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  1. How many did you put past the Canadians?
  2. I’m not sure if there has ever been anything similar but as it sounds like it’s not your fault and it looks like only a matter of time till you hit the 1k I would personally say continue from the point you have saved. Others may disagree though 🤷‍♂️
  3. Foxy

    European Football

    One of the reasons Barca can’t fill there stadium is because of there high prices. You would think considering the size of the Nou Camp they would have lower prices and fill it but not many clubs think that way I guess.
  4. Would have been good to bring him in and his attributes weren’t too bad but not to be 😕 There are a couple of Gibraterians but they are both regens and I want to try and stick to real players. There is one more African stop before we cross the Med but not Libya or Tunisia but you are close. Cheers mate.
  5. Welcome to my latest career which I hope you will all enjoy. So far on FMM19 I have only really posted 1 season saves but this time this save will actually go beyond a first season and actually reach early season 3 😮 The idea for this save started as I have been playing a mobile game called Eight Minute Empires quite a lot the last few weeks (if you play it then hit me up and we might be able to arrange a game) and I wanted to try and recreate an FMM save that conquered the world. That then morphed into travelling the world and a save based on the Jules Verne book Around the World in 80 Days and thanks to a good brainstorming session with @Ashez we came up with this. Background Story It is likely that you are familiar with the story as it has been made into at least 2 films, a cartoon series (if you are old as me) and is one of the most influential books of all time but if not I will give you just a little background. Wealthy recluse Phileas Fogg is challenged by his fellow members of The Reform Club to travel around the world in 80 days. They wager him £20,000 (over £2m in today’s money) that he cannot complete the journey in time. On the 2nd October accompanied by his French valet (butler/personal assistant) Jean Passepartout they set out in there journey and many adventures ensue. My Challenge In line with the book I am going to try and get my own Fogg and Passepartout to travel the world in 80 games but to do this they are going to need some help from local guides along the way. As in the book we will start in London and with that in mind I will be managing a London club to attempt this challenge. I did consider Chelsea as they are the closest team to The Reform Club in central London but I have used them a lot in tests on this game and the fact that they have a pretty much ready made squad put me off. So instead we will be heading north out of central London past the wonderful Topps Tiles Islington Boutique and basing our journey from the Emirates Stadium, sorry @Rob. This gives me a club with a good base of a squad but also some scope to improve the team before we embark on the journey. The way this will work is. I am attempting to visit as many nations of the world as I can and hopefully finish back in London in 80 league games. In every nation I visit I must pick a player to be my guide in that nation. That players job in to make sure we travel safely through the nation and to do this he must score a goal in a league match for us. As well as our guide scoring it is up to my Fogg or Passepartout to get an assist in the same match. If that happens we move on to a neighbouring country and buy a new guide to get us through that country. To try and get as many nationalities as I can I have loaded the following leagues to get a spread of players from around the world. So who will be my Fogg and Passepartout? I have picked a player that I am familiar with for my Fogg in the shape of Keinan Davis. I used him last year in an attempted DT alongside Rashford which was going well before the save file got corrupted and I had to abandon the save. During that save he got plenty of assists so I hope he can replicate that in this save, I also have a desire to use him again as we have unfinished business and finally he is a bargain at just under £9m. As my Passepartout I have gone for a player I can’t remember using before so I am venturing into the unknown with Houssem Aouar. I have spent £40m to bring him from Lyon so I hope he can improve and get a good number of assists for us over the save. The first league game is when our journey starts as we attempt to leave England. This gives me up to the transfer window closing to build a back up team as Fogg, Passepartout and the guides can’t do this journey all on there own. This squad that I build in the first window will be my squad for the rest of this save except for bringing in new country guides. I can sell players if they become disruptive but I cannot add to the squad. To be able to do this save I will need to unlock both transfer windows and work permits so I can bring in new guides but I won’t be clicking those buttons