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  1. Jumping the gun a bit bit but I think it’s safe to say well done on the 1.5k 😁
  2. Foxy

    How to manage 🇰🇵

    They are only available on the Nov DB and I think you need to load Korea,China, Russia and then another major euro league.
  3. I agree with @Ian nothing wrong with beating Liverpool twice, Man City, Spurs and Barca without conceding and scoring 9 goals in the process. You won’t win every game 4-0 and it looks like you are on the right track to me so stick with the tactic and keep on improving the squad. Patience is the key.
  4. Foxy

    English football

    I honestly can’t see how that isn’t a goal and if this is the way it’s going it’s going to be fucking ridiculous.
  5. Considering the slow start they made the boys really did you proud in the end.
  6. Since Vibe came into being in 2010 hundreds of challenges have been created that have produced new ways of enhancing the FMM and Vibe experience as we share our latest exploits on here. The most popular challenges tend to involve plenty of goals as lets face it they are the best part of football. It's safe to say that three challenges have really caught the imagination far more than any others and this hall of fame will celebrate those of you who have completed all three of Vibes trademark goalscoring challenges. Those challenges are of course (click the challenge title for the OP). The 1KC: Pick one striker and get him to score 1000 or more goals under your management before he retires. Double Trouble: Two strikers playing up front together with the aim of a combined 1200 career goals. Triple Treat: Three strikers and 1500 goals the target for this one. To get your name into the hall of fame you have to have completed all three challenges. This isn't game specific so you may have already completed all three on previous versions of the game, you may have done one or two or not completed any but you can still join the hall of fame once you have. This hall post will be moved to the next games forum and will continue from there so you will always have your place in Vibe history if you get your name in the hall of fame. Rules You must follow the rules of the specific challenges so make sure you read the OP's. The three challenges can have been completed on different saves and old or future versions of the game. You will need to prove you completed each challenge and will only make the hall of fame with solid evidence. This can be screenshots but even better is to start a career on Vibe for us to follow. If you have already completed all three challenges you can comment with a link to all three careers and take your rightful place in the hall of fame. Have fun. Hall of Fame This is listed by the order people posted there submissions and not who completed first or scored the most goals. @Ashez @danovic78 @Ian Thanks for reading and all comments are completed.
  7. I’m delighted that you got him to sign a new deal so onwards and upwards now!!!
  8. @Ian@Ran7777@Kanegan@samhardy Cheers lads.
  9. A Foxy and Son DT: Season 1 Back in late winter and spring despite the constant updates from SI moving the goalposts I completed a 1kc with Alexsandar Mitrovic which can be found here. After 14 seasons Mitro hung up his boots and rode off into the sunset to enjoy his retirement. That then unlocked my son regen so let me introduce you to Tyler Fox. As soon as I saw him I knew I wanted to give a son challenge a go but I wasn’t sure what I actually wanted to do except I didn’t want to do another 1kc. I did consider the 200 goal international challenge as I had managed to get the England job but in the end the motivation wasn’t there to continue the save after 14 years. I saved a back up on iCloud and then forgot about it for a couple of months. That motivation is back and I have decided to go for a Double Trouble. The premise of the challenge is simple. Two strikers with the goal of scoring 1200 career goals between them. That means that the digital Foxy Jr needs a partner. No prizes for guessing who this guy is a regen of. I’m not sure how well Foxy Jr will develop so I decided he needed some real quality alongside him so here is that quality in the shape of Connor Adams who joined from Leeds for £30m. He already had 45 goals for club and country when he joined which is very promising for an 18 year old. My plan was to move on from Barca taking Foxy Jr with me and then signing Adams but no jobs came up that I liked the look of so I will