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  1. They usually announce the new features in the week leading up to the release of the game so we have a few more weeks to wait.
  2. You can now preorder Football Manager Mobile 2022 in the AppStore or on Google Play. The game will release on November the 9th and costs £8.99. They have also released the following screenshots including what looks like the South African league being added to the game.
  3. This accunt says Rodgers is out of the “mix”. This is who Newcastle should go for to shake things up a bit at the club.
  4. We can hope so but then Touch isn’t actually dead and gone it’s just been rebranded as FM Xbox and being released only on Xbox and PC. That means they still need to put as much effort into the Xbox version as they ever did the Touch edition so I’m not sure it will have much impact on what we get on FMM.
  5. That’s some fantastic numbers from your trio.
  6. Sounds like a bug to me mate probably caused by the fact you have already unlocked the gold coaching badge.
  7. It will be one of the teams in the Welsh 2nd division or the lowest level of Northern Ireland I would have thought.
  8. I’m going to say that its best you don’t share that information on the forum but that doesn’t mean people can’t send you a PM and find out.
  9. The Liverpool squad is that good plus they start with loads of money to improve it further that you could probably get almost any tactic on the site to work with them if you tweak the squad a bit. You can find the tactics that have been posted on the site listed here.
  10. If the seasons are gone and you don’t have save files from the seasons lost then there isn’t much you can do. Is his ITN goals total right as that resets at 250 something goals back to 0?
  11. You don’t need to just copy the instructions from the screenshots.
  12. Can’t imagine Pep losing much sleep over losing a friendly.
  13. Not boring or obscure enough of a stat that one.
  14. Don’t think so as far as I know it’s just cosmetic.
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