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  1. You get the points you scored up till the point you were sacked.
  2. Just one more clarification. When I say you can use players already at the club if they fit the position rules I include players on loan in that.
  3. What @Dai_ said is correct. Obviously you are all playing the same challenge in your group so I’m happy for you to compare notes on players and tactics as you are a team after all. Everyone has to play there own save though so no save sharing. added 0 minutes later You need to decide as a team of 7 which club you will all use. So both groups manage the same club.
  4. Week 3 Challenge This week you have all split yourselves into two groups within your teams. Each group will play roughly the same challenge with some slight differences in squad setup and scoring and then each groups points will be combined to give the team its overall score, the team with the most points takes a point in the competition. With both teams on 4pts this is the chance for one of you to get a slight advantage going into the final weeks H2H’s. The Groups Thanks to Rich and Broodje Kip for getting these organised nice and quickly. 🇬🇧 Group of 4 @Woody @Ian @leedsunited87 @Albionic 🇬🇧 Group of 3 @Rob @MikeF @Rich 🌍 Group of 4 @geordiekrispy @Dai_ @hhooo @Victor77 🌍 Group of 3 @Mr Tree @broodje kip @Daejeoncitizenworship The Challenge Pay attention here as the challenge changes slightly depending on if you are in a group of 3 or a group of 4. So far you haven’t had much to do in the transfer market but that is about to change as you do an almost complete squad rebuild. Of course there are some rules and restrictions to this rebuild otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a challenge now would it. Depending on which group you are in depends on if you will have a full outfield squad of strikers or of defenders and I will explain more now. Group of 4 Rules You must build a squad of no more than 18 players (including goalkeepers) with every outfield player being a natural striker. You must sell or demote all players in the squad that aren’t natural (light green) at striker. You can have as many goalkeepers in the squad as you like but they must be the club’s original goalkeepers and the squad cannot be bigger than 18 players in size. The strikers cannot have either light or dark green in any role further back than striker when the save starts if they are already in the squad or when you sign them. So they cannot be any shade of green as say a winger or AM but they could be yellow in those positions or any other position further back. Group of 3 Rules You must build a squad of no more than 18 players (including goalkeepers) with every outfield player being a natural centre back. You must sell or demote all players in the squad that aren’t natural (light green) at CB. You can have as many goalkeepers in the squad as you like but they must be the club’s original goalkeepers and the squad cannot be bigger than 18 players in size. The CB’s cannot have either light or dark green in any role further forward than defence when the save starts if they are already in the squad or when you sign them. So they can be green as a full back but no better than yellow as a defensive midfielder or any position further forward than that. Rules for both Groups This is a full season challenge and all competitive games count towards your score. You can supplement the squad with players from your reserves if needed but they must follow the same position rules as the players you are buying in. These reserve players don’t count towards the squad size of 18. You can use players already at the club if they fit the position rules of your group this includes players on loan. Once signed you can train players however you want (make sure you get a screenshot of there positions when guy sign them though as proof they were eligible for the team). Your squad must be complete by the time the first transfer window closes and you cannot sign any more players in the next transfer window. Players must be signed permanently for the club either for a fee or a free transfer. No loans and no part exchanges. I want everyone to finish the season so you can use the “unsackable” unlockable. Other than that no other unlockables are allowed. You can have any reputation and coaching badge you want. No editing, reloading, holidaying or cheating in anyway. No test saves so once you start that is your attempt. Club Choice Everyone in the team must play as the same club so you all need to decide who you will manage. That club can be in any league/division in the vanilla database but they cannot play in Continental competitions. Points The team points and the Golden Mobile points are slightly different so that you don’t all score the same for the GM league table. Group of 4 points - The following points will be given to each player and then totalled up to give. Group score. 3pts a win in all competitions 1pt a draw in all competitions -1pt for every goal conceded in all competitions Group of 3 points - The following points will be given to each player and then totalled up to give. Group score. 3pts a win in all competitions 1pt a draw in all comps +1pt for every goal scored in all competitions Team points Group of 4 points + Group of 3 points = Team points The team with the most points wins the week and gets 1 point. Golden Mobile Points These will be the points awarded for wins (3pts) and draws (1pt) only so that each of you will get your own score based solely on team performance. This is because the Groups of 4 lose points for goals conceded whilst the Groups of 3 gain points for goals scored so it would have been an advantage to be in the Group of 3 otherwise. Screenshots - These must be sent to me in the PM you already have active with me. Profile page of each member of the squad either when they are bought or at the start of the season if they are already at the club First choice goalkeeper’s profile and history at the end of the season. League table Cup matches you were eliminated in or the final. Manager profile and history at the end of the season Transfer history at the end of the first transfer window and also at the end of the season Deadline: Saturday 24th July 2021 @ 10pm UK Time Any questions then just ask in this thread or over PM and have fun.
