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  1. Welcome to the Vibe World Cup 2019. This is the 2nd edition of this team competition with the Welsh combo of @Taff and @Nucleuswinning last years final and @PriZe taking the Golden Mobile award for the competitions top points scorer. We won’t be seeing any of those guys this year with Taff and PriZe both AWOL and Nuke taking a break from competitive events. This means a new name will be on both trophies in 5 weeks time. I will be sharing hosting duty’s with 1759 this year and I want to thank him for his excellent input so far and taking some of the burden of posting from me. The Format We have 5 teams representing nations from around the world but before we meet them let me run you through the format that the tournament will be taking. Week 1: The pressure is on straight away as week 1 will be a qualifying phase with all 5 teams trying to secure a place in the group stage. The team with the worst score will be heading home this week. Weeks 2-4: This will be a 3 week group stage as teams battle for a place in the final. All 4 teams will compete against one another with points awarded for the best score (5 points) all the way to the worst (1 point) for each challenge. Week 5: The top 2 teams in the group stage will go through to the final where they will face off for the title of world champions. The Teams Each team is made up of two Vibers so let’s meet the teams. I sent Vibes roving reporter Sexy Sue to find out a little more information on the members of each team. So let’s meet the competitors. Scotland The Scots make there VWC debut this year and they will be looking to perform better than the national football team as they have never made it past a World Cup group stage. At first glance these lads don’t seem the most Scottish but delve deeper and it tells a different story. @samhardy: We all know Sam as a true lad of the North East but he has his roots in the highlands of Scotland. In fact he may or may not be able to claim he is a direct descendant of Bonnie Prince Charlie and he may or may not be currently in the process of raising an army for another Jacobite rebellion. Either way he loves Irn-Bru and has a lot of family in Scotland and that’s good enough for us. @1759: It’s a North East love in for Team Scotland as my co host completes the team. Just like Sam though 1759 has roots and family north of the border and even his display name on Vibe reflects his Scottish roots. Some say he is named after the year that Scottish poet Robert Burns was born whilst others say that 1759 is actually the number of cans of Tennents Super he drinks every week. England England were beaten finalists last year and the boys are back for another tilt at the title with both Rob and Woody again representing the nation that gave the world the “beautiful game”. @Rob: You will all know Rob as the undisputed king of strikerless football but what you may not know is that he is the real life James Bond. He mainly operates in the South West of England trying to foil the plots of the Cornish and there plans to conquer England. He can often also be found frolicking in the waves on Weymouth beach with his latest female assistant after another plot has been prevented. @Woody: The Pele of the Potteries is very much the elder statesman of Vibe and can call the former Man Utd player Alan Smith as well as Robbie Williams and Phil “The Power” Taylor close personal friends. What you may not know is that Woodys first job was on the titanic and in an interview given in 1920 he said this about that time “I was gutted when that ship sank as I loved being it’s captain”. Japan The Japanese make there VWC debut this year and will be hoping to mark it with victory. @Ashez: Where would Vibe be without the input of this man over the years?!? He is also venerated in the land of the rising sun with statues in town squares and a national holiday every year on his birthday. This may surprise you that a nation could so love a normal lad from Shrewsbury but a recent report on this phenomenon in the Financial Times shed light on the subject with it stating. Over the years Ashley Sale has become vital to the Japanese economy simply by virtue of the amount of Nintendo games and paraphernalia he buys every year. Estimates by Tokyo University state that his spending alone is worth £9.2b to the Japanese economy. @Foxy: My hope is that some of Ashez fame and glory will reflect back onto me. Czechia Another new team joins the party. @smoggy90: After a strong performance in the VPL this year Smoggy will be looking to maintain that form in the VWC. Smoggy is a man who enjoys many of Czechia exports especially the Staropramen and in fact enjoys the city of Prague so much he “accidentally” missed his flight on his last visit just to fit in more drinking time. @Mr Tree: Legend has it that a wandering Irish Bard planted an acorn whilst visiting the town of Staines on the outskirts of London. As that sapling grew he dreamed of the forests of Central Europe and the beer of Bohemia which would help him grow into a mighty oak. That’s why he uprooted himself in 2008 and moved