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  1. Score One, Take One Welcome to this new career that I will be posting alongside my main save Tenuous Links and will be updated daily as much as I can with short one game updates. This is similar to a challenge @UKFootballScore brought to Vibe 4 years ago and also a challenge that the FM YouTuber GoldenFM has done on his channel in the past but I have changed the rules slightly from GoldenFM’s version to suit myself and make it a bit simpler. UKFS Challenge is here. GoldenFM YouTube series can be found here. Lets deal with the elephant in the room first. This challenge requires the IGE to work! I will only be using it to transfer players immediately into or out of my club. I won’t be using it to make the save easier in anyway by editing my players, club, opponents players or clubs. Now that’s out the way let’s take a look at how this will work and the rules. In every game I play the players on my team and my opponents are playing for there futures at the club. If I win I can take my opponents best player or players on the day and if I lose my best players are going the other way. Rules The winning margain determines the number of players that will be transferred either into my club or to my opponents. So if I win 3-1 I will get 2 new players from my opponents. A draw means that I do a player swap with my opponents so that I get there best rated player and they get mine. It is the players with the highest rating on the day that get transferred. If there are more players then needed to be transferred on the same rating then the player with the highest season AvR will be transferred. If that is still equal then it is the player with the most season goals or if that isn’t applicable then my choice. No other transfers are allowed by myself. Any players I win are immune from being transferred out in the next match. The challenge is over if I’m sacked or if I need to use a greyed out player in my starting XI. Thats the challenge rules so who will I be taking charge for this challenge? I will be heading to the Fox’s spiritual home of Dorset and taking over at Bournemouth as they have a decent squad but not so good that I can just rock up with any old tactic and win game after game. I will be using the Gegenpressing tactic that @Ashez and myself came up with for FMM18 as I am interested to see how it goes in FMM19. I have played pre-season which with no transfers going either in or out took me about 5 minutes😁 I also have my assman doing training as it would just be a nightmare with players going in and out after every game. The fixtures have been fairly kind to start with as we take on Burnley at home first and then travel to Fulham for our first away game. It then looks a bit trickier as we take on Spurs and then take a trip to the Theatre of Screams to take on Man Utd. Hopefully that’s all the information you guys need and I hope that you will all follow along. Update Index Click the match day to be taken to that post. Match Day 1 and 2 Match Day 3 and 4
  2. Match Day 35 and 36 Today’s update is a bit of the calm before tomorrow’s storm as we have our League Cup Final versus Man City tomorrow. Saying that we have an FA Cup tie against Crystal Palace which of course is important and then we have a league game against Newcastle as we look to stay top of the Prem. Match Day 35 versus Crystal Palace Away Martial is proving to be a good steal for us as he seems to have taken the mantle of team goal-machine from Hazard although he was a little keen a couple of times in this game and had 2 disallowed. Palace were clinical with there chances in this game and pushed us to the end but we deserved to go through. A one goal win suited me as Palace don’t have an abundance of players I want but the steal of Justin Kluivert isn’t bad although as he was on loan from Roma his parent club might not be happy when they hear Palace lost him to us. Match Day 36 versus Newcastle Away Martial kept up his goal scoring form with a hat trick as we gave @Woody boys one hell of a thrashing! Tony now has 10 goals in 7 games for us and this is from FR and not as an out and out striker. The first half was one of those crazy FMM games where everything goes in and it was 4-3 at HT before we ran away with it in the 2nd half. Its very nice to score 7 but it was handy the Mags got 3 A’s it meant just the 4 players coming our way. We got some decent players including Shelvey and Rondon but again they won’t be first XI standard at the moment. We also took Matt Ritchie (lacks pace) and Yedlin (has pace but lacks else were) as well. These 4 filled both squads and I have started releasing players in the reserves that were at the club at the start of the save! We stay 3 points clear at the top now but for the first time this season we have the best GD in the league which is something I always take as a really good sign. Tomorrow’s Update is the big one as we take on Man City in the League Cup final looking for our first piece of silverware so wish me luck or not if you don’t want me to win!
