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    Damilare got a reaction from URz in Challenge Cup XII   
    Final squad in order of appearances...
    Rounds of cups exit
    Manager profile+ history
    Transfer pages
    Transfers inTransfers out
    Squad on first matchday..
    Proof of 2 demoted players
    September 2017
    October 2017
    November 2017sancho was later recalled in january...
    December 2017
    January 2018Che Adams was also recalled in January and played some extra matches..
    February 2018
    March 2018(I missed the first day in march but got my screenshot on the 2nd..No match was played on 1st)
    April 2018
    May 2018
    League points..
  2. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to URz in Challenge Cup XII   
    Wow that was close. Congratulations @Foxy. 
    Well done @Damilare for pushing him so close.....and if you do release yours as a career thread that would be very interesting to see how you went about such a tricky challenge
  3. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to Nucleus in Challenge Cup XII   
    Huge congrats @Foxy 😝😝 A well deserved victory
  4. Shocked
    Damilare got a reaction from samhardy in Challenge Cup XII   
    What a final!!!!
    Congratulations @Foxy....
    Short Conversation between my cousin and I concerning this final...
    Cousin:Do u think you would win this final?
    Myself: why not? But if we were to place a $100 bet that would yield $100000 winning, I would give foxy a straight win(laughs)
    Much and well deserved respect👏👏👏👏
  5. Shocked
    Damilare got a reaction from samhardy in Challenge Cup XII   
    What a final!!!!
    Congratulations @Foxy....
    Short Conversation between my cousin and I concerning this final...
    Cousin:Do u think you would win this final?
    Myself: why not? But if we were to place a $100 bet that would yield $100000 winning, I would give foxy a straight win(laughs)
    Much and well deserved respect👏👏👏👏
  6. Favourite
    Damilare got a reaction from URz in Challenge Cup XII   
    Firstly,I really want to appreciate the hosts ; @samhardy and @anfieldsquirrel...They have really done a great job..
    Also, I also want to appreciate everyone that participated in this challenge and most especially those I faced one-on-one in the quarters,semis and final...
    Finally, it is a great honour to compete against the mighty @foxy in a competition like this and  I am also proud of myself for attempting and completing the final challenge; though it was a very tough one but I kinda enjoyed it the transfer part of it... I would post the career thread here irrespective of who wins the final
    Once again,Thanks to you all💖💖💖
  7. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to Ashez in Ashez Unleashes The In Slab Forwards!   
    Ashez Unleashes The In Slab Forwards!
    February was a solid month for the Foxes as we head into March still in the FA Cup and the title race!
    The Matches
    Match 35 - Crystal Palace (A)

    A late Gray strike was enough to collect all three points
    Match 35 - West Brom (H)

    Unfortunately it appears I forgot to take the match screenshot but in whatever case this was a damaging defeat
    The Title Race
    Match 36 - West Ham (H)

    We've bottled it, completely and utterly bottled it
    Match 37 - West Ham (H)

    The FA Cup sixth round appeared the distraction we needed as we return to winning ways......Funny that. 
    Month Review
    The Title Rivals Run In
    League Table

    9 points clear for Champions League football next season and 3 off the top but this could have looked a lot better. 
    The In Slab Forwards
    Harry Maguire


    Two more goals for the big man!
    Laurence Maguire


    Current Points
    H Maguire - 9
    L Maguire - 10
    League - 67
    Total - 86
    As always thank you for viewing and please remember to leave a comment. 
  8. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to fRESH in Quadruple challenge at PSG by fRESH(failed, Abel left PSG )   
    This is my first time posting a career at vibe. I ve played many careers in FMM18 and i decided to share this one with you.
    So i attempting 4 challenges in one. 
    Im trying to go more for 1.5k, but lets see where we will end up. A player i have chosen :
    I havent seen many users using him, bit i find he is real beast at this year.
    My second challenge will be: 
    I hope to break many records with Abel, but mainly this. 
    My third challenge will be : 
    And players for that challenge :
    Yes,im going for that challenge with two players and i hope them to both get over 300 assists.
    Fourth challenge will be :
    Choosen players:

    So thats all for now, see you soon for first update. 
  9. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to Ashez in Ja'Makin' This A H2H?! Ashez Vs Prize   
    Ja'Makin' This A H2H?! Ashez Vs Prize
    Ladies and gentlemen today is a historic day, one of which has never been seen before! It boggles the mind that @PriZeand myself haven't clashed before but that just adds to the build as we go head to head to see out 2018 in style! It's true we've worked together countless times with a rivalry involved in the careers but this is the very first time we are going one on one!
    Out of Vibes many mortals the Dutchman Prize is regarded as a player of immense skill, and his opponent was once held in similar regard before he got forgotten to time. Will we see a modern great banish the ghosts of the past or will this spirit show there is plenty of life in him yet? All I know is we'll both be giving it out best shot and hopefully regardless of the outcome we'll be leaving this one season challenge with our heads held high! 
    Six Birdies Take Flight Into The Red Light
    The challenge we will be undertaking gives Prize the home field advantage as we'll be heading to Ajax in my Three Little Birds Challenge. A brief recap of the challenge is we'll be signing three Jamaican players each and playing the season as normal, once the final whistle is blown we'll calculate our league points, targeted players AvR's and the bonus cup victory points to crown our victor. As this is a one season challenge and with 2019 almost here this should be a snappy career thread consisting of two January updates and two May updates, as I find myself writing the opening post Prize will be posting his January update first in the coming days. 
    The Player Picks
    Prize's Pheasants
    Simon Dawkins

    Michael Hector

    Dane Kelly

    Ashez's Crows
    Andre Blake

    Alvas Powell

    Michael Hector

    Both competitors decided to pick up the Chelsea loanee Michael Hector but that's the end of the similar approaches as Prize attempts to boost his attack with Jamaican flair while Ashez decided to sign a very impressive looking goalkeeper and a mediocre looking right back. With the EME favouring attacking talent average rating wise this is some risk by Ashez but he has faith in Ajax's already strong attack as he hopes players like Neres can do the damage and get points on the board. 
    Table Of Support
    As this is likely the final career both of us will be sharing this year I decided to bring back the table of support! The concept is simple as all you have to do is post which member you're behind, however this support can change at anytime so will you stick to your guns or will you jump ship and stab someone in the back? Oh the drama! It's electric! 
    The Crows Horde
    The Pheasant Brood

    The Indecisive Chickens
    With that out the way let's get this show on the road, as always any comments of support are greatly appreciated, thank you for viewing. 
  10. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to samhardy in Challenge Cup XII   
    Challenge Cup XII - The Final
    Averaging Out - With a Twist...
    Welcome to the final challenge of this CC and for this challenge it has been decided by me and @Ashez that we are going to use a re-mastered version of a previous CC final - The dreaded Averaging Out challenge...
    Let's run through the general rules of what will be happening first.
    Your team has very kindly been selected for you. You'll be travelling to Spain again to take charge of Sevilla. You must start the season with a squad of 30 players. This squad must be built by the time the first league game arrives. No transfers are allowed after that. More on this in a bit. Keep an eye on the average ratings of your players. On the 1st of each month, you must demote the two players with the highest average rating. These can never be used again, unless they apply to the next rule. When you enter January you may promote two players of your choice that have previously been demoted in accordance to the challenge rules. By my calculations you will end the season with 14 players so best hope there's not many injuries.
    But what are the squad restrictions, I hear you ask?
    Three main things to cover here.
    You may choose any nationality. Whichever nationality you choose, your whole squad (27/30) will need to be made up of players from this nation. The whole squad (27/30) also need to be 21 years old or younger, before the first league game. You may also choose 3 wildcards, these cannot be of your chosen nationality but can be bought or already at the club. Example
    I choose Ben Yedder, Mesa and Banega as my wildcards. This means I can't select France, Spain or Argentina as my nation. So I choose Brazil and fill the rest of the squad up with 27 Brazilians 21 years or younger.
    League points Goal difference 3 points for every cup round passed. Domestic + European No bonus points in this challenge.
    Deadline - Friday 5th October 4PM BST
    Good luck to both finalists.
    Rules and screenshots required
  11. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to Woody in Challenge Cup XII   
    @Foxy is da maaan!.
  12. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to Ashez in Challenge Cup XII   
    Wow! @Foxy laying down the challenge right there! 
  13. Happy
    Damilare reacted to chewkaiwen in Challenge Cup XII   
    Good job @Damilare! All the best to both finalists!
    Should be a cracking one and will be following it with quite a bit of interest!
    Messed up the first part of the season unfortunately and almost got sacked, and could not recover from that...
  14. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to Kanegan in Challenge Cup XII   
    Some great scores posted, and a cracking final to look forward to.
  15. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to PriZe in Challenge Cup XII   
    😂😂😂 plays half season and still has the potential best score😂😂😂 now if that aint a confidence booster @Foxy good luck in the final! Make all animals proud!
    @Damilare great semi final score! Congrats and good luck against the Fox! 
  16. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to samhardy in Challenge Cup XII   
    Damilare v chewkaiwen - Semi Final Results
    Time to see who will be facing @Foxy in the final.
    Damilare was the first to submit out of the pair and struggled to match what he’s achieved the last two rounds, in fact both managers did as neither won the league. Damilare finished 3rd with Porto with 73 points and a GD of 31.
    That gives him 104 points at the halfway stage. 3 points added for each clean sheet and he managed to secure 16 of those finishing with a total of 152.
    Score To Beat - 152
    Chewy also struggled and failed to win the league finishing 4th with Porto, who both managers chose to manage in this challenge. 59 league points and just a 17 GD puts him at a disadvantage going into the bonus points with a current total of 76. That means he needs a difficult, but achievable total of 26 clean sheets to take the place in the final.
    Clean Sheets - 10
    Total - 106
    Unfortunately Chewy falls quite a way short here and it’s @Damilare who takes the place in the CC final!
    Results (Note Foxy only played half the season)
    ManLikeRobbieBrady 0-95 Foxy
    Damilare 152-106 chewkaiwen
    Challenge Cup XII final:
    Foxy v Damilare
  17. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to Nucleus in Challenge Cup XII   
    Makes sense 😂
  18. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to Rob2017 in Challenge Cup XII   
    Hard luck chewy! Dam is on another planet. My hero! 💪
  19. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to samhardy in Challenge Cup XII   
    Challenge Cup XII - Semi Final challenge