to the Czech Republic so that he could plant a few wild acorns of his own. Brazil You can’t have a World Cup without the Brazilians but we aren’t exactly brimming with them round here especially as FMM isn’t for sale over there. Luckily the powers that be have rushed through passports for 2 of our members and put them up in all expenses paid penthouses over looking Copacabana beach for the duration of there participation in the tournament. @Kanegan:Despite taking Brazilian citizenship for this event Kanegan is still a proud Indian and he is hoping that he can be successful in the VWC and take some of his homelands attention away from the Cricket and onto football for awhile. In an interview with Sexy Sue he said “Well, the popularity of ISL i.e the franchise based competition similar to IPL has been increasing with every passing year and of course my country has already fallen head over heels in love after seeing my managerial skills and posting my 1st ever 1KC”. @DutchTony: Speculation has been rife since Dutchtony joined Vibe as to just how Dutch Tony actually is. Sexy Sue spent 6 months digging around into his past and found absolutely nothing so instead just put this question to Tony and he was forthright with his answer “With my dad being from Cape Town South Africa, there will be the obvious Dutch connection if you go back far enough but that's about it. The reason for the nickname - One day many moons ago I was chatting with some friends about my dad's background and the history of his country. I was also wearing a bright orange T shirt at the time similar to the Dutch National Team. Out of nowhere someone piped up - "Hey Dutch Tony", And the name just stuck. How Dutch am I? Not very...“ That ladies and gentlemen is your 5 teams that will be looking to be crowned world champions. Golden Mobile Award The Golden Mobile award will be presented at the end of the tournament to the competitor that scores the most points across all the challenges. Team Member Numbers One final piece of business is the matter of each competitors team member number. In each challenge you and your teammate will be using different teams or players. This ensures some variety in the competition and also stops both teammates just doing the same thing. You are all numbered either 1 or 2 and I have already told you in your team PM what number you are but just to remind you here they are again. Team Members Number 1: @samhardy, @Rob, @Ashez, @smoggy90, @Kanegan Team Members Number 2: @1759, @Woody, @Foxy, @Mr Tree, @DutchTony The first challenge will go live tomorrow so in the mean time banter amongst yourself.
  2. The time has come to reveal who will be crowned this years Vibe World Cup Champions. The final saw Scotland represented by @samhardy and @1759 take on the Japanese team of @Ashez and myself. The final challenge was a bit complicated so I won’t bore you with the details now. If you do need to recap this link will take you to that post. https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/43484-vibe-world-cup-2019-the-final-scotland-v-japan/?do=findComment&comment=384320 With this being quite a detailed challenge it will be difficult for me to give you all the details of each competitors attempt but hopefully I can do you all justice and keep it easy to read. One final thing to say is this was a tough challenge with the squad getting steadily worse as the months went on so it is a huge credit to all 4 competitors that no one got sacked. So enough of that lets reveal the score and crown our champions. 1759: Leyton Orient Club choice was always going to play a factor in this final and Ian played a blinder going with Orient who have the best squad in the National League and have a good chance of cup runs in both the FA Cup and FA Trophy as well. This is the 2 XIs that Ian put together and an interesting formation as well. A key part of this challenge was the cup games I think because they give the bonus points on top of league games as well. This is probably where Ian struggled a bit although he did get through 2 FA cup rounds before being knocked out by Fleetwood. In the FA Trophy he faired a little better as he won 3 matches before Aldershot did for him in round 4 although that means he still missed out on some potential points especially with the 2 legged semi final. In the league Ian met all club expectations by winning the league with a very healthy 96 points including 30 wins, 6 draws and 10 defeats. All this added up to a score of.... 1759: 111 points Certainly not the perfect season but a good start for the Scots nonetheless. Ashez: PSG How could the Japanese respond? @Ashez was the first from Team Japan to submit. He choose to go down the big club route and opted for PSG with the reasoning that they already had a good spine of eligible players already at the club and an abundance of money to complete the squad. This coupled with 38 league games and then 3 different cup competitions means he could get plenty of point scoring opportunities. This was his teams. Ash had a good run in both domestic cups as he reached the final of the League Cup losing to Nice and the semi final of