  3. I bet we know one person who doesn't 😉
  4. Welcome to Vibe mate 👍 This is a really interesting piece and well presented and its funny to see Pep struggle down in the depths of the Conference North.
  5. If I can I will give him a run out but he isn’t quite Adam Smith quality.
  6. Welcome to the first community event of the FMM19 cycle hosted by @Rob2017 and myself. We have some really fun challenges lined up and we hope you will all take part. The OME Cup: Let’s Go Old Skool! As the name suggests for the first time in a few years we are hosting an community event that will be played on the OME. I know we have a few members who still favour the OME such as @danovic78, @Woody and @URz and hopefully a few more of you will dust off your old OME tactics and take a step back in time to take part. This is an open to all event so sign up starts today. The proposed format of the competition depends on the numbers of people who sign up but the competition will not last more than 4 weeks and 4 challenges if you make the final. Our idea is that it will be a straight KO competition in an FA cup style but if we have more then 8 people sign up and less then 16 there will be a qualifying round to get the 8 we need for the quarter finals. Competition Rules If you want to sign up please take a minute to read the rules. · If you sign up please submit a score. We have taken time to plan and run this competition for everyone’s enjoyment and it is disrespectful to sign up then disappear. You will have around about 6 days to complete each challenge but even if you don’t finish the season still send what you have done as you never know what others have done. · Only play the challenges on the OME. · No unlockables. You need to play the challenges on a completely vanilla save with no unlockables, DLC or editors. · No cheating. How you play the game in your own private saves is your business but there can be no use of editors, reloading or cheating in anyway during this competition. If we suspect foul play you will be removed from the competition. · Have fun. The rules above are to ensure as fair a competition as possible and if we all follow them then this final rule will be easy. If you wish to take part then let us know in the comments below. The first challenge will be posted Friday 30th November in the evening UK time so you have until then to sign up.
  7. I have Wilf Zaha already but in light of the fact I have yet to play the games I won’t tempt fate and say any more about their players......
  8. Actually haven’t googled this so it may be way off but Obafemi Martins?
  9. I love this challenge as it is really different to the norm. Great work @Rob2017 and good luck everyone else.
  10. Match Days 33 and 34 Yesterday I got pissy as we put 8 past Birmingham and I ended up with 7 new players I have no need for but then I perked up a bit when we went top of the league so today’s job is stay top of the league but not win by too much 🤪 Match Day 33 versus Watford @ Home With the team we have now I fully expect us to be beating teams like Watford especially at home as we are packed with attacking talent at this club now. Luckily our defence isn’t too bad either and they had to work hard in this game as Watford probably edged it but our superior attacking players were much more clinical and got us a 2-0 win. We took Roberto Pereyra who is a player I have rated for a few years on FM/FMM and also Kiko Femenia who I know nothing about but looks a decent and versatile player. I actually forgot my own rules after this game and only transfered Perayra but then remembered before the next game that I had one more steal so that is why the dates are a bit out on the player screens. We stay top by a point. Match Day 34 versus Brighton @ Home Two home games this update means that 6 points are a must. We had to be patient in the first half but Ross Barkley cracked in a free kick on the stroke of half time and then Tony and a Slam Dunk OG gave us a three nil win and meant we could have a chance at winning back Lukaku who Brighton nabbed of us earlier in the season. Well we might have won Lukaku if he hadn’t had a stinker against us. We do take Knockaert who is a player I like and I think I had in my Graffiti save last month and then it was Suttner and Montoya who both won’t be challenging the 1st team at this moment in time. Another 3 points to keep us top of the league and Liverpool slipped up as well meaning we are now 3 points clear at the top 😁 Tomorrow’s Update: We are back in FA Cup action as we take on Crystal Palace and then we travel to Newcastle in the league.