until after the first transfer window closes. This will stop me forgetting to stop wheeling and dealing with the squad but also mean I only buy squad players that can get work permits as only the guides get the luxury of not needing those as we will be in there home country when they play for us. Transfers I had a budget of slightly over £100m to start but I reduced that by nearly half just to buy Davis and Aouar so I needed to move on a good number of players to build a squad that I wanted. Odds on Lacazette coming back to haunt me in the North London Derby? Him and Bellerin were probably the only players that I really rate that I let go but Lacazette would struggle to get games so it was worth cashing in and Bellerin is pretty good but I can get cheaper options. Mustafi and Xhaxa are decent players but they are both flawed in areas of there game so I let them go. I tried to improve as many areas of the pitch as I could and I am pretty pleased with the work I did. I got some good attacking talent with Lopes and Dilrosun as I need goals and although I want Davis and Aouar to get assists I also need to win games to keep my job so I need goals and assists from lots of angles and with a bit of luck a good number will come form the players I need them to. I then hopefully strengthened the famous wobbly Arsenal defensive areas. I replaced Monreal with Jonas Hector and Kaderabek came in to replace Bellerin with a nice profit and I also signed youngster Bogle from Derby to be back up RWB. In the centre of defence I brought in the left footed Ben Mee who is an out and out defender who does little flashy but has the attributes needed to perform the role and then a favourite of myself and many others Dayot Upamecano. Cups and Rules The 80 games will all be league matches so that this save will last 2 full seasons and 4 matches of season 3. If I had gone for all matches then I could have potentially played 60-67 matches in season 1 and then only need to play a few games in season 2 but I want to play 2 full seasons. This means that the cup matches don’t really count towards the challenge but I still have an interest in them. We all like to bring back a few presents and souvenirs when we go on holiday and that is what the cups will be. Also to add to that if I make a final in a major cup, Europa/CL or League/FA cup, I get a fuel boost which will allow me to skip one country on my journey. Rules The guide must score and either Davis or Aouar assist in the same league game before I can move on to a new country. The guide must have that nation as his first nationality to be eligible. If there is no strikers in the DB from a nation I must use a player who is natural in an alternative position. If there are no players at all from that nation in the DB I must try and find an alternative route. I can only move to neighbouring nations and try and take a land route as much as possible. I must visit every continent on earth. I will base a nations continent on the football federation they belong to eg Australia counts as Asia, Israel as Europe etc. At the end of the first transfer window I must use the squad I have built with only guides allowed to join the club. I think that covers everything but if you have any questions or I haven’t explained it well enough don’t be afraid to ask. I hope lots of you will join me on this journey and it would be great to hear some theories as to the route I will be taking once I have left England. Cheers lads.
  6. I’m not sure anyone has ever spent £1.8m better tbh and you are smashing it mate! Well done winning the European Championship as well.
  7. Vibe Community Events 2018/19 It’s time to reveal what events we have coming up this year for you all to get involved in. This schedule was worked out following extensive discussions by myself and @samhardy and hopefully will get the balance right between having some fun events throughout the year but also not burning us all out in the process. We have a mix of events each one having a different format to keep things interesting. The full details are in the graphic below but the basic formats will be like this. The OME Cup: An OME only event that will be run in an FA Cup straight KO format. The Vibe Premier League: Run in a league format involving H2H’s each week. The Vibe World Cup: Teams of 2 looking to bring glory to there nation. The CC: The biggest and toughest of all Vibe competitions. You will notice that all except The OME Cup are invitation only events. Don’t worry this isn’t a closed shop and if you have contributed to Vibe through the year with careers and other posts you are likely to get an invitation to take part. In the past we have had people appear from nowhere to take part in events and then disappear just as quick and the invitation system is to hopefully prevent that happening. The next event will be The Vibe World Cup and more details will be released in May.
  8. Brilliant numbers so far mate so I wouldn’t worry too much about the 5k at the moment as the total is going to be huge either way.