  5. Badge 11 - Big Man Little Man I seem to have missed out on the last 6 badges in this series but I decided I wanted to give my Big Man Little Man challenge a go and see if I could earn badge 11. I created this challenge for the 2021 Vibe World Cup and then with permission from @Rob made it a badge challenge as well. All the details are here. In short though you must sign either a striker to be your Big Man who has 14 or more aerial and a striker to be your Little Man who has less than 10 aerial and one of them must already be at the club. Then you try and get goals from the Little Man and assists from the Big Man with 2 points for each one and then they lose a point for every Little Man assist and Big Man goal. The idea is to get goals from a player with low aerial as generally for the big goal totals you need some good ability from the striker. To earn this badge I must score 121 points or more. Player Choice I had decided to go for Liverpool and Mo Salah as there are very few Little Men that are better in world football at the moment. My Big Man was a less obvious pick because he is well past his best and is found as a free transfer in the spring update. The man charged with getting assists is Diego Costa and I’m hoping he isn’t injury prone. The scout report was positive and I think he can create some havoc and space for Salah to get a few goals. As per the challenge rules I only brought in one player and that was my Big Man. Half Way Point My fears about Diego Costa being a bit injury prone have been proved to be correct to an extent. He isn’t too bad and has so far been very robust but he has had some niggles that mean out of 31 games that I have played so far he has missed 6 of them. Salah is obviously more robust as we know from real life but he did miss three games with a 10 day injury. Current Score Salah - 39 goals x 2 - 3 assists = 75pts Costa - 17 assists x 2 - 7 = 27pts Total so far - 102pts Not a bad start and I only need 20 more points to have won the badge. I would have liked Costa to have scored slightly less goals but he is a good striker and he will get the odd chance to score and take it. Salah is being nice and selfish though which I like. End of the Season The season was a success especially as I couldn’t change the squad which was why I want Liverpool as obviously they are a well balanced team. We won the league by miles and added the FA Cup and Community Shield. We did lose the League Cup final to (obviously) Man City and Barca did us in the Champions League semi finals. Not much to see from the manager profile apart from it confirms what I showed above that I didn’t make any transfers in apart from Costa and that I didn’t holiday any games. Final Score With such a good start the target of 122 was never going to be a problem unless I had some major bad luck with injuries. Costa did miss a fair few games as we played 62 matches in total and he only managed to play in 49 of them thanks to little injuries or just not being fit enough to play. It didn’t effect his performance too much though as he racked up 31 assists and I kept him from scoring too many as well. Salah continued to play most games but then missed a couple towards the end of the season when I had Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday matches in two of the final weeks of the season. His goal rate slowed a bit as well as he looked to be on for late 70’s or even 80 goals but finished on 67 and then 7 assists. Salah and Costa final attributes. Final Score Salah - 67 goals x 2 - 7 assists = 127pts Costa - 31 assists x 2 - 16 = 46pts Final Score - 173pts That earns me a nice shiny new badge. Thanks for reading.
  6. Won’t be the first or last mistake I ever make that’s for sure 🤷‍♂️
  7. The best way to work around that is to actually buy the game and support the developers instead of downloading pirate versions.
