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  1. Great to see you get that move and hopefully you can find a striker to get you the record in Airdrie.
  2. A frustrating loss and a frustratingly low score for the board as well.
  3. It seems you need to load Belgium as one of your leagues if you want to use him as he is at Anderlecht if you have that league loaded. With the combination of league you had they only have a couple of players in the squad and most of them are on loan from other clubs.
  4. Cheers mate. I’m quite enjoying the change of mindset because normally I would be trying to build a good squad to last a few seasons but this is much more short term and it’s quite refreshing.
  5. Great season. I feel your pain there as that always seems to happen to me as well!
  6. Thanks Rob. The money I spent and the squad I was building meant it was hard to leave Brugge but the challenge dictates that it would have been crazy for me to turn down Ajax. Dimata looks great and an absolute bargain at £3.6m so hopefully he will do the business for me. I applied for the job and then as soon as they offered it to me I started getting doubts because I was enjoying it at Brugge. In the end though I had to sign for Ajax for the sake of the challenge. I definitely think Badji would have just got better and better but the money was too good to turn down especially as I was pretty sure S3 would be my last in Belgium. I would have liked to have given Burkardt the full season but it just wasn’t to be unfortunately.
  7. Season 3 Season 3 is a strange one because lots happened and yet nothing happened because I didn’t break any records. The summer brought an offer for Badji from Sevilla of £75m and I decided that even though he could better last season that was a lot of money for a club that had just given me £9m to spend on players. I took the deal and he was off to Spain to carry on his career. That money helped me keep hold of the rest of my good players but also improve the squad by spending £78m on players. All my signing are under the spoiler. That meant I needed a new striker to set a record and I went to America to buy a German. I haven’t used Burkardt before and hadn’t even heard of him but he looks good already and hopefully he can develop a bit more over the season as well. He settled in well and after 10 games he had scored 12gls. He had started quicker than that with 8 in 5 but he then had a dip of form after that. Even so it’s a good start from him. Then this happened. This was weird because really it’s a no brainier of a decision as it’s a move to the country I need to go to next and to the leagues biggest club as well. I actually saved up at this point because I wasn’t sure what to do. Stay at Brugge - This was tempting because I had just spent all that money on the team and I was really liking Burkardt. I have also managed Ajax this year and I was tempted to wait for PSV or Feyenoord to come up for some variety. Go ti Ajax - It’s the biggest club in the league, they give me the perfect platform to beat the Eredivsie record and perform in Europe to get a move to a huge German team. I took some time to make the decision but in the end my head ruled my heart and I signed for Ajax in mid September. The squad at Ajax wasn’t too much different to what they start with so you will be familiar with most of these names I’m sure. It wasn’t impossible that I could get the record this season but my main aim was to simply win as much as I could and decide which players would stay or go for next season. Haller would have been my choice to get the goals for the record but he was out injured for a few weeks so I gave this fella a go. He had only played once so far and hadn’t scored so all his goals for me would count for the record if he got there. This is the season of the winter World Cup so the season had a break in November up to January. He was going ok for me having scored 13gls in 12 games but the squad isn’t exactly how I would want with lots of good players but lacking in the exact type of players I want which is out and out wingers. I used the break to start building the team how I want it and sold a few players. Only Tagliafico was sold before I joined. All these signing were done by me in January but I still need to do more this summer to get the squad into shape. I was looking at strikers and a name appeared on the transfer list that I recognised which was Nany Dimata from Anderlect and as I had some money left I went for him. He joined at an absolute bargain price of £3.6m and he will be my challenger for season 4. My aim for the rest of the season was simply to get the team working for him and it seemed to work as he had a great time scoring 28gls in 22 games. I am sure he can break the record in the next season or two if I can improve the squad more. Also a bit of FoxLove has meant he is improving as well. On the pitch we won the Dutch Double. In Europe Ajax were already in the Europa League and we progressed as far as the 2nd knockout round but with just 1 legged ties this season we unfortunately went out to Zenit 2-1. So in the end this season was a bit of a write off but in challenge terms progress has been made because I’m into country two and I have a player ready to (hopefully) smash the record. I now just need to build him a squad that will give mim the best chance to do just that. Thanks for reading.
  8. Thanks Krispy, I agree and I definitely think I will be checking players are real in the next few seasons once the good regens start appearing. Cheers Richard. Those Arsenal games were definitely more luck than judgement or tactical knowledge by me I think but I will take that. Thanks Albion, it was a good return from him and it’s getting to the stage were it will be a shame to leave Brugge because the squad is coming together now and I will end up going just as they are really good I think.