  11. I hope so mate, thanks for reading 🙂 Seems a bit weird moaning about an 8-1 win 😂 We have a few decent players at the back with the Cahill and Gibson dream team at the back doing ok at the moment. Hope so 🙂
  12. Challenge 2 Results I have a little bit of news before I announce the results of challenge 2. Due to work and family commitments in the lead up to Christmas @Rob2017 has decided to withdraw from the competition as he is struggling to find time to play the challenges but he will continue to act as co-host. The Results The job of our competitors was to build a defence made up of players that were 34 or older at Milan and then the points were calculated as league points - goals conceded. A few similar names cropped up as defenders signed Dani Alves proving particularly popular amongst or managers but I will leave it up to you guys to reveal who you went with in the chat below. I will reveal the results in reverse order from 5th to 1st. 5th Place - @Jens Jens managed to get AC Milan into 3rd place with 77 pts and finished 9 pts behind winners Juve. His defence was the weakest of all with 43 goals conceded giving him a total score of 34pts. 4th Place - @danovic78 Danovic also finished 3rd with Milan and actually had less league points with 73 points but he was far more solid at the back compared to Jens with only 30 goals conceded giving him a total score of 43. 3rd Place - @Woody Woody put in a stronger league performance as he took 2nd place finishing 5 points behind Juve and scoring 84 points, he was slightly stronger at the back as well with 29 goals conceded to give him a total score of 55 points. 2nd Place - @Kanegan He may have posted last weeks 2nd worst score but Kanegan really upped his game this week to take 2nd spot. He was unlucky to finish 2nd in the league as he had 89 points with Juve having 94 points, what let Kanegan down and cost him a chance of top spot this week was his defence as he let in 31 goals giving him a total score of 58. 1st Place - @Nucleus That means that for the 2nd week in a row Nucleus has the top score and he extends his lead at the top of the table in the process. He was the only one who won the league and he did it with an impressive 94 points and he beat Woody's goals conceded total by 1 with 28 conceded. This gave him a total score of 66 Congratulations to @Nucleus for winning the week again. Lets take a look at how that effects the league table. Nucleus holds a 5 point lead at the top but below him it is very close as only 2 points separate the other 4 competitors so there is still plenty to play for going into week 3. Challenge 3 will be posted by @Rob2017 in the next day or so.
  13. Match Days 31 and 32 If you cast your mind back a few days you may remember my annoyance when we beat Hull in the FA Cup 3rd round 6-0. Well keep that in mind during today’s update. Match Day 31 versus Birmingham @ Home We took on Birmingham in the 4th round of the FA Cup and with that dodgy draw with Middlesbrough still in my mind I decided to play my best team available. As half time approached I was regretting that decision as we were 5-1 up despite the fact I had been on control since the 30th minute. In the 2nd half I played with no strikers, only one player in the attacking midfield strata and we were on defensive and time waste yet we still 3 more goals in the 2nd half without response 🤪 So that means I have to take 7 players from Birmingham and let’s be honest they are all going straight into the stiffs. What also annoyed me was Harlee Dean looks decent as a CB but he never made it and the best of the bunch was Jutkiewicz but I don’t play a striker and I already have Giroud and Gestede as target men I don’t us or need 😡 Match Day 32 versus Everton Away We get back to league action as we travelled to the blue half of Merseyside to take on Everton who we drew with earlier in the season. We are clearly a better side now than then and Hazard returned to goalscoring form to win us this game with an early goal and then a late goal as we dominated the game. This is more like it! A sensible scoreline against a team with some good players. It turns out we welcome back a familiar face as Danny Rose rejoins us after Everton had taken him in the first game against them this season and joining him will be Mason Holgate who isn’t a bad BPD or FB. We have been threatening this for a while now and finally we go top of the league 😀 Tomorrow’s Update: It’s all about maintaining top spot tomorrow as we play Watford and then Brighton in the Premier League.
  14. Foxy


    All I did was put save files on my laptop to free up space and it corrupted them which at the time SI admitted was an issue, if you use a pc to switch a file between devices its ok.
