helping to keep you focused on the task at hand because it would be terrible if your focus slipped at such a crucial part of the save as this.
  4. A bit of a drop in goals this season which must be a worry for you Robert.
  5. Foxy

    Hello I'm Adam

    Welcome, I look forward to seeing a few careers from you.
  6. Why don’t you just get people to comment in this thread or PM you here on Vibe as not everyone has Twitter and it will make it easier for everyone to follow who is involved.
  7. Thanks for the comments @Rob @Woody @Kanegan With Capanni having low stamina it’s simply a way of getting him more minutes a season. He was playing a full 90 and then would need to miss the next game quite often but now he plays an hour or so every game meaning he plays more minutes overall. Luckily my strikers have decent stamina so I can rotate which one plays a full game and keep them all relatively fit the only problem being if another player gets injured and has to come off.
  8. Foxy Season 9 Nothing of any great note happened last season but this season was better with an improved goal return and much improved assists return as well. On the pitch we continue to sweep all before us. Capanni Assists In season 6 Capanni assisted 43 goals which I was hoping would become the norm for him for a few seasons. It hadn’t quite planned out that way though as the next two seasons he hit 34 both times which is good but not outstanding. This season I made a tactical tweak and switched how I substitute my players with one striker playing the full 90 and Cappanni coming off for a rest instead of playing full 90s himself and then sitting out a game because his low stamina means he is tired. This policy seems to have yielded some success at least this season as he high hit 49 assists. I was disappointed not to get 50 but I still think it’s the best assists return I have ever had from a player although I would need to check that. Season Assists: 49 Career Assists: 251 My goal scoring warriors had a slight improvement in there total goals although Esposito scored a couple less than last year. I don’t think any of them will reach a 1kc in this career because they are all scoring fairly similar amounts to each other. Esposito has the most goals and would be my best hope but I think I’m happy for them all to score at a similar rate especially if my tactic keeps getting so many assists for Capanni. Esposito Club Goals: 42 ITN Goals: 8 Season Total: 50 Career Total: 420 Pellegri Club Goals:39 ITN Goals: 6 Season Total: 45 Career Total: 372 Selcedo Club Goals: 38 ITN Goals: 5 Season Total: 43 Career Total: 317 Triple Threat Total so Far: 1109 Goals Thanks for reading
  9. The way I would see the unlockable work would be that you activate it and it means there is a high possibility that a major event would happen within the save at some point but not necessarily the season you are in so you wouldn’t know when it will happen. This can add a new element to a save but also mean it’s our choice whether we want to use a “chaos mode” or not. @Ashez is right though there are huge legal barriers to some things that can be added to a game because players, managers or clubs could see certain scenarios as detrimental to there brand. I agree the game will have to reflect the real world as best they can in terms of contracts, budgets and schedules but that is what they have to do each year any way albeit this time it will be much tougher to get right. I think that is a different issue than say a save you are 10 years into suddenly being thrown into chaos because the game has randomly decided it will be. As for FMM21 being released or not personally I would be shocked if there wasn’t an FM/FMT/FMM21 because that is a major part of SI’s business model with the company is based around releasing a game once a year. That’s not to say it won’t be delayed of course.
  10. Great season Ian. Do you not find that Zaniolo tends to be a bit selfish and take too many goals. I had him in my save but got rid because of that.
  11. I agree with Omen and Rob that it wouldn’t be for me as it could really ruin a saves enjoyment. Maybe it could be an unlockable though so that once you get it you could activate it yourself if you want to spice things up a bit.
  12. @Rob @Ian @Kanegan @broodje kip @smoggy90 @Woody Thanks for the comments
  13. Going great Ian and it looks like all three are going to post really good scores.