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  1. I would love to see a tournament tree screen and the ability to sort fixtures by competition.
  2. Very well said! I am on the same page. To add from my expectations, as a casual player with limited playing time: - feeder club and friendlies are nice additions for immersion. - set pieces sound fun to tinker with and can give an edge if you put in the effort, but you can spend as much time as you want without harming you results. - squad dynamics could lead to some interesting unique stories (you marquee signing failing to fit in and your last minute free agent back-up inspiring your team to a title challenge) which thrills me. I just hope it's not overly complex. - tactic overhaul sounds scary but that's where I count on the veterans here who test 1000s of tweaks and are kind enough to share the results so that I can taste some success and not leave the game in frustration as I lead Arsenal to..well..where they are going in real life now. This community is a huge plus for the game in my eyes, thank you for your efforts!! Fingers crossed for better AI in squad-building!
  3. Great input, @Mr Tree! Thank you for sharing your experience, it is very helpful! It's somewhat dissapointing to see that you can not make a world-beating academy, but it is realistic and even though they might not be 5* potential, if you put the effort in their development the graduates will eventually have good attributes in the right places and perform pretty good. In one of my saves I checked the potential of academy graduates with the in game editor and the player with 3,5 star ability were decent squad members, while 4 star ability players were getting great results.
  4. In the save with Gateshead it was my 2nd season in the Premier League. The following years got better and better.
  5. Dear @El Sheim, I would like to say that this is the best tactic I have tried. For anyone trying the tactic, make sure you follow OP instructions regarding player stats. Once you have the right players, the results will be incredible. El Sheim, you are a genius! Thank you for sharing the tactic with us! It definately made my experience with the game 10x more enjoyable. You are a legend!
  6. I love this topic and I loved reading your inputs. As for myself, I believe the way you play your game factors a lot in how hard the game is. For example @Ian with older players. It is easy to increase your transfer budget, find that winning tactic, bring in future prospects and keep winning. But it is not the only way to play. In FMH 2015 I won 3 consecutive BPL with Arsenal and then I made it a goal to play with a different formation every year. The save got much more interesting for me, and harder. From 100% success rate to around 30%. Another thing I do is bringing in players I follow in real life, not for their stats or potential but for the flavour. I love to play with Morgan Sanson, Ramsey, Mark Uth, Volland, Toprak, Khazri, etc. and it's not that easy as with Vinicius or Fabio Silva. However, the AI squad building needs to be looked at, as I found that 10 years into a save, my 4 star players have better stats than AI's 5 star players. For my roleplaying taste, the game is alright. Success is easy to achieve following the meta. Not following the meta gives a fair feel to it. Difficulty is subjective. Have fun playing!
  7. I am reading on this forum since FMH 2015 (on and off). This is my first post because I want to say thank you for sharing such an amazing career! You are amazing and outstanding! I had an awesome time reading it! Have a good day, sir!