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  1. Foxy

    English football

    This is how player managers should be dressed.
  2. Scores are pouring in now as someone else finishes!
  3. No that’s not true. He has been managing Hertha as he should but he’s been playing Soccer Manager to do it!
  4. The pitch designer idea speaks to me in a deep and almost primordial way although you can get piss off if you think I’m letting cows all over my pristine mowed pitch!
  5. No need to pray as this challenge is a piece of piss tbh.
  6. I wondered why you agreed to come out of retirement for this 😮
  7. I'm not sure I want to do anything with your “scraggly ass” tbh mate!
  8. FoxBet paid good money to sponsor that odds post and you can’t even get it right 🤬
  9. Did you have any jelly and ice cream?
  10. Huge clue in the first few sentences of the write up 😉
  11. Challenge 1: The Lads from Luxembourg Nestled between Germany, France and Belgium Luxembourg is one of Europe’s smallest nations and has a population of approx 600k people which is roughly the same as Glasgow. They do have a long history of playing football with there first international match coming in 1910 when they lost to France 4-1. Unfortunately that loss was a sign of things to come and they have remained one of the weakest teams in Europe. They first tried to qualify for the World Cup in 1934 and since then have been in the qualifying stage of every World Cup but have yet to ever qualify. In that entire time they have only won 5 World Cup qualifying matches and no team has tried more times to get to a World Cup without actually qualifying at least once. Your job in this challenge is to build the spine of a team out of players from Luxembourg and play a full season with your assigned club. When you take over at your club you must first sell, demote or return to parent club the highest value GK,CB,CM,ST in your squad. These players must be the highest value player that is light green in those positions and cannot be used at any point in the season. You will replace these four players with Luxembourgers. These players must play every league game unless injured or suspended. With the correct leagues loaded you should have approx 16 players available. You must sign four backup players and they must be used if your Luxembourgers are unable to play. These players can be any nationality but they must be 16 or younger when purchased. No other transfers are allowed into the club. Points Your score will be League points + GD and in the event of a tie it will be the team which conceded the least goals between both members. Club Choice Both team members will be competing in the Bundesliga for this full season challenge. Team Member 1: Hanover @samhardy @smoggy90 @Rob @Kanegan @Ashez Team Member 2: Hertha Berlin @1759 @Woody @Mr Tree @DutchTony Rules No editing in anyway. No reloading. No unlockables EME only Screenshots must be submitted in your team PM. If myself or 1759 have any suspicions we may ask for the save and failure to provide it will mean elimination. Failure to submit a score will mean a 0 and will massively let down your teammate. Have fun. Screenshots required Luxembourg players attributes at the end of the season and player history. Backup players attributes on day they are bought. Attributes screen of the highest value players you dispose of. Transfer history. League table. Manager profile and history. Squad by order of appearances at end of the season. Deadline: 8pm UK Time Saturday 25th May 2019 Good Luck