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  1. Roofe is certainly looking like a smart purchase right now, it’s early but he’s averaging a goal a game! I’ll need him to produce a bit more, but it’s a wonderful start. Can’t wait to be on the board
  2. Hello all! You may remember me from the last FMM season! This year, I was looking for a good new challenge, and I stumbled upon the Striker’s striker challenge! https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/40863-the-strikers-striker-challenge/?tab=comments#comment-334804 The concept is simple, I have to score 50 goals with a player from each level of English football. A challenge, but certainly achievable. I loaded up England, Spain, Italy, and Germany for my leagues. As for my team, I had to go with my reds! The next step was finding the proper player. After some time spent scouting, I landed upon the player for the challenge! Got him for 13 million dollars. A bit costly, but a challenge isn’t supposed to be cheap! On the topic of transfers, let’s see how I fared Transfers in: Transfers out: And now, the tactics! Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted as the season goes on!
  3. I’m going on this one, watch out! And just to clarify, is your stage total the most goals scored in a year or the total goals scored by that stage
  4. Challenges The College Dream Challenge

    @Taff @BatiGoal thanks lads! Hope to see some people try this one in the coming days, could help bring more light on the MLS and introduce a bit of American culture as well
  5. In America, there is nothing some people love more than college sports! College (American) Football is practically worshipped in certain parts of the country. Your goal in this challenge is to select any MLS club, and run them as a College team! So what does this require? Load up MLS and any 3 other leagues of your choice Can only own players of college age (15-22) on your squad. Any player over age on the start of the save must be demoted, sold, or released When a player is over age, he’s must be released or leave on free transfer, as colleges can’t monetize off of players Similar to above, you may not sell any players on your squad, after you have made your initial 15-22 squad No unlockables, no IGE, any tactics allowed Scoring system 25 points for any domestic cup 50 points for league title 100 points for club world championship 10 points for player of the year 10 points for young player of the year 10 points for manager of the year Goal differential on the year/4=points Average age on the year of 22-21.01-5 points. 21-20.01-15 points 20-19.01-25 points. 19-18.01 40 points. Less than 18-60 points. BONUS-Win World Cup as America-200 points Good luck! And may the best college manager win! SCOREBOARD
  6. Challenges The American Dream

    As an American, consider me in
  7. Fun/Games UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team [Started]

    I would love to join! Team: TrojansFC Home kit: Blue and Black Away kit: Gold and Black Managers name: Mason T
  8. Keeping true to real life, the transfer markets prices are bloated beyond belief. I was able to sell Danny Ings as Liverpool for 32 million dollars in my first year, and I have seen crazier. The most absurd one I saw was Fabinho going for 115 million dollars to Tottenham season one. I just wanted to ask what other ridiculous sums and transfers have you all seen?
  9. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Wow I predicted this! And the other team I predicted is a place below them