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  1. Should have been 9 as his disallowed goal was never offside!!! I just hope that 8 goal haul hasn t skewed what I can expect every season from him as I don't expect one of them every year. Cheers mate👍
  2. Foxy

    English football

    Big day of football today so lets have some predictions. Play-off final I'm going to go with the experience of Bruce, Terry and Villa but it may need extra time or penalties. Champions League final I have a feeling that it may be a game too far for this Real Madrid team and the attacking threat that Liverpool pose will win the day for them.
  3. Update to the OP graphic. This shows that the Vibe World Cup will now start on the 9th July. This is an team invitational event and I will start to PM members in the next couple of weeks to see if they wish to be involved. Also this years CC will start in August and @samhardy will have more information nearer the time on that.
  4. Which DB you using? Could be Diego Forlan as he is on the November DB not sure if he still is on the Febuary one though.
  5. The Uruguayan guy? Suarez most likley or maybe Cavani.
  6. I have found a handy website if you wish to pick a custom colour for your profile here on Vibe. Go to your profile and click edit profile. You will see you have the option to pick a custom colour. Open a new tab and go to https://htmlcolorcodes.com/ and use the sliders to pick the colour you want. Once you have chosen a colour you like highlight and then copy the number I have circled in black. Then go back to your Vibe profile and paste that number into the custom colour box. I hope this has helped and that it will save some time if you have a specific colour that you would like but don't want to randomly type numbers in although it may already be common knowledge. Thank you for reading.
  7. Good first season and nice pick with Federici. Par isn't a bad way to start either.
  8. All three challenges are well under way now but I still want more from these lads. Arp broke the goal a game ratio last season but didn’t play enough games so only scored 55 goals so hopefully he can smash that total this season, Amiri also had a spell out injured last season which limited his games and assists but Goretzka in his GaM challenge took advantage of Arp missing some games to smash in 17 individually timed goals last year. Transfers Only one departure of any note this season as I decided that I would let Oblak go this season as I am fed up with his constant demands for a new contract, I am in season four and I must have given him six new contracts in this save so far. That and he is starting to fall out with other players so time to say cheerio. I had to wait until January for him to go and I would have liked to get more for him than the £44m Arsenal paid but in the end I am happy to see the back of him. I earmarked two players as a replacement for Oblak with the choices being either Jordan Pickford or Donnarumma. As Everton wanted about the same money for Pickford as AC Milan did for Donnarumma it was a no brainer to bring in the 21 year old Italian who will now all being well be my number 1 for the rest of this save. Eric Dier wanted out at Spurs and I was happy to offer him a home in Madrid as he is very versatile and comfortable in both midfield and defence. My final signing was I believe Messi’s regen for £4m. The plan is that he will play 2nd fiddle to both Arp up front and Amiri on the right until he gets fed up with that and then I will sell him for a huge profit! Competitions We have yet to have a clean sweep of every trophy in this save so could this be the year? Euro Super Cup First goal of the season for Arp and first trophy as well as we get a straight forward win over Chelsea. Spanish Super Cup We took on Real Madrid in this one and I would love to tell you it was a closely fought final over two legs but to be honest it wasn’t as we ran out 6-1 winners. World Club Cup This was my fourth time in this competition and so far I haven’t really taken advantage of playing these weaker sides by getting Arp hatful of goals. This year made up for that as Arp got a few. He started slowly enough with just the one against Cruz Azul of Mexico. We had to play FC Hiroshima in the final and it is fair to say Arp enjoyed himself in this game as he bagged himself eight goals and only an offside flag denied him a triple hattrick. Copa Del Rey We did the hard work early in this competition as we beat Barca and Real in the fifth and then quarter finals respectively. This meant we took on Valencia in the final who had been having a very good season. Some poor finishing from us kept the score respectable at 2-0 and trophy number four was in the cabinet. La Liga Not going to lie the league was a piece of piss as we only dropped eight points the whole season. We scored a fairly (compared to previous seasons) healthy 97 goals but for the first time we conceded more than 21 goals as we let 25 in. Maybe I made a huge mistake bombing Oblak out the club!!! Champions League Could we make it six trophies out of six? Well we didn’t make a very good start to the defence of our trophy!!! We came back stronger in the knockout stage and made our fourth final in a row where we would take on the team we beat in last seasons final Juventus. Last year we needed a 90th minute winner to lift the trophy ao how about this year? Yeah, not quite so tricky this year to complete our clean sweep. The Challenges Arp 1kc You may have noticed that Arp did quite well in the finals this year with eight in the World Club Cup final and a hattrick in the Champions League final. So surely he had a good total this year? A great season for him as he breaks the 200 goal barrier and even better is that he is getting fitter so he only missed five games this season with a small 10 day knock and I rested him in a couple of games when he was a little tired so that he could play against weaker teams. I have to say that is made easier when I have the reincarnation of Messi on the bench. Assists Challenge Amiri is my man for this challenge and I was pleased that he remained fit for most of the season. He is now 24 and well into his prime so I am expecting good numbers from him now and he didn’t disappoint I don’t think. A 30+ season for him and hopefully that is a sign of things to come over the next eight or nine seasons so that I can post a respectable score in this challenge. I plan to move Havertz from his left wing position next season into a CM position to see if he can up his numbers as he is being out assisted by both Diawara and Goretzka at the moment and I’m feeling sorry for the lad to be honest. Goretzka GaM Last season Leon had a great season scoring 22 goals in total of which 17 were individually timed but then he was helped out by Arp missing games through injury. This year he didn’t have that and of course the more times he ticks off the list the more likely it is he will get duplicates. In the end he score 18 goals from his BBM role of which 12 were new times to tick off the list. This means he is now exactly half way through this challenge but he is 26 so the clock is ticking for him. Either way I’m really pleased with how this challenge is going so far as I never expected to have ticked off so many times at this stage of the save and although his goal scoring must have had an impact on the Arp 1kc that is well on track as well I think. Player stats A really good season all round this year and so I need to keep this momentum going next season. Thank you for reading
  9. Foxy

    CM01/02 on Android!!

    You still playing this mate and if so how you getting on?
  10. Foxy

    The Vibe Olympics 2018

    I'm going to be this weeks woody I think.
  11. Foxy

    The Finnish Fluke Challenge

    Wow what a player! Would be interesting to see how he develops over a few seasons.
  12. Foxy

    The Vibe Olympics 2018

    Tricky choice of players for this one and then the cards being deducted is just pure evil. Good work @Titjes and @NucleusNT.
  13. Foxy

    The Vibe Olympics 2018

    That was why Arnautovic was my star as he won me a fair few games from the IF position and save me a few seconds each time he did.