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  1. This download was from a game that’s nearly 6 years old and so is no longer hosted on the site anymore due to it not being worth the cost of hosting a file for such an old game.
  2. Foxy

    English football

    Hard to argue when they do this without him in the stadium.
  3. I will stick with lucky Lukaku and go for 4 goals.
  4. I know how frustrating it can be to try and get GK’s to score so this is a really good total, well done.
  5. Foxy

    English football

    He would have been sacked last season if he wasn’t a club legend as a player.
  6. Can tell you support a team managed by Jose.
  7. All discussion of FMM21 can now move to this thread.
  8. SI have confirmed that FMM21 will be released soon although there is no confirmed date just yet. FM on PC is being released on the 24th November so expect the game to be a similar time. As more information is available I will add it to this post. Vibe is the best place to discuss the new version so it would be great to hear what you all think will be added to the new game or what you are desperate to see changed or improved upon. https://www.footballmanager.com/games/football-manager-2021
  9. Lukaku seems to be doing the business for me so I will stick with him and say 5 goals.
  10. Voted for 1 at the back. This was the last attempt at a Community Tactic and it’s fair to say it wasn’t great 😅
  11. Foxy

    European Football

    A team in Estonia subbed a player off 10 seconds after KO last night. The squad rules in Estonia say that there must be 2 homegrown players in the starting XI but the club had a number of players out because of Corona and injury so they had to pick a 16 year old to start who then immediately was brought off.
  12. Great total in the end especially with no ITN 👏🏻