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  1. Foxy - Season 15 My goals target is set at 2k goals and once I get to that point I will evaluate and see if I will continue my save or park it up. I could actually get to 2k this season if I hit 151 goals. This season was one of some annoying injuries with Capanni missing 2 months and Pellegri missing a total of 6 months with first a two month injury and then needing to have surgery later in the season which would take 4 months to recover. This 2nd injury wasn’t so bad as it happened in April so near the end of the season but then it is a World Cup summer so he might miss that. Capanni Assists Cappy has always been a limited player with good numbers in key areas and then a lot of orange but he is declining fast now with his physicals average at best. He can still pass, dribble and cross so it’s isn’t quite over for him although somehow his creativity is going down. Since he broke his leg and missed most of season 11 he has alternated between having a good season and a poor season and this was a poor one. He hit 25 assists and even with the injury he played 52 times so it wasn’t a lack of game time but simply the fact that he isn’t the required standard any more. I will continue to play him and hopefully he can at least do as well again next season and get to 450 career assists. Season Assists - 25 Career Assists - 427 The Goal Scoring Warriors All three lads are still looking good although Pellegri pace (what he had of it) is going now. They certainly look capable of getting goals for a few more seasons yet which is good as I didn’t quite get to the 2k goal mark this season. That is fine with me as I’m happy to play another season and because I am nice and close to 2k I can at least go well over that total hopefully plus I still need to get an unofficial DT from Pellegri and Selcedo Season Combined Goals - 141 TT Total Goals - 1990 Pellegri Season Club Goals - 23 ITN Goals - 2 Total - 25 Career Total - 615 goals Selcedo Season Club Goals - 42 ITN Goals - 1 Total - 43 Career Total - 575 Esposito Season Club Goals - 63 ITN Goals - 10 Total - 73 Career Total - 800 Unofficial Double Trouble Totals I just need 10 more goals from either Pellegri or Selcedo to complete the three DT’s from the lads. Esposito + Pellegri = 1425 ✅ Esposito + Selcedo = 1375 ✅ Pellegri + Selcedo = 1190 Player Stats and Competitions Thanks for reading.
  2. Another great season Ian. It will be interesting to compare TT club goals at the end of this career as I have a feeling our totals are very similar with only ITN being the difference.
  3. Test it and find out is the best advice anyone can give you.
  4. With the limited number of slots available it seems a waste to me to have a coach that only works with 3 or 4 members of the squad so I don’t bother with a GK coach.
  5. Good total but definitely beatable. You wouldn’t want to be there when I fill up then as I just stop when the tanks full and don’t look to get a round number.
  6. If you manage his game time I’m sure you will set a great score and won’t need more than this first attempt.
  7. We have reached semi finals week and we have two semi’s so big they can be seen from Space! At there advancing years both @Woody and @Cockers2505 will be delighted to have managed a semi, @Ian is no stranger to a semi and with his first semi @Jsavfc is like a 14 year old on the school bus with his first ever semi that he just can’t wait to get home and get started on. Ian v Woody This is a battle between two experienced heads with both of them having taken part in countless Vibe events although Ian has tasted the sweet, sweet fruit of success before whilst Woody has yet to taste that particular delicacy. Ian only just scraped through to this stage as he turned Tree into kindling in a very low quality Quarter Final. Woody on the other hand has shown he means business so far with a good score last week, saving over his other save file to concentrate on this event and even not being last to submit his quarter final score! I think Ian will just edge this one with his Semi experience proving the difference. JsAVFC v Cockers Both these competitors will be nervous as they think about the prize at stake. They both have this semi in there hands but with one more push they can realise all there dreams and be in with a chance of a huge climax next week. Cockers absolutely smashed it last week with the best score in the challenge and will be looking to build on that “momentum” in this weeks challenge but he will have to contend with his VWC team mate before he can think about a final. In qualifying these two couldn’t be separated and I predict a close match here with Cockers to make the final. Outright Winner Odds Ian - 10/11 Woody - 3/1 Cock - 3/1 Villa - 6/1 This Weeks Specials Woody to submit score last - 1/500 An all innuendo final (cock v wood) - 7/2 Ian to have lowest score of the four - 10/1
  8. Nicely done Ian with no little amount of patience needed I’m sure to get those goals.
  9. Cracking season and with crappy Cappy declining fast I think Elliot should get the most assists as well now.
  10. Great score that Ian despite those injuries and the slight error on the rules. I think you should work out your GpG as well as you might find it’s pretty high (top) of this leaderboard as well.
