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  1. Graphics 2018 Standard Logos Megapack

    No logos show after latest uptate. Android>data>FMM18>files>installed>graphics>pictures>logos>normal no work.Any help? Got android.I'm ok solve it guys.
  2. Tactics Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp Tactics by Weulfoe

    I just edit those only from the tactic.oh and chance from attacked play to counter.All the other part Is ideal and I don't touch it.
  3. Tactics Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp Tactics by Weulfoe

    John very good work mate like you said improvement always exist. I analyse your tactic and I just find it almost perfect. Dlf spend time and stamina to mark at the frontop. Cender back's not help to mutch they don't spread the game so bpd more effective cause you use high pressing. And try to see the result if you like.here the changes you make for me your tactic unbeaten. Cheers mate and thank you for the tactic.Most of the times come results like that!.I start season with Ipswich and I thing Is possible to be in premier league next year.