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  1. How To Enhance Your International Experience

    Really good take on International management. I have never considered ITN really but I might give it a go after reading this.
  2. Well done @leecutler. 39 seems pretty respectable to me. I would certainly take that now when it comes to my turn.
  3. Jermain Defoe to Bournemouth

    Great article. I think Bournemouth fans will be pleased if he achieves that in real life.
  4. I had better not sign Andy Carrol or Daniel Sturridge when its my turn then.
  5. fuddledfoxFM 8 (if still available) So to clarify if someone (probably me) doesn't reach 30 goals with there designated striker the challenge still carrys on? They just have to live with the shame?
  6. This looks a really interesting challenge. Looks like you have made an impressive start and I'm sure you will get the 1k goals.
  7. Well done to @Tafffor getting the gold. Thanks to @mcandrew003and @arobbo92for putting on this great tournament
  8. Maybe have more points for further down the table. The event could be run in the style of a heptathlon so you get points where ever you finish in each event. Perhaps even the score from each event would be the score you get E.G. I got 10 clean sheets so score 10 points in this event. I think this would keep peoples interest up as you would have points on the board. Then at the end of all the events gold silver and bronze are handed out to the top 3 finishers. Like the sound of summer and winter as well. Maybe winter in Jan/Feb time when interest is waning in the game and then summer June/July when not much footie on.
  9. I second this. I have really enjoyed the challenges you have put us through. It has made me think about the game differently and use teams I would never have used before.
  10. This must be first time I have ever not been able to get even a booking out of a BWM let alone a red.
  11. Really top scores there lads. I had a weird time with Fiorentina after 10 games I was top unbeaten and my 2 ST had 15 goals between them. I then lost my last 6 games! with them only adding 2 more goals.
  12. Oxford United Career

    Just wanted to say I haven't forgotten about this. Just been really busy and haven't had much time to play. I hope to have an update soon though.
  13. Oxford United Career

    Thanks mate. He did come from Everton and had decent first season for us in real life also played for England U19s in there Euros tournament towards end of the season
  14. This looks fun. Great choice of teams with some decent ST partners to choose from.
  15. Oxford United Career

    That's my thinking. I cant really get my head around that role in AMC guessing perhaps works similar to the shadow striker role in full fat FM.