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  1. Welcome to the Vibe World Cup Final 2020. It is a gloriously sunny afternoon here in Cheltenhamshire for this eagerly anticipated clash between the Dutch Dynamos and the Parmo Army and by the end of the day one team will be crowned VWC champions 2020 along with someone also taking home the Golden Mobile trophy for the competitions highest points scorer. This is an event that is starting to build up a history so before the final let’s remind ourselves of the previous winners. VWC 2018 - Link 🥇- Wales - @Taff and @Nucleus 🥈 - England - @Rob and @Woody 🥉 - Benelux - @PriZe and @Titjes Golden Mobile - @PriZe VWC 2019 - Link 🥇- Scotland - @samhardy and @Ian 🥈- Japan - @Ashez and @Foxy 🥉- England - @Rob and @Woody Golden Mobile - @Foxy The Final The third place playoff wasn’t necessarily high on quality play but it certainly had drama as England took the 🥉 medal thanks to @broodje kip not following the rules regarding nationalities he could use. Luckily in the final there was no such problems and it was a straight fight of who could amass the most points and take home the trophy. Netherlands - @Foxy The only league of choice for Player 2’s in this event was Portugal it seems as all four of us played in that league, I was the only one to go with Benfica though as I didn’t fancy my chances of winning either European Trophy so I simply thought I would get rid of the best squad in the league. This was my teams. I won the league but it was close as it went to the final game of the season between myself and Porto although we did have a 3 point cushion going into that game so it wasn’t too nervous. I dropped a lot of league points though which I made up for a bit with my +50 GD to give me... 128pts from the league stage. I made both domestic cup finals winning the League cup which gave me an extra 20pts My aim was to finish 3rd in my CL group and going into the EL which I did but I only managed the Quarter Finals before Lazio dumped me out. This gives me a total of 148pts but I still have my bonus points from pairs that scored 20+ goals. I managed to get all 4 of my attacking pairs to score 20 or more which gave me an extra 40pts on my total. This gave me a final points total of... 188pts The North East - @samhardy We saw @Kanegan struggle in the bronze match and get sacked as PSG manager and that was the same club choice that “big” samhardy made as well. He will need to do better than Kane though other wise this final will be as good as over. The Seaham Space Cowboy went with these players. I am already on the back foot as Sam won the league with a hefty 87pts and 42 GD giving him an initial 129pts and a 1pt lead over my score at the same stage. Just like me Sam never did anything in Europe so it is down to domestic cups and pairs goals to see who has a half time lead. More good news for the North East as the French Cup was collected and 20pts along with it. The difference maker was that Sam could only get three pairs to 20+ goals. This gave Sam an extra 30pts onto his total and means he scored.... 179pts At the half way point it is very close as the Dutch go in with a 9pt lead in the match. Netherlands 188pts - The North East 179pts The North East - @smoggy90 This is a chance for Smoggy to put some pressure on now as a good score will leave the Dutch chasing for the title. Smoggy went with Sporting Lisbon and had these pairs and I do think the inclusion of Jack Rodwell was a real slap in the face for his Mackem team mate. The Teeside Terror was straight at it as well with a magnificent league performance losing just once and only having 5 draws. The 89pts coupled with the +54GD gave him an initial score of 143pts. The points kept coming as well as he won the League Cup to add another 20pts but despite a good run to the Semi Finals that was as good as it got in Europe. Still that gives Smoggy a score of 163pts before his pairs goal points are added. Smoggy was clever in his team building and managed to get an incredible 5 pairs to score 20 or more goals adding a further 50pts. This gives Smoggy a final total of... 213pts The North East score 392pts and lead by 204pts Netherlands - @BatiGoal That means Bati needs to score 204pts to force a penalty shootout and 205pts for the title. It is a big ask but the Bangkok Goal Machine has been on fire throughout the whole tournament and even with his history in finals who would back against him at this stage? I thought Bati might travel back to his native Holland for this challenge but clearly his banishment from that country isn’t over yet so he took charge of Brondby in Denmark. This was the squad he put together. Winning the league was a must in this challenge and Bati duly delivered. He had 83pts and a 31 GD giving him 114pts at this stage. That low GD total is looking like it will make things a bit tricky as he needs to find at least 90pts from somewhere to force a penalty shootout. That isn’t impossible though if he could win the cups and get 5 pairs over 20 goals. That just leaves the Golden Mobile Award to hand out. That brings this years VWC to a close so thank you to everyone who took part as I think you all contributed to a fun event and thank you to everyone who has followed along. See you all next year.
  2. Thanks for testing the tactic @Mr Tree. Looking at the season overall it seems like the tactic still works in much the same way. I always found it was good for dominating teams and overwhelming them but not necessarily one that racks up enormous score lines or end to end matches. Not sure I ever saw that many crosses in a match though 😳
  3. Foxy

    Hi, I'm Jacob

    Welcome to the site @TrueHiiro I like to think we are a pretty welcoming site and things like your role suggester are always going to go down well with people so hopefully you will get over those nerves
  4. Two bronze medals and a silver isn’t too bad in the last 3 years and I do enjoy the fact that you keep up the English tradition of being too polite to actually win the event.