either do a season at Barca which will be my 15th with them and then move on or I will stick with Barca for the duration. Moving on definitely appeals to me as I can then build a new team around these lads at a new club but time will tell on that. In the meantime this is the goals of the save. Complete the DT It would be great to get at least one of these lads (preferably Foxy Jr) to 1k but that depends if I can get a tactic that really works well. Complete 30 seasons in a save for the first time ever. Season 1 The squad at Barca was pretty well set so it was just an adjustment of the tactic and I added a few new players to suit that. Of course being season 15 they are all regens. The biggest question mark for me was how well Foxy Jr would develop. He started the season very slowly as he was well below the ability required to play in this team but as he got better the goals started to come. He grew his attributes well over the season especially his aerial, shooting and movement but I don’t tgink he is ever going to have great pace or stamina so he will need to have his game time managed closely if that’s the case. Adams developed as expected and is looking quality. Competitions We didn’t quite win the clean sweep this season as we lost the opening game of the season in the European Super Cup as I was trying to bed in the tactic. It wasn’t a bad year on the whole though. England England duty was all about qualifying for the Nations League finals which we did and then made the final against Holland. It’s the World Cup at the end of next season as well so qualifying has started for that. We have some work to do but with games in hand I’m not too worried. Foxy Jr and Adams As Foxy Jr develops Adams is always going to be the main man for goals and that proved to be the case this season as well. Adams did have a couple of injuries though and I hope that isn’t a sign of things to come although the physios aren’t worried. In the end it was a hugely positive season as they hit a combined 98 goals between them. Foxy Jr started slowly but after Xmas he hit his stride and was banging a lot more in at least for Barca if not England. Foxy Jr: 33gls Adams: 65gls Total: 98 goals This was the perfect start although if I want a 1k from Foxy Jr he needs to really up his goal numbers as he will need at least double this seasons total of 33 to stand a chance. I will be actively pursuing a new job this summer though so hopefully a club with the resources to buy the guys will need a manager as I feel a new club will freshen the save up a bit more for me. I have Spain, England, France and Germany loaded so plenty of options although I won’t stay in Spain and England would be my preferred destination. One Final Bit of Business In my Mitro save Javairo Dilrosun was my main assister after the first few seasons and got me an entry on the assists challenge leaderboard. He had planned to retire at the end of this season but I convinced him to continue but unfortunately he wouldn’t resign for Barca and I never got a new job before he had moved to Leipzig. I could buy him back I guess but I think I will let him play out his career as he sees fit. He had 21 assists this season which was brilliant as he was more of a back up now his pace has gone and he finishes his career with me on 358 assists so I can update the leaderboard. Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  10. True but I had already done a 1kc before so I had an idea of what I wanted to do and how to do it. If someone’s learning you are better of making it a bit easier with a young un. I would look for a player that is or will be quick, have good movement, shooting and aerial. Then I would play them as an AF but tbh AF or P will get you a 1kc if your player is good and the squad is world class and set up to feed the front man.
  11. You have zero creativity in the team. If you want lots of goals from a single striker the rest of the team need to be working for that player. You have IF’s who will create but they will want to cut inside and shoot for goal themselves just as much, a BWM is simply going to win the ball back and pass it sideways. The types of roles that will be more creative are. AP W WB DLP I would also suggest that Martial is a bit old if that’s the player you are looking to do a 1kc with and you would be better looking for a teenager and then building a squad around him for a few years as he improves. This article from @PriZe is from last years game but it’s still relevant.
  12. Foxy