  8. Out of interest how many people took up the offer of a test save before the main event?
  9. Week 2 - The Results After the first week the 🇬🇧 team have a 1pt lead in the competition but that could all change as there is 7 points up for grabs from these H2H matches. The Brits could all but have the trophy in there hands if they can get a clean sweep of wins but the 🌍 team could also take a commanding lead in this competition if it goes there way. You all remember the challenge so let’s get straight in with results. @Ian v @Mr Tree This was unfortunately the least competitive match of the competition as Ian came away with an easy win as Tree struggled to get to grips with these formations. 2-3-5 Ian choose Hamburg and scored 53pts. Mr Tree went for his beloved Brentford and toiled to 4pts The Metodo Ian managed one of the more popular choices with Espanyol and finished with 51pts Mr Tree managed in the Danish 2nd tier with Viborg and did better than with Brentford to score 17pts The WM Ian was very consistent in his scoring with another 50+pt haul at Bochum as he scored 56pts. This was Mr Trees best performance of the three as he led Union SG in Belgium to 21pts. Final Score: Ian 160 v 42 Mr Tree - 🇬🇧 wins 1pt @Rob v @Daejeoncitizenworship This was a high quality clash with both players getting points totals in the top 5 of this weeks overall scoring. There could only be one winner though. 2-3-5 Rob used popular choice Watford here and it was a successful choice for him with a 54pt total. It is advantage Daejeon though as he went to Hamburg and came back with 60pts in his back pocket The Metodo Rob came roaring back in Espanyol though as he scored 66pts which is the 2nd highest total with this tactic. Daejeon didn’t enjoy the Metodo as much as he scored 53pts using Blackburn. The WM Rob went into the final tactic with a 7pt lead and Norwich was his final club choice which won him 62pts. It would need something special from Daejeon to win now and Daejeon was his final destination. He put in a very good performance with 62pts but that won’t be quite enough to take the win. Final Score: Rob 182 v 175 Daejeon - 🇬🇧 wins 1pt At this stage 🇬🇧 have won both matches and look to be running away with both the week and the competition as a whole. The 🌎 team need to start fighting back so could that fight back begin in with some Mag on Mag action. @Rich v @geordiekrispy Rich had seen Rob’s club choices and decided that must be the way to go as he picked the same teams but would it be enough for the win? 2-3-5 Rich made a blistering start to this match with the 2nd highest score with this formation. He went with Watford and scored 69pts. Geordiekrispy also went for Watford and although he scored a very respectable 59pts he is now 10 behind Rich after just one formation. The Metodo Rich was in Norwich for this tactic but he didn’t find it quite as easy only managing 51pts this time. Geordiekrispy fancied somewhere warmer so went to Mallorca which scored him 64pts and suddenly from being 10pts behind he is now 3pts ahead going into the final formation. The WM Rich followed Rob to Espanyol and came away with 51pts which again anything over 50 is a decent total but he is now relying on Geordiekrispy to mess up his final attempt of he wants the win. Geordiekrispy was in Hamburg for the WM and was clearly now in brutal form as he smashed out a 67 pointer to get the win. Final Score: Rich 171 v 190 Geordiekrispy - 🌍 1pt @leedsunited87 v @broodje kip 🌍 have there first point on the board in the competition but they are still 3-1 behind and so they can’t stop pushing. 2-3-5 Leedsunited was one of the only people to venture below a 2nd tier and for this formation he choose Bolton in League 2. It wasn’t a total success though as he scored 32pts to start. Kippy went for Blackburn who were a surprisingly popular choice this week. He takes the lead with a 44pt haul which he was disappointed with at the time. The Metodo Leedsunited is now playing catch up and he went for Deportivo in the Spanish 3rd tier next. He improved on his first performance with 40pts but will it be enough to close the gap? Broodje picked Norwich and went on the offensive as he stretched his lead with a 59pt total. It looks like this match is probably already over. The WM Leedsunited left his best for last as he went for Hamburg and scored 57pts. All three of his attempts have been good but it’s probably not going to be quite enough. Broodje also pulled out his best effort at the end as he also went to Hamburg and came away with 63pts and the win for his team. Final Score: Leedsunited 129 v 166 Broodje Kip - 🌍 1pt So suddenly from 2-0 down the 🌍 team have brought it back to 2-2. There is still 3 matches and 3 points left to play for though so nothing is settled. @MikeF v @Dai_ Both these lads made strong starts last week and this looked like it could be a close match. 