  5. Vibe World Cup 2020 - Bronze Medal Match This years battle for Bronze see’s the Asian’s take on the English. Both teams will have come into the tournament hoping for at least a place in the final and this is there last chance to get some glory. The English pair of @Rob and @Woodyhave laboured at times in this competition as they finished bottom of the group stage and with the lowest combined points of the group stage as well. In contrast Asia have impressed at times with both @Kanegan and @broodje kip showing some flashes of brilliance and they came close to a spot in the final. The Asians go into this match as favourites but they face an experienced English team that will be looking to finish on a high. Bronze medal matches can often be open and entertaining matches but this was a “cagey” affair although there was definitely some entertainment. The Match The English went on the attack early on and it was @Rob who submitted first. This has been a gruelling tournament for Rob with a new baby in the house and we haven’t seen him at his best so far. In fact some pundits were suggesting he may not even make this match but he started nonetheless. Rob choose FC Copenhagen to manage which comes with the pressure of expectation at Denmark’s biggest club but the £10m budget is very healthy for that league. This was the pairs he put together and there were no nationality problems. Just 12 matches into the season it wasn’t looking good for Rob as he was sitting mid table. This was just a match too far though and with little hope of winning the league at this stage he was signalling to the bench that he would need to come off! And so Rob’s match and tournament came to an early end. England 0pts This leaves England down a man and gives Asia the perfect chance to counter attack with @Kanegan. A good score here and it would be very difficult for England to get back into this match. He decided to go to France and take on the task of rebuilding PSG’s squad with pairs of players and only £20m to do it with. This was a huge ask even for India’s number 1 and unfortunately he wasn’t up to the task this time around. After 9 league games the call came to clear his desk and Kanegan was finished. Asia 0pts So the teams go in at half time level at 0-0 and both have lost players in the process. Into the 2nd half and it was Asia straight on the attack with @broodje kip This was the squad put together by Sandwich at Sporting Lisbon. He put that squad to good use as well. First he won the Portuguese FA Cup which gives him 20pts and gets Asia off the mark in the final. He then backed that up with a dominant performance in the league and because he won the title he gets his league points and GD added to his total. This gives Asia 148pts and they are starting to dominate this final! There was more to come though as although he didn’t get any points for winning the Europa League because he went out in the group stage he did get some pairs of players to score 20 or more goals. That gave him 30 more points to his total and should have given Asia 178pts and mean that Woody and England would need something special to win this match. But.... The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed something if you looked through those players under the spoiler. Unfortunately we have some ineligible players and not just 1 or 2 but actually 8!!!! The rules stated that you couldn’t use any players that came from a nation that you could manage in so in @broodje kip case that was Portugal, Russia, Turkey and crucially Spain. You also could only use players from nations that have already qualified for Euro 2020 and Scotland haven’t yet done that as they still have playoffs to win to get to the tournament. On closer inspection of the squad we can see both 4 Spanish players and 4 Scots as well. It’s tough on Sandwich and Kane but they were the rules and I did say that competitors could send there teams in before they play a match to have everything verified by me but @broodje kip didn’t do that. This means that 178pts turns into 0pts. So if @Woody can score anything be it players scoring 20+ goals or a cup win then England will take 3rd place in the event but if he also posted a 0 then it is going to a penalty shootout. Woody also went with Sporting Lisbon and this was his squad. Woody could end it all in one go with a league win but he came up against an in form Benfica who walked away with the title leaving him in third behind Porto. A cup win would be enough as well or even if he could win the Europa League but again Woody was thwarted and we are getting closer and closer to the lottery of penalties. This left player goal points as Woody’s and England’s only way to stop this match being a 0-0 draw and being decided on penalties. The Final will be on Sunday along with the awarding of the Golden Mobile Award.
  6. I am going to do the bronze match reveal and the final as separate posts so this is the schedule. Bronze Match: All the scores are in now so I will do the reveal tonight so that in the event of a tie the tiebreak challenge can be played before the final is revealed. The Final: This will be revealed on Sunday afternoon/evening.
  7. One of your screenshots shows you had the In game editor on which is unfortunately against the rules of the challenge. Even if you didn’t use the editor to change anything it could still be an unfair advantage as it shows you players CA.
  8. Maybe there needs to be a most challenges in one season leaderboard!!!
  9. All good totals for the challenges but I definitely agree with @Rob that one at a time might have improved the Front 3 challenge total. I’m sure that 400+ score isn’t too far away though.
  10. You can but when you sub players off they must be subbed for a player of the same nationality. Also remember that you can’t play two pair the same nationality at the same time so eg. You can’t have two English strikers playing and two English CBs as well as it’s one or the other each game.
  11. That will all be revealed in the final results post.
  12. You will need to provide evidence that player wasn’t used though.
  13. So long as everything is in order when I get your screenshots you will be ok.
  14. Have you bought players to suit the roles or have you sometimes just used what you had and it worked regardless of the players?
  15. I would be interested to hear what happens.
  16. You may be right then and the game is coded to stop you having more than 5 in a team although that would be better if it was more transparent so you knew that was what was happening and also if it applied to AI teams as well.
  17. It depends on the players you have. As @broodje kip said the big man - little man combo is good either with a TM-P or a TM-AF. I also like two AF’s as that can work well if you have two similar players who are quick, strong and have good movement and finishing. What can be nice is the double AF with then a creative midfielder just behind them as an AP.
  18. I have never played in Korea myself so I’m not sure exactly. I have always felt that the rules seem to be the same in most countries in the game and I usually find that if a player has a few caps for his country or is a promising youngster then they will get a WP.
  19. @samhardy @BatiGoal @Kanegan @broodje kip Something @Dagion just said about the playoffs in Belgium made me look at the format again of the league and it turns out that league points are halved after the league stage and before the playoffs. For this reason I am changing the Belgium top flight to the Danish top flight as there league splits but the points remain the same after the split. Sorry for any confusion and I have edited the OP to reflect this change.
  20. Maybe they need to make some money to pay the tax bills.