  9. Some how a save that was only going to be 2 and a tiny bit seasons has now entered it 5th season and still has plenty of time left in it as well. Just a reminder that we spent the summer in the Canary Islands as we look to complete Spain. This is our man. It wasn't the best start to the season as our 2nd string cup team lost to Man Utd in the curtain raiser and then the 1st team couldn’t beat Chelsea either. We got the season under way against Leeds though. The next game was against Palace and Uche got himself on the scoresheet in a simple win. It was Davis with the assists in this one. From Spanish soil we move a bit further north into Portuguese soil and another island. Madeira (Portugal) 🇵🇹 Madeira is the birthplace of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo and so in the summer I decided to see if I had a chance of signing him. He was still at Juve and his contract was coming to an end but he wouldn’t discuss terms 😕 In the summer his contract ran out and I got this message 🙁 So that was the end of that unfortunately. In the end I went for this guy in the bargain of the save so far. He cost me £95k from a team in China and considering what I have paid for some other players that is the steal of the century. He didn’t mess about either despite no goal in his first game. He got the job done at the 2nd time of asking though. I then sold him for £900k to a team in Norway so good business all round really! From Madeira we didn’t have that many options as we aren’t on the European mainland yet so it was back to Africa. Morocco 🇲🇦 This was the only real option for us but luckily I had a good player lined up. Bit of a banger this lad and he came at a price! £9.5m from Girona to be precise. This is that weird season with the World Cup half way through so the Premier League games come thick and fast to start with buts that great as it gives plenty of chance to get moving countries and cup matches really get in the way with this save. Despite picking a banger of a player this time though we didn’t move quickily. At the 5th attempt we played Burnley and Nesyri certainly brought his shooting boots for that game as he smashed in a hat trick. Aouar was the assister this time as he got 2 for us to get the job done. Nations Visted So Far 46 nations visted now so we are fast approaching our 50th. So somehow we are still in Africa after a little European detour but it won’t be much longer now until we are back on European soil for good. Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  10. Welcome to a career which is going to run alongside my 80 Games save. Over the Xmas holidays and into the new year I did a save with Fulham where I first kept them up and then tried to win the league the following season (it can be found here). When I took over at Fulham when of the players I knew I wouldn’t need or use was Aleksandar Mitrovic as he didn’t fit into mine and @AshezGegenpressing tactic. This was despite the fact that Mitro is a quality striker both in game and I think in real life as well. I am going to correct this slight on him that I made in that save by using him in an attempt to join @Robs Vibe 2019 ‘100’ Club. This is the exclusive club that you can only join by getting a player to score 100 or more goals in a season. That total has so far eluded me on FMM19 and in fact I have only achieved it once when Fiete Arp scored 101 goals for me last year in a completed 1kc. I am also not going to dismiss the prospect of getting a 1kc with Mitro as well but as he turns 24 at the beginning of the first season that is a risky target as I essentially have 10 seasons if he can keep his attributes into his early 30’s. The first target is 100+ goals and if I can consistently get 90+ in the first couple of seasons then we can look towards getting him to that 1k. The risk is that a big injury that could destroy a season would also destroy the 1kc attempt as well. Sod it let’s think big!!! This is an attempt to join the 100 club with as good a goals to games ratio as we can but also we are after a Mitro 1kc as well. Mitro already has 74 goals in his career so we are looking to get his total goals to 1074 for his career. We need to hit the ground running in this save and there is no time to mess about building a squad over the first couple of years like you would with a teenager you are looking to get a 1kc with. With that in mind we are off to Barcelona as they have a transfer budget of £200m. Mitro is a player that should thrive on crosses into the box so the tactic will try to exploit that but it also means I have some major squad building to do as Barca aren’t a team that is built that way. They have an abundance of inside forwards and some good strikers like Messi and Suarez. This is perfect though as I can get rid of them or use them as bargaining tools to get the players I want. I will be looking for players who are at or near their peak as we don’t have time for wonderkids in this save or at least not too many. I hope you will join me in our quest and all comments are appreciated.
