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  1. Anyone planning on doing this challenge needs to remember the rule above and not just copy @vaxikpl tactic.
  2. That would be an interesting twist but I’m sure your be ok Robert.
  3. I will probably lose the save file after two seasons. @Titjes @RichD @Rob thanks for the comments.
  4. Just tried it and the same happened to me so maybe it’s a bug and should be reported to SI.
  5. Welcome to my first career of FMM21. I wanted to give my own Last Hurrah challenge a go which involves getting as many goals or assists out of a player 35 or older in two seasons. There is a slight twist as well because points get taken away if your player doesn’t beat his goal or assist total from season 1 in season 2. More details can be found here. I think the club and player choices are fairly obvious from the graphic but let’s meet them anyway. The Club I will be managing Ajax because I have played very little of the Dutch league over the years and I wanted a league which wasn’t too strong so the guys could hopefully rack up some decent numbers. The Lads I have decided I want to go for both the goals and assists leaderboards in one go so looking to get the goals is the mighty Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. The Dutch Destroyer is now 37 but he has a few attributes in the right places so there’s no reason not to think he won’t get some goals so long as I get crosses in the box and have players with some pace to do the running for him. One worry is just how much he will decline over the two seasons and whether he will be able to even move by season 2 let alone get me some goals so I don’t have his points total decimated. He is out of contract at the end of season 1 so I will make sure I get him onto a deal for season 2 as quickly as possible so he doesn’t retire or leave. Looking to provide the ammunition for Hunty will be the Andalusian Assassin Joaquin. Considering he is 39 he looks bloody good so hopefully that will remain the case throughout the two seasons of this challenge. The plan to start with is that he will play on the right wing as the only winger in the team with the aim of getting the ball to him so he gets in plenty of crosses for Hunty to (hopefully) head home. If his pace just plummets and he can’t get into the game out wide I do have the option of playing him as an AM as well but that might come at a price for Hunty’s goal total. I managed to sign him easily enough, although £3.2m seems a bit expensive for a 39 year old, and he is on a two year deal so he should complete both seasons. Season 1 is done so I should have an update on that tomorrow. Thanks for reading.
  6. The Last Hurrah This challenge is designed to compliment the other challenges I created which were designed to be goal scoring challenges using players that aren’t as young as the 1kc, DT and TT encourage people to use. Those other challenges are. The Peak Striker Challenge - For players aged 24 to 30. The Late Bloomer - For players over 30. I still felt there was a gap though as The Late Bloomer challenge encourages the use of players nearer to 30 years old and I wanted to create a challenge that uses the real golden oldies. That’s where the Last Hurrah steps in. The Challenge You must use a player who is 35 or older at the start of the first season. This challenge can be done in two ways. You can either score points by getting goals or by getting assists but you can’t go for both with the same player in the same save. You could have one player after goals and another after assists in the same save though. This challenge lasts for two seasons. You can use any club in the game. Any transfers you wish in or out are allowed. No unlockables except for reputation and coaching badge. No editing or edited databases. No reloading or cheating in any way. Proof in the form of screenshots will be required to go onto the leaderboard and the best way to do that is with a career post we can all follow. Have fun. Points Once you have picked your players and decided if they are going for the goals leaderboard or the assists leaderboard you will score points in the following way. Each goal or assist your player gets in all competitions is worth 2pts. In season two your player must match or better his season 1 total of goals or assists other wise you lose 1pt for every goal or assist he gets less in season 2 compared to season 1. For example. Scoring less in Season 2 Example Season 1 he scores 20 goals and that gives him 40pts. Season 2 he scores 10 goals to score another 20pts and give a total of 60pts. He scored 10 goals less in season 2 so 10pts are taken from the total giving a final score for the leaderboard of 50pts. Scoring equal or better in Season 2 Example Season 1 he scores 20 goals and that gives him 40pts. Season 2 he scores 21 goals to score another 42pts and give a total of 82pts He scored more goals in season 2 so no points are taken from the total. Goals Leaderboard Assists Leaderboard