    Financial Status

    All the challenges can be continued if you complete them.
  13. Foxy

    Financial Status

    Why not start a challenge career as there is a built in challenge called austerity measures which puts any club you choose to manage into financial difficulties.
  14. Great team performance and not bad from Fullkrug as well but El Ghazi 😱
  15. Well done on the 1kc but it’s a shame it is all going wrong now. Maybe a club change or the old sell him, buy him back trick could save the day?
  16. Season 9 and 10 The last update left this save in mid October of 2040 or season 9 of the challenge. Foxy Jr had smashed in the goal which had completed the DT before him and Adams added a few more to give me a total of 1204 goals for the leaderboard. As I said in the last update that means it is now all about getting Foxy Jr and Adams to the 1k’s. Foxy Jr needs to average around 65 goals a season to get there and Adams needs around 42 goals a season so it’s very achievable. What I do need to do is make sure I don’t upset one or the other through lack of game time but also without compromising there goal totals. With that in mind Foxy Jr is my number 1 and he will start the most games from now on for both club and country with then Adams coming on once Foxy either has the goals he needs that game or after 60-70 minutes but he will also start every 3rd match. Season 9 We continued our love hate relationship with Chelsea this season as we beat them in the Community Shield but they then knocked us out the FA Cup for the second season in a row. My reserves lost to Lyon in the Super Cup as the rest of my squad were with there international teams but we won the League Cup, League and CL as usual. The change to one up top seemed to suit both lads as they both exceeded the targets I set them. Having the England job helps massively though now as Foxy Jr had 65 club goals but he then added 18 England goals as well and had 83 in total whilst Adams hit 50 in the league and then just 4 for England but it’s more than enough. I also managed to keep both players happy with there game time which is a bonus. Season 10 Chelsea continued you piss me off in the FA Cup this season as again we drew them although this time in the final and they did us 2-0! We seem to beat them in any other competitions including a 4-0 win in the Community Shield but in the FA Cup they have beat us 3 seasons in a row now. With England we had the job of defending our World Cup. At the beginning I said how many gaols the guys needed per season to complete the 1kc’s and we again exceeded those totals which is perfect as it brings the season totals needed down and means there is more leeway if one of them has a nasty injury or there attributes fall off a cliff in there final seasons. Foxy Jr had his first 100 goal season although that includes England games as he scored 84 for Man City and then 20 for England. He now needs just over 54 goals a season for the final 6 seasons to hit the 1kc. Adams again was happy to come off the bench and start very few games and he is quite the super sub. He hit 47 for club and 9 for country and is now 201 goals away from the 1kc which works out at just 33.5 goals a season. A very successful couple of seasons. Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  17. The Oxford United Golden Years Challenge I wanted to make a challenge to celebrate the golden age of my own club and if it gets a few of you playing a save with Oxford then great. In 1983 Oxford where still a third division (League One) club but with the expert management of Jim Smith and then Maurice Evans Oxford went from the third tier to the top tier and our only major honour in the space of three seasons. A run that included winning both the third and second divisions and then culminated in a glorious day at Wembley as we beat QPR (who Jim Smith had joined as manager in the summer) 3-0 to lift the League Cup. We where relegated two seasons later and have never returned to the top flight, so can you bring the good times back. Your job in this challenge is to equal or better the achievements of Oxford's mid 80's team. The 1980's was a time before we had a huge number of players coming from abroad to play in English football. To reflect this your squad must be made up of only British or Irish players for the full three seasons of this challenge. Season 1: You must win League 1. If you don't win the league it's challenge over. Season 2: You must win the Championship. If you don't win the league it's challenge over. Season 3: You must win a major domestic cup (FA Cup or League Cup) and avoid relegation. If you fail to win a cup or get relegated its challenge over. You will score 2 points for every place you finish above 18th place. E.g. If you won the league you would get 32 points. Bonus points: If one of your strikers scores more than Oxford's real life top scorers in the same season (in all competitions) you get the number of goals your striker scores as points. So season one you need 25+ goals, season 2 you need 35+ goals and season 3 32+ goals Points Your league points for each season + your goal difference for each season. In season 3: 2 points for every league place above 18th. Your top goal scorers goal total if he scores more than Oxford's top scorer in the corresponding season. Fail to win the league/cup get relegated or sacked: -25 points and the challenge is over. Rules If you fail to win the league in either season one or two then its challenge over. Cup wins in season one or two don't count. You must win a domestic cup in season 3. Top goal scorer is in all compeitions. English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish or Irish players only. OME or EME No unlockables at any point during the save. No editing, reloading or cheating in anyway Post a career thread on vibe with screenshots as proof. Have fun. Leaderboard @Foxy 494 points Thank you for reading and come on you yellows!
  18. Foxy

    Moving game to a new phone

    I’m not sure if the unlockables transfer so that you can use them in a new save or not. I think to keep them there is a config file that you need to transfer as well but I’m not sure on its exact location as I haven’t done it before.
  19. Foxy

    Moving game to a new phone

    If you just want the save then you just need to backup the save file which you will find in the games file of the SI folder. Once you have the game on your new phone you just put that file into the same folder on that device.
  20. Vibe Community Events 2018/19 It’s time to reveal what events we have coming up this year for you all to get involved in. This schedule was worked out following extensive discussions by myself and @samhardy and hopefully will get the balance right between having some fun events throughout the year but also not burning us all out in the process. We have a mix of events each one having a different format to keep things interesting. The full details are in the graphic below but the basic formats will be like this. The OME Cup: An OME only event that will be run in an FA Cup straight KO format. The Vibe Premier League: Run in a league format involving H2H’s each week. The Vibe World Cup: Teams of 2 looking to bring glory to there nation. The CC: The biggest and toughest of all Vibe competitions. You will notice that all except The OME Cup are invitation only events. Don’t worry this isn’t a closed shop and if you have contributed to Vibe through the year with careers and other posts you are likely to get an invitation to take part. In the past we have had people appear from nowhere to take part in events and then disappear just as quick and the invitation system is to hopefully prevent that happening. The next event will be The Challenge Cup and more details will be released in August.
  21. Fullkrug 😍 El Gharzi 💩 I’m sure you will get them both firing though so good luck.
  22. @Ian @Kanegan @Woody @Rob @Ran7777 @smoggy90 Thanks guys. I would have loved to boost the DT score more but at this moment it seems better to aim for the double 1k.
  23. Will you not be tantalising our taste buds with a player reveal @Rob?
  24. Some excellent totals in a relatively short amount of seasons is really impressive. Well done and I have added you to the board 😀
  25. My own DT attempt is complete.