2-3-5 It was Espanyol to start for Mike and a good effort although by his own admission a bit leaky at the back. He did score 43pts though. Dai went to Korea to manage Daejeon and came away with a formation high score of 80pts with 15 wins out of 15 and a GD of +40 The Metodo This is already looking over as Mike is fighting back from a 37pt deficit. He went to Brescia for this attempt and scored 41pts. Dai could have relaxed at this stage but the bloke doesn’t know the meaning of the word as he posted another tactic high score. Hamburg was his club of choice and although he will be disappointed with drawing a game he did win the other 14 to score 75pts. The WM This match is already over barring a miracle but Mike kept going for his teammates and every point counts in the Golden Mobile. He went to Hamburg and scored 37pts this time. Dai will be very disappointed with this attempt as he didn’t have the highest score for this formation and in fact it was “only” the third highest total. He managed Watford and took away 70pts. Final Score: MikeF 121pts v 230 Dai - 🌍 1pt So the 🌎 team have turned this around and now lead 3-2 for the week and it’s 3-3 for the competition as a whole. If they can win both the final games they will go into week 3 with a 2 point lead but two final wins for 🇬🇧 will do the same. @Albionic v @Victor77 Victor comes into this event as an unknown quantity having taken over from Antonie but he certainly gave a good account of himself. 2-3-5 It was Cambuur in the Dutch 2nd division where Albionic started but it didn’t go quite to plan for him as the team weren’t quite as good as there real life performance suggests. He finished up with 37pts. Victor choose Zhejiang in the Chinese 2nd Division for his first attempt and takes an early lead with 42pts. The Metodo This match is still either sides and Albionic went for Hamburg next. This was much more successful for him as he scored 64 points to put the pressure on Victor. Victor was also in Germany but he went for Hannover and unfortunately let his lead slip as he scored 46pts. The WM So going into the final formation Albionic just needs a solid total and he should win the match. He had found his feet now though and with Watford he got the 2nd highest total on this formation with a score of 71pts. It has been a valiant effort by Victor but it wasn’t quite enough in the end. He also managed Watford for the WM and scored a very good 65pts. Final Score: Albionic 172 v 153 Victor - 🇬🇧 1pt With that win 🇬🇧 make it 3-3 for this weeks challenge and 4-3 overall. If they can take the final match they will go into next weeks group challenge with a 2 point lead. @Woody v @hhooo Woody had his score cut last week due to not following the rules but this week he had his reading glasses on and had no problems in that respect. 2-3-5 Woody managed Hamburg to start and started out well with a score of 51pts. Hhooo went to Korea and like Dai managed Daejeon although he wasn’t quite as successful. He scored 50pts to give Woody a slender lead after the first formation. The Metodo Toulouse was Woodys next stop and he showed his consistency by scoring 51pts again. Hhooo was ready to pounce though and take the lead and he would do so in Argentina and Sarmiento de Junín. He scored 62 points here to go from a point behind Woody to 10 points ahead. The WM Woody needed something special here to get a win but his form deserted him right at the last minute. He managed Hearts in the Scottish championship but it was broken hearts as he could only manage a score of 30. Hhooo just needed to bring it home now and his choice here was Esbjerg in Denmark. This was an inspired choice as he scored the highest WM points total of the week with 73pts thanks to 14 wins, 1 draw and +30 GD. Final Score: Woody 132 v 185 Hhooo - 🌍 1pt That brings this weeks challenge to an end and it’s a 4-3 win for the world 🌍 team. What that means is going into next week we have a tie with both teams on 4 points. Golden Mobile Dai was the big mover here as he is now in top spot following his top score this week. It is close though and Rich, Hhooo and Rob all have a chance with even Albionic and Ian not that far behind if they have good weeks. Here is everyone’s scores this week. Dai - 230 Geordiekrispy - 190 Hhoo - 185 Rob - 182 Daejeon - 175 Albionic - 172 Rich - 171 Broodje Kip - 166 Ian - 160 Victor - 153 Woody - 132 Leedsunited - 129 MikeF - 121 Mr Tree - 42 Next weeks challenge will be out tomorrow.
  10. Week 3 - Team Selection Whilst the last few attempts are finished off it makes sense to save some time and get the groups sorted out for next weeks challenge. I am appointing @Rich as captain of the 🇬🇧 Team and @broodje kip as captain of the 🌍 Team simply as these were the first people to sign up for those teams. As team captains you need to organise your team into two separate groups for the next challenge. With 7 a side you will need a group of 4 and a team of 3. I’m not revealing the challenge yet but to aid your team choices this is what some of the next challenges points will be scored on. Group of 4 - You will score points based on goals conceded. Group of 3 - You will score points based on goals scored. The total points of each group are added up and give the final total for each team and the team with the highest score wins the week and 1 point into the total. Deadline for Group Decision - I need to know the chosen groups of each team by 8am Monday the 19th July 2021 via PM
  11. Who? Just waiting on the final formations of @Mr Tree and @Albionic now.
  12. Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far. Those of you who have formations yet to finish you have just over 24hrs.
  13. If you can get this weeks challenge played before the deadline then you are in.
  14. Still looking for someone to take @Antonie place on the 🌍 team so just comment below if you want to get involved.
  15. They belong to your club so I see no problem with that.