    That is indeed a Portuguese flag and a rather big one looking back at it. Therefore it doesn't take Einstein to realise that's where we're heading for this challenge!
    Reserve squads are an important part of this challenge, and when narrowing it down there was only a few countries with active reserve squads and since we've already had Spain, Portugal it is this time round as 4 managers battle it out for a place in the final.
    The Challenge
    For the first time in this CC you'll be able to choose which team you take charge of however this team must be playing in the Portuguese leagues. After you've chosen your team:
    You must tear the first team squad apart completely. Every player in that squad must be removed, sold, whatever and never able to play any matches. After you've done this you must build a new starting XI, however only with free agents. Buy 11 free agents which makes up your new team. The rest of the squad must be filled up with players from your chosen team's reserve squad. If you've picked wisely there should be a decent amount of "talent" to choose from Bonus Points
    So far goals have been the name of the game however this time round you'll have to master the art of keeping them out. 3 bonus points will come your way for every clean sheet you register in the season.
    So: League points +/- Goal difference + 3 points for every clean sheet.I
    Deadline - Wednesday 26th September 11:59PM BST
    Take charge of any team in Portugal. Any SI approved database. No other transfers in apart from your 11 free ones. Selling players is fine. No "greyed out" players allowed. European games do NOT count. Domestic games only. Different tie break this round - Clean sheets first followed by league points. Please use an existing PM when submitting results in order to save space. Rules and screenshots required
  20. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to Nucleus in Scratch Tries: Andrea Pinamonti 1.5KC [Complete]   
    Italy beat Wales? Lies!!!
    Currently on 100 goals after 20 games in the league in my current season 😅
  21. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to Ashez in The Bermuda Triangle Challenge   
    The Bermuda Triangle Challenge

    "The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a loosely-defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Most reputable sources dismiss the idea that there is any mystery. The vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle is amongst the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world, with ships frequently crossing through it for ports in the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean islands. Cruise ships and pleasure craft regularly sail through the region, and commercial and private aircraft routinely fly over it." From Wikipedia. 
    The Challenge
    You must sign a player with a nationality of the USA, Puerto Rico and Bermuda while managing in North America. However this isn't the whole challenge as these three must play as a triangle on the pitch. I'll be fairly lenient but I'd expect to see triangles like
    CB - CB - DMC
    DMC - CM - CM
    CM - CM - AMC
    AMC - AMC - ST
    AMC - ST - ST 
    The triangle can't be more than one position across or forward, so for example I wouldn't accept CB-WB-AML or CM-AML-ST. I'm sure you all know what's typically classed as a formation triangle. There is no stipulation on which point of the triangle each player is. 
    Points System
    League Points + Triangle AvR + 20 Points for each cup won. 
    1. Own formations only
    2. Official databases only
    3. No cheating/reloading/editors
    4. You manage in the MLS
    5. Have fun. 
    Good Luck
  22. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to samhardy in Challenge Cup XII   
    Here is the semi final draw presented on an absolute corker of a graphic from @Foxy.

  23. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to ManLikeRobbieBrady in Challenge Cup XII   
    Only thing you can do tbh. Sensing the hostility
  24. Favourite
    Damilare reacted to chewkaiwen in Challenge Cup XII   
    I’ll leave the judgement to his own conscience. No comments on my end
  25. Favourite
    Damilare got a reaction from ManLikeRobbieBrady in Challenge Cup XII   
    Amazingly I would have been sacked in January but I transferred in 7-8 35+ fresh players, released some useless ones ,and we got back in form again..my most appeared oldie only played around 35 games...
    After 3 months(around march),their attributes went bad again and we began to lose again....
    I also remembered praising them once in a while to increase their morale and few players collected new contracts..
    And lastly, I want to appreciate the great and mighty hot substance🍵🍵,keep up the good work...