  15. With Football Manager Mobile 2019 only a few weeks away all our thoughts are turning to who we will manage in our very first save. Many people will have a club they always do there first save with whether it is the club they support or another team that has become there traditional first save club, I like to start with my own club Oxford Utd and on FMM19 it will be no different. This is so I can check out there squad whilst I get to grips with the new game and test out tactics before I embark on my first “proper” save. I have compiled a list of 5 options that I think would make for a good save in this years game but it should be noted that this was written before having any information as to whether any new leagues have been added to the game this year. Team: 1860 Munich Nickname: The Lions Division: German 3rd Division Stadium: Stadion an der Grünwalder Straße Capacity: 15,000 1860 Munich were one of the founding members of the Bundesliga in 1963 and three years later they won there one and only title but in recent years they have been in decline so your job is to see if you can get them back to there mid 60’s peak. They haven’t played in the top flight since the 2003/04 season and having spent 13 years in the 2.Bundesliga they suffered relegation to what should have been the 3rd division but worse was to come when investor Hassan Ismaik decided he wouldn’t pay the fees that would allow the club the necessary license to play in the 3rd division for the 2017/18 season. This resulted in them actually being relegated 2 levels instead of 1 to the 4th tier Regionaliga Bayern division. Last season they won promotion back to the 3rd tier and you now have the chance to manage them again and take them back up the divisions and in time see if you can surpass there noisy city neighbours. Star Player: Tough tackling midfielder Quirin Moll will be a key man as you attempt to win promotion at the first attempt. Team: Sunderland Nickname: The Black Cats Division: English League 1 Stadium: The Stadium of Light Capacity: 48.707 Last season after years of mismanagement off the pitch and fair bit on it as well Sunderland dropped into the 3rd tier for the first time since the 1987/88 season. Sunderland are one of England’s traditional big clubs having spent the majority of their existence in the top flight including 6 league titles and although the last came in 1935/36 season only 5 clubs have won more. Their last trophy came in 1973 when legendary manager Bob Stokoe lead the then 2nd division club to FA Cup glory by beating Leeds Utd in the final 1-0. There last final came in 2014 when they lost 3-1 to Manchester City in the League Cup Final at Wembley. Now under new ownership a more positive atmosphere now surrounds the club so can you take them back to glory? Expectations will be high but everything is in place at the club to be successful straight away as you are by far the biggest club in the division, with a huge stadium, good training facilities and the financial clout to get promoted straight away and then build towards getting back in the Premier League. Star Man: Not that I am biased at all by picking an Oxford cult hero but versatile and combative attacking midfielder Chris Maguire will be a key player for you as you look to meet expectations and win the division in season 1. Team: Hereford Nickname: The Bulls Division: National League North Stadium: Edgar Street Capacity: 4,913 Hereford FC were formed in 2014 after the original Hereford Utd went out of business and as a new club they had to start in the 9th tier of English football in the Midland League Premier Division competing against clubs such as Leamington Hibernian and Alvis Sporting Club who they beat to the title at there first attempt. This earned them promotion to the Southern League South and West which they won and then last season they won the Southern League Premier Division meaning they will compete in the National League North this year and more importantly be available to manage in FMM19. Although they are new at this level Hereford are a club with ambitions and with average gates of 2.600 they can claim they should be playing at least a league higher if not even playing in League 2 so it is your job to make those dreams come true but with former league clubs like Stockport, York and Chester in their division competition for promotion will be fierce. Star Man: Former Bristol Rovers midfielder Eliot Richards was an important player for Hereford last season and despite the step up in leagues I’m sure the playmaker will be just as important this season. Team: LA Galaxy Nickname: Galaxy Division: MLS Stadium: StubHub Center Capacity: 27,000 With MLS being a new league in FMM last year managing a club there this year might not be your first choice but then you would be forgetting one thing, Zlatan plays there! LA Galaxy were formed in 1994 meaning they have played in every MLS season and they are one of the league’s most successful clubs with 5 MLS Cups, 4 Supporters Shields and 2 US FA Cups but they haven’t won the MLS Cup since 2014 and in the 2017 season they “won” the dubious