  11. Thanks for the comments @Kanegan @Rob @smoggy90 The league is too short in Germany so I’m sure he would have hit 100 in England or France. Hopefully you will be finished with Baros soon and he can hobble on his crutches over to Fiji and enjoy a few cocktails with Roy.
  12. What sort of challenge are you after? Team based Goal scoring one season, a couple of seasons or more
  13. I was never able to get the goals focused to one player so a 1kc from any of them never seemed much of a possibility early on so it has been nice to have that balance of goals through them all.
  14. Really hard luck with the injuries but I decent total in the circumstances.
  15. Season 3 Roy has had two great seasons scoring 87 goals in those seasons. This leaves him needing 21 goals this season to finish the challenge although I plan to finish the season even if he does it early on. This was roughly how he was looking attributes wise at the beginning of the season. By the end of the season he wasn’t looking the world class talent he once was but if @Ian can get goals out of Milan Baros and his 1 pace I’m sure Roy would get the job done. His decline was certainly effecting his goal hit rate but he did get the job done and with plenty of the season left as well. He has missed a good number of penalties with us but scored a good % of his goals that way as well so it seemed fitting that he got his 108th goal for Bayern that way and was nice to do it against Dortmund in Der Klassiker as well. It took him 32 games this season to get 21 goals but that got the job done and I could relax for the rest of the season knowing it was job done. He only added another 7 games in the rest of the season but he had his best assists return this year so he was productive the whole season. Any Other Business Here is the player stats and competitions. That brings this quick save to an end, Roy the Boy can go and relax on a Fijian beach and enjoy his winners medals.
  16. That would be good but it might need another season after that. Cheers mate.
  17. Got to stick with Benzema at this stage. I agree with Lord Chicken that it’s Koulibaly.
  18. Foxy Season 14 This has been such an up and down save so far and the last couple of seasons have shown that with 167 goals scored in S12 and then a drop down to 129 last season. This season saw the total go back up again significantly as did Cappy’s assist total. Competitions It was a clean sweep. Capanni Assists With a drop last season and Cappy’s attributes declining I am resigned to not beating my 551 assists personal best in this save so that will have to wait for another day. I did move him out wide right this season and he did much better despite his declining pace so I haven’t given up hope that he might get close to 500 assists for the career. Season Assists: 38 Career Assists: 402 Goal Warriors My aim is 2000 goals from these three or maybe more if they keep going well for the next few seasons. Like @Ian I don’t know how long I will keep this save going for although I would imagine I will do at least three more seasons, look to get over 2000 goals in that time and then call it a day before it gets too frustrating. Esposito Season Club Goals: 50 ITN Goals: 7 Season Total Goals: 57 Career Goals: 727 Pellegri Season Club Goals: 41 ITN Goals: 5 Season Total Goals: 46 Career Goals: 590 Selcedo Season Club Goals: 34 ITN Goals: 9 Season Total Goals: 43 Career Goals: 727 Season Total Goals: 146 Career Total Goals: 1849 Last season Esposito and Pellegri completed an unofficial Double Trouble (combined 1200 goals) and now Esposito and Selcedo have don it as well. Unofficial DT Totals Esposito and Pellegri - 1317 goals ✅ Esposito and Selcedo - 1259 goals ✅ Pellegri and Selcedo - 1122 goals Thanks for reading.
  19. Quite a bunch of misfits but there’s nothing better than bringing those type of players to glory imo and it was part of my thinking behind the challenge. Good luck.
  20. Foxy

    English football

    Could anyone enlighten me on what Lampard has done to deserve a nomination this season to be in here ahead of someone like Dyche who continues to massively overachieve at Burnley. Anyone other than Lampard would have been sacked by Chelsea this year.
  21. Good spot that Ian as I hadn’t looked at the manager pts.
  22. I assume so but this is a repost of a a challenge @Scratch created in a previous edition of the game so he can confirm for you.
  23. @Woody hard luck on losing the save when you were so close to the TT as well. @Ian congratulations on the TT.