  11. I didn’t know the game went down to minus attributes 😮
  12. We have a number of English members and I let others go first. Rob and Woody represented England last year so they have first dibs on it this year. Wrong Ireland mate Gav is from the North
  13. I’m not sure what I’m looking for in that screenshot as he just looks like the standard SPL quality striker to me
  14. Yes I believe you guys were which is why I think you should do missionary work in smaller football nations.
  15. After your performance last year @Woody I’m putting you down as San Marino.
  16. It’s a team event with teams of 2 competing for the title. It is going to be a little longer than last years 3 week event but it will be along the same lines. https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/41930-vibe-world-cup-final-results/
  17. I’m sure you will achieve far more in the tinpot league. Thanks DJ Woody!
  18. Thanks for all the comments guys. Its going well and it feels like he is on course but his age also feels like a ticking time bomb and with a few seasons needed to get him to the magic total I’m just hoping he doesn’t up and retire on me in a couple of years.
  19. The graphic has been updated to show @samhardy won the VPL and also to show @1759 will be my co-host for the Vibe World Cup which will be starting in around a months time.
  20. Foxy

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    I didn’t think I said any of that out loud!
  21. Season 7 So somehow it has been nearly 2 weeks since I updated this so sorry about that and hopefully you haven’t all forgotten about this save. It does continue but I have been a bit busy with 80 Games and losing the final of the VPL. Anyway this has been going well but we are moving into the autumn years of Mitro’s career and we still have a lot of goals to get. 325 in fact and the big man turned 31 at the beginning of this season. His physicals are dropping now quite quick which is a real worry so I brought in a 2nd fitness coach just to see if he can slow down that decline. On the pitch though he can still for the most part do the business and I keep up with the policy of subbing him as much as I can to keep him fit. This season he played in 55 games so he completely missed out on playing in 9 games so not too bad. It looks like the 90+ goal seasons are a thing of the past though as he got 85 this year which is still an excellent total and one that keeps him in line to get the 1kc if the decline doesn’t destroy him to quickly in the next few seasons. He needs another 240 goals which works out as 80 goals for the next 3 seasons if he can manage that or 60 for the next 4. Any Other Business Overall it was another good season for the club but we did miss out on one trophy. Another good season but it looks like I need to set my goal sights for Mitro a little lower but that’s ok as all the good work he has done in his 20s means that we are well on target at the moment. Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  22. In terms of new leagues I would love to see a couple of South American leagues (Argentina and Brazil) as I think it would need both to make the continental competitions more interesting. In that same vein Mexico would be great as well as it will enhance the NACL making MLS more interesting as well. I think that would give a good coverage of world leagues in the game although any new Euro ones would be good as well.
  23. Foxy

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Firstly thanks to @samhardy and @Ashez for doing the hosting honours and also @Nucleus for helping out as well. This has been an excellent event with some great challenges and some frustrating ones as well but that’s all part of the fun. As for the result of the final I knew the draws would cost me big style and of course my league choice was a risk as well but I thought I would have a better chance of scoring a decent total with West Ham. @samhardy you have earned this mate.
  24. That may seem a strange question to ask on a FMM fansite and to put it a better way I could ask where does FM Mobile fit into the FM series as a whole but also where should it fit in? The reason I am asking this question is because of the FMM19 winter update and how they implemented a system that means you need to rotate your squad far more often to keep players fit. A subsequent update has toned down this issue as by SI’s own admission it was far more extreme than they ever meant it to be. This is of course more realistic as modern managers often rotate the team to keep players fit for important matches but it creates more work and makes the game slower for us when we play. This is on top of a new training system that was added this year that requires much more thought and tinkering with than in previous versions as each player has an individual training regime which needs monitoring to get the best results in terms of attribute growth. This adds a certain amount of increased control but it also creates a time sink. Things such as team selection and training can be left to the AI in the form of your assistant manager but that can be hit and miss in terms of results and getting his to do team selection takes a vital part of a managers job away from you. As most if not all of you know there are 3 versions of Football Manager released every year with the other 2 being. Football Manager: Played exclusively on PC or Laptop it is designed to give the player the full experience of being a football manager. This means it is a very detailed game but also slow to play which is perfect for anyone who wants an in depth simulation. Football Manager Touch: This is played on PC, high end tablets and the Nintendo Switch and is essentially a striped down version of the main game with elements removed to make it slightly quicker