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  1. Round 1 season 4 Once again,we apologise for the long wait.. To round off the first round,we moved to Spain and here's how we performed... League table: Player stats: Awards: League points +G.D = 85+41=126 League title: 10 points Awards: 5 points Highest goal scorer: 29 (5 points) Total= 146 points Round 1 total: 577 points @Damilare577 -548@Kanegan That marks the end of round 1,round 2 coming soon.... Thanks for viewing..
  2. Round 1- season 3 League 2(England) Wrexham F.C League table: Player stats: Awards: Points: League points+G.D = 98+58= 156 League title: 10 points Awards: 5×3= 15 points Total= 181 points @Kanegan it's your turn..
  3. Good start mate.... Very similar challenge to I and @Kanegan H2H but we move to specific lower leagues at the end of each season... Keep it up....
  4. Really smashing score @Kanegan,you made the league look very easy.... Following my resignation at FC koln,I got employed in FRANCE at FC BASTIA-BORGO who are in pursuit for promotion from the French National league.. This is how the season went: We did quite well in the league scoring 72 goals but conceding a large amount of 42 goals... I had to make lot of transfers because I met a team that was not appealing to the eye... My striker trio scored 70 goals and had 38 assist in total... Top assister was also one of my strikers with 15 assists... Top goalscorer award....My trio were the top 3 goalscorers in the season... Top assist award... POINTS: League point + G.D. : 30+67= 97 points League title: 10 points Awards: 10 points Total: 117 points @Kanegan gets 5 bonus point for winning highest goalscorer award.. There you go... @Damilare 255 - 283 @Kanegan @Kanegan takes the lead...
  5. Great score mate!!! Now we move to another country.... Thanks mate..
  6. ROUND 1 First update: After so many thoughts,I decided to start my round 1 promotions in Germany and the club chosen is: FC KOLN Let's go straight to how the team performed in their pursuit for promotion from bundesliga 2 into the bundesliga League table: Transfers: Squad stats: Manager profile: Cup wins: player awards: POINTS: League point+goal difference: 79+44= 123 League winner: 10 Golden boot: 5 Total: 138 points Thanks for viewing!!!! @Kanegan the floor is all yours...
  7. Thanks mate!!! It won't be an easy win because I just started playing 19 version compared to the on-form @Kanegan...... Don't worry,I won't let u down💪💪
  8. This challenge has been divided in 3 rounds: First round : league 2 to league 1 in england,National to DL2 in France,SD2 to SD1 in Spain and BL2 to BL1 in Germany Second round: league 1 to championship, DL2 to DL1 in France,SD2 to SD1 in Spain and BL2 to BL1 in Germany Last round: Championship to Premier league,DL2 to DL1 in France.... Sit back and enjoy
  9. Nice intro @Kanegan and interesting challenge as well... Not to talk too much... LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN
  10. Final squad in order of appearances... Rounds of cups exit Manager profile+ history Transfer pages Transfers inTransfers out Squad on first matchday.. Proof of 2 demoted players September 2017 October 2017 November 2017sancho was later recalled in january... December 2017 January 2018Che Adams was also recalled in January and played some extra matches.. February 2018 March 2018(I missed the first day in march but got my screenshot on the 2nd..No match was played on 1st) April 2018 May 2018 League points..
  11. What a final!!!! Congratulations @Foxy.... Short Conversation between my cousin and I concerning this final... Cousin:Do u think you would win this final? Myself: why not? But if we were to place a $100 bet that would yield $100000 winning, I would give foxy a straight win(laughs) Cousin:(laughs)... Much and well deserved respect👏👏👏👏