  9. Season 2 - Club Brugge with Youssouph Badji Season 1 was pretty successful as Bas Dost hit 50 goals which broke the record but he had a second job as well and that was to help develop Badji in the hope that he can improve on the record this season and possibly next depending on if I can get a move to Holland or not. Badji is looking decent now and I will be disappointed if he can’t smash in a good number of goals and improve the record by a good amount. My main focus with the transfers was to bring in more creative players especially on the wings. Noa Lang was my top assister last season and he already had a transfer arranged so he joined and Robin Quaison and Danjuma were my other big signings that would hopefully make us a more free scoring side with Badji getting the bulk of the goals. All the signings are under the spoiler. I kept hold of all my best players so everyone that left was simply to raise more funds from players I didn’t need. Last season I made it through my Champions League group knocking Inter out in the process but we couldn’t repeat the feat this time. We gained creditable draws with Lazio and PSG abut we also lost to them and couldn’t beat Young Boys twice which meant it was a third place finish. This might not be a negative as the Europa League is much more our level at the moment so hopefully we can have a good run in that competition. The Belgian Cup wasn’t a success either as our defence of the competition ended in a penalty shootout in the 7th round which we lost. The Europa League campaign was much more successful though. The first test came in the 2nd knockout round after we had despatched Lokomotiv Moscow in R1. We took on Roma and over two close games we came out 3-1 winners on aggregate. Just the 1 goal for Badji over the two games though. That set up a Quarter Final with Krasnodar which we progressed on penalties after a 3-3 draw over the two legs. This set up a Semi Final with Arsenal for a place in my first European final of the career. The first leg was at home and we gained a draw with no away goals which was a positive. Arsenal certainly created the better chances though so I was happy to still be in the tie. Again Arsenal were the better side but we were far more clinical with 2 goals scored from our only 2 shots on target. The clean sheet in the first leg came in handy as well as we booked our place in the final on away goals. We would take on Napoli in the final and after these good results I had already cleared a space on the mantle piece for the trophy. The league campaign was pretty successful but I’m disappointed with how many points we dropped considering how prolific we were in front of goal and we were pretty tight at the back as well. A lot of those dropped point came towards the end of the season though as focus was on Europe more and we drew 4 and lost 1 of our final 7 league games. It was enough to win the league though and in total we had 95pts in a normal league structure. That just brings us to Badji and he had some fine moments during the season especially in the league and he got 9 goals out of just two games during the season. That said though he was inconsistent at times and his average stamina was a factor as he got tired and lost form towards the end of the season. He is only 19/20 though so he’s very young and he should do better next season. He finished the season with 54 goals so he improved on Dost’s record by 4gls which is ok but I had hoped for more. The lack of cup games hurt him and he really struggled in Europe as well only scoring 5 in 10 matches. The league was were he made hay though scoring at 1.36 GpG and scoring 45 goals in 33 games. What I probably should have done is played him much more in the league and rested him in Europe in order to keep him fit and hopefully score more league goals but you live and learn. This adds another 4 goals onto my career total though which is ok. He had a small growth in attributes over the season and I’m certain with some better planning he can do much better next season. That said he might not get the chance if I can get a job in Holland because I need to start to thinking about moving on to keep this challenge going. I can’t use regens in this challenge to set records so I can’t hang around for ever in Belgium because I need to complete Holland and then get a good job in Germany were the record to beat is 67gls. If I stay too long in the Low Countries I might miss out on some peak players to smash the German record. My reputation took a good boost this season thanks to the Europa campaign even if it ended ultimately in defeat. I am now well known on the continent and that has to put me in with a shout of the Ajax, PSV or Feyenoord jobs if and when they come up. At the end of the season there is no new jobs on the horizon so I will keep focusing on Brugge and improving the Belgian record until something comes up that I fancy. Thanks for reading
  10. Brilliant first season. The 0.5 or less goals conceded is a surprisingly tricky ask so no shame just missing out on that although you really weren’t far away.
  11. You can’t improve a players potential as every player has a set level he can reach when he is created. You can only do your best to get him to fulfil the potential he has with the methods Mr Tree mentioned above.
  12. I found over a few careers that I got to a stage were all the wonderkids have started to peak and the squad is amazing so I stop buying players for the first team. Then after a season or two of that there will be a season where it just doesn’t seem to be working as well for my goal scorer/s so I almost need to change a couple of players for the sake of refreshing the squad more than actually improving the team. I haven’t done a long goalscoring career this year though so I can’t vouch for it still being the same.
