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  1. Probably going to stay in England for they 8 years unless I get a chance to win a harder trophy. I've never really played OME so it would definitely be an experience.
  2. Thanks mate, I should of probably addressed this in my actual post but I just can't get my strikers to score so my IFs are getting most of the goals, should hopefully fix it this season without breaking my tactic.
  3. Season 2 Transfers In Transfers Out Community Sheild: Super Cup: EFL Cup: FA Cup: Premier League: Champions League: Fixtures: Trophy Cabinet Hope you guys enjoyed Season 2
  4. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    And who do you support exactly?
  5. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    He wont get it this year cause he's going out in the group stage.
  6. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Is it just me that noticed that Sam only gets to the final when he is a host? Weird…
  7. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    True but you were the fav in the last tournament but look what happened there
  8. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Ok then Mr. I Am The Best, you do that, it just means that you'll come last by even more.
  9. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Wouldn't get to cocky know, wouldn't want to go out as the "top dog" in the group stage
  10. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Hope you enjoy your 4th place finish.
  11. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    And also @samhardy I wanted to play you in the final not in the group stage just so you get beat by another underdog and receive your 3rd runners up medal. At this point you may aswell turn into an evil villain.
  12. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Hey man that's not cool, I'm not deluded I just know that it's going to be me going through in first and the Risheek coming second. Well i guess I'm a little bit delusional.
  13. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Nobody has woke up to give you abuse yet.
  14. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Honestly never expected to finish that high up in the table, good luck in the draw guys.
  15. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    50 minutes until I get told I came last