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  1. I dont think the game is bugged unless while downloading it you encounted a problem in the installation process. Ive seen your posts and notice the game unable to create your youth players and import them into the game and the crash in cup finals. I think, but am not an expert, that your game is unable to continue processing when the available RAM on your device is being used up during operations where the game requires abit more RAM to complete the process as the data needed during these processes contain alittle more code than simple things like swiping between screens. Have you checked to see what apps are eating at your RAM?
  2. I never had the game crash at all on me and ive been in countless finals ovet the months. Are you sure its the game application causing the crash and not your hardware the game is installed on? Just a thought because i have certain other games on my phone that i know are finw on my sons phone but randomly crash on mine. I googled why and got the answer that sometimes your devices processor struggles when your RAM is running high and it force closes or freezes as the lack of available memory makea the device unable to run the games code so it cant continue. Dunno if this helps at all.
  3. Hi Guys. This is my first ever post despite being a member for a while. I will try and be as informative as i can explain the beat way to get the most out this tactic. If you are the kind of player that starts your managerial career with a team that is all the way down the league ladder and aim to give them PL football as quickly as possible then have a go at using this tactic. Got to admit that ive not changed my starting tactic since i discovered this back in FM14 or FM15. Starting in the National League or National League South/North i have never failed to bring PL football to my starting team. The longest it has taken me to achieve this is 7 season from NL North. Basically my worst performance has been 4 promotions in that time. As you can see my team is all about creativity with your goal scoring falling heavily on your strikers shoulders. You will find that he will have contributed at least 50 goals consistantly year on year. Your Attacking Midfielder playing just behind your striker will also chip in with 20+ goals while your 3 CMs compete for the title of assist king and in a lot of seasons all 3 appear in the end of seasons charts no lower than 5 place. Now while your midfielders are creating you 15+ chances per game with you converting 2 - 5 of them depending on your strikers ability, the ace in the hole with this tactic is you rarely conceed goals with clean sheets in more than half your games and your DLP finishing every season with an 8.00+ rating. I guarentee you will have the best goal difference in the league by a country mile and will have conceeded around 30-40% less goals than the next best. I warn you that thia tactic, despite creating double figure chances every game can be a little goal shy. Your striker will smash the charts with the AM being in the mix also but apart from those two the rest of the team usually contribute little but because of your defensive shape they dont need to contribute and can concentrate on being creative. My last save game i got Solihull Moors playing Premier League football in 5 seasons after i won 3 consecutive league titles and spent a couple of years in the Championship while i built my squad ready for PL Football. If im honest ive used this tactic in all my lower league games since FMH14 and have become tired of it due to the simple fact it has never failed in producing hard to beat teams and makes the game a little easy and unrealistic I suppose. **Want to know the best thing about this tactic? Its complete and utter colapse in the Top Division. This formation simply gets you to the Prem but i guarentee it wont keep you in there. You will notice that your defense is slightly more leaky which isnt helped that strangely your midfield stop creating and your goal tally suffers. These changing factors are just not able to cut it in top flight football and staying in the league is a battle you mostly fail. I think this happens because of the massive leap in class from the Championship to the Premier League. You will find out that even though your midfield are dominating displays against the likes of Fulham, it is more than likely there is a massive gulf in quality compared with PL clubs. There is a simple reason for this and thats because playing top flight football has come too quick for such a small club. Having hardly any cash year in year out and mainly surviving on the best the free agents available to you whilst you havent had the required number of season to dramatically improve Youth and Training facilities topped of with a tiny stadium generating low income. This means your entire midfield are not PL players and your best chance of survival is to smash the loan market and change tactics** Please note that important attributes to get the maximum out of this tactic is a pacy striker with good movement and midfielders who have high creativity and decision making for the division you are in. THE SCREEN SHOTS ARE FROM MY SONS SAVE GAME AS I DELETED MY LAST SAVE BY MISTAKE. HE CREATES THE SUNDAY LEAGUE TEAM HE PLAYERS FOR BUT USES THE SAME TACTICS AS I DO DUE TO HIM BEING NOSEY AT MY SAVES IN THR PAST.