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  1. Season 1 - Part 5 Having had an 8 point lead at one point Liverpool capitulated in the league and in the end I won the title with 2 games to spare which was handy as it meant I used the last two games to try and get some extra players in the team to complete there nations. That was some what successful as despite a loss and a draw I did get one country completed in that game. We lost the FA Cup final on penalties to @Mr Tree Bee’s as we simply couldn’t score for love nor money in that game. We did win the Champions League though beating Atletico in the final. Here is every transfer that I made in this season. Here is all my transfers out. Season Player Stats Manager Profile The rate of progress drastically dropped in these final 10 games as I was trying to get some proper shitters to score before the end of the season so I could get rid of them instead of buying a load of new players. In the end I only completed 3 more countries. Match 54 v West Ham This match won us the title although we didn’t score till into the final 10 minutes of the game when Welsh midfielder Matt Smith scored to complete Wales as well as win us the league. Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿- Despite Wales’ reputation of loving sheep they don’t have the most sheep per person in the world with Mongolia taking that crown with over 7000 sheep per person - Matt Smith ✅ Match 57 v Burnley This was a very dull end of season game where I had a lot of dodgy players in the team in the hope a couple would score. In the end young Scottish midfielder Josh Adam’s did score so it wasn’t a complete waste of a game. Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿- Despite being synonymous with Scotland bagpipes weren’t invented there but were instead likely introduced to the country by the Romans - Josh Adam’s ✅ Match 58 v Atletico Madrid I played a strong team in this game although there was still 4 players in there that I wanted to score to tick off there countries in Muskwe, Ravel, Zinchencko and Sangaré. Ravel then came off and was replaced by Saint Lucian defender Donacien who completed the scoring with 8 minutes left on the clock. St Lucia - Janoi Donacien ✅ Matches Played: 58 Nations Completed: 51 out of 147 Nations Completed per Match: 0.87 I have another 96 more nations to complete and 89 games to do them in if I want to have completed one nation per match played. Thanks for reading.
  2. If you take another job it’s going to be interesting to see how long it takes you to overtake Shels domestically but also whether Shels can maintain there status as a European powerhouse with the AI a calling the shots.
  3. The best way to get attention and have everyone talking about you is to just talk shite and it doesn’t matter if it’s true or you even believe what you say. TalkSPORT have managed to build an entire radio station out of doing just that.
  4. I doubt it as it’s only a matter of time before Pep sees sense and follows Richard Keys’ “sound” advice.
  5. Season 1 - Update 4 At first glance the results look good which they are but take a look at the Barca game and you will see we lost that one. In fact we were in danger of throwing away our 4-0 lead from the first leg when we were 3 down at half time and then it was 4 not long into the 2nd half although I was able to breathe a sigh of relief when the linesmen ruled out that 4th goal and we then scored to make it 5-3 on aggregate. In the league we won all but one game when we drew with Brighton but the trouble is that Liverpool matched us result for result so we still stay behind them in the league. The gap in currently 4 points but we do have two games in hand for some reason so if we continue to win then the title would be ours. The rate at which I completed nations has slowed down a bit with 7 ticked off in the ten games. Match 41 v Watford Another comfortable cup win over a Championship team although it wasn’t quite as successful for ticking of countries as the Coventry game was in the last update. USA 🇺🇸- In 1867 the USA purchased Alsaka from Russia for $7.2m which is roughly $132m in today’s money - Erik Palmer-Brown ✅ Ghana 🇬🇭- The name Ghana means Warrior King - Jordan Ayew ✅ Match 44 v Arsenal Beating Arsenal only 1 nil these days isn’t exactly much of an achievement but at least I completed Serbia. I then completely forgot I completed Serbia and played another Serbian in games till he scored and I checked my spreadsheet to see I had already done that country 🤦‍♂️ Serbia 🇷🇸- The words Paprika and Vampire are both said to have originated in Serbia - Slobodan Tedić ✅ Match 45 v Zenit This was a nice favourable draw after Barcelona and after winning the first leg 1-0 we went through to the semi’s with a 3-0 aggregate win here and two more nations completed. Both the lads that scored had been brought back from loans away from the club and promoted to the first team in order to hopefully score a goal. Japan 🇯🇵- The Shinjuku train station in Tokyo is the busiest in the world with 3.5m passengers a day passing through there - Kô Itakura ✅ Netherlands 🇳🇱- 17% of the land that makes up the Netherlands has been reclaimed from the sea - Jayden Braaf ✅ Match 46 v Leeds We booked a place in the FA Cup final with a comfortable win over Leeds thanks in part to a goal from Yangel Herrera. Venezuela 🇻🇪- Venezuela is home to Cabybara which are the worlds largest rodent - Yangel Herrera ✅ Match 47 v WBA A nice easy win completed this batch of games and this is the match when my other Serbian scored and I thought I had completed that country despite having done so a few matches before and actually promoting Stevanovic to the squad in place of Tedic. Lithuania 🇱🇹- Lithuania is home to the oldest tree in Europe The Stelmužė Oak which is thought to be at between 1500 and 2000 years old - Vytas Gaspuitis ✅ Matches Played - 48 Nations Completed - 48 out of 147 Nations per Match - 1 completed per match Thanks for reading
  6. It’s mad that we made the playoffs considering the topsy turvy season we have had. Around November/December it looked like a relegation battle for us tbh but we stuck by KR and got the rewards. As for an Oxford v Sunderland final I wouldn’t bet on either us to beat Blackpool or them to beat Lincoln as god knows what’s happened to Sunderland since they beat us and looked good for automatic promotion. If we do play them at Wembley though they will need to bring the riot police in just to keep the benches apart after the antics a few weeks ago which had lead to a 4 match touchline ban for KR and a 6 match ban for the Sunderland assman.
