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  1. Foxy

    Condition on latest update

    Having played a good bit more with the hot fix I’m coming to the conclusion that the player condition seems random at times. This has happened on 3 different saves and all players have been on medium intensity training. I can have a run of midweek/weekend games and the players condition can make no sense. After one game they can all recover to between 96-100% and then another time half the XI that played the previous game will be below 90%. It seems like there is no logic to it as I’m playing runs of 2 games a week yet one week they recover the next time many of them don’t. The time of season seems to make no difference either as I have had this happen in early season as well as mid season and late season as well.
  2. Really enjoyed this write up. Good luck and hopefully you can get to Plymouth.
  3. No you can only have 4 nations loaded in a game.
  4. Foxy

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    I reckon there’s a lot more meat than it looks in that picture with some hiding away underneath. Only problem with the greens is the ratio of green beans to broccoli imo.
  5. Foxy

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Fair play that looks good. Is that the work of Susan?
  6. Foxy

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    That’s me fucked then this week as that’s a meal champions by the sounds of it.
  7. Foxy

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Why if it’s good are you going to pop round?
  8. Foxy

    English football

    You weren’t when Browne scored past you the other week.
  9. I think I’m going to need these air miles for a holiday by the time this has finished! So now I have you and @Rob wanting me to lose 😂
  10. Foxy

    Condition on latest update

    But a players condition that we see in a % or with the indicator doesn’t seem to tell us if a player is becoming tired or not as far as I can see. I have had players later in the season who’s condition is around 96%-98% so as you say perfectly playable in a match but if I scroll across to his personal page it will say he is tired which makes me think there is a hidden tired stats. My idea is that our physio would give us an indicator of how tired a player is on one screen (it could even just be on the team selection screen) so we can assess who needs a rest with bigger games coming up. I’m sure I’m not the only one who really appreciates the time you take to gauge all of our opinions on the game that all of us are so clearly passionate about.
  11. Foxy

    Condition on latest update

    So is the indicator linked to the players condition or how tired he is? By that I mean if a player has conditioning of 97% could the indicator be yellow meaning he will not recover quickly after the next game and you might want to rest him or sub him in the 2nd half. I have always gone by the % myself mainly I guess because of the legacy you talk about and the fact it has always been there. As for speed a news item can be ignored especially earlier in the season if the player wants but I definitely get the point.
  12. Foxy

    Condition on latest update

    This might not be something that could be done for this game but maybe for FMM20. Perhaps before a game we could get a news item from our physio which tells us the % condition of each player as a list (I realise this info is in the team selection screen) but more importantly also how tired they are so that we can decide who should be rested, who is getting to the point they might need resting in a few games and who is flying. I hear in real life managers talk about players being in the Red Zone and this list seems like it would be the kind of thing a real life manager might get before a match. It could be as simple as. Green Zone: Player isn’t tired at all. Yellow Zone: Player is starting to get a little jaded and may need a rest in the future but perfectly fit to play if needed in the current match. Red Zone: The player could do with a rest in the next couple of games. This is would be a simple way we could see who is getting tired or not at a glance.
  13. This is a repost of a challenge created by @danovic78 last year so hopefully he will confirm this but... Napoli have never won the CL but did win the UEFA cup when Maradona played for them. I think either trophy is acceptable but as Napoli start in the CL in season 1 it is likely you won’t ever play in the Europa hence why you can win either trophy to complete the challenge.
  14. Great pick of player and the perfect start. Good luck getting a Scottish job.
  15. A new season is upon us and even better we start in a brand new nation after getting wonderfully named Georgia completed at the first attempt in our final league game last season. We started the season with Community Shield which saw us take on Liverpool and beat the Scousers. With that in the bag it was time to pick our next country. Turkey 🇹🇷 We head to the very edge of Europe as we cross the border into Turkey. My pick should be fairly familiar to a lot of English football fans as I went with former Brighton and Sheffield United striker Colin Kazim-Richards who joined from NYCFC for £2.7m. His and our first league game was against Stoke and he got himself a debut goal. The goal came from a corner meaning it was Aouar who got the assist and CK-R got us through Turkey at the first attempt 😁 Luckily I had a plan so I knew who I would go with next. We made the short trip south across the Mediterranean and stopped at.... Cyprus 🇨🇾 Not a bad place to be in August that’s for sure. i had a couple of Cypriots to choose from but I decided to raid our near neighbors and get this fella for £5m from Spurs. Our first player who isn’t natural as a striker and in fact has zero ability in that position. Looking at his attributes and I think you can see why I went for him as he has some good striker attributes. He made his debut against the team that we got him from but he couldn’t get a debut goal unfortunately. The next match was at Villa Park. A crappy draw for us but who cares as Roles got a goal but who got the assist? The assist machine that is Aouar that’s who and we can move on again. We headed back east into Asia and landed in... Lebanon 🇱🇧 We only had one option in Lebanon but he looked very capable to me so I parted with £4.1m for him from Basaksehir in Turkey. We have been on a good run so far with 2 players ticked off in 3 games or actually 3 player in 4 if you count the last game of last season so could Soony keep the run going. Damn straight he could as he scored a penalty in our next game against Burnley and as Davis won the penalty he got an assist so happy days despite another crappy draw. We had two more games until the September international break so I though I would try my luck and see if I could get the next nation completed as well. Israel 🇮🇱 There was a couple of tasty Israeli striker to choose from but I went to an unlikely source for my player as we raided West Yorkshire. Amir Berkovits has come through the ranks at Barnsley and now he makes the move to Arsenal for £900k in an attempt to guide us across his homeland. He is a player with a bit of promise but could he get the job done in the final two matches before we have a little break. The answer was no but he will carry on in the next update and at least after those 2 draws we are back winning matches. Despite this it has been a great run with 3 nations completed in the first 6 games of the season and we are handily places in the table as well. Nations Visted So Far I’m well happy with this update and it has to be our best run of countries per matches so far this save. Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.