honour of the MLS wooden spoon for being the leagues worst team. This gives you plenty to build on and with Zlatan upfront and few other famous faces as well with Ashley Cole, and the Dos Santos brothers on the books as well there is the basis of a team to build on. The MLS isn’t a league with a huge amount of depth as it lacks relegation and the North American Champions League isn’t a great competition either but it’s certainly fun for a few seasons and giving Zlatan one last hurrah has to be an attraction to. Star Man: No contest here as it has to be the talismanic Swede, Zlatan all day long. Team: Random button What a cop out I hear you cry! Well bear with me and I will explain. FMM is full of loads of great clubs that would make a really satisfying save so why not let the game pick a club for you. I often see on here or other social media people asking what club they should manage and I think the game is more then willing to choose a club for you and you might just find a team that you know very little about but they become a firm favourite for you. I think the best way to do this is too pick 4 nations (assuming that is still the max in FMM19) and the divisions you want to go down to or that your device can handle and then just hit that random button on the club selection screen and away you go. To make it more of a random choice why not select nations that you have never managed in before or you have very little knowledge about and you could really get a new experience from the game. This will also lead you to look for different players to sign as the usual guys you go for may not be in the DB or you simply can’t sign for the club you are managing. A similar option to this is to simply not choose a club and start unemployed then apply for the available jobs at the start or wait for clubs to start sacking managers and see who offers you the job. This has the added element of difficulty as if a manager has left a club it is usually because they aren’t performing and it will be your job to come in a try and turn the form around and often after the transfer window has closed so you will have a period of time that you will not be able to bring in the players that you feel could help the squad straight away. More FMM19 screenshots can be found by clicking here. I hope I have given you a few ideas of clubs that you could manage this year but what I would really like to hear from you all is who you plan to start a save with on the 2nd Nov when you have downloaded the game. Cheers lads
  16. Smashing it so far mate 😁
  17. Foxy


    Yep iOS only mate unfortunately.
  18. Foxy


    Who would do such a thing 🤫
  19. Even though he doesn't look great these days 1 goal in 3 games is a better record than he managed at Spurs
  20. Less than 24hrs for the final scores to be submitted.
  21. Match Day 29 and 30 Today we have a couple of big games as we take on mid table Man Utd before we take on Middlesbrough in the 2nd leg of our League Cup semi although we are 4-1 up so that is just a formality surely..... Match Day 29 Man Utd may be a mid table side this season but they have the players to hurt us (minus Lukaku of course who went to Brighton via us) so it’s no forgone conclusion that we take all 3 points. We dominated the game but only won it by the single goal as Martial made it interesting in the 2nd half and I had that feeling that the game was going to BS towards the end but control and time wasting saw us through in the end. No prizes for guessing who we took as Martial got the goal for them. Martial goes in the the pile with Hazard, Lacazette, King, Walcott, Zaha, Sterling and anyone else I have forgotten that can play the IF position for me! Just 1 point behind Liverpool now but the top 4 places are looking pretty secure with a 10pt lead over 4th placed Arsenal. Match Day 30 With a 4-1 lead against a Championship team I decided to rest a few players for this game just as I did versus Hull in the FA Cup but I was confident I had a team that could finish the job. Gestede made the game interesting after Martial had given us the lead but once he got his 2nd for us I felt like we would be ok. The draw means we swap our highest rated players from the match so we took Gestede who is a good target man but just like Giroud who never plays he really isn’t needed in this tactic. Going the other way should have been Martial but this was his debut for us so he is immune as is Aurier so it was Cairney who heads up north and is a great steal for Middlesbrough. This result takes us to the final in February and the next day we found out our opponents would be Man City. Tomorrow’s Update: We have a 4th round FA Cup tie against Birmingham and then we take on Everton in the League.
  22. Foxy


    THIS!!! Thats what killed my DT attempt last year so as @Woody says use Dropbox.
  23. I have had Soldado’s name in my head for about the last weeks worth of updates for some reason and I knew he started at Real so I just went for it.
  24. Happy with Dier as he fits the Gegen perfectly but yeah Kaziah Sterling WTF! Very true Laugh it up Rooster boy! This ones for you 😉