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  1. Great effort @Ian but really unlucky with the CL final. After your performance on Hole 1 I fancy you to do well on the next hole though with all those clean sheets needed.
  2. Foxy

    English football

    Nice choice of words.
  3. Funnily enough Sam is doing this weeks challenge....
  4. I certain Black Cat from the beautiful city of Sunderland never forgets anything.
  5. With everyone’s results in now it’s likely that @samhardy will post the results tomorrow although don’t expect them before late afternoon/evening.
  6. My turn to post first this hole so let’s see if I can put some pressure on @Ian with a good score. This is a tricky hole as the squad is limited in size to 30 and 15 of them have to be American or Asian, then throw in that each month I need to demote my two highest AvR players and can’t replace them until by the end of the season I have a tiny squad. I wasn’t so daunted by it though as I have done these types of challenges before in various community events so I know my way round them but there is only so my experience that can help when you get started. The Squad I heavy on the Americans as there was some real quality players to be had but I did get some Asians as well. The Season Remember that the scoring of this challenge is based on how many trophies I win with a birdie only being achieved if I win the whole lot. August The first opportunity to blow a birdie chance came in August with both the Charity Shield and Super Cup. With a full squad available though I had two comfortable wins in both games. The first two players to go were striker Nmecha and Mbappe. I could have kept Mbappe back I guess you not playing him but he is that good that as soon as I did play him he would go that month and he would have just got unhappy if he didn’t play. September It wasn’t a great start to the CL with a draw but we made a decent start to the League Cup with a comfortable win. The League Cup game was handy as I was able to play a few 2nd choice players and still win and then lose two FBs this month instead of any of the attackers. October Last season I went unbeaten in the league but by October I had already lost twice which was a shame as I wanted to get a good lead and win the league early before the squad was really depleted later on. Another couple of attackers went down to the reserves this month so it’s a good job I have plenty. November We progressed in the CL this month but it will be interesting to see if that 9-0 win makes a difference to which players were demoted this month. Again it was attackers who were demoted although Dilrosun is getting on a bit now so despite his good AvR he wasn’t so much of a lose as someone like Haaland will be. December The wins just keep on coming as do the goals which is great but it means a good chance that I will lose more attacking players. One bonus is that I can promote two players back into the squad from my reserves at the end of the month though. It was another striker going this month along with the versatile Dest who has played both up front and at left and right back so far. I decided I would keep Dest in my first team and the other player promoted was a striker called Saghafi. January January was a huge month and with the league form going well I put more emphasis on the cup games by resting players which lead to a loss and draw but also we won all three cup games so it was relatively successful. Saghafi didn’t last long but then I never really expected him to but he protected Haaland for another month. February The league was pretty much secured by this point as I had over a 10 point lead so the main focus is to make sure I keep progressing in the CL and FA Cup which I did. Haaland did me and huge favour by having a shocker against Inter in the first half and was on a 5 at half time so I brought him off and it helped him keep out of trouble again this month along with a CB putting in some good performances which saw him go with just 4 games played. March This is the month I can get another trophy won and forgotten about in the league cup and luckily we blitzed Arsenal to keep on course for a birdie along with wins in the CL and FA Cup. After just missing out a few times Haaland finally got demoted at the end of this month along with Dest again. April A lot of games this month and some vital ones as well with CL matches that I must win and an FA Cup semi which again is must win. We scraped past Arsenal in the FA Cup and with a 1-0 win over Liverpool in the semi first leg we have a chance in the CL as well. I was lucky that my last striker made it to the final month of the season but the squad is small now and two midfielders leaving makes life tough. May The league was won by this stage and maybe not in the style I have been used to but still comfortable enough. The squad was struggling for fitness towards the end of the month as shown by the final three league games but we did scrape through to the CL final as we grabbed a draw at Anfield although we left it quite late. That means we had two finals to try and get a hard earned birdie.
  7. Going really well @MikeF in fact so well I think you deserve to chill out Adonis style.
  8. Nice start and I’m sure Haaland and yourself will get this wrapped up in no time at all.
  9. Some really interesting options in here to spice up a 1kc. Nice work @Kanegan
  10. Season 3 - Update 1 Thank you for your comment @smoggy90. I ended season 2 still in Greece with 6 goals needed from Donis before I could move on. Greece 🇬🇷 ST - 6 More Goals Required This was what he looked like going into the season and I think I might keep hold of him once he has finished as he looks pretty good now. It didn’t take him long to get the final goals he needed as I had the CWC which provided 3 goals before the season had even started even if I was done over by PSG just as they had done in the CL final a month before. That left just 3 goals to get and he knocked them off in the first three games. It took him 12 games to get the 10 goals he needed which is far from prolific but he got the job done in the end. Cyprus 🇨🇾 CM/WB/DM/WM 5 Goals Required I found another gem in the island of Cyprus or at least in North London as he joined from Spurs. He doesn’t have much quality as a striker but I still think he will get the job done with minimum fuss. Nine games is ok and he even got an extra goal just in case during his final match. Our form is looking good as well and it would be silly for me to change a winning tactic. Turkey 🇹🇷 CB 2 Goals Required My Turkish CB is probably familiar to many of you as he is a good signing in this years game I believe and I wanted to try him out myself so he will be definitely staying once he gets the goals and playing in his best position to see how he develops. You know I said above that it would be silly to change a winning tactic? Thats what I did though and a loss and draw later it wasn’t looking a good decision. A 10-0 win with a brace from Kabek made it look a bit better though so time will tell. Bulgaria 🇧🇬 GK 1 Goal Required It’s time to head back into the heart of Europe and from Turkey the best route is into Bulgaria. I never see much point spending big on a GK as it seems to make little difference in how quick they score so I spent £45k on this guy. It took him 10 games to get his goal but the main story is in the CL as I crashed out in the group stage after making the final last year. The loss to Shakhtar and then home and away defeats to Arsenal did for me and although we rallied with a win over Standard and a 6-0 annihilation of Shakhtar its wasn’t enough. It’s back to the Europa for us after winning it in season 1. It was a penalty that got Bulgaria completed. Penalties always seem a cheap way to complete a nation with a GK but hey a goals and a goal and it always leads me to do a little dance across the living room when I get that sweet sweet GK goal. I head into the Balkans next and it’s back to another striker.
  11. In Mobile the PPMs can change based on how a players attributes change so for example if a player improves in passing and creativity they might gain the “tries killer balls” PPM. So training certain attributes can lead a player to lose or gain different PPMs.
  12. I followed the instructions in the OP.
  13. These aren’t issues I’ve experienced. You are best to report them in the bug thread so that the staff at SI have a chance to respond.