the FA Cup but succumbed to St Ettiene. In the Champions league he got out of a group involving Roma, Porto and Malmo to set up a game with Schalke. Despite registering a win in the first leg he eventually went out on away goals in the round of 16 as his squad started to deplete. Squad depletion was certainly in evidence towards the end of the league season as well with 7 of his 9 league defeats coming from March onwards. This left Ashez with 108 points This means that at the half way point Scotland have a narrow 3 point lead in the final. Scotland: 111 points Japan: 108 points samhardy: Crusaders Just as in the VPL final Sam went with a team in Northern Ireland due to the ridiculous number of cups and potential matches they have in there league. This was his squad. In a shocking turn of events Sam didn’t win every tinpot trophy going in Northern Ireland as he lost in the final of the prestigious Steel & Sons Cup and also got knocked out the Irish Cup in the semi final stage. He did win 3 other cups and make the group stage of the Europa League picking up a famous win over AA Gent in that one. In the league it was a procession with just 4 draws and 4 lost games to blemish his record as he won the league with 96 points. All this added up to... 173 points That gives Scotland a total of 284pts. Foxy: Sunderland That means I would need to score 177 points in order for Japan to win the final. What we needed was a hero and I felt I was the perfect man to fit the bill and break Scottish hearts. I choose Sunderland due to the large number of league games and the Checkatrade trophy. On top of that I also had the league cup and FA Cup so plenty of games with 60+ matches more than possible. Sunderland also have some good reserves and excellent facilities so I felt the squad I could build would do well week in week out versus teams like Luton 🤮 This was my squad. The only problem with the cups is you have to rely on a favourable draw. I didn’t worry about the first few rounds as I felt I could beat any team in leagues 1 and 2 but after that it could be tricky. As it turned out that was the case as we lost to both Newcastle and Everton in the 3rd rounds of the League Cup then FA Cup respectively. The Checkatrade went much better though as I got maximum points winning the final against Gillingham. The league was in a funny way similar to Sunderland’s actual season as we drew a lot of games but were very difficult to beat. I did do better than Ross the Boss managed though with 111 league points. That all added up to Golden Mobile Some Stats That brings to a close this years VWC. I hope everyone has enjoyed it whether you took part or were just watching. I would like to thank you all as this was a great event which seems to have gone pretty smoothly. The biggest thanks from me is reserved for @1759 though for taking co host duties with me. He came up with some great challenges and was an excellent sounding board for my ideas as well. Considering I moved house halfway through this event his input and hosting duties meant that this event was able to take place so he deserves huge amounts of credit for that. Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  3. The Neil Warnock Promotion Challenge This is a simple challenge and is in a similar vain to The New Stadium Challenge in that you can play the game in almost anyway you want and with almost any team you want and still get onto the leaderboard. In case you don’t know who Neil Warnock is he is currently in charge of Cardiff City and is the arguably the most successful lower league manager in the history of English football based on the number of promotions he has won in his 35 year. He has won 8 promotions with 7 different clubs. Scarborough: The Football Conference winner 1986/87 Notts County: Football League Division 3 Playoff winner 1989/90 Notts County: Football League Division 2 Playoff winner 1990/91 Huddersfield: Football League Division 2 Playoff winner 1994/95 Plymouth Argyle: Football League Division 3 Playoff winner 1995/96 Sheffield Utd: Championship runner up 2005/06 QPR: Championship winners 2010/11 Cardiff: Championship runners up 2017/18 He is also an interesting character who has a tendency to fall out with people so his Wiki is well worth a read. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Warnock The Challenge Every time you win promotion with a club in any save you can have it added to the leaderboard. This can be with any club in any lower league in the game and the promotion can be via league position or winning a playoff and the promotions don’t all have to be from the same save. Simply post the required screenshots in this thread or start a career thread so we can follow your progress. Proof of promotions are required. Rules No editing of any sort including hex or IGE. No unlockables unless earned in the save. No reloading. Have fun. Leaderboard @Mr Tree: 15 Promotions @BigAl: 13 Promotions @danovic78: 12 Promotions @Cockers2505: 11 Promotions @malekhit: 7 Promotions @Kanegan: 6 Promotions @geordiekrispy: 6 Promotions @Scratch: 3 Promotions @Foxy: 2 Promotions @Yung.Gabe: 1 Promotion @geordiekrispy