to play. Even with bits removed it is still a detailed game which isn’t played quickly with probably 10 hours+ needed to play one season. Ultimately FMM is the most “pick up and play” version of the Football Manager series and is designed to be played quickly and to do that certain amounts of realism are taken away from the game to make it quicker to play. I personally think FMM can be broken into 3 elements, transfers, tactic and matches. We buy in our players, we have a tactic or maybe 2 that we know work and we smash through matches making the odd change as we go to our team selection based on form and fitness. This makes FMM a quick game to play and one that a season can be played in a few hours straight if you wish or you can play for a few minutes over tea break at work. So how realistic should FMM become? As the PC game gets more detailed so that detail filters down to both FMT and then FMM but how much detail do we want in our version of the game? To answer that question we need to think why we play the version that we do. This is a personal choice and it could be for many reasons such as time available or maybe your phone is the only device you have for playing games. Whatever your reason it will effect how you would like to see the game progress and the amount of realism you want to see added although the game will never reach the level of detail available in the other 2 versions. Over my time playing FMM and being involved at Vibe I have noticed that a decent amount of our members are actually older which is something which confused me a little when I first got involved as I expected FMM would have a younger fan base due to it being a simpler and more mobile game. What I didn’t factor in is the reason I play the game and it is a reason I have heard a lot from members of the community. The reason I play the game is I grew fed up with the amount of detail and time needed to play the pc game or even FMT. I like being able to set up a tactic, buy my team and then crack on through the season making the odd change here and there as I go. It may mean I play a less realistic representation of football management but I have fun and that is what a game is about. A PC player will get fun from all the extra detail and micro management but I’m not interested in that stuff and never really have been. That is why I ask the question what is the point in FMM? If the game is going to move more and more into micro management then is it the same game or is it just the same as the other 2 versions but with less options and then what’s the point in buying and playing it. If the game behaves in the same way and starts taking longer to play then why bother playing FMM at all as the game loses its unique selling point compared to the other two versions. On top of this we need to think when do we play the game. As I have already said the game is very “pick up and play” and I would say most people play it in bursts of a few minutes up to an hour or so. It is a game designed to be played on the way to work/school, whilst you have a tea break or simply any point you have a bit of time spare. I’m sure many of us play the game for a few hours sometimes but at least for me that is whilst watching TV and FMM isn’t 100% my focus and some days I might play 2-3 hours and then not play it for a couple of days after that. These short bursts of play mean that any added details or realism need to factor in that people dip in and out of the game. In practice this means we can’t remember everything that has happened in a previous play session and that can mean we could end up having to gambling when it comes to issues such as player fitness. If the game is relatively predictable we can judge these issues by the stage of the season we are in but if they aren’t we need the game to help us with indicators or a graph so that we can quickly and easily get back into a save without trying to second guess what we need to do. This is a fine balance for the devs and they walk a tightrope because many people who play FMM actually want the detail added or at least think they do. We see requests for things like team talks and press conferences which are very unlikely to be added to the game and if they were would we want to use them or would we pass them onto our assistant manager because they get boring and repetitive quickly.? The same goes for details like player condition. Do we want to have to plan 2,3 or 4 matches ahead to make sure we keep people fit or was it ok before when yes players did get tired as the season went on but it didn’t decimate the whole squad and we would know roughly when the issue would come up as the season progressed. This is a real grey area and I have no definitive answer probably because there isn’t one as it’s so subjective. I feel FMM has had a nice balance this year with the new training adding a new element whilst the game is still fun and quick to play. I personally would prefer to see a couple of new player roles or tactical options added to the game that give us more freedom instead of essentially having freedom taken from us as we need to play tactics that won’t knacker our team or we need huge squads to meet the demands. Ultimately I want a game that is quick to play and only needs a few tweaks before each match and maybe mid match, I want a game that is fun to play and gives me enough freedom to play in my own style and imagination, I want fun additions and more options added to the game not more restrictions or micro management. What I really want is for FMM to remain as FMM. This is all just my opinion but what do you think? Why do you play FMM over the other two versions or do you play FMM and another version as well. Let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading.
  25. I would have said I was more of a number 2 tbh 💩