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  1. Think of the challenges that could be created if we had that feature😀
  2. Added. Interesting you got no stadium at Monaco. I wonder if its programmed that they can't get a new stadium as its not like there is room in Monaco for an 80,000 seater stadium and they don't have the fan base to fill it anyway.
  3. Not a player I have used this year but I might have to change that at some point as he looks brilliant!
  4. Seems a bit harsh that!
  5. This is building up very nicely indeed. Everything is progressing including the main man and a very tasty goal total this season as well from him. Sunderland watch😂 Selling Armstrong😥
  6. This season I can tick off one of the challenges as Arp only needs 17 goals to get the 1k so unless @samhardy has been using his voodoo doll again and he broke his spine that should be easy enough to tick off. Goretzka could also complete the GaM as well but that would need a miracle as he still has 7 times to tick off. Arp 1Kc We shall start with Arp today. I’m not going to build any suspense as he only needed 17 goals and despite frustratingly sitting on 999 for 2 games he emphatically completed the 1kc on the 5th October when he scored 5 versus Girona. I have to admit getting the 1k is pretty sweet. This idea of this career at first was that it would be a simple 1kc using Arp but then I added Amiri with the assists and @Ashez suggested the GaM to me as well. I guess the GaM has taken over this career a bit as it seems to have captured the imagination of you readers but the 1Kc was always my biggest goal and I now can say I have completed this staple Vibe challenge😀 That said I didn’t rest on my laurels for long as I had a decision to make either I sell Arp as he has done his job and concentrate on the GaM, I keep Arp and hope he is happy with less playing time as I go all in for Leon or I try and find a way to keep both Arp and Leon scoring. I honestly can’t bring myself to get rid of Arp and in fact I want him to get a 1.5k as I know he is good enough for that so it has to be option 3. Arp had a good season in the end as he only missed 2 games all year and finished with 77 goals to his name. Goretzka GaM With my mind made up that I want to keep going with Arp I needed to find a way of getting more goals out of Leon whilst also keeping the goals coming for Arp. I also need to keep in mind that Leon turned 36 this season and the decline in his attributes is starting to take place. Throughout this save I have used a strikerless formation when Arp wasn’t playing and my initial thought was drop Arp and play that as much as I can but with me resetting my goal for Arp I needed to come up with another plan You can see that in the strikerless formation Leon plays as a Treq and it’s a role he loves, lets be honest the guy is a beast and loves every midfield role. I wanted to keep Arp as a poacher as he has played that this entire career and hasn’t gone far wrong so I moved to an asymmetric formation that I used a lot on the PC game around the time of FM15 and FM16. Having Leon offset I hoped him and Arp wouldn’t get in each other’s way to often and also we still have Amiri nice and advanced to get the crosses in. In fact it’s not a big change from my Arp 101 tactic with just Leon moving forward as a Treq instead of his usual AP role and Havertz dropping back as a WM instead of his usual AP on the left wing, I also have a right sided BBM instead of a left sided CM. Goal scoring wise it worked well with Arp getting 77 and Leon beating last years total of 31 by scoring 33 a large amount of them come from FK’s and pens but he does get into the box and score a few as well. It does leave gaps though and hampered results of the team a little as we had a few frustrating score draws in the league. More goals for Leon means more chance of ticking off the final times he needs and he managed to tick 2 times of this year which was awesome and not something I expected. That leaves him with 5 more to get but this is the last year of his contract and his attributes are dropping so let’s hope he doesn’t retire just yet. Just a note why it say A.Madrid B on his history. I pressed the wrong button and demoted him instead of the player interaction so he spent 30 seconds at least in the B team but it still shows up on his history. Amiri vs Havertz Assists challenge Amiri still keeps getting those assists and being the only advanced wide man seemed to suit him as he got 39 assists this year and is now 21 away from 500 for his career. Corners are his main source of assists as even though Arp has poor aerial his excellent movement means he gets a good number of goals at the near post every season as well as other players scoring from corners as well. The biggest obstacle at the moment is that Amiri won’t sign a new contract even if I max out his terms and his ends in the summer so this could be the end of the road for this challenge if he leaves. Havertz had a decent year by his standards but if I stick with the asymmetric he doesn’t really suit it as he lacks the pace to play as a deeper wide man and as he has well and truly lost this challenge to Amiri he might start taking a back seat next season. Any Other Business Transfers Just the one in this year as I brought in a DLP from Valencia whilst an ageing Locatelli left for the potteries. This summer I think I will be busy in the transfer market as I have a few lads who are getting on a bit especially at the back so I plan to rejuvenate the squad with some younger players. Competitions We were a little disappointing in the league this year as we failed to reach the 100 point total for the first time in 10 years. We still got a clean sweep of trophies but I need to make sure that our league form isn’t an indication of a decline in the team. Team stats A side note is that Goretzka has scored 249 goals for me in this save so far and Arp 1060 meaning that they have an unofficial double trouble between them now which is cool even though it isn’t eligible for the leaderboard as Leon plays as a midfielder. As I lost a DT attempt earlier in the year I’m chuffed that I still sort of completed it this year even in an unofficial way. That's 14 seasons completed and I'm still loving this save and plan to continue for a good few seasons yet. Cheer lads
  7. @PriZe @Titjes @Real_Random @RipRip Just under 24hrs to get your scores to me. DEADLINE 5PM UK TIME TOMORROW
  8. Foxy

    FMM18 Bug List

    Really! That's scary I thought the totals stayed correct😳
  9. Foxy

    FMM18 Bug List

    The totals at the bottom is correct for all season though.
  10. Wouldn't have it any other way my friend😆
  11. I was simply agreeing with the OP that he is a great striker and using my career as proof of how good he is😉
  12. Brilliant player! On the verge of scoring 1000 goals for me in this career. https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/41749-foxy-presents-the-teutonic-treble-season-thirteen/?tab=comments#comment-349860
  13. Don't go till next Thursday so plenty of time for you to get me those numbers😉 Smashing it mate and great to see both guys contributing nearly equally.
  14. Good luck @Cockers2505👍 This is one of the challenges I really like the look of but I'm to deep into my Atletico Madrid save to start anything else.
  15. The fact you spent the time to catch up on this is awesome! Thanks @scratch99. The GaM is going to be very tough but then it was always going to be. Agree with you on Arp that a 1.5k needs to be the aim now.