  4. No although I am the only one not finished. Results should be tomorrow evening.
  5. Welcome to a career which is going to run alongside my 80 Games save. Over the Xmas holidays and into the new year I did a save with Fulham where I first kept them up and then tried to win the league the following season (it can be found here). When I took over at Fulham when of the players I knew I wouldn’t need or use was Aleksandar Mitrovic as he didn’t fit into mine and @AshezGegenpressing tactic. This was despite the fact that Mitro is a quality striker both in game and I think in real life as well. I am going to correct this slight on him that I made in that save by using him in an attempt to join @Robs Vibe 2019 ‘100’ Club. This is the exclusive club that you can only join by getting a player to score 100 or more goals in a season. That total has so far eluded me on FMM19 and in fact I have only achieved it once when Fiete Arp scored 101 goals for me last year in a completed 1kc. I am also not going to dismiss the prospect of getting a 1kc with Mitro as well but as he turns 24 at the beginning of the first season that is a risky target as I essentially have 10 seasons if he can keep his attributes into his early 30’s. The first target is 100+ goals and if I can consistently get 90+ in the first couple of seasons then we can look towards getting him to that 1k. The risk is that a big injury that could destroy a season would also destroy the 1kc attempt as well. Sod it let’s think big!!! This is an attempt to join the 100 club with as good a goals to games ratio as we can but also we are after a Mitro 1kc as well. Mitro already has 74 goals in his career so we are looking to get his total goals to 1074 for his career. We need to hit the ground running in this save and there is no time to mess about building a squad over the first couple of years like you would with a teenager you are looking to get a 1kc with. With that in mind we are off to Barcelona as they have a transfer budget of £200m. Mitro is a player that should thrive on crosses into the box so the tactic will try to exploit that but it also means I have some major squad building to do as Barca aren’t a team that is built that way. They have an abundance of inside forwards and some good strikers like Messi and Suarez. This is perfect though as I can get rid of them or use them as bargaining tools to get the players I want. I will be looking for players who are at or near their peak as we don’t have time for wonderkids in this save or at least not too many. I hope you will join me in our quest and all comments are appreciated.
  6. Just a possibility as it doesn’t worry me much when I do the reveal. Gotta build that hype though!
  7. @1759 is the first to submit and rumours suggest that the other 3 competitors could all be finished this weekend as well so potentially we could have a Sunday evening reveal.
  8. Well I’m from the West Country so English is my 2nd language! I’m at the end of October and the squad is already looking interesting 😬
  9. International goals only count if they are scored when you are managing that nations team.
  10. Foxy

    Gundogan's Victory Challenge

    Fun looking one this and a nice challenge to go alongside a 1k.
  11. The New Stadium Challenge This challenge is straight forward play the game in anyway you want and when you have a stadium built let me know in the comments or tag me in your career and I will add you to the leaderboard. I want to see who can have the most stadiums built during the lifetime of FMM19 so let me know every time you get one built in any save you do. Please make sure you collect screenshots to prove you had the stadiums built. Why not start a career post to tell us all about your efforts. Rules No cheating of any kind. eg. reloading, pre game or in game editors. Load any and as many leagues in any country's as you wish. Collect screenshots. Post proof as a career (this can be a single post showing all the relevant screenshots) and remember to tag me so you can be added to the leaderboard. You don't need to play the full 30 years but the longer you play the more stadiums you can have built and named in your honour. Leaderboard @1759: 5 stadiums @Kanegan: 3 stadiums @Mr Tree: 3 stadiums @danovic78: 3 Stadiums @Cockers2505: 2 stadiums @fRESH: 2 stadiums @smoggy90: 2 stadiums @Nucleus: 1 stadium @Madferit25: 1 stadium @Titjes: 1 stadium @Waldorfstatler: 1 Stadium @Mr Tree
