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  1. Yes just untick the “budgets in first window” option in game setup and no teams will have any transfer budget at the start of the game.
  2. Just to clarify they must be free transfers.
  3. Tomorrow begins the final week of the League stage and there is all to play for with all 8 competitors either looking to win the League or make the playoffs stage. You will have seen the permutations in @samhardy results post yesterday but before the week 7 challenge is posted tomorrow let’s take a look at the odds. Race for The League Crown Three guys qualified for the playoffs last week with @Ian, @Crashhart and @BatiGoal all still having VPL glory still in sight. Following Bati’s Swedish related mishap in the last challenge he has handed the initiative to Ian when it comes to taking the league crown but all three have a chance of the minor prize being handed to them at the end of the week. These are the odds to simply win the League Stage and not outright event odds. @Ian: 4/6 @BatiGoal: 2/1 @Crashhart: 5/1 The Race for The Playoffs This is the more interesting battle this week as the fourth and final playoff place is still up for grabs and such is the competitive nature of this years event all 5 remaining competitors have a chance of getting it. Odds to make the playoffs. @MikeF: Evs @smoggy: 2/1 @Mr Tree: 6/1 @Woody: 8/1 @Kanegan: 10/1 The next challenge will be revealed tomorrow and good luck to everyone going into this pivotal week.
  4. Foxy

    English football

    I can’t see what the problem is @Woody
  5. Shouldn’t that be “between 100 and 1000“?
  6. Might have something to do with the 100 goals you conceded.
  7. That injury really cost you there as he would have certainly got those extra 7 goals for you if he could have had just a few extra games. I love that tactic as well especially with how basic my 442 was. That was the same tactic I used in my Foxy Jr/Kane regen DT last year and it relies on nothing but having great players tbh.
  8. I always like to add pace in as well so they can get up and down the pitch and of course teamwork as well.
  9. I like two attacking and two fitness with myself as general to cover everything else. That way you cover the important technical and physical attributes for your player.
  10. Well played on the DT and I’m interested to see what you will be up to at Zebre.
  11. The winter transfer update will be our end of February or early March when all the transfer windows around the world have closed.
  12. Foxy

    English football

    How tall? I’m wondering who is taller the Tree or @Titjes 🤔
  13. This looked like another fun challenge with a birdie within reach if not exactly simple to get. I had to sign a Chinese and Spanish striker and then between them get as many goals as possible with 90+ being the aim for a birdie. When myself and @Ian discussed doing this challenge as a H2H we decided that the Chinese league would be a good one to load as a couple of the challenges ask for Asian or Chinese players. This has meant we have a decent pick of players from over there and luckily I was able to get quite a good Chinese striker. As for my Spanish guy that was never likely to be much of a problem although it was a shame that I had to buy one as I already had a couple of quality Spanish strikers already. Here is my transfers to show I did buy them both this season. After the hole when I had to sell most of the squad I managed to rebuild the squad using youngsters from my reserves and players I bought in as well as some big price players from other clubs. The youngsters are now in there early 20s and it has given me an excellent squad so I was hoping I wouldn’t need any real tactical magic for this challenge. I went with a pretty simple 442. I was relatively lucky with injuries with just a few knocks to both players although Chen missed a few games early in the season and a couple of weeks later in the season. The simple tactic and quality squad and strikers meant that they started like a train and by early March they had scored 77 goals between them meaning they needed just 13 goals in a minimum of 14 more games although it could be many more with CL games. The lads had a down turn in form from then on especially Chen who only scored another 4 more goals in 13 more appearances. They had been scoring at 1.75 GpG but by the end of the season that had dropped to 1.66 GpG. Luckily it was enough to get 93 goals for the season and secured me a birdie. This puts me on -11 for the round. Any Other Business Competitions Player Stats Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  14. Foxy

    English football

    This will run and run because Man City will fight it every step of the way.
  15. Foxy

    English football

    The race for 5th suddenly looks a bit more interesting!
  16. Then I award you both a Foxy The legal bit: A Foxy will not gain you any more points in the competition and has no monetary value but you are now both legally obliged to wash my car.
  17. I have added fixtures to the list of screenshots so if everyone sends those Sam can work it out. @Ian and @Woody can you both just make sure you haven’t lost points this way and if you think you have send Sam your fixtures.
  18. Send your results as well if that’s the case and the same goes for everyone.
  19. Whether or not this counts for the leaderboard I think Toney has done great for you especially when you consider you weren’t in a position to really challenge for European honours and there aren’t huge number of matches in Greek domestic football.
  20. I think you should get your save files backed up in a different folder on your phone because then you can uninstall the game and reinstall it without the risk of losing your games.
  21. Yes, so longs he doesn’t play at FB.
  22. Any player who is natural (light green) in the FB or CB positions and isn’t your nominated Danish defender must be sold or demoted.
  23. The role you train them in effects the attributes they train in as shown by the highlighted attributes in there profile. In my experience it makes no difference if you train them in one role to improve certain attributes but then the play them in another role. I don’t think players learn how to play a specific role but instead it is just the attributes that determine how they will perform in that role compared to another. I often train my defenders as BPD but play them as CD. That is so they train more attributes and hopefully become better players but I just prefer the CD role in match.