  7. Couple of years ago now but that might be that he played up front on his own I imagine with Kane’s regen as back up. That theory is backed up by him “only” getting 48 goals that season. Certainly not untypical numbers for FMM and I was probably disappointed I didn’t get a 100 goal season.
  8. You get a son if you have a player retire at your club after having played 10 or more seasons with you. In my experience your son Regen tends to turn out pretty good even if the game says they will be bobbins. Best I have had is Tyler Fox who scored 1335 goals for club and country playing in a front two with Harry Kane’s regen who also hit over 1000 goals as well.
  9. Strange that Lemina isn’t in the DB with just England loaded. I did try loading 4 nations when I was testing this idea which was England, USA, Argentina and Australia iirc but in the end I decided that 147 countries was plenty to be doing instead of I think about 180 with that combo.
  10. Probably next in line to play CB.
  11. A few of them have had quite a bit of game time to get there goals in all honesty. The French leagues usually loads up the most African players so that would be my guess but then I don’t know how many top players Gabon actually has.
  12. Looks like you have made a good start and with the squad coming together and the lads looking good I can only see it getting better.
  13. Drop or not I think Pipi has another 10 years left in him at the top level.
  14. Season 1 - Update 3 Last time out form had taken a dip as Liverpool had gone past us to top of the league. The attacking 4-2-4 I was deploying simply wasn’t working as I was putting too many dodgy players i at once and so I said I would be having a rethink of the tactic. This was the result of that rethink. Certainly not anything very special or unique as the idea is simple. The triangle of the two CB’s and the DLP give a solid defensive base to the team aided as well by the WB’s and the BBM whilst they also give an attacking threat as well with the WB’s providing crosses and the BBM getting forward to support the front 3. The AP a provides the balls into the front 3 who are there for goals. I can then mix and match up front with better player to aid getting some wins and then players that are simply in to score a goal for the challenge. The TM role is useful as Petagna is a good link up player but I can also put a CB there if he needs a goal and that can be quite effective at times. We drew with Man Utd but other than that the results have been very good including smashing 4 past Barca. We are still 2nd in the league but we have closed the gap on Liverpool to just 2pts and the title could yet be coming our way if this form continues and I get the balance between results and completing nations right. You will see that not many games were played but that is because they were successful in both results and in terms of getting more countries crossed off my list. Match 32 v Crystal Palace The new tactic had a decent start against Palace although we didn’t actually create much and only 1 striker scored. Denmark 🇩🇰- The Danes have no word for “please” in there language - Marco Ramskilde ✅ Match 33 v Coventry A team from the division below could have been a banana skin for us but instead the lads went goal crazy. Not only that 4 out of the 5 goalscorers ticked off there home countries. Maldives 🇲🇻- The Maldives archipelago is made up of 1190 islands but only 200 of them are inhabited - Ali Ashfaq ✅ Kosovo 🇽🇰- Kosovo is Europe’s youngest nation having declared independence from Serbia in 2008 - Milot Rashica ✅ Madagascar 🇲🇬- Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world and the 2nd largest island that is one single country in the world - Bastien Héry ✅ Mozambique 🇲🇿- Peri Peri chilli peppers used to make the sauce of the same name was originally produced in Mozambique - Reinildo ✅ Match 35 v Wolves We created plenty in this game and ticked off another two countries. I signed Auba in a straight swap for Aguero and he was a much sign player because he is the only player from Gabon in this save. Benin 🇧🇯- Benin is famous for its brass statues and ivory or wood carvings - Reda Johnson ✅ Gabon 🇬🇦- Approximately 80% of Gabon is covered in rainforest of which 11% is national parks making them some of the biggest national parks in the world - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ✅ Match 36 v Barcelona I played a very strong side in this game with only Zé Luis (who is fairly decent anyway) being in the team to hopefully cross off his country which is exactly what he did. Cape Verde 🇨🇻- Cape Verde was uninhabited until it was discovered by Portuguese explorers in the 15th century - Zé Luis ✅ Match 38 v Southampton The three points were important here but I was more pleased with the goalscorer as I have been trying to get a goal from this lad for most of the season with no success till now. Chinese Taipei - Since 2011 Wi-Fi has been free to all citizens in Taiwan and since 2013 free to tourists as well - Chen Po-Iiang ✅ This was a much better update with plenty of wins and nations ticked off helped massively by that Coventry game. That means I still keep just above 1 nation ticked off per game played which is the target. Games played: 38 Nations completed: 41 Nations per game: 1.07 per game Thanks for reading
  15. I hope you just keep going and grind him into the ground in his old age! As for Japan I think I’m right in saying they are like Germany and don’t use real players which is why he won’t have been capped.