  12. That’s a shame as Mental Micky was just about to authorise the payout on your bet...
  13. Even your own team mate is against you Sam 😛
  14. VWC 2019 Final Welcome to the final of this years Vibe World Cup. It’s all set up to be a mouth watering final as the Scottish team of @samhardy and @1759 take on the Japanese team lead by @Ashez and myself. The Scots are the runaway favourites having top scored in 2 of the 4 challenges so far to get to this stage but the Japanese are up for the fight as well so it’s all up for grabs. The final is a straight shoot out and the team with the highest score will be crowned champions. The Sell Them Slowly UWC Nation Locke The premise of this challenge goes way back to the first ever international football match between Scotland and England on November 30th 1872 although the story really begins between the Auld Enemies but in 1967. As we all know England won the World Cup in 1966 and nearly a year later they played Scotland at Wembley in the Home Nations Championship. The Scots ran out 3-2 winners thanks to goals from Denis Law, Bobby Lennox and Jim McCalliog in a result that lead Scotland fans to dub themselves world champions. Fast forward to the early 2000’s and the story of Scotland’s win and there fans assertion that it made them world champions caught the attention of journalist Paul Brown. He decided to trace back to the very first international match and track every unofficial world champion since then. The premise is simply if you beat the current champions you become the champions. That first match back in 1872 was a 0-0 draw so the UWC title remained vacant until the 8th March 1873 when England beat Scotland 4-2 and became the first UWC. The currant UWC champions are Germany who won the crown on the 24th March this year beating Netherlands and there last defence came in June when they beat Estonia 8-0. More info on the UWC can be found here: https://www.ufwc.co.uk/ The Challenge This weeks challenge is in 2 parts so I am going to break it down and try and explain it as simply as possible. Club Choice You first need to choose a club and you can be any club in any league you wish within Europe so long as they play in a league which follows the conventional August-May/June (CL final is on 1st June) schedule. One important rule is that you and your team mate must manage in different countries though. Squad Building This is the list of the 10 nations that have held the UWC title the most. You must build a squad of 20 outfield players using all 10 nations but there’s a twist. You must use the Nation Locke which pairs players together by nation and position on the pitch. You will decide on a formation and then you will pair up the outfield positions in a logical way so for example CB+CB, CM+CM or ST+ST. Each pair then need to be players of the same nation from the top 10 above so that you have 20 players in 10 pairs. This screenshot using just a basic 442 may explain it better and as you see the RB+RCB are Brazilians, LCB+LB are French, RM+RCM are English, LCM+LM are German and the strikers are Argentine. The player pairs must make sense so they are in positions that link to there pair. This means you can’t link a CB to a ST or a RB to a LB if you have CBs in between. You can link say RWB to a LWB if you had no DMs in between. If in doubt send me the screenshot of your formation for confirmation. The pairs must be made before the season starts. You may use players already at the club to make the pairs so long as you only use the nations on the list and all other first team players must be sold for whatever price you can get. Your GK may be any nationality you wish except for a nation on the top 10 list. Once the season starts you may only play a player if he is with his pair so for example if your English CB is suspended then his partner may not play either and you will need to play the other pair. You may use players from your reserve team either real or greyed out as back ups and your subs bench for every game must be made up of reserve or greyed out players. These 20 players are the only transfers in you are allowed and must all be in place by the first competative game of the season. Once The Season Begins This is a full season challenge and all competitive games count towards your score. At the end of each month you will need to sell/demote your pair with the highest combined AvR (simply add up each pairs AvR and the highest pair have to go) so by May you will have sold 9 pairs and if your season goes as far as June all pairs will have been sold/demoted. These players may not play again and it is only your pairs that need to be added and not any reserve or greyed out players you use. You may have the no transfer window unlockable to assist in selling these players. Points You will be awarded 3 pts for a win and 1pt for a draw in all competitive matches. In the event of a tie the team with the best GD will win. Clarifications and Rules You may be any club you wish in a European league that runs from August to May/June. You and your team mate may not manage clubs in the same nation. You must make 10 pairs of players using all the nationality’s on the above list. You may use players already at the club or buy players in but no loans. These outfield 20 players make up your first team squad and along with 2 GK if needed are the only transfers in allowed and must all be bought by the first competitive game. The pairs positions must be logical so playing next to or just in front if each