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  1. Happy to see you got it working mate, let me know how it goes😃
  2. Couldn’t have said it better! Definitely going to be a new normal for me.
  3. Played every single game with 0 holidaying, never really tried the DM but that’s good to know
  4. Thank you mate . I knew it could get the striker scoring but didn’t realise how close to a 1kc type tactic it is lol. Cheers . Honestly the feeling of getting your striker scoring big numbers is something else. Debating trying to finish my first 1kc later in the year.
  5. So Nearly 3 years after going AWOL from Vibe and FMM, I've decided to come back to the game and the site and wow how I've missed it. I have been sitting thinking about how I should come back to the site for probably a few weeks now and well. What's better than posting my bang average mediocre tactic that will get you sacked by November.😃 Decided I would sim a season into the future and choose a team that was promoted into the VNN and just see what I could do. With barely getting through a season in the past 2/3 years I was definitly not expecting much. However, for some reason I'm clearly still just an absolute god at this game and my status of GOAT (which is definitly 100% accurate ;/) is still in tact. Anyway enough with the rambling, you're all here for 1 thing aren't you? Rocket's Simply Simple Before I start showing off my piece of beautiful art, I wanna give a heads up and say that I've not tested any other varients of this tactic. I simply made this n went for it. I named it "Simply Simple" because when you look at the roles, instructions, formation, etc, it looks extremely basic. With barely any modifcations it turned out pretty well as you will see in the results. Formation Well who doesn't love a 4231 eh? I did say it was gonna be basic. If a basic white girl could be a formation on football manager, it's gotta be the 4231. For the backline I've went for the simple 2 cb's and 2 fb's. Playing in lower league I dont have the fastest or most technical players so going for this line-up was probably best for the tactic and for my will to live. I didn't see the point in trying wb's as I'm playing with wingers and also bpd's as in my opinion they're a death trap in LLM. The midfield is as basic as they come. 2 cm's, 1 ap and 2 wingers. The 2 cm's are the absoulte rock of this team. I remember reading a post from somewhere on the site about how a cm is the most underrated role on the whole of football manager, and I have to agree. Everyone see's all these fancy roles with the "Roaming Playmaker" or a "Box to Box Midfielder", and well of course they're good but sometimes people look at them as if they're just a better cm, or maybe that was just me lmao. The cm's held this tactic together, defensivly they where solid as I didn't notice them pushing up to far what was nice, as we would of got mauled if they where far to high up. However it's not like they weren't there. They where close enough to the AP so he wasn't stranded by himself. In the first season my AP managed to get around 20 goals and 20 assists which I know is nothing compared to some people on the site but hey, atleast it wasn't nothing . The wingers were decent aswell, both contributing to around 20 goals each in the 2nd season. Finally we have the Poacher! Absolute beast. I used to always be AF > P. However this year I feel like the Poacher is just far superior. Managed to get my world beating striker who I got for free from a team in a lower league than me to score exactly 100 goals over 2 seasons with more than a 1 GPG ratio as you can see below in the spoiler. As bad as it sounds I've not even done that with a top tier team lol. Team Instructions 2 buttons. That is all I clicked. Originally my plan for the whole tactic was to gradually mess around with the instructions as seasons went on however why fix something that isn't broken? I've noticed that pressing all over is pretty much a must have in most tactics that aren't trying to hold out for a cheeky draw. I went for control mentality in every game which was acctually a first for me. I love banging in 100's of goals per game so I tend to go with more attacking however control worked out well better than expected. Results Season 1 League: Cup: Fixtures: Season 2 League: Cup: Fixtures: Boom! Back to back promotions with a team full of bots! Never ever done before . Also the cheeky cup win in the first season was nice. Honestly think this might be the furthest I've got into a game since FMM2017 and probably the most fun I'm having in a long time. Conclusions I'm not gonna say this is the best tactic in the whole world as well 1) it's not, and 2) have you seen some of the people on this site? They legit eat 1kc's and invincible seasons for breakfast. However with the right players hopefully this will work wonders for you . I'm going to leave a bunch of photos in the spoiler below with random photos that people might want to look at such as my manager profile and some stats of the players. And that's it! P.S I'm currently praying to myself that when I click "Submit Topic" that this will look nice and be posted correct lmao. Aight cya
  6. Any idea on when we will be receiving a pm?
  7. Would love to help out as I would like to find out more about how tactics really work aswell. Also I have a lot of spare time.
  8. I'll be in 1st soon, just a tad busy right now.
  9. 5 down. Wrexham woking Torquay Sutton Solihull Moors
  10. Here is all the remaining teams in the Vanarama South. Eastbourne Borough Havant and Waterlooville Hemel Hempstead Town Hungerford Oxford City
  11. 6 down already. No one is taking this top spot away from me. whitehawk Weston-super-mare welling Wealdstone Truro St. Albans