  7. The Late Bloomer Challenge With the advances in Sports Science there is a growing trend for strikers to continue in there peak years even once they are into there 30s. We have seen Lewendowski continue to score at an alarming rate for Bayern this season, Jamie Vardy has scored nearly 100 Premier League goals despite not playing in the top flight till his late 20s and Zlatan scored more goals in his 30s than he did in his 20s. The Challenge This is a simple concept as all you need to do is pick a player who is 30 or older at the start of the game and get him to score more goals under your management before he retires than he managed in the previous years of his career. The target number of goals depends on how many he has previously scored in his career so if he has scored over 100 goals or more then you must beat that total. So take Robert Lewendowski as an example. He is 32 at the start of a save in FMM21 and has scored 304 goals in club football so your goal is to get him to score 305 more goals before he retires. If he has scored any total less than 100 goals in his career then you must get him to score 101 goals under your management. (Credit to @Scratch for this part of the challenge) Take Gervinho as an example. He has scored 100 career goals at the start of the save so you would need to get him to score 101 goals before he retires. The Rules Obviously there are a few rules to keep things fair for everyone. Player Choice: You can use any player you wish so long as he is 30 or older at the start of a new save and he can play in any position that you want. Goals Target: If a player has scored over 100 club career goals then his career goal total at the start of the save is the target you must beat. If he has scored less than 100 club career goals then you need to get him to score 101 goals under your management. Club Choice: You can manage any club in the standard DB of the game but you and the player must stay at the club for the duration of the attempt so you can’t start at a big club with a player and then move to weaker leagues to finish the attempt as he gets older. If you are sacked then it’s game over. Other Rules: Standard Vibe rules apply so no unlockables (except coaching badge and reputation), no edited DB’s, no IGE or PGE, no reloading or cheating of any kind. Proof: You will need to provide proof to be eligible for the leaderboard and this includes a screenshot of the players history at the start of the save to show your target. The best thing to do it start a career thread for us all to follow. Leaderboard I could have come up with a points scoring system for this challenge but actually I don’t think it needs one. We have a lack of challenges that are simple pass or fail so that is what I have decided this one will be. If you get your chosen player to score more goals under your management than he previously managed in his career then you have passed the challenge and your name, chosen club, player and the goal target you hit will go onto the board in the order it was completed. You can also go on the board as many times as you wish if you want to do this challenge with a few different players. Passed the Challenge
  8. My guess would be it’s the early stage of there relationship building so it will get gradually more green as there relationship builds.
  9. Tier 3 which is where they will be playing in a couple more seasons.
  10. The Managers 1000 Goal Challenge There have been loads of FMM challenges created over the years on Vibe but probably the most popular certainly recently is The 1000 Goal Challenge. This isn’t a huge surprise as we all love scoring goals, it’s what football is about after all, and it really is a challenge where we can really create our own goal scoring legend. It is a restrictive challenge though as you are stuck with the same striker for the duration of the save and usually the same club and tactics as well. Thats why I am posting this challenge as it could be done alongside a 1kc, Double Trouble or Triple Threat but equally you could just do the challenge on its own. The Challenge There are no complicated rules or club restrictions with this one. Just one simple target and that is to have your teams score exactly 1000 goals in as few amount of games as possible. You can stay at one club or you can move around as much as you want it is entirely up to you. There will also be a secondary leaderboard for best goal difference as well. So once you have scored the 1000 goals I will take off your goals conceded and that gives you your score. For clarification if you post a screenshot with a few more than 1000 goals scored I will round down goals scored to 1000 but your conceded total will stay the same. Proof You will need to post a screenshot of your manager history as soon as you have finished the match that your 1000th goal in management is scored that shows the number of games it has taken you to score 1000 goals. You will also need to post a screenshot to prove that you haven’t used the IGE so a player or squad screenshot is best. Points Your points total for this challenge is simply your goals per game (GpG) total so the quicker you score goals the better your GpG total will be. Rules No Myclub saves. No editing or cheating in anyway. Proof is required in the form of screenshots. Why not start a career thread on the forum so we can all follow your journey to 1000 goals. No unlockables unless gained in the save. You may start with a Gold coaching badge and any reputation you wish though. Have fun. GpG Leaderboard Goal Difference Leaderboard
  11. I would say it needs to be as low as possible but it depends how many players have heading well below 10. About an upper limit of 6 or 7 would probably be about right I suspect.
  12. Once earn’t I’m happy if people add the badges as there DP or profile banner.