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  1. Awesome season mate. No wonder everyone is watching concord and not the premier league with all those goals flying in.
  2. Help Kindle Fire HD 10 & FMM 2018?

    He already has to clean up behind the puppy how much cleaning do you want the poor guy to do!
  3. Chat graphics FMT18

    The graphics from the pc version may work as they are very similar games. Maybe try the packs on fmscout if ours don't work.
  4. Help Kindle Fire HD 10 & FMM 2018?

    I run EME on my bottom of the range cheapo Acer tablet on problems, so I'm sure the kindle fire will be ok.
  5. Career This is our club.

    Great season mate. FCUM v Liverpool in the Europa league final I think.
  6. Career This is our club.

    At least you are consolidating in the Premier League and with how far the club has risen that's not a bad thing.
  7. I loaded just the MLS which gives a database of 4k players. Bermuda have just over 100 players available to pick from.
  8. I may be wrong about 50 players but I'm sure that was the case last year.
  9. FMM18: All Playable National Teams The nations that are available to you during a save depend on the leagues you have loaded, as you require at least 50 players from that nation to be able to manage their national team. I have loaded up the database in various combinations to try and ensure that this is complete a list as possible. You will need to load the correct leagues to get some of these teams E.G. Load the MLS to manage Canada, Jamaica or Bermuda. The more players you load the more nations you will have available. If I have missed anyone please let me know the combination of leagues you loaded and I can add them to the list. Europe Belgium Croatia Denmark England France Holland Ireland Northern Ireland Italy Portugal Russia Albania Serbia Spain Turkey Ukraine Wales Greece Slovakia Poland Austria Bosnia & Herzegovina Czech Republic Romania Sweden Switzerland Scotland North America USA Bermuda Canada Jamaica Mexico South America Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Uruguay Asia Australia Bahrain Iran China Iraq Uzbekistan Qatar Jordan South Korea North Korea Saudi Arabia Africa Algeria Cameroon Ghana Ivory Coast Nigeria Senegal Morocco DR Congo Mali Cape Verde Oceania New Zealand Thank you for reading
  10. Chat All playable national teams?

    Just unlocked it and will do a list tonight but you now owe me 99p mate😉
  11. Chat All playable national teams?

    I'm a tight arse so I haven't payed whatever it is to unlock INT yet.
  12. Chat Tactics

    That sounds a lot of work when a post with a link to the OP would be enough.
  13. Career This is our club.

    Wow your rattling through the seasons. Well done first on your promotion and then keeping FCUM in the premier league. Have you had a new stadium or an expanded stadium yet?
  14. Chat Tactics

    The same the the challenge/article index. Write an article that links to each tactic posted. It could even be divided into 3/4/5 at the back sections or 1/2/3/4/5 up front either way. It would then need to be updated every week or couple of weeks to add new tactics that are added to the site. You have premium membership which along with being staff qualifies you to call me Foxy