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  1. @Ian is that from your Kean save and if so you will need to remind me who you managed? I think club rep has a huge effect on the awards so the bigger the club you manage the more likely you are to win things like Word Coach.
  2. Nice to see you giving this challenge a go and I really like your choice of club and player. Good luck.
  3. I have done the full 30 once which was on last years game. I broke it up a bit by doing 15 seasons at Barca and 15 at Man City and completing various challenges including 3 1kc’s and a DT.
  4. 10 is quite impressive but not as good as 11.
  5. You don’t need to download it, just copy the positions, roles and instructions from the screenshots in the OP.
  6. @Rob @Ian @smoggy90 Cheers lads, I’m really enjoying this save and the progress I’m making with the team and the lads and thanks to all this staying in doors I’m sure I will have an update out in a few days.
  7. This really is going down to the wire 😬
  8. I haven’t even bothered having any scouts at TNS simply because I came to the realisation that I hardly ever use them in previous saves. It’s risky I guess as it means you don’t know a players hidden attributes till you sign them but they can be worked around or the player can just be sold if it doesn’t work out.
  9. The Future of the Save I had intended this save to be a test of my tactics ready for a TT but if truth be told I finished this save about a week or so ago and since then I have tried about 4 different ideas for a TT and nothing has stuck. I have been getting the goals I need from the trios I have tried but the saves just haven’t “turned me on”. Writing up the final update for Cochrane it gave me the desire to load this save up and again and play it as I think 4 seasons in things are starting to get interesting with the team in Europe as we get more competitive. I aim to complete three challenges in this save. The challenges are. The Assists Triple Threat I will keep the players I will be using for this to myself for now simply because they could change over the next few seasons as the squad gets better although the striker will definitely be Hamilton as he is well on his way with getting the 103 assists needed for the striker part of the challenge. The second challenge is. The Manager 1kc This is a challenge I created where we need to get the clubs we manage 1000 goals as quickly as possible and with the best goal difference as well. I am already over half way to 1000 goals so I should get to the magic total but I hope I can improve my current GD (352 atm) and GpG (2.50 atm) significantly before then The 3rd challenge is obviously. The Triple Threat The main one and one I want the most is the Triple Threat so that 1500 goals from three players. The reason for this desire is that I have completed 3 1kc’s in the last couple of years and a Double Trouble as well so a TT is the final challenge I need to get in the Triple Crown hall of fame. I have made a good start with Hamilton, Lyon and Cochrane getting 348 goals in the first four seasons which works out as 87 goals a season. They are over 20 now so hopefully they will increase there goal rate and also I can now focus on Hamilton as my main goalscorer again as he is the best of the three. Hamilton was a stumbling bloke in my aims as he was desperate to leave the club and I did consider leaving and taking the trio else where but I think Lyon and Cochrane are best suited in Wales to get goals. Luckily I remembered we can now talk to players that want to leave so I dragged him in the office and threatened to break his legs if he leaves and it seems to have done the job as he signed a new 5 year deal at a lot less per week than he was asking before. I’m sure he will moan again soon enough but I have him for 5 more years and the club should be better placed by then to offer him much improved terms to carry on with us. So here is a reminder of the three lads and how they look at the start of season 5. I won’t be doing season updates but instead updating as I complete (or fail) each challenge. I expect the updates will be in this order. Manager 1kc Assists Triple Threat Triple Threat Obviously that could change though if significant events occur like a player leaving or if I need to move clubs to carry on my main priority of the TT. Thanks for reading
  10. Obviously been sold and then bought back maybe to get round a contract if he was refusing to sign but we need that information in case some club goals weren’t under your management. The ITN numbers suggest at least some of those goals must have been scored under his management but he clearly isn’t England manager now so we definitely need to know how many of those goals count towards the 1kc. Could be all of them of course if he resigned from England before he took those screenies. All in all we need a lot more information @sammy_davids to be able to add this to the leaderboard as at the moment we don’t know if you actually completed the 1kc yet (Greenwood looks like he has a few seasons left in him anyway so maybe he could hit 1000 club goals anyway if you carried on) and if so what the final total is.
  11. I follow the lazy route as well and it’s simply my players with the highest leadership that are the captains. The only real thought I put into it is that I make they are at least players that will feature in a lot of games so if I had a young or older player with high leadership but he was unlikely to play very often I would pick someone else even if there leadership was lower.
  12. @smoggy90 @Ian @Rob Thanks for the comments lads, hopefully I will be able to announce something soon regarding carrying on with this as a TT 😁
  13. These two haven’t got close to the top of the leaderboard but that was never the aim of the save.