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  1. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Wow I predicted this! And the other team I predicted is a place below them
  2. Chat FMM 18 - Wish List

    This may or may not have been said already, I looked through a lot of it and saw great ideas, but I would really like to see the MLS added. Even if it's a dumbed down version without the super draft, you would appeal to a mass market in America, and it would add refreshing change of pace to the game, similar to what Brazil did and what Australia does. Thanks for your consideration
  3. Off Topic I am alive

    Welcome back, from a new member
  4. I'm hoping that releasing it with the main game is a good sign, and that there will be more features on this that'll make it more similar to the main game
  5. Beginning of Season 3 Less transfers than usual, plenty of loans in order to keep the squad small and happy! Transfers out Transfers in So there's the transfers, how about the community shield? As for my UCL draw, I did not get too lucky on thatLast year was straight forward with Barca and us being the overwhelming favorites, but a dance with Bayern, Napoli, and the underrated Fenerbahçe could prove to be dangerous to my UCL hopes. However, I like our odds Wish me luck on season 3!
  6. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Crystal palace or Huddersfield
  7. Surprisingly none of my core attackers have won in the last couple seasons, surely they can't snub as again in my third! Keep it up
  8. Not the best but I now own a premier league club!
  9. The right back spot has been cleared for Alexander-Arnold. And not Neymar, but this player too has been heavily linked in transfer rumors. I now have the best attack in the world I would say
  10. A teaser for next season!
  11. 48 mil, I think I've figured it out and although I'll be losing money I just want a prem club