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  1. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    They don't have much impact or even much impact at all. I feel like it is more of an indicator for the remaining players of who's gonna be hard to beat and who might be a bit easier, and no this won't impact the main league. The points for the main league will be starting as of next challenge.
  2. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Accidentally hit my enter button when typing and it posted it with just him haha. Should be fixed now
  3. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    QUALIFYING ROUND RESULTS Alright then. As @Kun Aguero stated above we have decided to make the first round a "qualifying round". Looking back we should of definitely done a set qualifying round. Anyway here are the results for this round. 1st Samhardy (89 Points) 2nd Taff/Prize (88 Points) 3rd kts365 (83 Points) ------------------------------------ 4th Titjes (60 Points) 5th JWill (55 Points) 6th Supervisor (44 Points) 7th haykay (32 Points) The place you came in qualifying will not impact the fixtures and all players failing to submit have been removed. A great show from the predicated top 3 and also kts just falling short with a great score of 83. For the other competitors there is obviously some catching up to do but hopefully there luck will be in favour with the next few challenges. @Kun Aguero will be posting the next challenge tomorrow along with the fixture (what will remain the fixtures until the end of the season), so be on the look and finally I apologies for my mistake with the whole fixture scandle.
  4. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Currently coming up with a solution for this guys. Didn't expect 3 too pull out in the first week so I didn't expect anything as bad as this to happen. I'll post soon to keep you guys informed.
  5. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    I decided to redo the fixtures as this would of messed up the fixtures in the long run completely. In Week 7 you would of been scheduled to play each other again and this would lead to a duplicated fixture what is something I personally don't want. This would also be the same for other participants that were scheduled to play me or Scott later in the season. For instance in the last set of fixtures we can see that Sam was supposed to be playing against me, but as I pulled out to balance numbers he would of been playing Taff who was Scott's opponent. Then the week after that Sam would of been playing Taff again in the week 3 fixtures and with some common sense that is not how this league works. Every player plays each other once. Sorry to cause a bit of confusion between you guys but I just felt like this would of been the best possible way to fix the fixtures.
  6. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Well Ive currently got around 400 points and I'm only 5 months into the save. How you getting on?
  7. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    No point in even trying to defend myself.
  8. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Are you planning on releasing "PriZe presents: Beating the triple threat challenge guide" in the next week or so? I think it would be great for the website
  9. Not actually done much so I guess I'll take a 21st place
  10. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Only league goals count
  11. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    You’ll probably still win somehow
  12. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Do you want disqualified?
  13. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Yeah you should probably just quit, you'll finish last anyway. 😉
  14. Fun/Games Vibe Super League

    Don't worry mate it'll be fine.