  13. Out of interest have you changed many players in the squad? I have found in the past with long goal scoring careers that if you don’t refresh a few players every season or so then you can get a dodgy season.
  14. That’s definitely the smart choice of club in Wales and that lad looks good for the Welsh league so I’m sure he will do you proud.
  15. Brilliant numbers here Ricky but as a Welshman you were never going to survive that Belgium defeat.
  16. That’s some great numbers from all three but I can see why you have some doubts as they still need a lot of goals and they aren’t getting any younger. That said if you can pin them all down to contracts they should be able to keep smashing goals in China for a lot longer yet so this is far from over IMO.
  17. @JamesVilla what’s your thoughts on this? I can see why they might be interested in Gerrard because of him being a big name and he’s done a reasonable job at Rangers but how much has Dean Smith actually done wrong and how much more can someone like Gerrard achieve at the club.
  18. Cheers mate, I agree Badji definitely looks capable of adding a lot more goals onto the record.
  19. Looks like some good progress for you guys but the rest of the league need to get there fingers out as they are letting you down!
  20. Season 1 - Club Brugge with Bas Dost 🇧🇪 Firstly thanks for the comment @Rob This first season was all about a one season love affair with Big Bas as he aims to hit 42+ goals in all competitions. If he can do that then I can effectively tick off Belgium from the challenge and then it will be a case of trying to better Bas goal record whilst building my reputation so I can move to a good club in the Netherlands. I showed my season 1 transfers in the intro so if you missed that take a look. Dost the Destroyer looks pretty decent at the start of the season despite lacking some pace. He is still very effective as a target man so if he can get the service he certainly looks capable of hitting the target set. In the Champions League we drew a tough group and my aim was simply to finish above Marseille and get 3rd place behind Sevilla and Inter but as it turned out we put in a good showing to finish second behind Sevilla. The highlight of the group stage was smashing Inter 3-0 and it could have been better if Bas had scored his penalty as well. I would have preferred to go into the Europa League because I would have fancied us to have a decent run in the knock outs of that competition but some extra Champions League games won’t hurt the reputation either. We drew Man City in the 1st KO round and that was where the adventure ended with two 1-0 defeats. At the middle point of the season it was looking good for Bas(her) as he was trundling along at a goal a game. It’s certainly not a mind blowing return from the Big Man but if he stays fit and keeps at this rate he should get 42gls or more which is fine by me for season 1. He added another goal in the Belgian Cup final as the boys lifted there first 🏆 under my guidance. Whats quite handy in Belgium is the 6 extra games you get in the league if you secure a top 4 place as it qualifies you for the Championship Group. Your points get halved when the group starts so my actual final league points was 94 as we won the title. By the end of the season Dangerous Dost was starting to show some signs of wear and tear and his attributes were on the slide. This was always a one season deal with the guy though and he had one chance to set a new record. I certainly can’t fault the bloke as he hit 50gls in 48 games to break the record by 9 and set a new target for my next guy to beat in season 2. My top assister was Noa Lang who was already at the club on loan from Ajax and will be signing for the club this summer. He proved that pace isn’t everything for a winger with 22 assists over the season despite a paltry 13 pace rating. Here’s the full goal and asssists stats of my team for those that like that kind of thing. To celebrate each time I set a new record during this save I will post an absolute Choon in the post for no reason other than I want to so please enjoy some AC⚡️DC. This means that Belgium is technically completed but I can now look to improve my score by beating the record I just set. I also need to build my reputation so that I can get a good job when it comes up in Holland. My rep has grown a bit and now is Regional instead of Local but it’s still not good enough to get the Ajax, PSV or Feyenoord jobs at this stage. The reason I choose Bas this season was because he is obviously good for the Belgian league but I also wanted him to mentor the player I will be looking to beat his record with in season 2 and potentially beyond. I doubt Badji will take much introduction being a wonderkid this year but he has developed well and has pace which Dost didn’t. I don’t like his lack of stamina because Bas suffered because of that but at Badji can hopefully improve that over time. Thanks for reading.
  21. What’s the problem as @bulky1987 has clearly enjoyed Bati’s career and wanted to comment to tell him that. The only problem with “jumping into old threads” I have is when people expect answers to questions for games that are obsolete these days or are just tactic begging.
  22. Good luck with this Krispy. I have no idea on the player you have chosen but I’m wondering if you have gone for Barry Town as your club choice because that’s who the current record holder played for.
  23. If you can get a squad that can take you deep in Europe then you do get about 75 games a season in Northern Ireland so it’s not an impossible total.