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  1. You deserve great credit. It is hard to mimic rl tactics in to FM and make them work to the same extent. This one is a rarity! IRL Man City has been Scrooge-like in defence this season and so has your tactic in FM for me. Look at this, 10 games without conceding, furthermore I have conceded twice in the last 14 and one of those was an OG from a youth defender in a cup game!
  2. ...safe to say that this tactic is working quite nicely...
  3. The biggest compliment I can give this tactic is that it really nullifies the chances it affords to the opposition. I am having top six teams fail to register a single shot on goal - and this is when they are the home side! The only goals I am conceding (except from flukes, penalties or own goals) are the balls over the top when my defenders are caught out by pace. So, I have dropped the defensive line to balanced and not high. I have also found shoot on sight is getting me more goals.
  4. So far so good. Been working quite well. Not amazing, yet, though. Very good on defence, conceding very few clear cut chances, but not creating that many at the other end. It is very susceptible to the long ball over the top (because of the high line) so your CBs should be super fast. Possession is good, but not totally dominant, despite me having all world class players...will update further in as my players get familiar with it...
  5. Struggling to find appropriate IWBs but like the formation. would it work quite well with traditional WBs?
  6. anyone had this awful bug where if you look at your previous fixtures, all the scorers names have changed? And not even to players that are in your team?
  7. This is an excellent tactic. Made some tweaks with the passing (short to mixed) and the cms and cfs to suit the players I have. Leaky at the back at first, but once you get the team used to it, it's very hard to beat this tactic, as it always creates more clear cut chances than opponents do. After keeping Newcastle up in The Saviour Cometh challenge in season1, I won the FA Cup and finished 3rd in season 2, and somehow won CL and finished 2nd in season 3. Which enabled me to purchase Haaland in season4. Should win the title now, in season 5...currently unbeaten in to the end of September. Thank you for this setup @Ribas
  8. As we near the release of the new FMM19, I am happy I found this tactic. It definitely wins the 'most consistent and balanced tactic' award for me. There have been other good tactics, but none that have really lasted the distance and are either too attacking or leaky at the back. With this one, you won't be scoring 5 or 6 every match, but you will have a healthy dose of chances and will seldom give the opposition many real goalscoring opportunities. Needs an unselfish striker who lays on goals for the wingers. The midfield duo really thrive with this tactic, whereas with others they always get low ratings. Mirrors why many teams irl are now reverting to 3 at the back.
  9. This is the Solskjaer of tactics. This is my go-to tactic when I need to score goals as its so attacking. But starting it as my default tactic doesn't have the same impact.
  10. It's fallen a cliff for me. Just like every other tactic in FMM 18. They all mostly start well, but have a shelf life of maybe one season and then the AI smothers it. It's frustrating.
  11. started the tactic at the beginning of the season and hit December...and with it a wall. Not only losing to mediocre teams, but being dominated by them. Also, Harry Kane who scored 43 in 49 appearances the year before hasn't scored in 10 games. The IF's getting the goals.
  12. It's becoming very leaky at the back. Losing too many away games and consistently conceding at least 2 or 3 on my travels. Another one that the AI seems to have cracked.
  13. I am on the latest update. Thank you for this splendid tactic. The only tweak I have made is replaced 'shoot on sight' with 'work into box' as I find that I get more ccc's that way instead of speculative long shots.
  14. Next one...ignore the scoreline...I have never had 20 shots on goal away from home in the EPL on fmm18 and look at the possession - 63%
  15. First game Vs a strong Napoli side (Europa Cup winners) - could not wish for a better start!
  16. Will give it a go. Not much working for me - my players individual brilliance rather than the tactics are winning me the matches and trophies at present
  17. I tried it with two full backs and it actually made my defence worse! Also, leaked two goals when 2-0 up with 4 mins to play against a mid table club when I applied the contain rule using a back 5. I have returned to wing backs and will continue to tinker as I think that this tactic is almost perfect. A couple of tweaks needed.
  18. I agree the defence isn't the tactic's best feature. My wing backs keep getting low ratings and are often caught out. I may pull them back so that they make a back four...will let you know if this shores it up without impacting the attack
  19. I am giving this one a good go with Champions League champions Liverpool in season 22/23. Currently unbeaten with this tactic after 10 games with away wins against top six teams including Arsenal and Spurs. Just beat Monaco 4-0 in the away leg in Champions League quarter finals. Out of all the tactics I have used so far (even Black Pearl) - this is looking the most promising. I like the balance between attack and defence meaning that you can use for both home and away ties, irrespective of being favourite or not. The closing down the game change is genius. Only conceded one goal so far. But it didn't matter as I was 3-1 up away at the Emirates so it was merely a consolation goal for the gunners. How important are the central midfield attacking roles? I have my BWM sorted, but my other options prefer the (AP) roles. Do these need to be BBM's? Great tactic. Will keep you updated on its sustainability!
  20. Hi guys Throughout the last few years, my successful campaigns on FM and FMM have always been predicated on the flexibility of my teams to change tactics mid match when things aren't working. So for example, I would have my A tactic of say a wide 4-2-3-1 and if at half time/ 60 mins it was plainly obvious that I was being out-managed by the AI (I the Pochettino to the AI's Allegri) then I would change to my B tactic of a narrow 4-3-1-2. I would say that, without exaggeration, I would turn the game around in my favour 9 times out of 10. Yes, that high a ratio. With that in mind I was wondering if any of you have a 2 tactic regime for match day? At the moment I am doing well with Black Pearl, but if things aren't happening then my Plan B tactics are simply not doing the business. Any recommendations or your own experiences would be greatly appreciated!
  21. Hi guys - it seems that the new update has made winning trophies even harder. Is it just me or is maintaining a consistent and winning tactic now a thing of the past? Just wondering which on this forum are still performing - or have they all been thrown under the bus with the previous version? Two which seem to still be doing ok for me (albeit harder to beat the AI) are Jack goes Giant Killing and the 442 Heavy Metal. Or are we all coming up with new tactics for the new update? Cheers!
  22. Sadly hasn't worked for my Hull side over a ten game period. The attacking options are good, however the one DC is often exposed, which ultimately leads to giving away too many soft goals. If one had a truly world class CB (CA 160+) then this may work, but not for me sadly. Thanks for the tactic, which could work well for top attacking teams with an impenetrable back 3. For me the 4-2-4 is still the most consistent, However, it's only 7/10 in rating for me. I still can't find that killer/ diablo/ unbeatable tactic yet...
  23. This looks very interesting, effectively sacrificing a CB for an extra striker. I am at the start of season 2 with Hull (First season finished 7th, r-up in FA Cup and Winners of League Cup with only 1 signing - GK) Background: Season 1, I played a 4-2-3-1 which was tenacious without being spectacular. However, punched well above my weight with my results and cup runs, but only managed to beat a top 6 team once in the League, Spurs. Will feedback in the next couple of days on how it works out.