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  1. I chose United mate and I've been pretty successful so far with 10 trophies in 2 years. (Don't want to say how I'm doing in my 3rd because I don't want to spoil my career)
  2. Good luck mate, I'm nearly finished my 3rd season and I can guarantee that it will be harder for you giving the fact you went for West Ham as your first team.
  3. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    I never actually received my purchase And yeah I had to drop out, I've received a massive amount of workload which means I just don't have time to complete the challenge and even if I did get through I wouldn't be able to compete sadly. Anyway good luck to every other competitor especially @Risheek , @Dianto Billy Nova and @Taff (Just because I love him for no reason whatsoever)
  4. Probably going to stay in England for they 8 years unless I get a chance to win a harder trophy. I've never really played OME so it would definitely be an experience.
  5. Thanks mate, I should of probably addressed this in my actual post but I just can't get my strikers to score so my IFs are getting most of the goals, should hopefully fix it this season without breaking my tactic.
  6. Season 2 Transfers In Transfers Out Community Sheild: Super Cup: EFL Cup: FA Cup: Premier League: Champions League: Fixtures: Trophy Cabinet Hope you guys enjoyed Season 2
  7. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    And who do you support exactly?
  8. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    He wont get it this year cause he's going out in the group stage.
  9. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Is it just me that noticed that Sam only gets to the final when he is a host? Weird…
  10. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    True but you were the fav in the last tournament but look what happened there
  11. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Ok then Mr. I Am The Best, you do that, it just means that you'll come last by even more.
  12. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Wouldn't get to cocky know, wouldn't want to go out as the "top dog" in the group stage
  13. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Hope you enjoy your 4th place finish.