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  1. Apexteam


    sell Pogba, sell Sanchez, save MU
  2. Hi mate, How about 1KC with a Center Defender? ☺️ a really tough challange.
  3. Very good with the first 1KC mate
  4. Good job mate, thought you can win 2KC if you sign new contract with him
  5. Great mate, though you should change to 2KC ☺️
  6. Apexteam

    2K Challenge - Please help

    Hi @fRESH and @Gvicii, Im happy to create a funny story to you, relex mates. @Gvicii, of course OME. Regards, Apexteam
  7. Apexteam

    2K Challenge - Please help

    You right. I had seasion 9 with 145 goals in 58 games. Most people couldn't believe it. They skeptical me. That is reasion I stop to post my career in seasion 10 and enjoy next seasions only myself. It look funny but before you ask me the match engine, I did not know what is the OME or EME😁. I just buy the game and play. Maybe OME brought goals easier to me. Now I stop OME and change to EME and replay this challenge to experience the difference about them. Glad with your comment and thank you very much mate.
  8. Apexteam

    FMM's Got No Talent

    Easy to check Wonderkids but how to check a regen mate?
  9. Please sign me up mate
  10. ..... SEASION 10 & FINISH CAREER I decided stop my career here with untalked reasion. Manager history Fixtures Typical Matchs My Striker And... 25 year old - 1083 goals. Thank you for reading. ☺️ Thanks Vibe
  11. Apexteam

    2K Challenge - Please help

    Sorry If my topic affect to your career mate
  12. Apexteam

    2K Challenge - Please help

    OME mate. I signed a new contract with Silva. Thank.
  13. Apexteam

    2K Challenge - Please help

    Right mate. I was not experience with the long career. So I offfered a generous contract with young player. But lucky I found the way to sign new contract with Silva. Thank you