other on the pitch with no other players between them. All other first team players must be sold or demoted and may not be used at any point in the challenge. You may have 2 GK in the squad and they must come from nations not on the top 10 list. These can either already be at the club or bought in. You may use players from your reserve team (except demoted first teamers) or greyed out players as back ups but you may not demote first team players to then use as back ups. The reserve players don’t need to paired with a player from the same nation and cannot be used to create a pair with a first teamer. The subs bench must be made up of these back up players. A first team player may only play if he is on the pitch with his pair. On the last day of each month one pair must be sold/demoted. This is done by adding each pairs combined AvR and the pair with the highest goes. Both players in the pair must go and they can never be used again during the save, reserve or greyed out players aren’t to be counted. If you have a game on the last day of the month you may play the pair then do the calculations after that match but before the 1st of the next month. If two pairs have the same combined AvR you may choose which goes. No transfer window may be used to sell the pairs as the season goes on but no more players may be purchased. No cheating or editing of any kind. Only SI databases but either Nov or Feb is fine. No unlockables Gold badge and superstar rep is fine. You may be asked for you save file and failure to produce it will lead to you being disqualified. Screenshots The tactics screen showing players laid out in formation to show there pairs. Transfers in and out at end of the season. Manager profile and history. Final league table. Either Cup finals or the game you are knocked out of each cup. Squad by list of appearances. Deadline: Tuesday 25th June @6pm UK Time
  15. Done but @BigAl, @danovic78 and @Cockers2505 aren’t far behind so you might need a few more to secure top spot by the end of the year.
  16. Never really been my thing but I think it is sortitoutsi.net that has the ID DB.
  17. If you spoke to someone claiming to be “Fuddled Fox” then you were speaking to the wrong place as I don’t deal with that kind of thing. You need to speak to this fella who goes by the name Mental Micky as is our head of customer relations.
  18. And there was me thinking you just couldnt he bothered to play last week
  19. Every Top Division Clubs Budgets and Facilities @Nucleus and myself have been compiling all the budgets and facilities for every club in every top division in FMM19. The list is currently incomplete but we have so far done most of the major leagues and we will keep updating this as we complete each league over the next few days. It should be noted that the budget you get at a club depends on your starting reputation and that these budgets are all from starting a save with a normal reputation. That said it will give you a rough idea of what you will have to spend and how good the clubs facilities are. It is also worth noting that you can swap money between the transfer and wage budgets in the finance tab to give yourself some flexibility. Australia Belgium China More details in the New League Guide here. England France Germany Holland Italy N.Ireland Poland Portugal Ireland Russia More details in the New League Guide here. Scotland South Korea Spain Turkey USA Wales Thank you to @Nucleus for all his work gathering much of the information and thank you for reading.
  20. Group Stage Week 3 Results This is the final week of the group stage and at the end of this update we will be saying goodbye to two teams as the other two progress to next weeks final. Remember Scotland qualified last week after winning the first two challenges so it was between England, Japan and Brazil for the final place. Brazil need to win this weeks challenge and hope that England and Japan finish 3rd and 4th plus they need to overturn a hefty overall points deficit as well. Much more likely is that it is a straight shootout between England and Japan and which ever team finishes higher this week will be in the final. The Challenge In honour of Messi being the only player to score at World Cup finals in his teens, 20s and 30s you had to buy Argentine strikers in each age bracket and get as many goals as possible at three teams in three different 2nd tier leagues. There is a lot of information in this weeks challenge and I am going to try and make it all as concise as possible. With Scotland already qualified they decided to rest the “big guns” this week and Sam never submitted any scores. Teens 20s 30s The finalists can now have a couple of days off to recharge there batteries as I plan to post the final challenge on Wednesday evening. Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  21. I find the pencils are perfect for when you lose the will to live and decide to end it all halfway round.
  22. Hoping to get the results out tonight once I have escaped from Ikea!!!
  23. Foxy

    Ian’s Young Gems

    Great debut article with some great looking players and detail. Handwerker 🤭
  24. Foxy


    I guess the size of the screen you use makes them look bigger or not. In that screenshot the game is in non HD mode. To change between HD and non you need to do that in the settings page on the main menu and then go to user interface and untick HD mode.
  25. Foxy


    Maybe try downloading one of the fonts we have in our download section such as this one.