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  1. You must remember what it was like to be young, any old excuse for a bit of self love.
  2. Well done @Ashez Thanks for organising this @Titjes it’s been well run and great fun as always.
  3. The HoF is massively skewed towards newer members because it hasn’t always been around so surpassing members that were more active in the early days of Vibe isn’t much of an achievement and the HoF is no reflection on the contribution to the site a lot of people made in the past.
  4. Just a few tweaks needed to make you more attacking whilst also remaining defensively solid I think. Defence: I would change the FB to WB as you have look for overlap on but FB aren’t going to be as adventurous in overlapping. Midfield: I would change the anchorman to a DLP so he plays more forward thinking passes. Then the CM I would change to a BBM so that he gets forward more and supports the striker and IF’s instead of just sitting in the middle of the pitch. Team instructions: I would change Fast tempo down to normal. I would also change the passing to mixed so everything isn’t all played to feet. It then all depends on what players you have but ultimately that’s down to you to buy the best you can get.
  5. I think he turned 24 a month into the season as well iirc. Going great @George Traistă and I wouldn’t bother with a 1kc tbh it’s a boring challenge.
  6. You level up when you make posts or when you get +1’s. The further you go up the levels the longer it takes to level up.
  7. Same for me but they did ok tbf to them. I’m dreading having to shop in the Premier League especially as I’m having a lot of problems with players that just won’t negotiate at all despite being at smaller clubs on very low wages.
  8. He’ll get the Celtic job just before there relegation is confirmed meaning his no PL relegations record is intact. He does have a relegation on his CV at Notts County but that was in the old Division 2 and so doesn’t count to most media these days.
  9. I wonder if they would have stayed up if they had kept Bilic as @Albionic can correct me if I’m wrong but they were much closer to safety with him than Allardyce has them now. Perhaps if Sam doesn’t keep them up then no one could though.
  10. At the back he has CD’s and FB’s Midfield is wingers either side of a RP and a BBM. Up top it’s a P and a TM
  11. Cheers lads, I was kind of hoping for a few more from Aouar and if I’m honest but they got the job done anyway. Thanks, I think the money is going to get less for the next two seasons as well because I don’t have many high value assets to sell. That eye for talent is going to be needed even more in Spain and England to try and put together squads with the money I will have available.
  12. I will stick with Gomez, 7 goals and Mason Greenwood.
  13. Season 4 - Ligue 1 🇫🇷 I had a choice of 🇪🇸 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 or 🇫🇷 for this season and decided on France simply because I think this is a relatively easy task for the bonus points and there was a defender in the league who I have wanted to use to score a few goals for a while. Before I show all my transfers these are the two players I have picked for the task and a reminder of what the task was. Season 4 Task - Worth 50 points: Have a defender and midfielder score a combined 50 goals in all competitions with each of them having scored at least 10 of them. The defender must be natural (light green) as either a CB or FB and not be green any further forwards than the defensive midfield strata (DM, WBL/R) at any point during the season. The midfielder must be natural as a CM or WM and cannot have any green as a striker at any point during the season. As my defender I went with Kevin Danso as he has some ability up front although it isn’t green so he qualifies for the task and he is a good player. My plan is he will play upfront as a TM most of the time. My midfielder choice won’t need any introduction either as I went with Aouar because he isn’t the best goalscoring midfielder around but he is good and I am certain he can score the goals required to complete the task. Transfers A few of the lads from season 2 who I couldn’t sell left this season and in total I only managed to raise £179m which is why I ended up with a few P/X as well to get deals done and create a complete squad. With the money raised on sales and that the board gave me I managed to spend £271m to build a squad which is decent enough sounding but split 25 ways doesn’t mean much per player bought. Aouar was my biggest outlay at £60m plus a player and I was able to bring in three bosmans that I had arranged in the previous January. This gave me a 25 man squad for the season which remained the same the whole way through. I think it was probably the weakest squad I have created so far based both on the money I had to spend and just the quality of the players available to buy. This doesn’t bode too well for next season when I will be fishing in the more expensive waters of either the Premier League or La Liga as these lads might not raise a huge amount of money. Task 1 Worth 20 Points - Buy players from 10 or more clubs: Again I completed this task with 13 clubs being represented. Competitions I said I felt this is my worst squad so far but we did manage to get out of our Champions League group unlike last season. We made it all the way to the semi finals and for the second time in 4 seasons we were dumped out at that stage by Barcelona. Domestically we won the league at a canter, picked up the Super Cup but Bayern knocked us out at the semi final stage of the German Cup. League Champions League German Cup Super Cup That just leaves the season task to complete and for once there was no drama as both lads got the job done with some time to spare. As per the rules I didn’t train either players to be strikers as you can see here. They had the 50 goals needed by late April and secured me the 50 bonus points. They finished off with 54 goals in total as I put Danso back to CB to finish off the season. Points I added 252pts onto my total this season which is actually less than season 2 when I didn’t complete the task and so missed out on 50pts! Wins - 37 x 3 = 111pts Draws - 10 = 10pts Task 1 = 20pts Goal Difference = 61pts Season Task = 50pts Season Total - 252 points Season 1 - 211pts Season 2 - 257pts Season 3 - 292pts Season 4 - 252pts Challenge Total - 1012pts Manager Profile Season 5 Task - Worth 50 points: You must not fail to win more than 3 games all season in all competitions. You will need your manager profile from the end of season 4 and the end of season 5 to prove this or show all your seasons results. Thanks for reading.